Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Aries (Oct. 9, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Aries (Oct. 9, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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If you stop and pay attention to the divine synchronicities of the universe, you’ll eventually come to realize that the cosmos can do no wrong. The same goes for the ancient wisdom of astrology; if you allow yourself to flow through the energy of each transit—similar to the moon waxing and waning—you will find a sense of completion within yourself. With that being said, the theme of “self-acceptance” will be incredibly prominent during this month's full moon in Aries, but let’s take a closer look at the current energies that are at play at the moment. 

On October 2, mischievous Mercury stationed direct, after its backspin through Libra and Virgo… but as you may remember, every retrograde cycle has a backstory. Now, despite the fact that Mercury began its retrograde journey via 8 degrees Libra on September 9, the messenger planet kicked off its pre-retrograde shadow phase on Aug. 20 via 24 degrees Virgo. What were you strategizing and/or trying to organize during that time? With Mercury officially direct, we are more than likely gaining clarity on next steps… but even still, we’re not completely out of the woods. After all, Mercury won’t leave its post-retrograde shadow until October 16, which means everything we’ve been contemplating—with regards to the logistics of our routines, partnerships and daily processes—has yet to be determined. 

It’s also important to note that Mars—celestial ruler of the upcoming full moon—is not only transiting through Mercury-ruled Gemini, but also in its pre-retrograde shadow phase, as it will officially station at the end of October. However, the mutable essence of Gemini is very active at this time, thanks to Mars. This could be good and bad, especially since Gemini is just as fickle as it is resourceful, so steer away from sensory overload, if that’s even possible. 

With all of that being said, and now that Libra season’s in full effect, the moon will peak in warrior-like Aries on Oct. 9 at exactly 4:55 p.m. EST. Remember, the sun (symbolic of our physical identity and ego - Libra) sits directly opposite the moon (symbolic of our inner world and emotional foundation - Aries) during the full moon phase. Speaking of Libra, the full moon is a call for balance between our divine feminine (emotion, intuition) and sacred masculine (action, physicality) energies. So if you’re well-acquainted with your birth chart, check which house belongs to 16 degrees Aries… and more importantly, think back to the new moon in the same sign that took place on April 1. Your full-circle moment is loading, and something significant is being brought to your attention.

Sitting in a conjunction with the wounded healer, Chiron, amidst its retrograde journey through Mars-ruled Aries, this lunation is putting a spotlight on the parts of ourselves that may trigger us emotionally, and/or make us feel vulnerable. However, instead of being defensive and guarding our hearts, the influence of Chiron is here to help us tap into our authenticity, and fully embody our truth. 

Now, despite the overall “challenge” that may come with confronting our vulnerabilities, there is a silver lining to this lunation, as the sun will be in close proximity to Venus in Libra… and well, it doesn’t get more supportive than this. Venus thrives in Libra, (it is its planetary ruler) which means that when all else fails (so to speak) there are opportunities for sharing, relating and connecting with those who have our best interest at heart. This is a wonderful astrological synergy for deepening connections, because having the right people around can help us release some of these burdens. Communicating open-heartedly with others can also help us look at situations from a whole new perspective, so don’t keep yourself inhibited from this fresh new outlook trying to come through.

On another note, Mercury will form a harmonious trine to Pluto—who is *finally* direct, btw—bringing forth the opportunity to partake in deeply intuitive, and powerful exchanges. So, if there’s been something specific lingering in your mind, you can expect some clarity. Mars is also in harmony with Saturn retrograde—reconnecting in an exact trine again later in November—helping us find stability and clarity when it comes to our sense of direction.

Read your full moon in Aries horoscope and reflection below:

Cheers to being *hella* self-aware, Aries. October's full moon has your name on it, but there's still some work for you to do in the process. Sitting alongside the wounded healer, Chiron, you could find yourself replaying events that emotionally triggered you, or perhaps reflecting on resentments from the past that still haunt you to this day. Nevertheless, the good news about this is, you're healing, growing and confronting this part of yourself, so you can *finally* move forward. And with the help of the sun and Venus in Libra, rest assured, you're not about to go through this alone. Either way, I hope you recognize, honor and celebrate your strength, and how far you've come as an individual. Your courage is a magnificent thing. Full Moon Reflection: How have I personally evolved in the past year? How has this reflected onto my relationships?

Taking one final look, Taurus? With the moon reaching its peak in Aries—via your unconscious 12th house of closure, dreams, inhibitions and all things behind the scenes—you could be feeling the urge to turn around, and make something right. Be with a close friend, a relative or someone from your past, whatever's been put on hold could be rising up to the surface for you to review. The same goes for those of you who have been oblivious to something that's been right in front of you all along, as you are being called to reconnect with energies alive in your unconscious mind. Fortunately, with Venus, sitting alongside the sun, you not only have the support of the people around you, but also the charming environment to make your days a little sweeter. Full Moon Reflection: What parts of yourself have you been consciously repressing? What are you ready to let go of? 

You're stepping into your most audacious self, Gemini. Granted, this full moon is conjunct Chiron, but chances are you've been doing the work all on your own. For instance, with the moon peaking in Aries—your 11th house of associations, community affairs and individual freedom—let alone with Mars sizzling through your sign, you're being called to stand firm in your sparkling intellect, and uniqueness. Sure, maybe there are a few haters in the background... but, does it even matter? People's perception of you is none of your business. Besides, with the sun sitting alongside Venus in Libra—via your fifth house of love, passion and self-expression—you are shining as bright as ever, whether you look at it in terms of romance, creativity and/or your gorgeous personality. Full Moon Reflection: What's stopping you from being your most audacious self? How can you continue to spread your unique charms with the masses? 

Heavy is the head that wears the crown... but don't you worry, you've got this in the bag, Cancer. October's full moon is not for the faint of heart, as it will conjunct the wounded healer, Chiron, via your 10th house of career, boss moves and sense of authority, but you're *finally* seeing something come full-circle in this area of your life. Now, think back to April 2022 and reflect on where you were with regards to your career. Mars is also in Gemini, bringing focus to your unconscious mind and that which may continue to haunt you from the past. This means you could be putting two and two together, analyzing some of your recent actions, as well as the actions of those who didn't necessarily have your best interest in the workplace. All in all, this lunation is reminding you to celebrate your wins, because you climbed this mountain, and you did it all by yourself. Don't you forget it. Full Moon Reflection: Does your professional occupation resonate with you at a soul level? How have you stepped into your sense of authority this past year?

Tunnel vision, Leo. With Mars (the ruler of this lunation) sizzling through Gemini, you could be a lot more distracted than usual, and this could be getting in the way of your long-term goals. Others of you, however, may be unconsciously comparing yourself to the people around you, as opposed to following your heart, and living your best life. For instance, this lunation will ignite your expansive ninth house of wisdom, belief systems and unknown territory, all the while making a conjunction to the wounded healer, Chiron. Your desire to roam freely and take a risk is heightened but, by that same token, you could be reminiscing on past events that left a mark on your courage. The good news is, your ruler, the sun, will be sitting together with Venus in Libra via your immediate surroundings. You have a blanket of love surrounding you, and all of the support you need to move forward. Full Moon Reflection: How have your long-term goals evolved in the past six months? What's holding you back from taking the necessary risks?

If things feel a little bit heavy, remember you are not alone, Virgo. The moon will peak in Aries, bringing emotional emphasis and intuitive clarity to your eighth house of intimate unions, joint collaborations and energetic exchanges, but there's more. Luna will be sitting alongside the wounded healer, Chiron, adding a layer of past residual energies, but this is only for your highest good, as you are being encouraged to confront what needs to be confronted within you, and move on. Now, this area of your chart also has to do with your significant other's money, whether that be someone you're in a romantic connection with, or a professional employer. Given that Mars is hovering over your career sector, this could very well be career related. Luckily, with the sun conjunct Venus in your money zone, you have the support and stability needed to move forward, despite whether or not this "compliments" your partnership. All in all, you're finding the will to separate yourself from attachments, commitments and/or compromises that no longer align with your highest truth. Full Moon Reflection: What have you been holding onto out of fear? How has the dynamic of your unions evolved in the past year?

You know what you want, and you know what you bring to the table, Libra. The question here stems from your one-on-one partnerships, especially with the moon peaking in Aries via your seventh house of agreements, compromise and significant others. Sitting alongside the wounded healer, Chiron, you're likely coming to terms with that which no longer resonates with you, as well as the disconnect existing between you and significant other's belief systems. With that being said, if you're not seeing eye-to-eye, then what's stopping you from making the necessary adjustments? Sure, communication is key, but if this "disconnect" involves travel and/or relocating, then it may be a totally different conversation. Nevertheless, this lunation wants you to be one hundred percent honest with yourself, and your partner. Full Moon Reflection: Are your personal and professional partnerships in alignment with your soul path? Are you both comfortable with each other's individuality?

It's time to turn all of that energy inward, and soak in all the zen, Scorpio. After all, in addition to this full moon in Aries, both the sun and Venus will be glimmering through charming Libra, and your 12th house of secrets, closure, healing and all things behind the scenes. That being said, amidst the full moon's illuminating rays, shedding light on the parts of yourself you've been neglecting, due to work and daily responsibilities, the sun and Venus are supporting you and enveloping you with a celestial blanket of love. It's also important to consider Mars' journey through Gemini, and your intimate eighth house of mergers, shared resources and energetic exchanges, especially those of you who have been overextending yourself to more than one source, and depleting your energy in the process. It's time to come back to your center. Full Moon Reflection: Are you devoting the same amount of passion to yourself as you are to others? How has your health routine changed in the last six months?

Opening your heart could seem like it's easier said than done, but not for long, Sagittarius. The moon will peak in Aries while alongside the wounded healer, Chiron, via your fifth house of love, passion, pleasure and self-expression, all while its ruler sizzles through your relationship sector. Maybe it's a pending conversation, or a disconnect when it comes to your individual POVs, but you're being called to show yourself some love, despite whether a significant other is capable of meeting your expectations. The same goes for those of you feeling creative, and yet not being validated in the way you hoped. Either way, Chiron is trying to help you come into contact with the shadowy attributes of your desire for affection, recognition and attention in general. On a brighter note, with the sun conjunct Venus in Libra, you have all of the support you need via your extended network, especially those of you with an eclectic friend group. Not that you need to lean on anyone for validation, but it's there nonetheless. Full Moon Reflection: How has your creativity and self expression evolved in the past year? What have you learned about yourself, and your inner child in the process?

If things haven't been flowing in an organized manner in your household, or with regards to family, it's not your cross to bear, Capricorn. With that said, the moon will peak in Aries while alongside the wounded healer, Chiron, via your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family, innermost feelings and emotional foundations. Given that its ruler, Mars, continues to sizzle through your sixth house of daily rituals, devotions and acts of service, this lunation could be shedding light on the overall dynamic and/or mental atmosphere surrounding your sanctuary. Don't get me wrong, with the sun and Venus glimmering through the most visible area of your chart, everything could seem peachy to the rest of the world, but only you know what's really happening. Nevertheless, this is also a reminder to lean on your superiors, mentors and authority figures (including parents) for the support you need. Full Moon Reflection: Are you wholeheartedly showing up for the people you love, or are you holding onto a grudge? Do you feel comfortable opening up about your feelings?

Got something you'd like to get off your chest, Aquarius? This may or may not be the easiest message to relay, but with the full moon conjunct Chiron—via your third house of communication, thought process and immediate surroundings—there is significant clarity being brought to your attention, but your perspective on the situation speaks volumes. Maybe it's with regards to your immediate community, siblings, or peers in general; regardless of the case, you could be struggling when it comes to opening up about a particular situation, despite you having full-on support waiting for you on the other side of this hurdle. For instance, you could be in the process of contemplating where to relocate and yet, having trouble opening up to your inner circle about it. Keep in mind, with the sun conjunct Venus in Libra, the cosmos is encouraging you to lean on your faith, and find bliss in the mere thought of wandering freely. Full Moon Reflection: Are you inhibiting yourself from speaking your truth for the sake of acceptance? Is there a creative project you're interested in exploring, but reluctant to inquire about?

You're standing up for yourself, and your sense of security, Pisces. This full moon will conjunct the wounded healer, Chiron, in Aries—via your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances and value systems— all while its ruler, Mars, sizzles through your domestic fourth house of home, family matters and innermost feelings. You may or may not feel comfortable opening up about certain topics with your loved ones, but this is precisely what's challenging you to own up to your self-worth, and choose yourself in the process. The same goes for those of you cohabitating with someone, and perhaps feeling burdened and/or inhibited with regards to expressing your individual truth. On a brighter note, with the sun conjunct Venus in Libra—via your intimate eighth house of mergers, shared resources and soulmate connections—this lunation is also pointing out that you are being supported, both financially and spiritually speaking. Sounds farfetched to say in a horoscope, but even your ancestors have your back on this one. Full Moon Reflection: Are emotional patterns inhibiting you from recognizing your worth? How have your values shifted in the past year?

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