Our Books

Want to dive deeper into sacred self-care? Check out our founder's books below, available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, Walmart, & more. You can also contact your local bookstore to see if they carry them.


Self-Love Crystals: Crystal Spells & Rituals for Magical Self-Care 

From rose quartz for self-love and citrine for self-confidence, to tiger’s eye for self-assurance and amethyst for self-belief, you’ll find the perfect crystal for all your magical and self-care needs in Self-Love Crystals. This book is filled with rituals and recipes to help you leave self-doubt behind and open your heart to love. Learn how to harness the mystical powers of 30 crystals and incorporate them into your daily self-care practice with this nourishing book.

Luminous Dreams: The Deck: Interpret the Magic and Meanings in Your Dreams

This enchanting deck of 60 cards teaches you how to connect with your subconscious and interpret the hidden meaning of your dreams. Each card features information on a common dream symbol, scenario, sensation, or emotion—including cats, doors, teeth, water, driving, falling, and so much more—plus prompts to help you unpack what the dream reveals about your present life.

Inspired by the belief that allowing ourselves to feel is the first step to healing, Crystal Moods is full of tools and techniques for cultivating deeper emotional awareness and honest introspection. Whether you're seeing red or feeling blue, this book will show you the best crystals to work with to shift your energy and align your mindset in the direction you desire. It includes a 120 page booklet, 7 foundational stones, and a full color chakra poster. Available exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

Crystal Zodiac: An Astrological Guide To Enhancing Your Life With Crystals

For anyone new to the benefits of crystal healing and astrology, or for those who have been practicing for years, Crystal Zodiac breaks down their practical, easy-to-use applications, showing how they powerfully work together to prioritize personal growth and mindfulness in the day-to-day. Readers will learn which crystals to use for their zodiac signs and major planetary placements in their natal charts, how these placements critically impact different areas of their lives, and customized rituals to harness and utilize the energy of each sign.   


Luminous Dreams: Explore the Abundant Magic and Hidden Meaning in Your Dreams

Unlock the powerful wisdom of dreams. This enchanting book teaches readers to listen to the wisdom of their unconscious mind and tap into their innermost desires through the art of intuitive dream interpretation. The book provides a range of rituals—energy practices, crystal work, affirmations, and more—to prepare the dreamer for slumber, promote peaceful sleep, and enhance dream recall. An A to Z guide decodes 40 common dream symbols and scenarios.