How The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra (Oct. 14, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Welcome to eclipse season. A time where we can expect there to be a series of emotional highs and lows, not to mention life-altering changes both individually and at a collective level. For reference, check which astrological houses occupy the axis of Aries-Libra in your birth chart. Hint: Where you have Mars-ruled Aries is where you’re likely to be bold, audacious, and confident in your autonomy. The house that belongs to Venus-ruled Libra, on the other hand, is where you’re more willing to compromise, and seek out committed relationship dynamics. Nevertheless, with the North Node of Fate (what directs us towards our soul’s growth) transiting through Aries until 2025, there is greater emphasis on the “self,” specifically the way we fight for our individual beliefs and the future we desire. As for the South Node of Fate in Libra (lessons we’ve learned in previous lifetimes, as well as what we’re having to release), there is a need to let go of relationship patterns such as people-pleasing and/or commitments that no longer resonate with our soul journey. 

The second to last eclipse of 2023 will be a new moon solar eclipse in Libra, taking place on October 14 at 1:55 p.m. ET via 21 degrees of this cardinal air sign. This will be an “annular” solar eclipse and according to, this type of eclipse occurs when the moon appears relatively small in the sky so it doesn’t fully cover the disk of the sun, leaving a thin outer ring often referred to as a "ring of fire." As you may recall, eclipses are catalysts for significant breakthroughs, as they usher in new beginnings and shake-ups that are equally disruptive as they are life-changing. Nevertheless, many astrologers believe this to be divine intervention, as we are often left with no choice but to leap forward into the unknown, if that means becoming closer to our destiny. This is especially significant when considering the effects of a solar eclipse, as they present us with a brand-new seed of life (similar to the new moon) that could potentially evolve within the next six months or so. 

In addition to obtaining new energy and potential within our relationships, it’s important to note that this eclipse will be conjunct (sitting just a few degrees away from) the South Node in Libra, which adds an extra layer of “karma” and release to this astrological event. To top it off, the South Node will eventually reach 21 degrees (the exact degree of this eclipse) in December, so don’t be surprised if this energy continues throughout the end of 2023. In the meantime, reflect on Libra themes such as your connections, partnerships, relationships, negotiations, ability to compromise… and more importantly, the way you share your energy. What is no longer in harmony when it comes to your relationships, and connections? Something else that’s important to keep in mind, the South Node correlates with a nine to ten year cycle. If you think back to the years 2014-2015, you may find that it resonates with your current situation, considering the Nodes were activating the Aries-Libra axis, but opposite: North Node was in Libra, South Node was in Aries. 

What have you discovered about your relationship dynamics and experiences in the past decade? How has your perception regarding “me vs. we, the self vs. others” evolved since? In any event, you’re gaining clarity on what no longer works in your personal life, and/or what you’re no longer willing to work on. Mercury will also be sitting close to the sun and moon in Libra, bringing emphasis to the exchanges occurring within your immediate environment and one-on-one relationships. Keep your eyes peeled as there will likely be important messages/insight coming through at this time. And though Mercury in Libra aims for justice, harmony and compromise, its direct opposition to the wounded healer, Chiron, could simultaneously trigger feelings of insecurity, and vulnerability. At this time, we are guided to reflect on whether our decisions are in alignment with our commitments once again, but there’s more. Venus’ positioning should also be top of mind, as it is the ruler of this eclipse, and currently transiting Virgo, a sign where it is considered to be “in detriment.”

In Virgo, Venus is preoccupied with practical matters such as health, routines, daily rituals and what needs improvement. Venus will no longer be in direct opposition to Saturn, but she’s still going to express herself in a conservative way nonetheless. This means amidst observing these new relationship energies coming forth between now and the end of 2023, it’s best to stay grounded, practical and open to constructive criticism. Remember, Venus in Virgo wants to simplify, streamline and improve the synergy of our relationships, commitments, and financial stability. It’s time to be clear and intentional with your relationship energy. 

Charging up your first house of self, and seventh house of other people, this year’s eclipses are bringing awareness to your personal life, specifically themes of “me vs. we.” The last solar eclipse of the year, however, is touching down on your committed seventh house of relationships and significant others, and all while Venus is transiting through Virgo and your sixth house of health, due diligence, and day-to-day routines. This is kicking off a brand-new cycle in this area of your life which, in turn, encourages you to stand firm in your identity, and individual truth. Partnerships and commitments that are not in alignment with your mental, physical and spiritual well being have reached their expiration date. Affirmation: My time and energy are worthy. I am deserving of healthy relationships.

Eclipses bring life-altering changes, and this year’s eclipses are activating your 12th house of healing, closure, and unconscious patterns, as well as your sixth house of health, due diligence and acts of service. Nevertheless, when considering October’s eclipse in Libra, the cosmos is purposely igniting your responsible sixth house of day-to-day affairs (not to mention alongside the South Node) which brings new beginnings and seeds of potential to this area of your life. Keep in mind, with Venus simultaneously dazzling your fifth house of love, romance and self-expression, you are being encouraged to let go of daily duties and/or commitments that no longer resonate with your authenticity, and heart’s desires. Affirmation: My happiness is in my control; I release all attachments and commitments that bring me down.

With the North Node of Fate in Aries via your 11th house of associations, community affairs and visions of the future, you are being encouraged to assert yourself in social settings, so you can gain clarity on your contribution in the world. More importantly, with October’s solar eclipse conjunct the South Node in Libra — via your fifth house of creativity, passion projects, and self-expression — you may come to terms with a love language, relationship pattern and/or lack of authenticity that needs to be confronted, and inevitably released. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, is simultaneously bringing an influx of messages and insight your way, so pay attention and honor intuition. Affirmation: I own my boundaries with confidence; I am a magnet for love, kindness, and respect.

If something in your personal life is holding you back or inhibiting your sense of authority, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. The same goes for your professional life, as you could be presented with a new career venture. In any event, the new moon solar eclipse will touch down on your fourth house of home, family, innermost feelings, and emotional foundations, and all while its ruler, Venus, charges up your third house of communication, short trips, and immediate surroundings. Your perception of relationships could be of greater emphasis at this time, but with Venus making a sextile to Mars, there's transformation occurring when in regards to your levels of assertion. Reflect on what needs healing in your personal life. Affirmation: I wholeheartedly welcome the change and growth I am about to experience in my personal life; my past doesn’t define my future.

Between now and 2025, the Nodes of Fate will ignite your third house of communication and immediate surroundings, as well as your ninth house of education, belief systems and unknown territory. What inspires you? What routines and/or thought process are you ready to leave behind you? This month’s new moon solar eclipse will charge up your third house of the mind, and all while its ruler, Venus, transits Virgo via your second house of values, finances, and self-worth. If you’ve been unconsciously subscribing to an outdated mindset, or undermining your value when partaking in self-talk, this could be brought to your attention at this time. Consider this an opportunity to explore other horizons, and venture into the unknown. Affirmation: My truth can no longer be compromised; I have faith in myself and in what the future holds. 

Your unique talents and abilities are worth cultivating, and this is especially significant to consider with October’s new moon solar eclipse charging up your stability-seeking second house of confidence, finances, and value systems. Eclipses usher in new beginnings and life-altering changes…but for you, these new seeds of potential will manifest via your second house of comfort, security, self-worth, and money-making abilities. Moreover, with the South Node sitting alongside the sun and moon, you are being encouraged to release the financial attachments and/or the lack mentality that could’ve inhibited your sense of security once upon a time. The ruler of this eclipse (Venus) is also transiting through your sign, making this experience all the more personal for you, whether personally or professionally speaking. Affirmation: I believe in my potential to achieve greatness; I am comfortable in my authenticity.

It’s been quite the transformative year, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, Libra. After all, it’s not everyday the South Node of Fate transits your sign, which leaves you with no choice but to confront the outdated versions of yourself. In any event, go ahead and pat yourself on the back ‘cause you’ve been doing the work. As for October’s new moon solar eclipse in your sign, it will sit together with Mercury and the South Node of Fate, bringing an influx of messages and insight, while simultaneously urging you to re-evaluate everything from outdated relationship patterns to what you’re no longer willing to compromise your authenticity for. What old ways need to be surrendered at this time? Affirmation: I can respect the feelings of others and still honor my own; I have the power to choose my own destiny.

You’re often considered one of the more spiritual signs in the zodiac, and this eclipse season is presenting you with the opportunity to reconnect with your mystical side. Whether it be via your daily rituals or while working on your craft behind the scenes, you can expect a spiritual breakthrough between now and the next six months. In the meantime, October’s new moon solar eclipse will touch down on your 12th house of healing, closure, and unconscious patterns, and all while sitting alongside Mercury and the South Node. Energies and/or commitments you may have unintentionally attached yourself to are being brought to the forefront, but only so you can finally move forward. Keep in mind, Venus (the ruler of this eclipse) will be dazzling your 11th house of associations, friendship, and community affairs. Are your contributions and devotions being reciprocated? Affirmation: I release the need to control my life and surrender all expectations; my goals will manifest in divine timing.

Between now and 2025, the Nodes of Fate will ignite the astrological axis of Aries-Libra (aka, your fifth house of self-expression and 11th house of community affairs) bringing forth the opportunity to step in your authenticity, and make reputable connections in the process. October’s new moon solar eclipse, however, will conjunct Mercury and the South Node in Libra via your 11th house of aspirations, friendship, and social contributions. So, in addition to new seeds of potential manifesting in this area of life, you are being encouraged to release the commitments, connections and superficialities surrounding your sense of belonging in the world. Venus (the ruler of this eclipse) will also be in Virgo and your 10th house of reputation, so reflect on your relationship experiences with authority figures in the process. Affirmation: I accept myself completely as I am; my future is overflowing with exciting opportunities.

Going within and tending to your personal life may require you to let go of the commitments, and/or public persona you’ve been working tirelessly to uphold. And though you’re often celebrated for your perseverance and notoriety, the Nodes of Fate are shifting your energy inward between now and 2025. As for the second to last eclipse of the year, it will light up your 10th house of authority, and all while sitting alongside Mercury and the South Node of Destiny. Keep in mind, the ruler of this eclipse (Venus) is currently in Virgo (your ninth house of expansion, belief systems, and unknown territory), highlighting everything from your long term goals to your outdated belief systems surrounding perfection. There is no such thing, and you are being encouraged to reconsider your values moving forward. Affirmation: Regardless of the outcome, I am taken care of. Other people’s opinions of me are none of my business.

What’s inhibiting you from putting yourself out there, Aquarius? This is especially significant to consider with the Nodes of Destiny charging up the astrological axis of Aries-Libra, which occupy your 11th house of social contributions and fifth house of self-expression. As for this month’s new moon solar eclipse, it will ignite your playful fifth house of love, children, passion projects and authenticity, and all while sitting together with Mercury and the South Node of Fate in Libra. Having said that, this is an opportunity for you to reflect on your past experiences in the love department, as well as the commitments you’ve made to cultivate your unique talents, skills and abilities, or the lack thereof. Affirmation: It’s okay to leave my comfort zone; I don’t judge nor do I compare myself to others.

Eclipse season is bringing emphasis to your sense of security, as well as your joint assets and shared resources, Pisces. Also, with the Nodes of Destiny charging up these areas of your life between now and 2025, you are finally acknowledging the toxic attachments and relationships that aren’t in alignment with your personal stability. The same goes for your money-making abilities and financial investments. Is this exchange reciprocal? October’s new moon solar eclipse will ignite your eighth house of mergers, entanglements and joint ventures, and all while sitting alongside Mercury and the South Node of Fate. Keep your eyes peeled, as you are being nudged with important insight about a significant other, if not getting the green light to officially cut the cord. Your independence reins with the North Node in Aries, so don’t hesitate to choose yourself. Affirmation: I love and respect myself; I am deserving of all the blessings coming my way. 


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