Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Scorpio (Nov. 15, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Scorpio (Nov. 15, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Your New Moon in Scorpio Horoscope & Mantra, According To Your Zodiac Sign

To say that it’s been a transformative year would be an understatement, and though Miley Cyrus couldn’t have said it better in the title-track of her sixth studio album Younger Now—“No one stays the same; you know what goes up must come down; change is a thing we can count on”—shedding our snake skin is hardly ever an easy task. So for the sake of this collective metamorphosis, and in honor of this ancient purge, let’s take a moment to think back to the beginning of this year. What did you hope to accomplish by the end of 2020? What did you struggle with the most? If you had to list a key takeaway of the year, what would it be? If there’s one thing 2020 taught us is, never ever take a single day for granted. Thanks to the North Node’s transit through domestic Cancer—a powerful full moon lunar eclipse in the same sign, followed by the rare meeting of two ruthless generational planets—the world was given no choice but to go back to the most sacred space possible, and that’s home. Whether you look at it in terms of a collective rebirth in the dark, or the peak of a collective catharsis that was long overdue, the relentless trials of 2020 will forever mark a pivotal point in history.

As we move closer to the darker half of the year, the mind, body and soul begin to descend together with Mother Earth, in order to be reborn again in the springtime. To help with the momentum, Mars stationed retrograde just a week or so before the Autumnal Equinox, followed by Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto direct in Capricorn. Keep in mind, without Mars—planet of aggression, energy, and passion—working at its fullest potential, slowing down was the only thing we were capable of during this time. Scorpio’s traditional planetary ruler, Mars retrograde, challenged us to reflect on everything from our individual autonomy to the way we fight for the things we believe in. Of course, it wouldn’t be 2020 if Mars didn’t retrograde, let alone square off with Saturn in the process. It sure did, and it gave us no choice but to surrender the need to control, not to mention all during Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. Although, there’s hardly ever been anything more ironic than Libra season 2020, considering its essence was fully trampled by a Capricorn stellium that’ll never be forgotten. Fast forward to Scorpio season, once upon a Mercury-square-Saturn election, where nothing is as it seems. A divine hybrid of the lightest light and the darkest dark, there’s no meeting halfway with this energy, but here we are.

The Scorpion lives in the depths of the underworld surrounded by the afterlife and its ever-burning fires—just because you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there. Scorpio escorts the unseen forces that exist in the universal realm; hence its true essence cannot be categorized. But let it be known, when this fixed water sign is at its most evolved state, it has the ability to tap into the highest realm of truth, integrity, and emotional durability, and so can you. News Flash: You don’t have to be a Scorpio—or have personal planets in Scorpio to experience its effects. All 12 zodiac archetypes govern a specific area of our lives. Check which astrological house in your chart belongs to Scorpio—this is where you rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. Although, more importantly, this is precisely where you will be reborn during the upcoming new moon in Scorpio. Now, if you feel the pull to go deeper, check where Capricorn lives in your birth chart; this is where Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto have been working tirelessly for the last few years. It’s where previously-set structures, and toxic belief systems, are currently being dismantled, root by root. Capricorn is symbolic of hierarchies, foundations, authority figures, and well-respected establishments; it’s also a representation of your professional path, and reputation in the world.

After Mercury re-enters Scorpio on Nov. 10—which will likely have us revisiting conversations, thoughts, and immediate exchanges that took place during Mercury retrograde, namely the Jupiter will join forces with Pluto for a third, and final time. If you’ve heard of the “all-seeing eye,” it’s a perfect way to describe this highly anticipated conjunction. Pluto—who also happens to be the ruler of this lunation—is symbolic of unseen forces and energies; it’s a representation of the things that are hidden deep in the psyche’s abyss. It’s the shadow in the unconscious mind and/or repressed beneath the surface, as well as the intensity of your desires. The dark polarity of this Phoenix-like energy is possessive, controlling, jealous, manipulative, power-hungry, toxic, and destructive. Jupiter, on the other hand, is the planet of expansion, opportunity, abundance, faith, optimism, and spiritual wisdom. Its truth-seeking energy magnifies whatever it comes in contact with, so you can only imagine the astronomical synergy that takes place when the largest planet in the solar system links up with the Lord of the Underworld. (But if you’re really curious, think back to April 4th and June 30th.) Together, these two heavenly bodies took us on a journey of truth and deep discovery; although, in a systematic sign like Capricorn, it also challenged our levels of maturity and responsibility in the process.

This combination can go either which way. Meaning, you will have a lot of power in your hands during this time—it’s up to you to decide what you’ll do with it. Last but certainly not least, Mars (Scorpio’s ancient ruler) will station direct on Friday, Nov. 13th, which also happens to be the day of the goddess. And though this may seem like a lot to process before a new moon, every single bit of information counts, as it will play a significant role in the manifestation process. Without further ado, Nov. 15 marks the beginning of a brand-new lunar cycle, one of which will pave the way for a whole new era that isn’t far behind. Vanishing in the velvet night just minutes after midnight, both the sun and the moon will meet at exactly 23 degrees Scorpio. As you know, the sun is symbolic of the sacred masculine, while the moon represents the divine feminine. Their monthly meeting is symbolic of conception which, in turn, allows us to birth something new into our lives, energy, and world. The moon’s lack of visibility is a symbol of the infinite portal of possibilities, and in a highly passionate sign like Scorpio, this lunation will speak to our passions, motivations, (especially those that remain hidden) and that which drives us forward.

What’s different about you? What have you discovered about your life, and the world around you this year? What have you destroyed, and transformed? Have you faced any fears? If so, what are they? Are you still afraid? This lunation, given that its ruler has been a key player in the astrology of 2020, is here to shed light on the very core of your being. Darkness, shadowy taboos, shameful secrets and all, you are perfectly imperfect just the way you are, but nothing is supposed to stay the same. Where are you meant to rise in terms of power? This lunation is bringing forth the opportunity to change, intensify, and respond with clarity—you owe yourself that much. Either way, the essence of Scorpio is here to help you purge whatever’s holding you back from rising like the Phoenix, and the aspects of this lunation will only help solidify the process. And as if the Jupiter conjunct Pluto effect wasn’t powerful enough, the new moon will also be making a harmonious sextile to these two heavenly bodies. So if you’re pursuing a goal, or perhaps chasing a dream, this sextile promotes perseverance, discipline, patience, and self-control. Remember, Jupiter conjunct Pluto reminds you to be fearless, while it destroys ideologies and/or belief systems that at one point in time stifled your power.

The sun and the moon will also make a conjunction to dreamy Neptune, bringing forth a highly compassionate and spiritual energy, which can help soothe any of the tensions stemming from the more potent aspects. Neptune knows no boundaries; it represents your multidimensionality, as well as your infinite connection with source. If this doesn’t remind you of your unconditional power, I don’t know what else would. Venus will also make an exact square to the new moon’s ruler, Pluto, which is probably where things can get tricky. Remember, Venus is thriving in her sign of rulership, Libra; when igniting this cardinal air sign, the goddess of love invites us to be more compromising, and empathetic, with our partners. Pluto, however, can take things to the extreme; whether it be through jealous spells, manipulation, or obsession, it’s best to avoid these types of feelings if you can help it. Instead, use this square to reflect on the foundation of your relationships. Are your current relationships—personal and professional—built on solid ground? Are there mutual exchanges? Themes revolving around your self-worth, money-making abilities, and value systems are also bound to come up for review during this time.

Read your new moon in Scorpio horoscope and mantra below:

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It's time to face your fears of betrayal, commitment, and vulnerability, Aries. This year's new moon in Scorpio will shake up your auspicious eighth house of intimacy, transformation, soul-to-soul connections, and death of the ego, all the while making harmonious connections that ignite your public tenth house of reputation, and your 12th house of surrender. Themes revolving around power dynamics—personal and professional—or your shared resources, are put under a magnifying glass. Has trusting yourself and/or a significant other been challenging for you as of late? Venus will square off with powerful Pluto, which may once again challenge your desire for control, whether it be romantically or financially. There's a fine line between intense passion and utter toxicity—use this energy with caution. New Moon Mantra: There’s an immense amount of power in every connection, but I decide whether or not it empowers me.


There's no reason for you to be afraid of the unknown, Taurus. An incredibly potent new moon in Scorpio lights up your committed seventh house of compromise, significant others, and one-on-one relationships, all the while making a harmonious aspects that activate your expansive ninth house of adventure, and eclectic eleventh house of social networks. Naturally, themes revolving around the power of connection, specifically with like-minded groups of individuals, and kindred souls, are highlighted during this time. If you're in a committed partnership, this lunation invites you to partake in a much-needed reset. Otherwise, this is an opportunity for you to lean on the people who truly have your best interest at heart. your planetary ruler, Venus, will also square off with Pluto, so you might have doubts about reorganizing your routine, or worse, expanding your horizons. Why? Stop overthinking things—trust the process. New Moon Mantra: The more I cultivate a connection with the universe, the more I can trust the foundation of my relationships.


You're overdue a much-needed and well-deserved reset, Gemini. This is especially true when it comes to your daily rituals, productivity levels, and general mindfulness. This year's new moon in Scorpio will shake up your health-conscious sixth house of due diligence, and responsibility, all the while making harmonious connections that ignite your intimate eighth house space, and your public tenth house of career. Are your investments worth it? Themes revolving around the time you invest in yourself versus others will be highlighted during this time. How can you transform your daily routine for the better? Perhaps in a way that can benefit both parties, whether it romantically or professionally. Venus will be squaring off with Pluto, so think twice before you share your heart—or creative gifts—with someone who doesn't deserve it. Make sure there's a mutual understanding, and exchange of energy. New Moon Mantra: When I pursue my passions and invest in my well-being, I am an infinite source of power for others.


Have you been expressing yourself, and pursuing your passions, fearlessly and unapologetically? This year's new moon in Scorpio touches down on your romantic fifth house of love, creativity, pleasure, and self-expression, all the while linking up with heavenly bodies that are currently occupying your committed seventh house of partnerships, and your adventurous ninth house of experiences. Admit it, if you're not madly in love with it, then it's hardly your cup of tea. This, of course, could be personally or romantically speaking, but this Scorpionic mindset will always makes itself known when it revolves around your heart's desire. Having said that, this lunation brings forth the opportunity to reflect on the foundation of your relationship, and whether or not you're in love, lust, if not both. Artistically, you could experience a brilliant awakening, and rekindle the fire in your heart the process. New Moon Mantra: My ever-changing muse and smoldering passions may not always compliment my idea of security, and that's OK.


It's time to confront your deepest fears, and hidden insecurities without shame, Leo. A powerful new moon in Scorpio lights up your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family, and soul foundation, all the while making harmonious connections that'll activate your responsible sixth house space, and intimate eighth house of energetic exchanges. How much is too much? Is it even worth your time and energy? Your comfort and sense of security are prioritized during this lunation, but a square between Venus and Pluto foreshadows power struggles, and/or relationship dynamics, that are nothing short of challenging. Whether it be financially, romantically, or in terms of your sensual delights, don't forget to follow your intuition. New Moon Mantra: The foundation I aspire towards consists of unquestionable loyalty, heart-to-heart exchanges, and a healthy lifestyle.


What's your biggest fear, Virgo? Is it your mind? Perhaps it's not being in control? Whatever the case may be, this year's new moon in Scorpio will touch down on your intellectually driven third house of communication, thought process, and immediate exchanges, all the while linking up with heavenly bodies that are currently occupying your committed seventh house of significant others, and your expressive fifth house of romance, creativity, and pleasure. Whether you're struggling with the thought of expressing your affections towards a significant other, or speaking from the heart in general, this lunation brings forth the opportunity for you to go inward, and replenish your mind with turbo fuel. You're the only thing standing in the way of your joy. New Moon Mantra: When I'm authentic with my approach, I can do things from the heart, because it does all the talking.


You know what you bring to the table, because you probably bought it, and redesigned it with your two hands, Libra. Confident, financially stable, and an endless source of abundance, you're the entire package, despite your repressed fears, and ideologies of "right and wrong." This year's new moon in Scorpio lights up your comfort-seeking second house of values, finances, self worth, and money-making abilities, all the while making a harmonious alignment to planets occupying your family oriented fourth house, and responsible sixth house of daily rituals. Does your lifestyle of choice align with your current reality? Given that your gorgeous planetary ruler, Venus, will be squaring off with Pluto, keeping up with the facade of your Venusian composure, and maintaining the peace, could be more challenging than usual. It's OK to wave your white flag every once in a while—you're going through an intense healing process nonetheless. New Moon Mantra: When I dissect the value behind my possessions and material belongings, I create space for more abundance to enter.


Here's to an empowering new moon followed by a long-awaited rebirth, Scorpio. This beautiful new moon has your name on it, and despite La Luna's lack of visibility during this time, you're still beaming as bright as ever. Vanishing into the depths of your mystifying zodiac archetype, all the while making sweet aspects to planets in your intellectually driven third house, and heart-centered fifth house of love. New beginnings are certainly a foot, but not in the way you expect. Given that this lunation is taking place after a highly anticipated conjunction between Jupiter and your modern ruler, Pluto, you're in the process of cleansing and clearing mental blocks that have stifled you from experiencing the ecstasy you crave. You're stepping into your power more and more each day, and there's no stopping you now. Be extra mindful of a square between Venus and your planetary ruler, Pluto, as it could spark everything from jealousy to toxic rendezvous that are potentially distracting, let alone draining. New Moon Mantra: The divine synergy between my mind, body, and soul is a reflection of my Phoenix-like spirit.


Retreat into your safe space, Sagittarius. This year's new moon in Scorpio will ignite your mystical 12th house of closure, karma, and all things behind the scenes, while making harmonious aspects to planets in your comfort-seeking second house, and emotionally driven fourth house of soul foundations. Given that Scorpio is symbolic of renewal, and transformation, the effects of this lunation are bound to be nothing short of cathartic, especially when shaking up your 12th house of surrender. Despite how challenging it might be for you to express yourself emotionally, and wholeheartedly, it's important for you to hold space for the things you value, and cherish. If you don't, then why should anyone else? New Moon Mantra: My multidimensional spirit constantly regenerates itself, and what's no longer of value to my higher self transforms with it.


If there's ever been a moment in time where you'd benefit from leaning on your coven, and soul tribe, it's right now, Capricorn. A powerful Scorpio new moon will activate your socially conscious eleventh house of hopes, wishes, dreams, visions, friendship circles, and sense of belonging in the world, all the while making harmonious aspects to planets in your sign, and in your word-spreading third house of communication, and intellectual dialog. What's next on the pipeline? Do you have the tools you need to move forward? Don't worry about the how just yet, and focus on pursuing the things you're passionate about. Warning: A touchy square between Venus in your ambitious tenth house of career, and Pluto in your sign, creates tension between your desire to make an impression on your superiors versus your instinct to expand, both as a professional and an individual. New Moon Mantra: My extended community, and kaleidoscope hopes and visions, are a reflection of my personal brand and sense of authority.


Are you ready for lift off, Aquarius? This year's new moon in Scorpio ignites your ambitious tenth house of career, superiors, professional life, authority figures, and public persona, all the while linking up with planets in your financially driven second house, and karmic 12th house of surrender. If it's Scorpionic, chances are it isn't going to be easy, but Rome wasn't built in a day. Are you pursuing your professional goals with honesty, and integrity? Is your career built on solid ground? Whatever's been hanging by a thread is bound to collapse, and you need to know that it has nothing to do with your performance, and everything to do with your soul's truth. Keep in mind, a harsh square between Venus and Pluto could create obstacles, and tension, if you haven't been thinking realistically about your long-term goals. Stay humble; don't rush the process. New Moon Mantra: The universe is my compass; the more I surrender to the process, the more I rise from the ashes.


Reach for the stars 'til infinity and beyond, Pisces. A brilliant new moon in your sister sign, Scorpio, will ignite your adventurous and entrepreneurial ninth house of expansion, education, experiences, philosophy, media, and faith, all the while linking up with planets in your socially conscious eleventh house of community, and your mystical planetary ruler, Neptune. A plethora of unexpected blessings is an understatement, but you're still going to have to work for it. That is, of course, if you're still afraid of taking a leap of faith. In fact, Scorpio loves to dig deep, and it's challenging you to rid yourself of the belief systems, and ideologies stifling your greatest potential. Are you surrounding yourself with the right group of people? What do your hopes, wishes, and dreams look like? Don't be afraid to experiment with the unknown—you never know until you try. New Moon Mantra: When I venture into unknown territory, I am able to expand my horizons and step into my fullest potential.

Valerie is an astrologer, writer, and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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