Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Libra (Sept. 25, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Libra (Sept. 25, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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We are being greeted with a much-need breath of fresh air, which starts with a sweet backdrop, brought to us by the autumnal equinox on September 22. A seasonal refresh is always a good idea, especially when there are six planets—Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune—in retrograde motion. And though it’s been challenging to get plans off the ground as of late, it’s important to note that delays are blessings in disguise. In fact, when looking back at August’s strenuous squares and September’s mutable madness, you’ll come to find that what may have seemed like an obscure obstacle once upon a time is slowly but surely starting to recalibrate. On that note, if there’s anything we can gather from the complexity of this year’s astrology—making us all feel like we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place—it’s that the more we are willing to flow and allow things to unfold, the easier it becomes to ride the wave.

The power of divine timing is as present as ever, and the upcoming new moon in Libra is enough to prove it. For instance, just days after the equinox and Venus’ perplexing opposition to Neptune, the moon will join forces with the sun in harmony-seeking Libra which, in turn, presents us with a clean slate from the heavens. Again, this new beginning couldn’t have come at a better time, especially when considering the inevitable chaos stemming from Mercury retrograde, not to mention the two other planets in Mercury-ruled signs. It brought an influx of scattered energies and information, which only sparked more confusion. Luckily, with Libra season now in session, we’re being called to prioritize the equilibrium within and all around us. And as you know, the new moon phase marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, but in a sign like Venus-ruled Libra, this new chapter is even more prominent as it goes hand in hand with the new vibrations stemming from the fall season. Can you feel the shift?

Vanishing into the sky on September 25—at exactly 5:55 p.m. EST—via 2 degrees of justice-seeking Libra, what’s been lacking balance in both our personal and professional lives is being brought to our attention at this time. More importantly, check which astrological house belongs to 2 degrees Libra in your birth chart; this is where the cosmos is urging you to reflect on what needs to change, along with what you would like to approach in a whole new way. Remember, this cardinal air sign governs everything from your one-on-one connections to your contractual agreements; it also has everything to do with your ability to compromise and meet others halfway. Something else that’s interesting about Venus-ruled Libra is the fact that it initiates the third quadrant in astrology, which is often referred to as the descendant. It’s where we are called to expand our awareness towards others… but more importantly, outside of ourselves.

Meanwhile, with Libra’s ruler Venus sitting in a conjunction to Mercury retrograde in Virgo, there's a layer of introversion attached to this lunation, which could seem contradicting to the energies at play. After all, retrograde planets have everything to do with going inward, and the same energy is being reflected onto this new moon. For instance, on top of the fact that Venus in Virgo is typically a problem-solving energy, this is where we need to ask ourselves about what’s no longer working and/or in alignment with the balance and harmony we ultimately seek. Taking it a step further and integrating this with our one-on-one relationships, this lunation is bringing forth the opportunity to really analyze (which is very Virgoan) the areas where our energy is being reciprocated, and vice versa. Don’t get it twisted; new moons are personal as is the retrograde component, but Venus in Virgo is equally as devoted as it is committed to finding the right solutions. 

What this means is, YOU could very well be the one that needs to reflect on your relationship patterns, while others of you make the conscious effort to call back your energy in hopes of regaining some sort of balance. On an invigorating note, both Mercury and Venus (the ruler of this lunation) will be in harmony with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. The earthy component is always comforting and grounding, but the influence of Pluto is empowering us to take the lead in order to see the change we seek, whether it be with regards to a relationship and/or the relationship we have with ourselves. Being a better version of yourself will ultimately reflect onto your external reality, after all, so harness this powerful portal if you want to transform a particular area of your life. On another note, the new moon will sit directly across from bountiful Jupiter, which is simultaneously bringing us into alignment with the right people, partners, connections and circumstances that resonate with our authenticity, and spiritual pursuits. 

In other words, why hang onto a connection for the sake of status and/or comfort if it’s no longer vibing with your energy? This could be something else you’re reflecting on at this time. How can you integrate what you’ve learned about yourself into your partnerships? If these parts of your life aren’t in harmony, then something is most certainly out of balance. 

However, without further ado, here’s what to expect during the new moon in Libra according to your zodiac sign:


You’re choosing yourself for the first time in a long time, and that’s how you know you’re becoming more aligned with your higher self, Aries. The new moon in Libra will shake up your harmony-seeking seventh house of commitments, compromise and significant others, all while its ruler, Venus, sits alongside Mercury retrograde in Virgo. What have you recently discovered about your mental, physical and spiritual well being? How can you continue to make these areas of your life a priority, as opposed to being under the influence of a partnership that’s no longer serving your highest good? With Jupiter transiting through your sign these past few months, you’ve not only embarked on a journey of radical self-discovery, you’ve also expanded and explored your horizons in ways you never imagined. This new and improved version of you, however, is still a work in progress, which is why the cosmos is urging you to be more discerning with your energy as well as the people you welcome in your life with open arms. New Moon Affirmation: I am resilient and handle things as they come, but will continue to prioritize my peace of mind.


More self-love, Taurus. Definitely something to reflect on during this new moon, as it will not only bring emphasis to your mindful sixth house of daily rituals, due diligence and acts of service, but also reflect the essence of its ruler, Venus, (which also happens to be yours as well) via your fifth house of love, passion, pleasure and self-expression. Now, with Venus conjunct Mercury retrograde in this area of your chart, the cosmos is urging you to take a closer look at logistics of your hobbies, passion projects, romantic rendezvous and avenues of self-expression. Where is there a lack of balance? Is it too much play, and not enough work? Others of you may come to find that you’re constantly overthinking matters of the heart, as opposed to letting your feelings and passions speak for themselves. Sitting in a harmonious trine to Pluto retrograde, you are being called to carve out a whole new path, where you can unapologetically pave the way… and on your own terms! New Moon Affirmation: Peace surrounds me and fills my heart; I love and accept the person I am wholeheartedly. 


When was the last time you spent some quality time with the ones you love, Gemini? If it’s not about bonding with those you find the most familiar, this new moon could bring emphasis to the foundation of your happiness, while others of you entertain the idea of expanding your family. This Venus-ruled new moon will touch down on your creative fifth house of love, passion projects, and self-expression, all while its ruler sits along Mercury retrograde in Virgo via your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family matters and innermost feelings. On another note, this is an opportunity for you to reflect on energies surrounding your authenticity. Moreover, Mercury and Venus will harmonize with Pluto retrograde, adding a layer of intensity and transformation to the mix, which can come in handy if you’re catching feelings for a love interest, or making yourself comfortable in the relationship scene. New Moon Affirmation: I am surrounded by love and support; I choose to enjoy my life as it is.


It’s hard to think practically when you’re ruled by the moon, but this is precisely why balance is everything, Cancer. This new moon will ignite your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family matters and innermost feelings, but we have to take it a step further with both Mercury and the new moon’s ruler, Venus, transiting through Virgo and your third house of communication. Whether it be a pending conversation you owe a family member, or a long-overdue renovation in the homefront, this is an opportunity to regain your balance. In harmony with Pluto retrograde, those of you cohabitating with a significant other and/or roommate could also change things up for the better. What can you improve in your immediate environment? This is an opportunity for you to transform your relationship. New Moon Affirmation: The harmony I seek is always available to me, as long as I choose happiness.


Before you attach yourself to a specific outcome, take a moment to reflect on where this desire is stemming from, Leo. The new moon will ignite your curious third house of communication, thought process and immediate surroundings, all while its ruler, Venus, sits alongside Mercury retrograde in Virgo. What is fueling your desire to meet someone halfway? What do you need/require in order to feel balanced and secure? This conjunction encourages you to take a step back so you can analyze and examine next steps, specifically those surrounding finances, stability and/or your value system. Mercury and Venus will also harmonize with Pluto retrograde, which continues to shed light on your desire to transform an area of life, so you can ultimately regain your balance. New Moon Affirmation: I trust myself to create my own destiny; I am at peace with myself and my surroundings. 


Despite your innately resourceful nature, it could be time to consider a totally different approach, Virgo. For instance, this Venus-ruled new moon will ignite your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances and value systems which, in turn, presents you with an opportunity to find your balance again, whether it be in terms of money or your self confidence. More importantly, with Venus conjunct Mercury retrograde in your sign, humility is everything as you are simultaneously being called to take action for the sake of being productive, even if that means going as far as revisiting a conversation with a romantic love interest. After all, Mercury retrograde and Venus will harmonize with powerhouse Pluto via your fifth house of love and recognition… so, by all means, don’t be afraid to speak up. Otherwise, you’re the only one standing in your own way. New Moon Affirmation: I am responsible and devoted; I commit to my own happiness instead of expecting it from others.


Your solar season is in full effect, and this new moon’s got your name on it, Libra. Although, despite the birthday festivities, you are more prone to introversion and introspection during this lunation. For instance, this is especially true when considering your planetary ruler, Venus, as it will be sitting alongside Mercury retrograde in Virgo via your inhibited 12th house of closure, dreams and unconscious patterns. When reflecting on your past, and your ability to forgive others and yourself, is there something you’ve continued to hold onto in the background? Be it with regard to family or a foundation you’re looking forward to transforming, this is your chance to put in the work, especially if it starts with you. New Moon Affirmation: I call back my energy healed and empowered; I release what’s no longer in alignment with my higher self.


If you feel a lack of balance when it pertains to your friendship groups, and/or your life behind the scenes, be sure to harness the energies of this lunation, Scorpio. After all, with both its ruler, Venus, and Mercury retrograde sitting in a harmonious trine to your modern ruler, Pluto, everything from your default perception to your thought process is in the midst of a significant transformation. You are, however, being called to reflect on the energy you bring and receive when it pertains to your community, daily work routines and overall peace of mind. So, if there’s something getting in the way of your personal life—be it a repetitive thought process or  an outdated way of thinking—it’s time to consider your options. New Moon Affirmation: I am the master of my universe; the love in my heart keeps me balanced.


The new beginning you seek in your professional life and/or with regards to your sense of authority has a lot to do with your sense of belonging in the world, Sagittarius. That being said, with the new moon touching down on your 11th house of associations and future visions—all while its ruler Venus sits alongside Mercury retrograde via your bossy 10th house of reputation—this is an opportunity for you to reflect on the “hows” and “whys” surrounding your sense of authority, so you can ultimately take the lead, and take matters into your own hands. If there is, however, a lack of balance and/or reciprocity, you’re also being called to acknowledge this so you can eventually fix it. New Moon Affirmation: The connection I share with my soul family is sacred; my loyalty and commitment speaks louder than words.


Is a belief system and/or lack of knowledge stifling you from taking the lead in a particular situation, Capricorn? Not that you need the reminder, because your ambitions are larger than life itself, but some minor tweaks always goes a long way. For instance, the new moon will ignite your ambitious 10th house of authority, public persona and reputation in the world, all while its celestial ruler, Venus, joins forces with Mercury retrograde in Virgo via your truth-seeking ninth house of adventure, wisdom and unknown territory. Something coming back around for a second look? If you’re lacking an overall sense of direction, Mercury-Venus’ trine to Pluto in your sign is here to help you transform your entire approach, so you can ultimately do what it takes to manifest your vision, carefully and methodically. Travel could also be involved, but as always, your personal and professional balance is key. New Moon Affirmation: I am committed to the personal I’m becoming; with balance and compromise, I will reap my rewards.


If you’re hyper focused on the negative side of a particular situation, you’re likely attracting the same energies in return, so be sure to channel your vibes wisely, Aquarius. After all, the new moon in Libra will ignite your expansive ninth house of adventure, wisdom and belief systems, while its ruler, Venus, sits together with Mercury retrograde in Virgo. This means, if you’re lacking faith and/or a sense of hope when it pertains to your long term dreams and personal pursuits, this lunation is simultaneously asking you to reflect on the foundation of your exchanges. For instance, are you overextending your energy to another, or are you simply not holding yourself accountable? Mercury and Venus will harmonize with Pluto via your 12th house of unconscious patterns, highlighting subliminal power struggles and/or blockages, be it from you or someone that was hidden from your conscious mind. New Moon Affirmation: My blessings are a reflection of my integrity; what I give, I will receive in return.


Single or already romantically attached, the cosmos is presenting you with an opportunity to blissfully merge with another mind, body and soul, be it with a significant other and/or close friend you’re doing business with. Long lasting connections require some sort of compromise and vulnerability, and with the new moon touching down on your intimate eighth house of mergers, shared resources and soulmate connections, you are being called to reflect on whether or not there’s an equal amount of give and take. Keep in mind, with the moon’s ruler, Venus, sitting alongside Mercury retrograde via your relationship sector, this will likely require work and commitment from both parties. The same goes for those of you avoiding certain conversations for the sake of avoiding confrontation at all costs. What’s fair is fair, right? New Moon Affirmation: The harmony I seek is a reflection of my ability to compromise; my thoughts and interactions hold the power to make things better. 

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