How The Full Moon in Aries (Sept. 29, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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The leaves are changing color, and the sun’s golden rays are slowly starting to fade. If you’re not a fan of those long summer days, you’re in luck as the Autumnal Equinox — which took place on September 23 at 2:50 a.m. ET — not only marks the sun’s debut in Venus-ruled Libra, but also an opportunity for inner growth. The mystery of this seasonal transition is often overlooked by the whimsical essence of Libra, and the way its beauty reflects onto the aesthetics of our surroundings, not to mention the urge to splurge on charming Fall decor. Often referred to as the season of the harvest, it’s no wonder justice is more than often served during this astrological season. It’s also no coincidence that its zodiac archetype is depicted by the scales. Similarly, the equinox is a symbol of balance, which is why the fall equinox takes place when there’s an equal amount of light and dark (day and night). When considering the spirituality behind this season, it’s important to reflect on what is lacking balance in your world. What parts of yourself are you ready to leave behind?

Not that there’s ever been such a thing as coincidences in astrology, but with the Nodes of Fate activating the Aries-Libra axis, there’s no better time than now to step into your authenticity and take the lead in your life. For starters, be sure to check where these cardinal signs energies in your birth chart—these are the areas of life where you’re bound to experience a series of breakthroughs, and life-altering changes, now with eclipse season around the corner, but I digress. Amidst the sun’s journey through Venus-ruled Libra — bringing emphasis to everything from our 1:1 partnerships to our ability to seek compromise, or lack thereof — this year’s full moon in Aries will reach its peak of fullness via 6 degrees of this cardinal fire sign, on September 29 at exactly 5:57 a.m. ET. As you may remember, full moons illuminate what’s been previously hidden from our conscious mind. This occurs when the sun makes a direct opposition to the moon which, ironically enough, represents a call for a balance. Where the sun represents your ego and physical reality, the moon is symbolic of your inner world and emotional landscape. That said, this is where the full moon helps us get clear on where there’s been a possible disconnect, specifically when it comes to our emotional and physical reality.

Mars-ruled Aries is aggressive, assertive, combative, and action-oriented. It not only represents the first spark of life as the first sign in the zodiac, but also our sense of autonomy and individuality. Now, reflect on this energy and how this could be influencing your emotional state. How are you feeling at this time? What’s driving you forward? What inspires you? Have you been entertaining the idea of starting something new? The irony of this full moon is that its planet of rulership (Mars, which is Aries’ planetary ruler) is currently transiting through Libra, a zodiac sign that’s outside of Mars’ comfort zone. Think about it this way: If Libra wants peace and harmony, how can Mars truly express itself? Remember, Mars is the planet of desire and passion, while Libra prefers to contemplate and seek another’s opinion via conversation, as a way to reach compromise. All in all, despite feeling a surge of inspiration to take action towards something, Mars in Libra could be the reason why you’re still skeptical about next steps.

Also, with the red planet sitting alongside the South Node in Libra (the karmic energies we’re being called to release at this time) we are simultaneously coming to terms with what no longer resonates with our spiritual journey on the planet. On that note, take advantage of this time to reflect on next steps, and whether your actions are aligned with your true north. Is this person, relationship and/or situation worthy of your time and energy? This is especially true for those of you looking to resolve conflicts and/or seek validation from energies that don’t serve your highest good. Mars’ opposition to the wounded healer, Chiron, could provoke feelings of vulnerability and resentment, but instead of succumbing to past triggers, this is a chance to rise above it. Venus will also square off with Uranus for a third and final time, adding a layer of disruption and unexpected surprises to relationship dynamics, but this can lead to a positive breakthrough. For instance, Jupiter will also be sitting alongside change-maker Uranus, supporting this unconventional “change of plans.” 

In the meantime, read your full moon in Aries horoscope and reflection below:

Let your red-hot passions be your guide, Aries. Luna is reaching its peak of fullness in your sign, so you're seeing something in your personal life come to fruition, emotionally or with regards to family and friends. This full-circle moment more than likely revolves around your one-on-one partnerships, as your assertive planetary ruler, Mars, is not only charging up your seventh house of compromise and relationships, but also sitting alongside the South Node. This is simultaneously guiding you to release, purge, and make peace with what is no longer worthy of your time and energy. Full moon reflection: Have you been compromising your authenticity and sense of self, for the sake of keeping the peace within a relationship?

Your mental, physical and spiritual well being take precedence under this lunation, Taurus. This is especially true with the full moon activating your 12th house of closure, surrender, introspection, and unconscious patterns. Given that the moon's ruler, Mars, is sitting together with the South Node of Fate in Libra (your sixth house of mindfulness, due diligence, acts of service), you could come to the realization that you're no longer interested in pursuing a specific work task, or perhaps feeling called to take a much-needed breather and step back in your daily life, or in the workplace. The same goes for those of you investing the majority of your time and energy into work tasks, as opposed to tending to your well being. Full Moon Reflection: Are your day-to-day rituals in alignment with your higher self? When was the last time you meditated?

Your heart wants what it wants, despite whether your desires come with the approval of others, Gemini. For instance, Luna will reach its peak of fullness in assertive Aries, lighting up your 11th house of associations, community affairs, future visions, and sense of belonging in the world. The catch, however, stems from the moon's ruler, Mars, as it is sitting alongside the South Node in Libra, via your fifth house of passion projects, romantic encounters and authentic self-expression. You could feel inspired to rebel against the status quo, and yet suddenly remember that you're the main character, which means you don't owe anyone an explanation. Full Moon Reflection: Have you been neglecting your happiness as a way to appease a network of individuals? Is this love story and/or passion project worth fighting for?

To fight, or to keep the peace, that is the question you're asking yourself under this full moon, Cancer. For instance, Luna will peak in Aries via your 10th house of authority, career, professional aspirations, and reputation in the world, but there's more. The ruler of this full moon (go-getter Mars) will be sitting together with the South Node in Libra, via your fourth house of home, family matters, and emotional foundations. Whether personally or in terms of your career, you could be feeling the desire to take the lead and honor your sense of authority but, by that same token, recognize where there's an imbalance between your personal and external reality. Full Moon Reflection: Does your professional occupation bring you the peace of mind you seek? How has your parent vs. child relationship evolved in the last six months?

Focus on the bigger picture, and try not to sweat the small things, Leo. This is especially true with the moon reaching its peak of fullness in your sister-sign, Aries, as it will charge up your expansive ninth house of wisdom, adventure, higher learning, and unknown territory. Keep in mind, the moon's ruler, Mars, will be sitting together with the South Node in your third house of communication and immediate exchanges, which simultaneously challenges you to release outdated narratives, perspectives, and/or the need to be in good graces with those around you, despite not sharing similar belief systems. Full Moon Reflection: What do your longterm goals look like? How has your personal philosophy evolved in the past year?

The way you assert yourself when regarding intimacy and commitment is being highlighted under this full moon, Virgo. Romantically or in terms of your shared resources, the full moon is charging up your eighth house of transactions, transformation, and karmic patterns, and all while Mars sits together with the South Node in your second house of values, and security. The dynamic surrounding a significant union and/or commitment could come full-circle at this time, but it's important to remain true to yourself with or without the validation of others. Full Moon Reflection: Does this energy exchange feel authentic to you? Does it meet your perception of comfort and safety?

The growth and freedom you seek requires a significant amount of change, Libra. This is especially significant to consider with the moon reaching its peak of fullness in Aries, as it will charge up your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise and significant others. The irony of this, however, stems from the moon's ruler, Mars, as it will sit together with the South Node in your sign. This means, despite having the desire to take the lead in meeting someone halfway, your people-pleasing ways are finally reaching their expiration date. Full Moon Reflection: How can you remain true to your commitment(s), without losing sight of your individual goals and desires?

Where are you investing your time and energy, Scorpio? If you've been making sacrifices in your relationships, this lunation is encouraging you to go within, and choose yourself. For instance, Luna will reach its peak of fullness in autonomous Aries, bringing emphasis to your sixth house of health, daily rituals, and acts of service. Despite experiencing a full-circle moment in your everyday life, Mars' conjunction with the South Node — via your 12th house of closure, surrender, healing, and unconscious patterns — simultaneously challenges you to make peace with taking matters into your own hands, and simply being your most authentic self. Full Moon Reflection: Is your day-to-day routine in alignment with your sense of self? Are you sacrificing your individual freedom for the sake of a commitment?

Bask in your colorful self-expression, Sagittarius. The full moon in Aries will ignite your passionate fifth house of love, creativity, romance, and authenticity, bringing a creative project and/or personal branding initiative full-circle. Keep in mind, Mars (the ruler of this lunation) will sit together with the South Node in Libra, highlighting everything from your compromises to your social contributions, and whether they're in alignment with your heart's desires. Full Moon Reflection: Are your networks and social circles supportive of your craft? Are you taking the lead, or blending in with the crowd?

Cultivate balance between your personal and professional life, Capricorn. The same goes for those of you pursuing a professional title, and prioritizing your sense of authority at this time. If this doesn't revolve around career matters, this could be a prominent parent and/or superior in your immediate environment. In any event, the full moon will charge up your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings, which could result in a full-circle moment in your personal life, or perhaps when in regards to your living space. Also, with Mars sitting alongside the South Node in your 10th house of authority and reputation, you're being called to let go of what lacks balance, whether it be a professional goal, or a mindset that no longer serves you. Full Moon Reflection: Does your legacy and/or public persona resemble your emotional foundation, and sense of security? 

Do your research before speaking about foreign topics, Aquarius. Despite your desire to take the lead and speak your truth, it's important to hold space for the insight you're about to receive under the light of this full moon. For instance, Luna will reach its peak of fullness in competitive Aries, bringing emphasis to your third house of siblings, communication style, and immediate surroundings. The catch, however, stems from the moon's ruler, Mars, as it will sit together with the South Node in Libra, via your expansive ninth house of wisdom, higher learning, and unknown territory. Full Moon Reflection: Are your statements credible? Have you been depending on other sources for information?

It's your turn to call the shots, and there's nothing to be afraid of, Pisces. This is especially true with the full moon in Aries touching down on your stability-seeking second house of comfort, money, and value systems, as you could be witnessing a financial investment come full-circle, if not one of your unique talents being illuminated at this time. On another note, this is a reminder to own up to your self-worth. After all, with Mars conjunct the South Node in Libra via your eighth house of intimacy and shared resources, commitments and compromises that no longer serve your highest good are being brought to your attention. Where you might've felt comfortable depending on another once upon a time, you're taking your power back and leaning on yourself. Full Moon Reflection: Do you feel confident in your individual autonomy? What relationship patterns are you releasing at this time?

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