Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Virgo (Sept. 17, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Virgo (Sept. 17, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Your New Moon in Virgo Horoscope & Mantra, According To Your Zodiac Sign

There’s a trustworthy new moon on the horizon and what’s wonderful about this is, you don’t have to be a Virgo to benefit from its magic, and divine fertility. Remember, we all have Virgo somewhere in our birth chart, so there’s no denying the effects of this new moon. A mutable earth sign governed by meticulous Mercury, the essence of Virgo has everything to do with health, due diligence, daily routines, and acts of service. When the sun transits through detail-oriented Virgo, its methodical approach is reflected onto the collective, highlighting the importance of thinking practically, and working efficiently. Everyone knows Virgo is all about the details, but there’s no such thing as coincidences, especially in astrology. Energy speaks louder than words, and if you’re confused with what I’m referring to, I’ll explain. It’s no wonder Virgo season comes directly after Leo season. The sun enters this fixed fire sign in the peak of summertime when school’s out and everyone’s out and about enjoying themselves. Virgo season, on the other hand, kicks off amidst the hustle and bustle of back to school. Now, if this isn’t enough proof that we are a reflection of the cosmos, I don’t know what is.

Vanishing into the sky at 7:00 a.m. ET on Sept. 17, this year’s new moon in Virgo is blessed with quite the support system, considering there will be a total of six planets transiting earth signs: Sun, moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. Speaking of the element earth, Virgo is analytical, grounded, and practical. After all, the element earth has everything to do with abundance and security, but Virgo’s mutable earth is here to strengthen you in more ways than one. Its (mutable) modality is known for being incredibly versatile, which is precisely where Virgo’s power to analyze, crystalize, edit, and simplify comes in. Sitting across from Pisces — via the astrological axis of self-sacrifice/divine duty — the essence of Virgo is also incredibly healing and detoxifying. Themes revolving around herbs, diets, wellness, the water you drink, and the environment you live in will be highlighted during this time. Again, this is important to consider as the new moon energy will energetically tint the intentions you’re looking to manifest. A friendly reminder, the new moon occurs the moment the moon, the sun, and earth align via the same longitude line, which is why the moon becomes invisible. Astrologically, this takes place when the moon conjuncts the sun, in the same degree of a zodiac sign, which in this case is Virgo.

The beginning of the lunar cycle, the new moon phase is symbolic of rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings. The moon is a representation of your unconscious mind and emotional experiences. Getting in touch with La Luna’s ebb and flow is a powerful way to cultivate self-awareness. In a methodical sign like Virgo, the new moon will bestow you with an incredible amount of fertility when it comes to your health, and general state of mind. Sitting in a harmonious trine to Saturn Rx in Capricorn at exactly 25 degrees — which is also conjunct Jupiter and Pluto — this lunation will be tremendously positive and healing, especially in regard to the systems, structures, and foundations being dismantled in both your personal life, and the world around you. Uranus in Taurus will also play a significant role in this lunation, as it will be sitting close enough to the sun-moon in Virgo/Saturn Rx, almost forming a grand earth trine. The element earth is closely tied to the divine feminine frequency, which brings balance, bliss and grounding. With this in mind, this is an opportunity to reflect on the ways you can be more conscious of your lifestyle, and your environment.

Everyone has a divine duty to fulfill during their spiritual journey and human experience, so always remember, you’re here for a reason. Having said that, Virgo energy thrives when it can be efficient and productive, so make sure to use this lunation wisely. For instance, is there an important project you need to work on? Are there errands you need to take care of? Have you been tending to your due diligence? It’s time to get situated but more importantly, it’s time to look towards a future where you can live your very best life. Thinking practically and practicing discernment are some of Virgo’s favorite things, so try your best to embrace this mercurial vibration. You won’t regret it. Naturally, there’s a dark side to everything, so if you find yourself feeling fussy, tense, mentally exhausted, and/or overly critical, then you’ve likely run into Virgo’s shadow. Keeping a healthy balance is key, in every sense of the word. Again, practice makes perfect, and perfect makes perfection… but to a certain extent. There is no such thing as perfect, so there’s no use in putting so much pressure. Instead of tuning into this low vibration, use this lunation's fertility to alleviate stress in the process. 

Tap into this energy in order to make your life easier, because whether you believe it or not, healing yourself means you’re also a catalyst for a better environment. Now Mars retrograde will be squaring off with Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn, which will inevitably create friction and tension, especially when it comes to your responsibilities. Mars is the planet of action, energy, and passion, so there could be a lack of inspiration and/or desire to move forward. So if you find yourself struggling with the idea of something, or perhaps feeling frustrated about your hectic schedule, take a deep breath. Mars retrograde in Aries is fiery and impulsive, and Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn are solely focused on their mission, which makes this energy stubborn, and unmoving; hence the tension. Venus will be challenged by revolutionary Uranus, which could create restlessness when it comes to relationships, finances, and general aesthetics. This square will likely spark an insatiable desire for freedom and artistic expression, so make sure to find an outlet for this electricity. The goddess of love will also be in harmony with Chiron, which could be incredibly healing with regard to your individual values, talents, and money-making abilities.

Read your new moon horoscope and mantra below: 


Your well being comes before anything else, Aries. This year’s new moon in Virgo will ignite your sixth house of health, responsibilities, and daily due diligence, bringing new beginnings to your day-to-day sphere. Themes revolving around acts of service, wellness routines, and your current surroundings will come up for review. This could feel somewhat overwhelming, especially with your planetary ruler, Mars, currently retrograding in your sign, so take it easy. In harmony with Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto via your career sector, this lunation could bring the clarity you’ve been seeking when it comes to your ambitions, legacy, long-term goals, and sense of authority. Don’t make any impulsive decisions during this time. Look towards the future with confidence and gratitude. It’s time to create a system and/or method that will bring you closer to your success. New Moon Mantra: When I hold myself accountable for my actions, I have the emotional, mental, and physical stamina I need to succeed.


Open your heart to the infinite possibilities, Taurus. Your freedom and individuality have been top of mind as of late, all thanks to revolutionary Uranus transiting through your sign. However, there’s plenty more excitement to come, especially since a new moon in Virgo gracing the presence of your expressive fifth house. This area of your chart has everything to do with creativity, passion, love, and your inner child. Everything from a romantic affair to the love affair you have with your art could come to life via this area of your birth chart, but it hits differently in a meticulous sign like Virgo. For instance, how could you cleanse, edit, and/or modify your creative projects? Are you mindful when it comes to practicing self-love? Sitting in harmony with Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto via your exotic ninth house of expansion and faith, this lunation will bestow you with the inspirations/visions needed to catapult you into a whole new paradigm. Trust the process. New Moon Mantra: When I hold space for my passions, my heart overflows with joy, and gratitude.


Your work/life balance is overdue for an update, Gemini. With a stellium of planets — namely, Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn — igniting your eighth house of sex, debt, fears, transformation, and soul contracts, there’s been an incredible amount of emphasis on your shared resources, and joint ventures, but what about you? This year’s new moon in Virgo will shake up your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional experiences, bringing forth the opportunity to create new systems and/or methods when it comes to your comfort, personal life, and sense of security. The good news is, this Mercury-ruled lunation will be in harmony with this cluster of energy in your eighth house space, which means there’s an opportunity to build a strong(er) foundation, whether it be with a romantic partner or a professional employer. Mars retrograde could very well challenge your idea of friendship and general sense of belonging in the world, so don’t let your ego take the wheel. New Moon Mantra: My duality is fully activated when I practice discernment, and recognize the power of my intuition.


It’s time to get situated, Cancer. Though you and I both know this conversation’s been a long time coming, there's power in divine timing. With that said, this year’s new moon in Virgo will ignite your mercurial third house of communication, thought process, and immediate networks, bringing new beginnings to everything from your communication style to your problem-solving skills. Being emotionally resourceful is one thing, but have you taken a moment to really think things through? Your emotional world and colorful mood board aren’t always practical. Virgo season is about constructive criticism, and it’s time to take your due diligence seriously. Sitting in harmony with Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto via your committed seventh house of partnerships, agreements, and negotiations, this lunation will bring forth the opportunity to make long-lasting connections, personally and/or professionally. With Mars retrograde via your ambitious tenth house of career, legacy, and sense of authority, however, I’m almost certain this will have something to do with your reputation in the world. Mars Rx will not only be challenged by Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto, it could also be incredibly un-motivating. Don’t take these feels too seriously. Take it easy, and follow your instincts. If you do the work, everything else will follow. New Moon Mantra: My inner peace is a reflection of my mindset; when I put emotions aside, I see what’s right in front of me.


You get as much as the love you give, as long as you’re loving yourself in the process, Leo. With Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto igniting your orderly sixth house of health, schedules, wellness regimens, and due diligence, there’s been a lot of emphasis on your responsibilities and acts of service, but it’s time to take a step back from the Russian doll mentality. A new moon in meticulous Virgo will ignite your pleasure-seeking second house of finances, values, and unique talents, which will shed light on the structure you’ve built for yourself (or the lack thereof) when it comes to your money-making abilities, and value system in general. It’s no secret that you’re long overdue a well-deserved lifestyle change, so what exactly are you waiting for? Sitting in harmony with Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in your day-to-day sphere, this lunation will provide you with enough clarity to create the necessary routine and/or rituals needed to succeed. With Mars Rx shaking up your expansive ninth house of faith, opportunity, and unknown territory, there could be an insatiable restlessness that comes along with the energy of this new moon. Take a deep breath, and keep persevering towards your goals. You’re closer to the finish line than when you started. New Moon Mantra: My energy is sacred; I honor the value of my time, and I am one with the divine.


Happy new moon, Virgo. Your divine fertility, and abundant witchery, will make a magical cameo during this lunation. This will, in turn, bless the collective with an immense amount of clarity and divine consciousness, as we continue shifting timelines. Though you may consider this hard to believe, your mutable earth is just as versatile as it is compassionate, and something tells me you’re finally starting to see this for yourself firsthand. Sitting in harmony with Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto via your expressive fifth house of acknowledgement, romance, passion, and creativity, this year’s new moon in your sign is here to bestow you with blessings on blessings. With Mars retrograding via your auspicious eighth house of death, sex, transformation, and shared resources, you could suddenly be rewarded with a financial gain, or perhaps decide to rekindle an important relationship. Open your heart to the prosperity you deserve. New Moon Mantra: I am sovereign in my spiritual journey; I trust the process.


Find peace within yourself, Libra. Though surrendering to the divine, and trusting in the universe could seem nothing short of impossible these days, the new moon in Virgo is here to bestow you with a fresh perspective. More importantly, however, it wants to highlight some of the unconscious patterns that have been weighing down on your spirit. Vanishing into your 12th house of secrets, solitude, karma, mysticism, and all things behind the scenes, this Mercury-ruled lunation is here to guide you towards the divine, but it's up to you to begin cultivating a relationship with source. Take a step back from the monotony; take a deep breath. Hold space for your spiritual well being, and trust in the numinous vibrations within and all around you. New Moon Mantra: When I honor my universal connections, I begin to vibrate at a much higher frequency.


Honor your truth, and shout it from the rooftops, Scorpio. A new era is about to begin, and you’ve never been more prepared. This year’s new moon in Virgo will bring new beginnings to your socially driven 11th house of teams, tribes, friendships, futuristic visions, community efforts, and sense of belonging in the world. Sitting in a harmonious trine with Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto via your resourceful third house of communication, learning, and immediate networks, this lunation is here to bestow you with a long-lasting connection that brings an incredibly fertile future. Everything from the way you express your individuality to your divine mission in this lifetime will be highlighted, but with Mars retrograding via your orderly sixth house of daily due diligence, thinking about the future could feel overwhelming. Don’t stress the unknown; you’re on your way. New Moon Mantra: I welcome the extraordinary possibilities of the future, and I’m ready to harvest the fruits of my labor.


The success you envision for yourself depends on the work you’re willing to put in, Sagittarius. This year’s new moon in Virgo will highlight your ambitious tenth house of career, legacy, prestige, and reputation in the world, bringing new beginnings to your sense of authority and soul contributions. In harmony with Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn — via your sensually driven second house of money, values, and pleasure — this lunation will not only bestow you with an incredible opportunity for professional growth, but also take you to the next level when it comes to your money-making abilities. The best news is, Saturn takes the traditional route, in the sense that he creates space for the necessary structure and foundation. Meaning, the results of this new beginning could take you places you never imagined. Warning: With Mars retrograding through your expressive fifth house of praise, it’s easy to become consumed by your desire for acknowledgement. Don’t let this stifle your growth. New Moon Mantra: The foundation of my work ethic is a prelude of my legacy.


You are a limitless being, Capricorn. Don’t believe me? Feel free to indulge in a mental supercut of the last two years. If you survived Saturn conjunct Pluto in your sign, then there’s really nothing you can’t do. (#JustSaying) Although, speaking of the infinite possibilities, a fertile new moon in Virgo will ignite your expansive ninth house of opportunity, entrepreneurship, publishing, media, and education, bringing new belief systems and philosophies to your conscious awareness. And though everyone wishes to have half of your relentless perseverance, Virgo’s constructive criticism reminds us that there’s always room for improvement. Thinking outside the box has never been your forte, but it’s time for you to venture into unknown territory. Fasten your seatbelts, because you’re about to embark on a journey of a lifetime. With generational planets Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in your sign, the results of this new venture could easily support you for the next two decades, if not more. Don’t let Mars retrograde’s impulsiveness consume you. Keep your eyes on the prize. New Moon Mantra: When I persevere towards my professional growth, I see long-lasting tangible results firsthand.


What can you do to eliminate the illusion of fear lingering over your head, Aquarius? Though everything from your shared resources and intimate unions will likely come up for review, the new moon in Virgo will challenge you to analyze the value of your energetic exchanges. Hovering over your erotic eighth house of sex, transformation, and death of the ego, this lunation wants to help you make sense of your definition of security. Again, what are you afraid of? Despite being a freedom-loving air sign, your fixed modality would much rather be in control at all times, but a harmonious trine to Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto via your mystical 12th house of spirit could make the process of surrender a lot easier than you think. Mars retrograding through your communication sector could spark restlessness and impatience, but don’t fret—you can’t always be in control. New Moon Mantra: When I release my desire for control, I find the blissful freedom I crave. 


Keep your word and be willing to compromise, but don’t sacrifice your needs in the process, Pisces. All lunations are pivotal to your spiritual journey, but the new moon in Virgo is especially significant, as it will ignite your descendant/seventh house of negotiations, commitments, and relationships. This area of your chart has everything to do with “other people,” how they show up for you, and vice versa. Sitting in harmony with Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto via your futuristic 11th house of innovation, friendships, and sense of belonging in the world, this lunation will more than likely bestow you with the opportunity to create a long-lasting collaboration. Virgo doesn’t sleep to dream; it makes sure to stay grounded. Having said that, creating a system, regimen, or perhaps a simpler method, when it comes to your future goals will go a long way. Mars retrograde via your second house of values could create illusions of insecurity, but don’t fall for the bait. The divine being in you will instantly recognize the divine connection between you, and the members of your soul tribe. New Moon Mantra: When I nourish the foundation of my individual connections, I welcome the mutual abundance in return.

Valerie is an astrologer, writer, and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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