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Moon Musings: How the Full Moon in Capricorn (June 28, 2018) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How the Full Moon in Capricorn (June 28, 2018) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


This Full Moon is directly connected to the things that were happening to each person/sign on and within ten days following the New Moon of January 16
th, 2018. Big news regarding what was "planted" or "began" around January 16th, 2018 will be revealed +/- 2 days before or 4 days after June 28th, 2018. What were YOU sowing?



Capricorn energy is cold, calculating, grounded, and strategic. Capricorn energy often rejects emotions in order to favor a practical, clear-headed approach, rather than diving fully into things with passion or abandon. Capricorn energy is always focused on longevity and control, and how to get from the bottom of the mountain to the very top – at the expense of sweetness, softness, or warmth. While these may come across as typically “darker” attributes, they are not actually so unless the Capricorn energy is immature or afflicted. Capricorn energy is about building slowly in order to ultimately get the achievement of the goal. While other signs may be blessed with luck or raw talent, Capricorn energy is all about putting in the work and making moves strategically to get where they want to be. Capricorn energy is also inherently competitive and does not look at others as equals – they always want to have one tool in their back pocket that’ll lift them to superiority. While this may be selfish, Capricorn energy does not care – they would rather be collected and icy to always appear calm and in charge of themselves and the world around them. Without this kind of strategy in our world, we wouldn’t be so focused on how to rise and to win, even if that means leaving some people or things behind.



This Full Moon is a very cold and heavy one, because it falls conjunct (at the exact degrees) of Saturn, which is now retrograde. When Saturn retrogrades, we are beholden to further responsibility, increased hard work, and taking on more than we want to. Saturn makes us put in all the time to reach our goals, rather than every giving us a lucky break. Because the Full Moon’s energy will amplify this cold and restrictive energy, many people may feel suddenly guilty, sad, or overwhelmed with what they need to do. We will likely feel lonely and cold emotions welling up, as well as be faced by actions from our past that may have hurt others or ourselves. However, because of a gorgeous link to Uranus, which is happily bringing light from Taurus, we will also be feeling restless and wanting to break free. Because of this, while it may be incredibly difficult initially to see traction in this immediate area of life that is ruled by the Capricorn Full Moon, with a little persistence, you will be able to power through and feel release and good fortune. You’re going to have to work – and work hard – to break free and make the things happen that you want that are related to this Full Moon, but as Capricorn energy always teaches us: tenacity is the asset we need in our back pocket, even when things may get hard.


You will be in the public eye, so get ready for the spotlight! All of the career and work seeds that you laid six months ago are going to come to fruition. Major projects, promotions, or press could come your way. You may also experience some fated good news that allows you to strike out on your own in a way you may have hoped for. If you're self-employed, put your face out there and attract the clients you want with profile or prestige. Some of you may also be experiencing non-career related attention: you may get an award, get a major compliment from someone superior to you, or be basking in a breakthrough in a relationship you've wanted for some time.



You will be having some significant developments in relation to your mind, the way you view the world, and expanding your horizons. If you are involved in academics, spirituality, or media, you will be blessed in these areas now. It is possible you may find a mentor who will take you under, or you could receive some startling good opportunities or projects that can push you into new territory. You may also realize you're fed up with the way things have been and you want to fully strike out to take on new things: but first, you need to learn how and what to do. Embrace change and leap.



You will be experiencing a focus on deep union, in any area where you owe someone something or they owe you. This could pertain to finances, such as loans or debts or ownership, or sexuality, such as choosing to dive deeper into a commitment or connection. It is also possible that you have some inner secrets and hungers being revealed to you: what's turning you on? What do you want, when you're not all buttoned-up? The deeper the union, the deeper the connection. Perhaps you need to stand up for what you need to receive. Create the balance you want.


A major partnership in love or business will be in focus, and you may be the one pushing for it or by someone else. This can be about becoming official, taking your relationship to the next level, or even facing off against a rival or enemy. This is a powerful moment for you to consider what you truly want in a partner, or if you already have one, may be noticing your partner demands more of your attention at this time. Give it to them. This special time is important to focus on a relationship that is a mirror to you. If it is a mirror in a dark way, change it. If it is a mirror in a beautiful way, embrace it. If it is a not a mirror at all, let it go. Some of your relationships will end in order to ready you for better things. Do not be afraid. This may also be a fateful time when you meet someone who will become a long-term partner. Be open.


Your work life is on fire! Get ready for new projects, new work opportunities, or any steady work that you've been focusing on for the last six months (your job, your daily hobby, your daily commitments) to come up. If you've put in great effort, you will reap rewards. If you have not, the way you have been approaching work will change and you may decide you're not in the right place anymore. It is also possible you are spending a great amount of time finishing up a big project that is due or is ready for release. Buckle down; put in those extra hours, it will all be worth it. Some of you may have a focus on health/fitness, as well. If you get sick near this time, it will draw attention to imbalances in your body. Are you taking care of yourself enough? Do you want to kick a bad habit or lose weight? Go to a doctor and check it out.


Love and romance, creativity and art, and all sorts of adventure are cooking up for you. The way you've been approaching your romantic life for the last six months will become apparent -- have you been fully present? If single, are you putting yourself out there in the way you want to be? Are the right lovers coming to you, or are you not being true to yourself and to them? A sexy, fun time can come to you if you open up to it and if single, a chance meeting could occur. Shoot that text to someone you've admired. Ask someone on a date. Go out with friends and see what the stars are cooking for you, you'll likely catch the eye of someone just your type. If you're attached, spend time indulging your lover. You'll also likely be seeing the culmination of a creative project or hobby, or may be looking to surround yourself by the arts. Go see a live performance, bust out the paintbrushes, or write down what is in your heart. Feel everything, open your heart. Also: for those with children, you may have a focus on a child right now or some may see a birth or pregnancy pop up.


The foundation of your life is in focus right now, particularly the way you love yourself, the way you build your life, and the strength of the ground beneath your feet. Your family, your "chosen family," your home/domestic life, and Mother/Father may take focus. Throw a party at home or spend time fixing up your space. Some of you may move or have an increased attention to what is going on at home. Perhaps you're considering a new roommate, renewing a lease, or leaving a roommate. You may also notice your parents taking focus right now. Perhaps you may be facing some internal turmoil if you are not at peace with yourself. Do you like yourself? Have you hurt people and need to let go of the baggage? Are you secure with where you're at and where you're going? Face yourself. Love yourself.


Communication is lighting up for you, and you may see your attention on how you can build yourself and your voice. You may notice an edge in social media, advertising, branding, and anything to do with communication. If you've laid writing projects in the last six months, they may come to culmination now and you may finish. You are seeking to complete something of significance right now, and legalities may also be on your mind. Read the fine print. Know what you're getting yourself into or what you already had agreed. Negotiations will be on your mind.
Market yourself, get your name out there, and watch how the stars twinkle just for you.


Money is in your eyes! You have an opportunity for a financial increase at work, a potential new job, or receiving some sort of gift of money from somewhere -- however, this will only happen if you have put in the steady work from the last six months. Know your worth and stand up and ask for a raise, or negotiate some sort of increase. If you're self-employed, offer a sale and bring in more clients or potential for customers. You also will be focusing on your possessions and what you own. Do you want that brand new set of furniture, technology, or beauty supplies? If you can swing it, go for it, and you'll love it! Also, if your money is not where you want it to be, this will be a time when you may have a big focus on that and how you want to increase it. If you're experiencing strain, look for other jobs or opportunities to increase your income. They could be hidden here like diamonds in the rough.


The time has come! You, your endeavors, and your life are in the spotlight right now, so it is likely you'll notice a lot of attention being directed to you -- or you will be at the center of some news or event. This is a YOU moment, so embrace it! With the Full Moon falling in your sign, you will rise to the top! You will likely see the culmination/fruition of many ideas, relationships, or goals that you enacted six months ago. They may fall in any area of life because you will take center stage. Are you Capricorn Rising/Ascendant 6 degrees (or +/- 5 degrees either way)? This Full Moon will cause major shifts in your life, too, and may fully transform your identity.


All things that are hidden and growing will soon come to light. Every dream, focus, and plan is in your horizon. Use this time to lay low, work on things behind the scenes, lay the seeds for things that are not yet ready to germinate -- want to leave your job? Get searching. Want to transform some area of your life? Spend some time meditating and contemplating how you can do it. However, something that you've been doing "behind-the-scenes" for a while may suddenly come to light. This also may affect something startling you learn about someone else -- a friend or an enemy. What have they been cooking up? Act quickly to take charge. You may also be spending time healing in some way, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Use this time to recharge. Big things are coming.


Your dreams and aspirations, as well as social life, are heating up and you may be invited to an event with great contacts or networking. These people may have benefits to your life or career. What do you want long-term? Make sure to create a plan with steps in your mind to make it possible. Say YES to social engagements, you'll likely have fun, but you also may find a fated connection that you've been waiting for quite some time. The energy of this Full Moon flows beautifully for you, so you will grow from this period – use it to your advantage.

Kyle Thomas is a writer, producer, and lyricist living in Los Angeles. Astrology has always inspired him and he is a great believer in using the Universe to manifest the life you've always dreamt of. Follow Kyle Thomas on Instagram: @MrKyleThomas (, Facebook (, or Twitter: @Mr_KyleThomas ( More info:

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Moon Musings: All About Mars Retrograde (June 26, 2018 - August 27, 2018)

Moon Musings: All About Mars Retrograde (June 26, 2018 - August 27, 2018)

MARS RETROGRADE 2018: June 26, 2018 – August 27th, 2018

A powerful new trend in our lives begins as Mars, the planet of power, energy, sex, and momentum, turns retrograde (backwards) in the zodiac sign, Aquarius (9 degrees), on June 26th, 2018. It will finally return to direct motion on August 27th, 2018 in Capricorn (28 degrees). Because it will slide backwards into both of these signs, if you have Aquarius/Capricorn as your Sun sign or Ascendant, you will feel the “slow down” more intensely than all other signs. This is also true for Aries and Scorpio, as Mars is one of your rulers. Mars retrograde takes place once every 25 months for 80 days and is the second rarest of the retrogrades, after Venus. During Mars retrograde, fated events from destiny or the past often take place, particularly in relation to the areas that Mars rules.



In astrology, Mars is the “warrior planet” – the planet of outward activity, animal passion, and force: including our sex drive, passion, aggression, or anger. Mars rules action of all sorts – the fuel to start a project, the enthusiasm to pursue a career, the fire to be physically competitive, or the desire to chase a lover. In all of its positive attributes, Mars provides us with the strength and courage to grow and live fulfilling lives, but in its shadow aspects, it unleashes war, conflict, abuse, and violence. When Mars is direct and moving normally in the sky, we often see OUTWARD expressions of Mars’ power. Yet, when it is retrograde, its’ focus turns INWARD, and causes tension, frustration, and roadblocks. During these periods, we often feel sluggish, lack enthusiasm, and become lethargic. We may feel like we’re walking through sludge or quicksand. It is of utmost importance not to start anything new during a Mars Retrograde: anything that starts during this time will lose the energy/fuel/passion to continue later on. For instance, if you launch a business publicly during this time, you’ll look back months later and realize you’re burnt out and should’ve gone about it differently. Do not open your doors to your new business during this time. Another example I’ve seen is a best friend began dating “the love of her life” prior to the Mars Retrograde, but became official with him during the retrograde. Within six months, their sex life had faded and both were frustrated about their intimacy – so they ended up just breaking up. Don’t fall prey to these pitfalls. As a rule of thumb, it is good to go back to past things to fine-tune them during retrogrades. Reassess. Re-examine. Review. Re-start. You may be able to re-ignite a project, passion, or love affair from the past (particularly if there was a sexual component) during this time – but again, don’t become “official” until after Mars has returned to direct motion at the end of August/beginning of September.


During this particular Mars Retrograde period in 2018, there will be some significant aspects with Venus and Jupiter that enhance the internalized energy of Mars’s backwards movement. For a brief period of time, Venus will oppose Mars, causing our desire for intimacy and sexual contact to be increased. On a positive note, those with consensual sexual partners will enjoy this bought of passion, but in negative aspects, it could increase the aggression of very dominant personalities who may victimize more submissive types emotionally or physically. Be cautious, because you may be drawn to someone who you think is exactly your type initially – but it may turn out that they have some darker secrets beneath the mask. Mars will also square Jupiter for a period of time, causing fights or conflicts to come about, and amplify the already boiling sexual frustration. Choose your fights carefully. The best ways to focus this exaggerated energy are to not overexert yourself, relax, and spend time meditating or practicing yoga. Make sure not to lift things that may be too heavy or to push yourself too far in exercise. You may end up falling or hurting yourself rather than actually moving forward. The Universe is telling you to slow down, to relax, to look around at the world around you and assess how you’ve gotten to be here. Tie up any loose ends and ready yourself for the next step on your journey after Mars returns to normal flight.

Kyle Thomas is a writer, producer, and lyricist living in Los Angeles. Astrology has always inspired him and he is a great believer in using the Universe to manifest the life you've always dreamt of. Follow Kyle Thomas on Instagram (@MrKyleThomas), Facebook (, or Twitter (@Mr_KyleThomas). More info:


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