Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Virgo (Aug. 27, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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There’s always something unique to look forward to in astrology, and the magic stemming from the new and full moon phase is no exception. And though it’s been a hectic couple of weeks — given the powerful aspects that occurred throughout Leo season — there’s hope in recognizing the breakthroughs following these challenges, as they continue to bring us closer to our individual freedom. It’s also important to consider the essence of Virgo season, and the divine order of the zodiac, as the cosmos can do no wrong. For instance, after tapping into our authenticity and self-expression during Leo season, the sun’s shift into Virgo not only brings emphasis to what needs improvement in our lives, but also helps ground and cultivate our unique talent and abilities for the greater good. 

With this in mind, we also can’t forget about Mars’ shift into Mercury-ruled Gemini, as it will be a key player during the upcoming new moon in Virgo. More importantly, the planet of assertion, energy, passion and combat will station retrograde at the end of October, before officially going direct in January 2023. In addition to this being a lot of mercurial energy (communication, exchanges, and general miscellanies), we are collectively prone to fight for the facts, which can be equally as necessary as it is detrimental. In simpler terms, steer away from petty controversy and subliminal shade; overthinking and unnecessary commentary will fuel the fire, literally. As if this weren’t (mercurial) enough, Mercury is already in its pre-retrograde shadow phase, as it will station retrograde in Libra on Sept. 9, but I digress.

There’s a new moon in Virgo headed our way, as it will vanish into the sky on Aug. 27 at 4:17 a.m. EST which, in turn, presents us with a clean slate and new beginnings. As you may remember, the new moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle; this occurs when the sun and moon join forces at the same degree of a zodiac sign, which in this case is four degrees Virgo. For reference, check which astrological house belongs to 4 degrees of this mutable earth in your birth chart. Moreover, consider the objective behind these Virgoan energies, as it has everything to do with analysis, precision and improvement. Although, with Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, transiting through Venus-ruled Libra, chances are these new beginnings and logistical shifts will revolve around our contractual agreements, and one-on-one partnerships. 

More importantly, with Venus glimmering through courageous Leo, themes surrounding our personal fulfillment, creative abilities and individual self expression could also come to play. On another note, the new moon will be at odds with Mars in Gemini (yes, more Mercury!), creating tension between the strategy of your new beginning vs. the miscellaneous distractions, exchanges and conversations you’re having simultaneously. Think about it: it’s easy to lose sight of your goals with so much going on, especially when other ideas seem enticing enough to change your entire trajectory. And though there’s nothing wrong with being adaptable and a multitasker, we are more likely to become easily distracted as opposed to staying dedicated to the process.

But without further ado, read your new moon in Virgo horoscope and affirmation below:


Despite your innate willingness to get situated and sort out your priorities, the mere idea of “order” could be rather difficult to fathom under this contradicting lunation. For starters, your celestial ruler, Mars, is already sizzling through chatty Gemini, and your curious third house of communication, immediate resources and general miscellanies, making your words and thoughts equivalent to a sword of truth. I mention this energy, because amidst the new moon activation via your sixth house of health, work routines and due diligence, Luna will face off with your red-hot planetary ruler, Mars. That being said, don’t be discouraged if things don’t make sense right away, especially when it pertains to logistics and unique processes. Instead, take this time to reflect on what fuels your productivity levels, specifically with regards to what you’re looking to nurture and cultivate. Consider your strategy without getting too caught up in the side noise, and be discerning. New Moon Affirmation: I am capable of accomplishing anything I put my mind to; I overcome challenges and obstacles with ease.


Once you start something, you’re equally as devoted as you are eager to see results, and that’s one of your greatest attributes, Taurus. And with a new moon in Virgo touching down on your fifth house of creativity, romance and passion projects, the cosmos is presenting you with an opportunity to hunker down and become more hands on with something you’re both drawn and dedicated to. This is a clean slate and fresh start when it pertains to your heart’s desires, as well as themes surrounding your inner child. Some Taureans may even plan for a future pregnancy, as long as your happiness takes precedence. Sitting in a challenging square to go-getter Mars via your second house of comfort, stability and values, you’re more prone to overthinking the logistics of a financial investment or… on another note, questioning your confidence levels. Steer away from the rabbit hole of unnecessary thinking, and follow your heart. The right strategy and/or plan of action could lead to positive results, both personally and financially. New Moon Affirmation: I am devoted to my happiness and emotional fulfillment; I am worthy of love and abundance.


Home is where the heart is under this lunation, even if that means you’re starting from the ground up, Gemini. For instance, with the sun and moon joining forces in Virgo, and your domestic fourth house of home, family matters and innermost feelings, you are being presented with a clean slate and a new beginning, namely when it pertains to personal matters and themes surrounding your sense of security. The catch? Despite this being an incredibly productive new moon, it’s also going to be at odds with Mars in your sign which could, in turn, create friction between you sense of self and individual freedom vs. tending to what’s currently happening in the home front. You may also have more than one commitment, and this could simultaneously take you off course, whether you realize it or not. Mercury (your fellow celestial ruler) will also glimmer through your fifth house of passion projects and unique self-expression, adding to the desire for recognition and gratification. Try to keep your balance, and remain adaptable. New Moon Affirmation: My versatility is my superpower; I radiate and thrive when I express my truth with confidence. 


The people you choose to surround yourself with are an extension of you, Cancer. Whether it be personally or professionally, the new moon in Virgo is bringing emphasis to everything from your thought process to the dynamic of your immediate circles. You’re being encouraged to be equally as strategic as you are curious when it pertains to your communication style, as well as the skills you’re looking to cultivate. Although, with Mercury (the moon’s ruler) transiting through Libra and your fourth house of emotional foundations, there’s an intuitive layer to this lunation, as you are simultaneously prioritizing your energies surrounding your personal life, and your family dynamic. Sitting in a square with Mars in Gemini, via your 12th house of unconscious patterns, suggests the desire to keep your desires and/or future plans a secret, even if it’s for the time being. Having said that, you could be seeking more alone time to reflect on next steps, despite your tedious demands, and that’s OK. New Moon Affirmation: I communicate with honesty and integrity; my mental and emotional health are priority. 


Everything takes time, so keep your eyes on the prize, Leo. The new moon in Virgo will touch down on your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances and values systems, all the while its ruler, Mercury, glimmers through your third house of communication, thought process and immediate circles. Having said that, whether it be while communicating with peers or simply planning ahead, this lunation is encouraging you to sort out your priorities and strategize on ways to obtain the abundance and/or resources you seek. Neighbors, siblings and individuals in your local community (even if that means via social media) are more than willing to lend their support but, by that same token, this could be vice versa. Reflect on your contributions, especially since the new moon will simultaneously square off with Mars via your 11th house of community affairs. Maybe you’re passionate about achieving your goals and dreams, but there’s still some due diligence you need to tend to. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to be fair and just with regards to next steps. New Moon Affirmation: I am responsible for my actions; how I respond to my current reality is my choice.


Happy new moon, Virgo. Your solar season is officially in session, and this productive new moon’s got your name on it. What are your intentions for this new journey around the sun? What goals and dreams are you looking to nurture? Whether it be with regards to your daily devotions or a new health routine you’re integrating in your world, this lunation is here to support you in more ways than one. And while your authenticity, physical appearance and sense of self is of greater prominence, your celestial ruler, Mercury, is already in its pre-retrograde shadow phase, not to mention via your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances and value systems. That means you’re being called to take a closer look at what you genuinely desire, and what is no longer resonating with your sense of security. Sitting in a square to Mars, via your 10th house of authority, career and reputation in the world, this lunation is also reminding you that not all money is good money, especially those of you overworking yourself for the sake of status and/or notoriety. Nothing wrong with pursuing your goals, as long as you don’t lose sight of your own fulfillment in the process. New Moon Affirmation: My hard work is earned and respected; I have trust in my infinite potential. 


It’s time to get out of your own way, Libra. A strategic new moon in Virgo will ignite your 12th house of secrets, closure, hidden agendas and unconscious patterns, all the while its ruler, Mercury, glimmers through your sign. Granted, Mercury is already in its pre-retrograde shadow phase, suggesting that there may be some unfinished business you need to tend to in the near future, but there’s more. With your celestial ruler Venus dazzling your 11th house of community affairs, chances are this has something to do with your social networks, and individual freedom. Are you being true to your authenticity? Sitting in a square to Mars (ruler of your relationship sector) via your expansive ninth house of adventure, belief systems and unknown territory, your inner world and that which you’re trying to pursue could be at odds with each other. Having said that, this is all the more reason to reflect on next steps, and what you consider a priority. Maybe it’s an opportunity to communicate with a healer or professional about what’s happening behind the scenes. Take your time, but put your healing on a pedestal. New Moon Affirmation: Everyday I am one step closer to becoming the best version of myself; I am exactly where I need to be.


What steps are you willing to take to accomplish your goals and dreams, Scorpio? A collaborative new moon in Virgo will ignite your freedom-loving 11th house of associations, community affairs and individual freedom, all while its celestial ruler, Mercury, glimmers through Libra and your 12th house of secrets, closure and unconscious patterns. Working on something behind the scenes? Venus is, after all, sizzling through Leo, and your 10th house of career and reputation. Nothing wrong with keeping things to yourself for the time being, but there’s more to consider. For instance, the new moon will square off with your traditional ruler, Mars, via your eighth house of intimate unions, joint collaborations and energetic exchanges, suggesting that there may be some friction between your desire to explore unique avenues vs. tending to prior commitments. Don’t make any impromptu negotiations and/or commit to any loyalties until you’re one hundred percent certain about the dynamic of this partnership. New Moon Affirmation: I am capable of taking my power back, and standing up for myself when needed; I am committed to my individual process.


Your public persona, and reputation in the world is recalibrating under this lunation, Sagittarius. What’s next on your bucket list? A Mercury-ruled new moon will touch down on your bossy 10th house of career, reputation and notoriety, all while its ruler transits through Libra via your 11th house of associations, community affairs and individual freedom. Having said that, you’re being called to reflect on your connections and alliances, both from a personal and/or professional standpoint. Everything from the way you’re perceived in the public to what you’re looking to accomplish is of greater prominence during this time. How do you wish to be recognized? Keep in mind, the new moon will simultaneously square off with Mars in your relationship sector, creating a tug-of-war between your devotions and aspirations vs. the connections you wish to cultivate. Multitasking for the win! However, make sure you’re being practical and discerning with your commitment. New Moon Affirmation: With the right mindset and plan of action, I can accomplish all of my goals one step at a time.


You’re onto something, so don’t stop putting in the work, Capricorn. After all, it’s not everyday you have a new moon igniting your expansive ninth house of adventure, spiritual pursuits and world vistas, but it doesn’t end there. Mercury (the moon’s ruler) will simultaneously glimmer through Libra, and your 10th house of authority, career and reputation in the world. Keep in mind, Mercury is already in its pre-retrograde shadow phase, suggesting the need for you to reflect and/or revisit contractual agreements in the workplace, specifically those where there’s been a lack of mutual give and take. This also goes hand-in-hand with the new moon via your ninth house of publishing, media relations and personal philosophies, as you are being called to think towards the future with regards to publicity, personal branding as well as the logistics of your endeavors. Partnerships are included, of course, but while in a square to Mars in Gemini via your sixth house of due diligence, work routines and acts of service, you could feel the need to create more balance and/or a practical strategy with regards to your goals and dreams. Practicing mindfulness, both personally and in the workplace. New Moon Affirmation: Being productive fulfills me; I will not procrastinate nor will I overthink the strategy of my long term goals.  


You’re being called to nurture the foundation of your unions, whether it be financially or romantically, Aquarius. After all, with a new moon in Virgo touching down on your intimate eighth house of inheritances, mergers, joint collaborations and energetic exchanges, your method could vary, according to the situation. However, with the new moon’s ruler, Mercury, transiting through justice-seeking Libra (not to mention during its pre-retrograde shadow) via your ninth house of expansion, personal philosophies and world views, chances are this clean slate and/or conversation revolves around a mutual belief system, or lack thereof. Maybe it’s a conversation or strategy surrounding shared assets or investments, where one of you isn’t necessarily on board. Keep in mind, the new moon will be at odds with Mars via your fifth house of creativity, passion projects and self-expression, suggesting a clash between a desire to experiment on new avenues and opportunities vs. going through the motions alongside a significant other. Temper your impulses, and do your research. The excitement and enthusiasm you crave is closer than you think. New Moon Affirmation: The more I am willing to trust the universe, the more I am able to devote time and energy to my passion projects. 


Your one-on-one partnerships are equivalent to the seeds you’re looking to harvest, Pisces. This is especially significant to consider under this new moon, as it will ignite your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise and significant others, all while its ruler (Mercury) glimmers through your intimate eighth house of mergers, joint collaborations and soulmate connections. Do keep in mind, Mercury is already in its pre-retrograde shadow phase, suggesting the possibility of revisiting and/or rekindling a connection, whether it be for the sake of business or from a romantic standpoint. Conversations about the future, and what you’re devoted to could also be of greater prominence. On another note, the new moon will square off Mars via your fourth house of home, family matters and innermost feelings, creating chaos between the opportunity to nurture the dynamic of a partnership vs. the logistical questions and curiosities you have surrounding your humble abode. Take a moment to reflect on what you’re looking for in a romantic partnership and/or business alliance, especially when it pertains to an ongoing commitment. New Moon Affirmation: I deserve to feel protected; I am discerning when it pertains to my loyalties and sacred space.


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