Moon Musings: How The Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (May. 16th) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (May. 16th) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Are you ready? The truth is… probably not, but the overall intensity and uncertainty in momentum is what makes eclipse season so noteworthy, not to mention cathartic. A supercharged lunation, eclipses are catalysts for change, both at an individual and collective level. They are typically disruptive, as they usher in either an unexpected change or an abrupt beginning without precaution. But as you may remember, this is where we are simultaneously challenged to surrender to the divine, especially if it pertains to something we’ve been holding onto too tightly. After all, this astronomical phenomenon is equivalent to a soul contract activation, given that it brings forth changes that are necessary for our spiritual evolution. Think about it this way: if it were up to you, would you make the life-altering changes necessary? Or would you continue to hold onto what feels safe and familiar? Sometimes the universe has to step in to propel us forward into our destiny, so it’s important to remember that the universe does indeed have your back. 

Speaking of transformation, the upcoming lunation is not only a Blood Moon, but also a total lunar eclipse as it will conjunct the South Node in Scorpio. The South Node represents both the gifts and karmic debts we carry with us from previous lifetimes. And when studying astrological aspects, anything in close proximity to the South Node means there is something being cleansed, cleared, and removed from our current reality. Having said that, let’s take a closer look at May’s total lunar eclipse via 25 degrees Scorpio, happening on May 16 at 12:15 am EST. Also, not trying to sound intimidating here, but this will be one for the books, as the unique potency of this lunar eclipse is more than we can possibly imagine. For instance, in addition to this influencing the next six months of our lives, it’s safe to say that we will feel the effects of the Blood Moon eclipse at a mental, physical, and spiritual level. A powerful chapter is finally coming to a close.

Change is the only thing that’s constant in our lives, but it’s also important to consider the essence of Taurus-Scorpio, as it is the axis of ownership and exchange, as well as themes of giving and receiving. A fixed astrological axis, aiming to maintain and uphold, it also represents the rhythms of incorporation and elimination. Hint: think back to your life between August 2012 and February 2014, when the North Node was in Scorpio. And after checking where 25 degrees Scorpio lives on your birth chart, reflect on the areas that no longer resonate with you at a soul level. What shadow attribute (i.e. debt, fear, obsession, connection, entanglement) are you ready to purge? The North Node in Taurus wants to help us simplify and minimize, so be sure to focus on your sense of security at this time. Besides, this total lunar eclipse is challenging us to shed layers, and get down to the root of our souls’ truth, some of which continues to linger beneath the surface. 

A powerful rebirth is loading; don’t underestimate your strength. The best part? Both of Scorpio’s planetary rulers, Mars and Pluto, are fully supportive of this eclipse. For instance, Pluto retrograde will make a sextile to the moon, and a trine to the sun. Mars will also trine the moon and sextile the sun, all while making a conjunction to Neptune, which brings us to our next aspect. While conjunct go-getter Mars — this eclipse’s traditional ruler — Neptune will also trine the moon, and sextile the sun. Also known as generational planets, it’s important to remember that Pluto retrograde and Neptune work at a subconscious level. This validates our spiritual wisdom and inner knowing when it comes to the changes that are taking place. In other words, you could be feeling something shifting at a soul level, and not necessarily have an explanation for it. Sort of like a subliminal shift without context, we are being called to release something that no longer aligns with our soul journey. What you feel is enough; trust it.

On a more challenging note, however, taskmaster Saturn will square off the sun and the moon (a.k.a the eclipse) which will, in turn, serve as a necessary reality check and/or wake up call. For instance, in addition to double-checking where 25 degrees Aquarius is on your birth chart, Saturn is urging us to reflect on the areas where we’ve been overly extending ourselves, and/or taking on too much responsibility. Have these burdens been stifling your individual path? Given that Saturn is in Aquarius, this could revolve around a group effort or community affair but, by that same token, there are boundaries that need to be set at this time. Saturn is often referred to as Father Time… so again, this “wake up call” is reminding us that the clock is ticking. Moreover, Saturn’s honesty and integrity comes to play, and in Aquarius with regards to our sense of belonging in the world. Are you being honest with yourself, and others? Are you operating from an authentic place?

Something else to consider at this time is where you’ve been, and where you’re going. As I mentioned, looking back to the years 2012 through 2014 helps, given that this was the last time the Nodes of Destiny activated the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Although, in addition to this, Saturn was also in Scorpio, which is the last fixed sign Saturn transited through before entering Aquarius. That means: we are wrapping up a significant era of our lives, and something is ready to change. Reflect on where you were at this time, along with what inspired the decisions you made. If it doesn’t have the same energetic influence, then chances are you’re ready to leave this part of yourself in the past.

Read your new moon solar eclipse horoscope and affirmation below, according to your sun and rising sign: 

Your intimate unions, both personally and/or professionally, are under the spotlight of this lunar eclipse. Everything from the way to merge with a significant other to the joint ventures that bring mutual gain are being brought to the forefront, but with the South Node sitting in close proximity to the moon, the cosmos is simultaneously urging you to reflect on the foundation of these commitments. Where do you feel a lack of security? Are your mind, body, and soul invested for the long term? This area of your chart also governs debt, taxes, and inheritances, so the same goes for those of you who are indebted or vice versa. Reflection: Do you feel comfortable with both the light & darker side of this union? What needs to be transformed?

It takes two to make a thing go right, which is why everything from your contractual agreements to your committed partnerships are under the light of this total lunar eclipse. A shadowy Blood Moon activating the sign directly across from you, while the sun and North Node occupy your very Venusian territory, you’re being called to consider your autonomy and independence (or lack thereof) within these connections. That said, things can go from zero to 100 sooner than expected, but you can no longer deny the bonds that are equally as powerful as they are reliable. Either way, whether you’re healing or purging, staying true to yourself and your commitments will require a delicate balance. Reflection: Is there mutual reciprocity? Where have you been overextending yourself for the sake of status?

You’re prone to retreating and general escapism with the sun glimmering through Taurus, but this month's lunar eclipse would beg to differ. Igniting your sixth house of daily rituals and due diligence — all the while sitting alongside the South Node — everything from your day-to-day routine to the shadow side of your lifestyle choices is being illuminated at this time. You could be over exerting yourself, or getting lost in fantasy, but this potent lunation is urging you to get a solid, practical plan in place. Perhaps the phrase “working smarter instead of harder” comes to mind, as you are equally sensitive to both your physical and emotional body. Be gentle with your mind, body, and soul. Reflection: What are the shadowy attributes of your daily routine? What mindset or habit are you ready to purge?

Does it make your heart skip a beat? The darker side of that which brings you the utmost pleasure is being brought to the surface under May’s total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Activating your flamboyant fifth house of love, passion, creative musings, and self-expression, the cosmos is encouraging you to bask in the spotlight, but without losing sight of your collaborations and social networks, of course. More importantly, when considering Luna’s square to Saturn, it’s important to reflect on your obligations and whether it’s been burdensome to your overall sense of joy. Reflection: Are you to take the stage? Are you dodging authentic connections due to commitment restrictions? 

You’re often celebrated for your leadership skills and general enthusiasm, but this month’s total lunar eclipse wants to shed light on what’s beneath the surface of it all. In other words, your sense of security, both internally and externally, will be of great prominence at this time. This is especially true with your planetary ruler (the sun) and the North Node in Taurus, and your 10th house of career, authority, and public persona. However, with the moon activating your domestic fourth house of home, family matters, and innermost feelings, you’re being called to address more private matters, as well as nurturing your sacred space. Complex emotions are more likely at this time, so it’s important to cultivate a healthy balance in your life. Reflection: Do your current commitments challenge your sense of security? How have you been tending to the shadow side of your emotions? 

Expressing yourself emotionally is easier said than done, especially when an enigmatic sign like Scorpio just also happens to govern your third house of communication. Having said that, the upcoming total lunar eclipse will ignite this area of your chart, while alongside the South Node, which means you’re being called to purge a thought, emotion, and/or fear surrounding everything from your communication style to your immediate surroundings. Perspective is subjective, but with Scorpio’s rulers (Mars and Pluto) transiting through your fifth house of self-expression, and seventh house of committed partnerships, one thing’s for sure: your heart can speak for itself. Reflection: Have you been sacrificing your joy for the sake of fulfilling your duties? Do you communicate honestly & wholeheartedly? 

Everything you’ve built, earned, and strived towards is under the light of this upcoming lunar eclipse. And while alongside the South Node, you’re being called to reflect on the darker side of your investments, whether financially or with regards to physical comfort. Gratitude is everything, but with the sun illuminating your intimate eight house of mergers and investments, you’re simultaneously being challenged to release fears and burdens surrounding your sense of self-worth. This could revolve around children, a romantic interest, or a creative collaboration; the key is to recognize where you’ve been selling yourself short. Claim your energetic footprint, and unique talents. Reflection: Are you properly compensated for your personal/professional investments? Are you happy?

Despite the innate mystery surrounding the essence of your zodiac archetype, this total lunar eclipse will shed light on everything from your physical identity to the connections that may have skewed your sense of self. Whether physically or spiritually speaking, you’re being encouraged to purge either an identity that no longer resonates with your soul’s truth, or a restriction instilled in you throughout your upbringing. The best part? You get to be exactly who you want to be. Although, with the sun and North Node highlighting your relationship sector, it’s important to reflect on the connections you deem worthy, and whether you’re supportive of your personal journey. A new chapter awaits. Reflection: Are you being authentic in your relationships? What parts of your identity are you ready to release?

Something that’s hidden from your conscious mind is likely to surface under this potent lunar eclipse. Meanwhile, others of you could be consciously choosing to keep something to yourself, but only you know how this resonates with your eclipse story. However, when considering the potency of this lunation along with its close proximity to the South Node, the depth of this eclipse cleanse could go far beyond your imagination, especially with regards to shadow aspects living deep within your subconscious. To say this energy is secretive would be an understatement, but while in opposition to the sun and North Node in Taurus, you’re also being called to sort out your priorities, and day-to-day responsibilities. Consider both the practical and spiritual side of the situation. Reflection: Are you in contact with spirit & your higher self? Have you committed to a healthy routine?

The dark side of your friend groups and sense of belonging in the world could be of greater prominence at this time, as May’s total lunar eclipse will touch down on your 11th house of associations, community affairs, and individual freedom. Everything from your allies to your overall sense of camaraderie (or lack thereof) could come up for review, but while alongside the South Node, something needs to be released in the process. Given that this area of your chart also revolves around your future visions, professional chapters could also come to a close, despite how comfortable you are in the field. It’s also important to recognize the shadow aspects of these collaborations, along with whether they resonate with your future endeavors. Reflection: Have you outgrown a specific group in society? Are you harnessing your talents in the right spaces?

Ready or not, the spotlight’s on you. Whether it be with regards to parenting or your reputation in the world, May’s total lunar eclipse is shedding light on everything from the shadow side of your professional endeavors to your sense of authority (or lack thereof). You may be prioritizing your sense of stability with the sun and North Node in Taurus, but with Saturn crystalizing your sense of self, chances are the moon is helping you purge a fear around notoriety, or a professional stage that’s no longer in alignment with your soul journey. Reflection: Are you submitting to a false sense of authority? Is there an emotional legacy stifling your journey? 

Whether it be with regards to your education or a journey to self-discovery, the upcoming total lunar eclipse will activate your ninth house of adventure, faith, and unknown territory, highlighting the shadow side of your world vistas, and personal philosophy. The sun in Taurus, alongside the North Node, simultaneously energizes your mind and immediate surroundings. However, in the midst of considering both sides of the coin, you’re being called to release the darker attributes of your perception, and subliminal default responses. This could have something to do with an entrepreneurial journey or for some, a religious outlook. Emotional distress surrounding a course of study, or a necessary change in location is ready to be surrendered. Reflection: Is a fear-based belief system blocking your world view? Do you feel confident depending on what you know firsthand?

Valerie is an astrologer, soul coach & visual story teller. In addition to being Love by Luna's resident astrologer, she writes horoscopes for PopSugar, Elite Daily,, among others. For more of her work and portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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