Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Pisces (September 10) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Pisces (September 10) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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In one of my favorite Lana Del Rey songs, she sings about the summer fading away, and how nothing gold can stay. And though these beautiful lyrics are merely a metaphor depicting the ending of a natural cycle, I feel the need to highlight the power behind every season. I know, I know. Reading this probably feels like deja vu—because I am constantly referring back to the divine order of the zodiac, and how mother nature can do no wrong—but the truth is, autumn’s mystery is impossible to deny. This sort of goes hand in hand with what Lana is singing about, but I digress. 

Life is cyclical, and the transition between seasons is a representation of the circle of life. The springtime is our rebirth, the summer is our childhood, and the fall is our adulthood. It’s no wonder autumn is often referred to as the season of maturity, as it is also a time where our seeds of intention begin to harvest. Speaking of which, with the sun glimmering through dutiful Virgo, it’s important for us to take a closer look at this mutable earth sign, so we can reflect on the significance of its archetype. Intuitive, devoted and resourceful, it is the Virgo maiden who looks towards the horizon with her crop in hand, instinctively feeling the need to prepare for the colder nights ahead. 

Similarly, this Mercury-ruled season is here to help us ground, cultivate and incorporate the methods, systems and skills that are needed in order to make our lives easier in the long run. Whether you look at it in terms of the routine you’re currently committed to, or the processes that need to be improved, Virgo season never ceases to put us to work. For reference, check which astrological house belongs to this mutable earth sign in your birth chart. Are you being practical and productive? Have you been executing a proper action plan? There’s always room for improvement, and this is precisely what Virgo season is all about. 

With all of that being said, there is a mystical full moon in Pisces headed our way—Sept. 10 at 5:59 a.m. EST—and as you know, this lunar phase occurs when the sun sits directly opposite the moon. Full moons are a symbol of completion, celebration and culmination; they’re also a call for balance between our physical (sun) reality and our emotional (moon) world. Now, after taking the essence of Virgo season into consideration, let’s take it a step further with regards to its polarity (Pisces). Once you know where Virgo lives on your chart, Pisces is its front-door neighbor, sitting in the house directly across from it.

Governed by elusive Neptune—the planet of dreams, illusions, surrender and universal oneness—Pisces is similar to the ocean in the sense that it knows no boundaries. Mystical and spiritually receptive, this mutable water sign teaches us how to surrender our fears and doubts to the divine. It is a sign that encourages us to rest, retreat and reconnect with our higher selves. So, with the sun bringing energy to the foundation of our fast-paced lives, this full moon in Pisces is urging us to take a step back from the tedious routines that would normally take precedence over some much-needed downtime.

Silence your work notifications, and get some rest. This Neptune-ruled lunation is also encouraging us to release the need to overanalyze and/or squeeze the logic out of every situation, so we can ultimately tap into our intuition with ease. Naturally, surrendering the specifics, and the need to prepare for a “worst case scenario” could be easier said than done, but the moon’s sextile to Uranus—the planet of chaos, disruption and the higher mind—is stepping in to bring some interesting insight, perhaps unexpectedly so. 

On that note, here’s what the full moon may have in store for you, as per your zodiac sign.

You’re a natural go-getter with an action-packed routine, but if this has resulted in you neglecting your spiritual rituals and life behind the scenes, the full moon in Pisces will likely bring light to the cause of this interference. The same goes for those of you experiencing a disconnect with your higher self. Your intuition is heightened, especially with the moon reaching its peak of fullness via your 12th house of mysteries, so steer away from the analysis paralysis. Pay attention to what is being illuminated, even if these messages come to you in your dreams. The universe is communicating with you, so don’t doubt what you know to be true. Full Moon Reflection: Are you committed to the journey of self discovery? How can you integrate more of your spirituality into your daily routine?

Divine synchronicities are almost inevitable, especially when it pertains to your eclectic friend groups, and visions of the future. Conjunct boundless Neptune, via your 11th house of community affairs and individual freedom, you’re being called to lean into the higher vibrations and social atmospheres that inspire, and intrigue you. For instance, those of you working tirelessly on perfecting a skill and/or talent are being encouraged to surrender the need for “recognition,” so you can authentically collaborate with those who share similar hopes, wishes and long-term dreams. While in harmony with Uranus in your sign, tapping into your inner rebel will benefit you greatly. Full Moon Reflection: What have you been manifesting since the beginning of the year? How can you be both compassionate and discerning with your peers?

Celebrate your wins, and reflect on the foundation of your dream job. If you’ve been depending on the validation of your family, or perhaps feeling inhibited with regards to taking a leap of faith, the full moon is a gentle reminder from the cosmos to release all expectations. The same goes for those of you unconsciously blending your personal and professional life, lacking the peace of mind that comes with setting firm boundaries. Is someone deceiving you, or are you simply deceiving yourself? Remove the rose-colored glasses, and don’t be afraid to take the lead, if needed. Full Moon Reflection: Is your daily occupation in alignment with your spiritual values? Are there unconscious projections blocking your view of the future?

You’re hyper-focusing on the details, which makes you prone to overanalyzing what you intuitively know to be true. And with the full moon conjunct dreamy Neptune via your expansive ninth house of wisdom, many of you will be feeling the pull to venture into the unknown, in hopes of finding a greater purpose. Sitting in an inspiring sextile to disruptive Uranus, you could be presented with an exciting opportunity that requires you to take a leap of faith. Naturally, the details and logistics of a situation are prone to clouding your judgment, but it’s up to you to not let this derail you from your spiritual path. Full Moon Reflections: Is an outdated mindset and/or belief system stifling your friendships, and visions of the future?

Despite the devoted and giving nature stemming from the axis of Virgo and Pisces, this lunation could still trigger some power struggles between you, and a significant other. Be it romantically, professionally or with regards to debt and/or inheritance, you’re being called to release the lack mentality, as well as the need to hoard resources for the sake of your sense of security. Sitting alongside Neptune, via your intimate eighth house of mergers, shared resources and energy exchanges, balance is needed in this area of your life, especially those of you in partnerships that aren’t built upon solid ground. Full Moon Reflection: How can you continue to nurture your connections without losing sight of your personal values?

Beware of energy vampires, and don’t lose sight of your personal goals. A boundless full moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces will add an intuitive layer of imagination, sensitivity and elusiveness to your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise and significant others. If you’re in the midst of negotiating next steps, or perhaps contemplating your commitment to an agreement of sorts, make sure you’re being discerning with your decision. In harmony with spontaneous Uranus, via your expansive ninth house of spiritual wisdom, others of you may have judged a book by its cover too soon. Your intuition is louder than the facts that are being presented to you at this time. Full Moon Reflection: Are your commitments based around a certain set of beliefs? Do you and your significant other(s) share similar principles?

The fog that’s been weighing over your daily routines and devotions is being lifted. Sitting in a conjunction to dreamy Neptune via your responsible sixth house of health, daily rituals and due diligence, this lunation is shedding light on the lack of boundaries that pertain to your day-to-day lifestyle, even if it’s something as silly as staying up watching TV all night, as opposed to getting the rest you need. Something surrounding your habitual routines is being brought to fruition either way, but there’s more. The moon will harmonize with Uranus, adding some unexpected chaos to the mix, especially those of you feeling dissatisfied with your sources of income, or perhaps sharing resources that aren’t being reciprocated. No more Mr. or Ms. Nice Libra! Full Moon Reflection: Are you investing your time wisely? How can you continue preserving your energy?

Protect your heart, but don’t forget to express gratitude for the love and magic that surrounds you, Scorpio. Whether it be a creative venture, or a romantic love interest you can’t stop fantasizing about, the full moon in Pisces is bringing emphasis to your fifth house of love, passion, pleasure and self-expression. Conjunct mystical Neptune—dissolving all the boundaries guarding the infinite love in your heart—your desire for creativity, romance and self-expression is heightened at this time. The moon will also form a sweet sextile to rebellious Uranus, via your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise and significant others, suggesting an unexpected interaction and/or surprise with regards to a significant other. Full Moon Reflection: Are the opinions of others stifling you from sharing your unique talents, and attributes? What inspires you?

Are you comfortable expressing yourself emotionally? Whether it be a heart-to-heart conversation that needs to occur with a close relative, or the desire to set certain boundaries in the home front, the full moon’s conjunction to elusive Neptune could add a mysterious fog to the entire dynamic, and this could potentially result in you second-guessing yourself. Given that the sun will transit through your 10th house of authority, others of you may be in two minds when regarding themes surrounding a prominent parental figure. Sitting a sextile to disruptive Uranus, it’s important for you to find the necessary space and structure to remain detached from the overwhelming emotions you’re experiencing at this time. Focus on your balance. Full Moon Reflection: How has the dynamic at home changed in the last six months? Has this influenced your professional life in any way?

Deeply illuminating messages are being presented to you at this time, some of which may require your discernment with regards to a close relative and/or friend within your immediate surroundings. And though many of you naturally focus on your productivity and time management, chances are you’ve chosen to put those who seek your compassion and/or validation in the back burner. Maybe it’s a rigid belief system, or a false narrative that’s been keeping you from unleashing the floodgates, and wholeheartedly connecting with someone who needs your warmth, and validation. In harmony with freedom-loving Uranus, giving someone the benefit of the doubt could turn out to be quite rewarding. Full Moon Reflection: Have you been guarding yourself from partaking in heart-to-heart exchanges? Are you basing your perspective on an old belief system?

You’re fiercely independent, but you also have a soft side. For instance, the only way to know whether you’re genuinely committed to someone or something is if you’re innately devoted to being a part of their life, and open to sharing your resources if needed. Although, with the full moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces igniting your second house of personal gain, you could come to realize how much you’ve been depending on others for their critiques, approval and/or validation. Needless to say, your one-of-a-kind essence is being brought to the forefront of this lunation, namely in regards to your sense of self-worth and money-making abilities. Don’t sleep on your magical attributes, and creative talents. Full Moon Reflection: Where have you been unconsciously selling yourself short? How can you silence the toxic side noise that isn’t serving you?

Whether it be an unexpected conversation, or an impromptu decision that changes your personal trajectory, this year’s full moon in your sign will be equally as illuminating as it is emotionally charged. Sitting alongside your celestial ruler, Neptune, themes surrounding your ability to empathize and show compassion to yourself, and the people around you could be of greater prominence. Moreover, some of you may have been omitting information for the mere sake of keeping things to yourself for the time being. The moon’s sextile to freedom-loving Uranus via your third house of communication, however, could unexpectedly trigger a change of heart and/or POV in the process. Your genuine intentions are being brought to light, and that in itself will help clear the air. Full Moon Reflection: How can you show up for your partnerships without losing sight of your individual musings, and unique spirituality?

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