Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Taurus (Oct. 31, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Taurus (Oct. 31, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Your Full Moon in Taurus Horoscope & Reflection, According To Your Zodiac Sign

There are things that only happen once in a blue moon, and the year 2020 is hopefully one of them. Whether you blame it on the Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn conjunction, or the United States of America’s Pluto Return, there’s really no denying the facts: This year has brought a series of shocking revelations, and life-altering circumstances. Although, despite the mortifying uncertainty of it all, there’s a silver lining in it being collectively cathartic. And when you look back at the astrological transits that took place back in January (namely, the historical Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer, as it was in direct alignment with both of these malefic planets) you’ll notice the intensity and magnitude of the events that followed.

Naturally, the thought of a full blue moon on the same night of All Hallows’ Eve, feels like the missing link to what seems like the most unorthodox year of all time, but it hardly compares to the astrological aspects taking place during this lunation. However, before we dissect the celestial components of this highly anticipated blue moon, let’s take a closer look at the eerie elephant in the room. Now, don’t get me wrong; the full blue Hunter's moon is the protagonist of this story, but the spooktacular setting of this paradoxical lunation continues to fuel the irony of it all. Also referred to as the ancient celebration of Samhain, Halloween marks a powerful turning point in the wheel of the year.

Say what you will, but the ancient language of astrology ties back to the sacred rhythms of the earth—it’s all connected. As we start descending into the darker half of the year upon the sun’s shift into Libra, we begin shedding parts of ourselves that no longer serve us. Needless to say, it’s no wonder a holiday like Halloween—let alone an ancient celebration such as Samhain—happens during a Pluto-ruled season, and with good reason. Celebrated from Oct. 31 through Nov. 1, the Celtics believed it's the one time a year where the barriers between the physical world and spirit world dissolve. Allowing spirits to pass through, legend has it that costumes and masks were made to trick evil spirits, in order to avoid harm.

Despite the mysterious thrill of it all, it’s still important to keep in mind during this time. Full moons are powerful enough on their own, so when you integrate the rarity of it also being a blue moon (the second full moon in a month) on the eeriest night of the year, it most definitely means something. You may or may not be familiar with the “as above, so below” affirmation, but its meaning will also be incredibly significant during this lunation. Remember, during the full moon phase, the sun sits directly opposite the moon; this is symbolic of the harmony between the divine feminine, and the sacred masculine. The sun will be in Scorpio, which means the moon will ignite its polarity, Taurus.

Taurus’ ruling element, and zodiac archetype, is a representation of Mother Earth; Scorpio, on the other hand, is a symbol of the Underworld, along with its planetary ruler, Pluto, who is also known as Hades, according to the Greek myth. Full moons are a call for balance, and the Taurus-Scorpio axis represents the circle of life. In addition to the undeniable synchronicities—AS ABOVE SO BELOW—it’s not every day you see a full moon on Halloween. In fact, this happens approximately once every 19 years or so, and to think we still haven’t covered the *literal* paradox of this celestial event. In addition to activating the security-seeking sign of Venus-ruled Taurus, Mother moon will also be sitting in a conjunction with revolutionary Uranus.

Also known as the Great Awakener; planet of freedom, chaos, rebellion, and unexpected change, Uranus’ spontaneity is just as shocking as it is spontaneous. La Luna is a representation of your intuitive mind, emotional foundation, and shadow self, so her conjunction with Uranus could bestow us all with a series of lightning-like visions, downloads, and emotions. Again, all while the veil between both worlds is at its thinnest. You also never know what you're going to get with Uranus, so all we can do is expect the unexpected. It doesn’t get “weirder” than Uranus, which goes perfectly well with a day like October 31st, don’t you think? Astrologically, with the moon and Uranus in Taurus, it's up to this fixed earth sign's planetary ruler, Venus.

Venus—the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, values, and the divine feminine—will have already entered Libra, which again, continues to emphasize the overall theme of balance. It doesn't matter how you look at it—Yin and yang; night and day; as above so below; life and death—the essence of rebirth, renewal, and regeneration is ever-present during this time. Sitting directly across the sun in Scorpio, this rare lunation will be an emotional reflection of the Underworld. Everything that’s hidden beneath the surface—within and/or all around you—will be illuminated. Although, thanks to electric Uranus, everything coming to light will be nothing short of shocking. More importantly, Pluto is Scorpio's ruler, and Pluto is sitting next to Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn. 

Having said that, and taking every piece of this cosmic occurrence into consideration, the full blue moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus will not only touch upon the powerful metamorphosis currently happening in the world at large, it will also highlight the divine transformation that’s taking place within you. Always remember, just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Change is the only thing that's constant, and you are a multi-dimensional being made of stars. Don't resist the soul's urge to transform; you've been doing it all your life.

Read your full moon in Taurus horoscope and reflection below:


Come Halloween, the full blue moon will ignite your security conscious second house of comfort, finances, pleasure, values, and stability, all the while sitting alongside supersonic Uranus. Meanwhile, across the way in sultry Scorpio, the sun will beam through your intimate eighth house of sex, transformation, joint ventures, shared resources, and death of the ego. Naturally, themes revolving around the way you merge with another mind, body, and soul, are bound to come up for review, but this lunation is shedding light on what's tangible, practical, and valuable to you. And with Mercury retrograde and Venus shaking up your seventh house of relationships, you might be questioning and/or exploring the dynamic of a significant partnership. Prioritize yourself, Aries. Reflection: In terms of your finances and money-making abilities, are you being radical and/or thinking outside the box as much as you should? How have your values evolved since April of this year?


Amidst what seems like a relationship-driven season, with the sun highlighting your committed seventh house of significant partnerships, this year's ground-breaking full moon in your sign will catch you off guard, and in more ways than one. Sitting close to rebellious Uranus in your sign, everything from your physical appearance to your desire for personal freedom will be top of mind this Halloween, which serves to be the finishing touch to your epic costume, btw. Warning: Uranian energy can spark restlessness, nervousness, and erratic mood swings so don't take the bait, especially if you're dealing with a toxic relationship. With Mars retrograding through your unconscious 12th house, it's easy to feel powerless, when it's really just an illusion. Focus on yourself, and don't hesitate to bask in the spotlight—it won't be hard. Reflection: What kind of revolution have you experienced? Looking back at the springtime, how have your relationships evolved since?


If you're in need of a much-needed rain check this Halloween, don't overthink it. Tonight's full blue moon in Taurus will ignite your sleepy 12th house of closure, karma, solitude, and all things behind the scenes, all the while sitting close to rebellious Uranus. Despite the series of intuitive downloads, and electric insight stemming from this lunation, you'll likely feel an unexplainable desire to escape, or perhaps just spend more time on your own. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, will continue to retrograde through your expressive fifth house of ego, romance, and self-expression, but this could spark everything from a dramatic melt-down, to an insatiable longing for validation. Truth is, this lunation is here to bring something to your conscious awareness, and with Mars retrograde in your 11th house of friendship, teams, soul tribe, and sense of belonging in the world, it might be the last thing you expected.  Reflection: Do you have a bone to pick with someone? Have you discovered taboo-like information since the beginning of the year?


Your emotions make waves, and you start revolutions all on your own, Cancer. Today's full blue moon lights up your socially conscious 11th house of friendships, teams, soul tribes, hopes, dreams, and sense of belonging in the world, all the while sitting close with the cosmic rebel, Uranus. Halloween plans? With Mercury retrograde and Venus getting cozy in your fourth house of home, you might just settle for the usual, and order takeout in your spooky pajamas. Although, with the sun beaming over your passionate fifth house of acknowledgement, creativity, and romance, getting together with your faves for festive night out might be harder to resist than you thought. You might be second-guessing things, or perhaps going through something in the home front, but this is more reason to lean on the ones you love. Besides, you might discover something you might've failed to notice in the process. Reflection: How has your place in society revolutionized itself? Do you experience freedom when surrounded by a community of like-minded people?


Halloween might actually be pretty special this year, Leo. Despite having the sun's warm rays light up your cozy fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, today's full blue moon in Taurus ignites your very public tenth house of career, prestige, sense of authority, and reputation in the world, all the while sitting close to revolutionary Uranus. Your passion, talent, and charisma goes beyond your glimmering planetary ruler, because deep down inside—more specifically the zodiac archetype governing your Imum Coeli—lives a fierce leader that's powerful beyond measure. Don't be afraid to showcase your passion and drive today. Whether it be in front of your superiors, or perhaps for your Instagram followers, this is your moment. More importantly, the opportunity and freedom you seek in your professional life is knocking on your door. Reflection: How can you integrate your unique charm, and genius insight into your life via the public eye? Does the fear of being disliked stifle your muse?


Despite you feeling a little inhibited about all the Halloween chaos, this year's full blue moon in Taurus could end up being the very reason you make an exception. Shaking up your adventurous ninth house of education, faith, travel, and philosophies—all the while sitting next to rebellious Uranus—you could become startled by a series of visions, and entrepreneurial curiosities that shock you like lightning. Eureka! With the help of the moon's charming ruler, Venus, lighting up your second house of values, talents, money-making abilities, and sense of security, there will be no room for doubt, or insecurity. In fact, Mercury retrograde will have already re-entered this area of your chart for a second time around, so you might even revisit thoughts, conversations, and brainstorms, especially while the sun transits your intellectually driven third house. Reflection: How can you do something innovative, inspiring, and well-paying, if you're not willing to step outside your comfort zone? How can you capitalize on your brilliant intellect?


Here's the situation, Libra. Halloween is already strange enough as it is, but nothing can compare to a full blue moon conjunct revolutionary Uranus. While the sun in Scorpio continues to shed light on your security-conscious second house of finances, pleasure, and values, this lunation will shake up your intimate eighth house of sex, joint ventures, and shared resources. This, of course, creates tension between your heart and mind; your desire to merge with another mind, body, and soul, versus your innate longing for freedom. Given Uranus' notorious reputation for catching the world off guard, all you can expect is an unexpected plot twist, especially when it comes to a significant partnership, and/or energetic exchange. Your luscious planetary ruler, Venus, is traveling alongside Mercury retrograde in your sign, so a pending conversation might also resurface. Reflection: How has your financial independence and/or dependance evolved since the beginning of the year? Is there a mutual benefit to your energetic exchanges?


Bask in the witchery of your birthday season, Scorpio. In addition to the spooktacular Halloween festivities, this year's full blue moon in Taurus highlights your committed seventh house of compromise, significant others, and one-on-one partnerships, all the while sitting in conjunction with rebellious Uranus. What turns you on? Whether it be a ride-or-die or a more eccentric type, today's lunation has major Gomez and Morticia Addams vibes—the more unconventional the better. Although, with the moon's ruler, Venus, and Mercury retrograde, traveling through your 12th house of secrets, closure, and everything behind the scenes, you may decide to retreat into your fantasy world, or stay in with your sweetheart. Warning: As you may know, Mercury retrograde is notorious for bringing back the past, so if an ex you had the hots for comes back unexpectedly, get the closure you need, but no need to dwell. Reflection: How can you indulge in the eclectic synergy of your partnerships? Looking back at the beginning of the year, how have you found freedom in your relationships?


The last thing you want is monotony, Sagittarius. And today's full blue moon in Taurus lights up your orderly y house of heath, daily duties, due diligence, and work environment, all the while sitting close to rebellious Uranus, the planet of chaos, experimentation, and unexpected change. So in the midst of your company's annual Monster Mash via Zoom, you could become overwhelmed with restlessness, or perhaps feel a strong desire to start over, and indulge in the freedom you seek in your day-to-day life. The sun will be hovering over your sleepy 12th house of closure, surrender, solitude, and retreat, highlighting your unconscious need for peace of mind. Sweep, sweep away. Create the room you need to express yourself, and feel at your best. Reflection: How have you experimented, innovated, and/or revolutionized your day-to-day routine? What inspires you to be productive, personally and professionally?


Dance to the beat of your electric heart, Capricorn. It's the spookiest night of the year, and a full blue moon in Taurus is igniting your expressive fifth house of romance, creativity, passion projects, and self-expression, all the while making a conjunction to spontaneous Uranus. Whether it be romantically, professionally, or deeply personal, this heart-centered lunation is all about the progress you both seek, and deserve. This is everything from being recognized to feeling confident enough to put your charms on display. You're so talented, and with Mercury Rx and gorgeous Venus in your public tenth house of career, reputation, and publicity, it won't be hard to make a dazzling impression. Reflection: How can you continue sharing your talents, gifts, and passion in a bold and eclectic way? Are you celebrating your personal and professional progress?


It's definitely more tricks than treats this Halloween, but you can handle it, Aquarius. Today's full blue moon will ignite your core fourth house of home, family, emotional foundations, and sense of security, all the while making a rebellious conjunction to your planetary ruler, Uranus. Themes revolving around your family, lineage, and living space could come up for review during this time but with the electric change-maker planet in the mix, there could also be an unexpected disruption, or perhaps even a little bit of chaos. Given that the sun continues to beam over your public career sector, dealing with things in the home front, let alone in private, might be more difficult than you'd like. Sort out your priorities, Aquarius. Everything is perspective. Reflection: How can you tap into your inner genius to cultivate the work versus life balance you desire? How has your definition of stability progressed since the beginning of the year?


It's a beautiful a day in the neighborhood, Pisces. In addition to the crisp fall breeze, and your community of Halloween trick-or-treaters, today's full blue moon in Taurus lights up your third house of communication, thought process, inner circles, and immediate environment, all the while sitting close to radical Uranus. This area of your chart governs everything from your multidimensional mind to the buzzing notifications on your social media channels, and with eccentric Uranus in the mix, this lunation is here to shed light on your progressive neighborhood. What inspires you? Whether you've been entertaining the thought of venturing into unknown territory, or going the entrepreneurial direction, today's lunation will shed light on the variety of eclectic tools, connections, and ideas you have at your disposal. It's time to monetize, stabilize, and radicalize. Reflection: Have you explored the benefits of an online business? How can you continue to expand your network, and make the right connections?

Valerie is an astrologer, writer, and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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