Moon Musings: How The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus (Apr. 30th) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus (Apr. 30th) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Telling someone to stop and smell the roses might sound like a cliche, especially during Taurus season but, truth be told, this is precisely what this fixed earth season is all about. Put it this way: Aries is that first spark of life — as it initiates a brand-new season, after surrendering what no longer serves us during Pisces season — but the sun’s shift into Taurus occurs at the peak of spring, which is when Mother Nature's colorful landscape is in full bloom. The second stop in the zodiac wheel, the essence of this Venus-ruled sign is symbolic of our comfort, security, sustenance, and what we’re able to experience via the five senses; materialistically, this speaks to our values, possessions, money-making abilities, spending habits and day-to-day resources. And though everyone’s definition of security is subjective — because to each their own — Taurus’ zodiac archetype is very much aligned with one’s self-reliance. After all, the element earth goes hand-in-hand with what is tangible, secure, and long-lasting; everything from our human vessel to our unique possessions are physical representations of the earth. With all of that being said, let’s take a closer look at the upcoming new moon partial solar eclipse, as it will take place on April 30 at 4:28 pm EST via exactly 10 degrees Taurus.

As you may know, eclipses usher in life-altering circumstances, as they present us with an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start again. Often referred to as a lunation on steroids, eclipses are equally as cataclysmic as they are exhilarating, given that they are also considered omens of destruction. However, instead of dwelling on the intimidating uncertainty, it’s important to remind ourselves that change is the only thing that is constant. Also, more often than not, the universe has to step in, in order to bring us the change we seek, as it is our human instinct to hold onto things too tightly, whether out of comfort, greed or fear. Keep in mind, a solar eclipse occurs when the moon stands between the sun and the earth, blocking the sun’s light. And in that moment of complete darkness, you're called to move forward into the unknown. For reference, look for 10 degrees Taurus in your birth chart, and check which astrological house it belongs to. This is where you’re likely to experience a powerful shake-up, which will simultaneously open a doorway to the future. Think about the seeds you’re ready to sow in your life, and reflect on the essence of Taurus in the process. For instance, themes surrounding your sense of stability, etc. 

On that note, since the solar eclipse will also conjunct rebellious Uranus (the planet of change, chaos, innovation, and unexpected change) it doesn’t hurt to reflect on what’s occurred for you in this area of life between July 2020 and February 2022; this highlights the time when Uranus was transiting between 10 and 14 degrees of Taurus, which brought unexpected changes to a particular area of our lives. That being said, this is an opportunity for you to reflect on what you cherish, value and possess, whether tangible or intangible. Where would you like to plant new seeds with regards to security? It’s time to claim everything from what’s physically yours to your self worth. All in all, we are being called to cultivate a new-found sense of stability. Maybe it’s with regards to your health habits or the business you’re thinking about starting. While conjunct Uranus, one thing’s for sure: the next six months will bring unexpected shake-ups, both in our individual lives and as a collective. At a larger scale, however, this could be the beginning of a new agricultural landscape, as we are in the midst of global economic changes, which is very much aligned with Taurean “earth” themes. This fixed earth sign is symbolic of the fundamental basics of life.

Taurus’ zodiac archetype is also a reminder of our innate self-reliance, because the truth is, we are whole all on our own. This is a time to honor our biological rhythm, as we are becoming more conscious of our physical vessel and general sustainability at this time. So, if watering your own garden requires you to minimize and simplify, so be it. On another note, Taurus’ planetary ruler, Venus, continues to transit through its sign of exaltation (Pisces) which is quite prosperous for a Venus-ruled eclipse, but it doesn’t end there. The planet of abundance (Venus) will be exactly conjunct lucky Jupiter in Pisces, and a few degrees away from Pisces’ planetary ruler, Neptune. Two life-giving planets, Venus and Jupiter are often referred to as “Great Benefics” in astrology, given the blessings and great fortune both of these luminaries bring along with them. And in a boundless and compassionate sign like Pisces, we’re not only as capable as ever to make our dreams become reality, but also divinely guided by something so much greater than we can imagine. Last but certainly not least, Mars will harmonize with the sun, moon, and Uranus which, in turn, supercharges our mind, body, and soul with the inspiration we need to move forward. Remember, what you value is unique to you, and that’s really the only validation you need.

Read your new moon solar eclipse horoscope and affirmation below, according to your sun and rising sign:

Placing all of our trust in the divine is easier said than done, but with some unexpected changes a foot, befriending the unknown is your best bet. Shaking up your stability-seeking second house of comfort, money, values, and sense of security, April’s solar eclipse (conjunct Uranus) is here to help you break free from situations that have kept you imprisoned in a mentality of lack, namely when it comes to your unique survival guide and lust for life. It’s time to step outside of the confines you’ve created for yourself, whether consciously or unconsciously. Your New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I release all expectations; I am open to receive the abundance I deserve.

Be gentle with yourself, and make sure you’re getting enough rest. While alongside the change-maker planet, Uranus, the cosmos is not only presenting you with a clean slate to start again, but also supercharging your consciousness with profound enlightenment. Are you ready to claim what is yours, and build towards the life you both crave and deserve? Starting over can be equally as stressful as it is rewarding, so if you’re still in deep contemplation about next steps, continue to allow yourself to unravel. Nothing is set in stone, and your current sense of stability is no exception. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I claim my infinite potential; I water my garden with seeds of love and unique value.

Inhale and exhale with gratitude. Honor the stability of your physical and emotional body. Conjunct freedom-loving Uranus, April’s new moon solar eclipse is not only bringing you inward so you can tend to your soul, but also presenting you with an opportunity to break away from unconscious burdens weighing down on your psyche. Be it personally or professionally, it’s time for you to create room for you to dream, and reconnect with your higher self. The idea of nurturing your spiritual appetite could feel as if you’re being led astray, but it all boils down to your subconscious mind and repressed fears. Time to reboot.  New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am learning to trust the journey, even when I don’t understand it; my spirit depends on it.

Call back your energy, and claim your colorful visions of the future. The phases of the moon influence you greatly as you are ruled by this ever-changing luminary, and April’s new moon solar eclipse is no exception. Is your fear of rocking the boat (whether with regards to your friendships and/or your societal standards) stifling you from cultivating greatest potential? Honoring your worth and celebrating unique muse of inspiration is essential to your soul’s growth, despite whether it makes the people around you feel secure. A brand-new perception and belief system is loading. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: My dreams, talents, and unique eccentricities are worth much more than I realize; I choose myself.

The idea of being well-received by others is an illusion we’ve created for ourselves, and all for the sake of staying in control of the narrative. This system, however, will be revolutionized during this new moon solar eclipse, as it will conjunct Uranus via the most public sector of your chart. Be it a tradition your parental figures instilled in you, or the salary you aspire to make by any means necessary; it’s time to take a step back and check-in with yourself. Unexpected beginnings are a foot, and only you will be able to make sense of the chaos. That’s how you will know it’s worth it. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I honor my individual dreams, but I’m open to receive the blessings being bestowed upon me.

Eureka moments are auspicious, and this is especially significant to consider at this time. As the sun becomes engulfed during the eclipse, you’re granted the opportunity to rebuild a lifetime of philosophies and belief systems surrounding your sense of security. Be it themes surrounding your self-worth, or a particular faith restricting you from leaping forward, it’s time to reboot the panorama of your world views. Sitting alongside Uranus, your change in perspective could create a ripple of shock in your immediate surroundings, but things will be sure to stabilize in due time. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: My life lessons are unique to me; only I can determine what I consider valuable.

Your energy is sacred, as are your exchanges. Whether financially and/or physically, this solar eclipse is here to help you recreate and rebuild your system of transactions. Conjunct freedom-loving Uranus, you could unexpectedly decide to break away from a lifetime of benefits and/or security, as you are being called to honor your worth and sense of security… which, as they say, to each their own. In case you’re wondering, you are worth setting yourself free from toxic entanglements, and energy vampires. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am whole entirely on my own; my spiritual exchanges are exclusive.

In addition to being notorious for your mystifying aura, your ride-or-die loyalty is more than often underestimated. Although, when considering the energetic influence of the solar eclipse in Taurus (as it will conjunct rebellious Uranus) the cosmos is urging you to not only take your power back, but also rebuild/reestablish the foundation of your one-on-one commitments. Despite your desire for love and recognition, it’s important to reflect on the value of your relationships, and whether they’re actually benefiting you in the long run. You’re breaking free from people-pleasing for the sake of staying in control, and in your “idea” of comfort. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am discerning with those who have access to my energy; the happiness I seek starts and ends with me.

Restart your computer, literally. The foundation of your day-to-day life has been in a flux for quite some time, thanks to chaos-loving Uranus, which also happens to conjunct the new moon solar eclipse. Can you honestly keep up with this dance? If the cha-cha is off rhythm, chances are it’s time for a revamp. Spontaneous and liberating, while it’s no secret that the system of your daily rituals are overdue for a check-in, the opportunities that are simultaneously being presented to you may catch you off guard. Ground yourself and your visions, as opposed to taking on every project and burning yourself out. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I will ground and nurture my physical and emotional needs on a regular basis.

When the moon eclipses into the sky, the cosmos will spotlight everything from your idea of emotional fulfillment to your ability to remain authentic in the process. Be it a creative endeavor and/or recreational activities you do in your free time, the solar eclipse (conjunct Uranus) is granting you an all-access pass to your creative freedom, and unique self-expression. Based on systems that brought you security for a lifetime, this potent lunation is reminding you to honor and celebrate what moves, and sets your soul on fire. Your happiness is worth it. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: My inner child, too, craves stability; I honor the unique rhythm of my heart.

Remember who you are, and where you came from. Communicate with your ancestors, and declutter your living space. You are your own sanctuary, and as the sun vanishes into the velvet night, the solar eclipse will wipe your internal slate clean. Be it of your early foundations or with regards to your definition of security, your modern ruler, Uranus, will be sure to shake things up, namely when it comes to family matters as well as your innate sense of groundedness, despite the circumstances. The next six months will be about prioritizing your sense of security, and discovering your unique comfort zone in the process. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am a product of my ancestors; my family needs me as much as I need them.

Your brilliant perspective could be of great benefit to the collective, and in more ways than you realize. Use your words; speak your truth. Alongside change-maker Uranus, the solar eclipse is urging you to ground your thoughts and more importantly, befriend the chaos that comes with every eureka moment. Maybe it’s a change of heart, or the sudden urge to relocate; whatever perceptions and/or thoughts blocking you from honoring your own sense of stability will be eclipsed. You’re breaking through the invisible barriers that revolve around your idea of stability, and your immediate resources are no exception. No more standing in your own way. Your individuality will take the reins. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am open to discovering my individual sense of security; I will prioritize my peace of mind.

Valerie is an astrologer, soul coach & visual story teller. In addition to being Love by Luna's resident astrologer, she writes horoscopes for PopSugar, Elite Daily,, among others. For more of her work and portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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