Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Aquarius (August 11) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Aquarius (August 11) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Take a deep breath, and fasten your seatbelts. We are taking dimensional leaps and bounds under these electric skies… so if you feel like you’re on shaky ground, you’re definitely not alone. Old timelines are dissolving, and it feels as if the rug is being pulled from beneath our feet. Nothing is supposed to stay the same but the unpredictability of Uranus is as prominent as ever, especially after its conjunction to the North Node of Destiny. And with an Uranus-ruled full moon on the way, there’s no better time to embrace the chaos, and see the beauty in the breakdown. On a brighter note, the synergy of Mars, Uranus and the North Node is also presenting us with new portals of light, but in order to step into these new energies, we must first learn how to embrace our truest essence, and unique frequency. 

In the meantime, reflect on which astrological houses belong to the fixed energies — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius — in your birth chart? The fixed modality is notorious for being stubborn, unadaptable and contained, but there’s always a pro and a con to everything. In the case of modalites, (cardinal, fixed and mutable) they each have their own rhythm, but the fixed signs prefer to keep things consistent. Nevertheless, these are the areas of life (the houses where the fixed signs are located) where you’re more likely to experience resistance, friction and tension at this time. Don’t be discouraged. It’s all unfolding the way it’s supposed to. There is intensity and momentum, so the key is to make sure you find an outlet to release pent up energies. 

With the moon reaching her peak of fullness via 19 degrees revolutionary sign of Aquarius — on Aug. 11 at exactly 9:36 p.m. — we are being awakened to our individuality, and unique effervescence. Think about it: Leo is ruled by the sun, which is symbolic of the ego and one’s physical identity. Aquarius is governed by revolutionary Uranus, which is symbolic of the higher mind. More importantly, Leo is symbolic of  the individual and Aquarius, the community. One cannot exist without the other. Hint: where do these fixed signs live on your birth chart? How are you showing up for yourself, and your community? Eccentric, offbeat and ingenious, the essence of Aquarius is a catalyst for breakthroughs, similar to its modern ruler Uranus. 

Wherever 19 degrees Aquarius lives on your birth chart is where you’re being presented with an opportunity to tap into your higher mind, and look towards the future. After all, if there’s one thing this fixed air sign is known for it’s its avant garde approach, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Granted, it’s hard to consider future options when you can barely make sense of the current chaos, but the same way Aquarius has an inner knowing about its great, big, beautiful tomorrow, you’re also being presented with a glimpse at the future. As you know, the moon sits directly opposite the sun during the full moon phase, which is equivalent to a call for balance. 

So, in the case of Leo (individual self expression) vs. Aquarius (community and future visions), we could find ourselves feeling the call to choose between an identity we’ve previously chosen to take on and the future we’re spiritually drawn to. This is where the full moon, full-circle moment stems from, so focus on your long term goals and future visions. What is being illuminated for you at this time? This lunation is not only a wake-up call to your individual freedom, but also a reminder to stop resisting the changes that are at play. Luna will sit alongside Saturn retrograde, highlighting the discipline and structure that is needed during this time. Moreover, this could bring focus to the obstacles and challenges you’re experiencing at this time.

Moreover, Uranus will activate a chaotic T-Square between the sun and the moon, highlighting the instability that could potentially arise from the significant shifts underway. Don’t be afraid of the unknown; you’re made of stars.

In the meantime, here’s what the full moon in Aquarius has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:

Your musings and desire for self-expression are your guiding light, Aries. The moon will peak via the freedom-loving sign of Aquarius, bringing electric events and emotional shockwaves to your 11th house of associations, community affairs and individual freedom. The moon will conjunct Saturn retrograde, triggering feelings of fear, restriction and/or limitation but, by that same token, its square to rebel Uranus is bringing the eureka moment you need to break through these limiting energies. Maybe this lightbulb moment isn’t the most conventional or traditional, but it’s still setting you free. Full moon reflections: How have your aspirations, goals and dreams evolved since the beginning of the year? How can you cultivate your uniqueness for the greater good?

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but don’t let what’s challenging you create blockages around your dreamy views. The full moon will conjunct Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, via your 10th house of authority, notoriety and reputation in the world; hence the sobering and pragmatic energies stemming from this lunation. On another note, this is a wake-up call from your higher self, urging you to create structure and discipline with regards to your professional goals. Also, while squaring Uranus and the North Node in your sign, your desire to rebel could be just as challenging, but you also can’t deny the newer energies you’ve started to embody. Full moon reflections: Do you feel free or inhibited in your current reality? How has the trajectory of your life shifted in the past six months?

Your philosophy is unique to you, and this may or may not be up to par with the status quo, Gemini. Meanwhile, with a full moon in revolutionary Aquarius activating your expansive ninth house of wisdom, spiritual pursuits and world vistas, the cosmos is urging you to set the necessary boundaries, especially when it pertains to the way you’re relaying your individual message. Moreover, some of you could gain insight with regards to next steps on your path towards success. Full moon reflections: Have you been solely relying on the acceptance of your community? How has your individual identity evolved? 

It’s too soon to lose hope, so hang tight. This year’s full moon in Aquarius will conjunct Saturn retrograde via your intimate eighth house of mergers, shared resources and joint collaborations, which means you’re being called to set the record straight, and become more pragmatic and structured with your exchanges. Are comforts and sensual pleasures dominating your value systems? If so, at what cost? Luna’s square to Uranus is validating the shifts you’re experiencing, financially, socially and spiritually. Let this be a source of inspiration for your future investments. Full moon reflections: Are your mergers and collaborations stifling your individual freedom? How can you continue to explore other horizons? 

You shine with or without the sun in your sign, Leo. Although, this year’s full moon in Aquarius is here to create a bit of havoc, so be sure to keep an open mind. After all, in addition to lighting up your seventh house of contractual agreements, the moon will conjunct Saturn retrograde, highlighting the challenges and limitations you’re experiencing with regards to your one-on-one connections. On another note, some of you could suddenly realize what needs more discipline and structure in a connection, especially if you’re hoping to see it last in the long-run. Full moon reflections: What will it take for you to meet a significant other half-way during this time? Are you breaking free, or staying committed?

Take care of you, Virgo. The full moon in Aquarius will conjunct Saturn retrograde, bringing emphasis and focus to your responsible sixth house of health, daily rituals and due diligence. Whether it be with regards to your freedom and independence, or the community of people you serve on a regular basis, this lunation is here to light up a whole new path for you. Sitting in a square to Uranus, you could be intuitively guided towards a new trajectory, and not making the necessary changes. On another note, many of you could be challenged with regards to a belief system that’s no longer aligned with the person you’ve become. Keeping your truth a secret isn’t productive. Full moon reflections: How are you tending to your mental and physical health? Does the foundation of your day-to-day routine need to be restructured?

Your electric love is sparkly and unique, Libra. Although, whether it be with regards to your self-expression or the desire to extend your family, this year’s full moon in Aquarius is urging you to reflect on the foundation of your happiness. In conjunction with Saturn retrograde, and at odds with rebellious Uranus, there could be a conflict or blockage when it comes to a contractual agreement. Others of you, however, could be in the process of nurturing a passion project that lacks structure. No need to attach yourself to the expectations of another. You’re free to be exactly who you want to be. Full moon reflections: Are you feeling torn between your individual reputation, and your loyalty to a particular community? Is your freedom being restricted?

Nothing is set in stone, so try your best to go with the flow. After all, with the full moon in Aquarius sitting alongside Saturn retrograde, one thing’s for sure: your sense of stability and emotional foundation is being challenged. This could revolve around family or your literal living space, but perspective is needed either way. And while at odds with rebellious Uranus in your relationship sector, your full-circle moment could simultaneously challenge your sense of security, so shift your focus towards the bigger picture. Full moon reflections: Have you committed to something you’re starting to outgrow? Is your career path aligned with your individual truth?

The foundation of your mindset is being brought to the forefront under this full moon, Sagittarius. Sitting together with Saturn retrograde, via your curious third house of communication, perspective and immediate surroundings, the moon is bringing light to what needs structure and discipline in this area of your life. Similarly, if you’re purposely avoiding a pending conversation, or struggling when addressing your unique POV, it may be time to rip the bandaid. The moon will also square Uranus, which presents you with an opportunity to look at a situation from a clear and logical standpoint, despite the undeniable chaos at play. Full moon reflections: Are your daily responsibilities affecting your decision-making? Are you being honest about your individual belief systems? 

Don’t attach yourself to one method, and/or modus operandi. The full moon in Aquarius is urging you to think outside the box when it pertains to financial matters, as well as that of your sense of security. In conjunction with Saturn retrograde, you could also be reminded of the restrictions and/or monetary limitations you’re experiencing as of late, while others of you reflect on what needs more discipline from your end. If there’s a lack of balance in a joint collaboration, it’s important to be realistic as opposed to rebellious. Luna’s square to Uranus will also bring light to your desire for freedom, but it really all depends on your values. Full moon reflections: Have you been sticking to a routine that no longer resonates with you? How can you explore your options, and remain true to your authenticity?

Happy full moon, Aquarius. Despite the fact that this lunation will conjunct Saturn retrograde, it’s here to help you level up nonetheless. Granted, the last thing the taskmaster planet will stand for is immaturity, but you’re being called to crystalize and solidify your unique foundation. The person you are, and the way you show up for others will be under the beams of this full moon. And while squaring your modern ruler, Uranus — via your fourth house of home, family matters and inner foundation — chances are things feel unstable in your personal life. Don’t fret—this is giving you all the more reason to prioritize your commitments, and get clear on your priorities. Full moon reflections: Are you in it for the long haul? Or are you sacrificing your authenticity in the process?

It’s time to live up to your fullest potential. This year’s full moon in Aquarius will sit alongside Saturn retrograde, via your secretive 12th house of healing, closure, and subliminal patterns, which means that it will likely bring focus to everything from your unconscious blockages to patterns of self-sabotage. (We all have them, so don’t be so hard on yourself.) The moon will also square Uranus via your communication sector, so there’s no denying the unexpected changes and unpredictable circumstances that are at play. However, instead of being a prisoner to what you can’t control, you’re being called to rise above the chaos and honor your individuality. Full moon reflections: Are you reluctant to surrender to your evolution process? What are you resisting when it pertains to your individuality, and social networks?

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