How The New Moon in Virgo (September 14, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The New Moon in Virgo (September 14, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Virgo season is in full effect, and the sun is shedding light on everything from your current routines to your daily devotions. Where have you been investing your time, and energy? What can you improve or simplify in order for things to run smoothly? There’s a magical new moon in Virgo headed our way, and this one is especially productive, at least when considering the astrology surrounding it. However, before we discuss the energy of September’s new moon, let’s take a closer look at this lunar phase, as well as the essence of methodical Virgo. 

Deeply elusive yet remarkably fertile, the new moon takes place every month when the sun conjuncts the moon, which is when both luminaries meet at the exact same degree of a zodiac sign. This kicks off a brand-new lunar cycle, while presenting us with an opportunity to start again with a clean slate. As you may remember, the moon represents our innermost feelings, sense of security and emotional landscape. Luna can also represent our upbringing, living space, family dynamic, and sense of nurture. Moreover, the new moon’s lack of visibility reminds us to hold space for stillness, reflection and contemplation. There is magic and fertility in this energy; the more present you are, the more likely you are to manifest. 

Every zodiac sign has both a superpower, and a shadow side. The light cannot exist without the dark, and the dark cannot exist without the light. On that note, when reflecting on the essence of Mercury-ruled Virgo, there are high-vibrational energies that are accessible to us such as the power of analysis, mindfulness, purification, and resourcefulness. On the dark side, Virgoan energy can be overly critical, emotionally repressed, or striving for perfection to the point of obsession. For reference on the area of your life that’s energetically influenced by methodical Virgo, check which astrological house belongs to this mutable earth sign in your birth chart. After all, everyone has a little bit of each zodiac sign in their chart, so *never ever* disregard the 12 astrological houses. I digress.

September’s new moon will renew itself via 21 degrees of dutiful Virgo on the 14th at exactly 9:40 p.m. ET. (Again, be sure to double check where this is in your birth chart, as this is the energy focal point for the new moon, and the area of life where the cosmos is encouraging you to start anew.) In addition to the supportive aspects surrounding this lunation, Mercury (Virgo’s ruling planet, and celestial ruler of this lunation) will station direct the following day, which is equivalent to supercharging the new moon with fertility, and momentum. With that being said, this is a good time to reflect on what you’re hoping to manifest, and commit to at this time. Consider both the higher and lower vibration of Virgo: Where are you being overly critical as opposed to grounded? Or on another note, what needs to be analyzed and organized in order to see the results you seek?

The new moon will also harmonize with change-maker Uranus, which is where things get interesting. For instance, Uranian energy is disruptive, innovative, and surprising. So, in addition to the flashes of intuitive insight you could receive at this time, this electric synergy could trigger a series of events that could ultimately liberate you. The same goes for those of you seeking new opportunities, or perhaps brainstorming on ways to streamline your current processes. A positive breakthrough is loading. 

How can you maximize your time and productivity levels, Aries? With September's new moon in Virgo touching down on your mindful sixth house of health, day-to-day affairs, and acts of service, you are presented with the energy and focus to commit to a solid plan of action. This could revolve around your health habits, work colleagues, and/or your general well being, but Luna's trine to change-maker Uranus adds a layer of shock, spontaneity, and excitement. Expect unexpected breakthroughs, specifically when in regards to your creature comforts and approach to your daily devotions. New Moon Affirmation: I abandon negative habits and choose to take positive action; I set myself free from what's unhealthy for me.

Your meticulous passion projects are being brought to the forefront of this lunation, Taurus.  Luna will renew itself in Virgo, bringing fertility and momentum to your expressive fifth house of creativity, hobbies, romance, and self-expression. Got any hands-on experience you want to cultivate? This lunation will also harmonize with rebellious Uranus in your chart, which could inspire you to work on everything from your personal branding to your social media presence. Surprising insight could lead to unexpected results and breakthroughs, even if this requires you to approach things from an unconventional perspective. New Moon Affirmation: I have the bandwidth and mental stamina to make room for the people, places, and things that bring me joy.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, Gemini. Renewing itself in your mercurial sibling's sign, Virgo, the new moon will ignite your cozy fourth house of home, family, innermost feelings, and emotional foundations. Whether logistically or in terms of your overall sense of security, this lunation is providing you with the resourceful energy needed to improve and/or simplify your current situation. And though you're likely to prioritize what is most practical, Luna's trine to freedom-loving Uranus adds a layer of shock and unconventionality to the mix, so be sure to keep an open mind as you are setting yourself free in the process. New Moon Affirmation: My home is peaceful sanctuary; my environment supports my happiness and well being.

Indulge your curiosities, especially those with potential, Cancer. This is especially true when considering the new moon in Virgo, as it will shake up your mentally stimulating third house of communication, immediate surroundings, and general miscellanies. What are you currently focusing on? What's been taking up space in your mind? Others of you may consider taking on a new skill, but Luna's trine to change-maker Uranus — via your 11th house of social media, future visions, and sense of belonging in the world — could surprise you with an unexpected opportunity in the process. Don't be afraid shift your approach, as there will be a change in perspective. New Moon Affirmation: Taking small steps each day brings me closer to achieving big goals; I value my skills & knowledge.

Your finances and sense of security are under a microscope, Leo. With Luna renewing itself in Virgo via your stability-seeking second house of comfort, money, and values, you're being presented with a clean slate where you can create solutions that improve, and ground this area o life. Does your budget need to be modified? What makes you feel secure? In any event, the new moon will harmonize with change-maker Uranus — via your 10th house of authority, parenting, career ventures, and reputation in the world — adding a surprising factor to this new chapter that could catch you off guard, but liberate you simultaneously. New Moon Affirmation: I embrace what's best for me and my future; I am committed to a fruitful & positive lifestyle.

This one's all for you, Virgo dear. As you may know, new moons are remarkably fertile and auspicious, let alone when both the sun and moon are joining forces in your sign. Methodical and dutiful, the moon will renew itself in your sign, which is equivalent to cosmic makeover. Whether physically or in terms of your emotional landscape, this is an opportunity to not only work on yourself, but also claim your autonomy in the process. You're incredibly self-aware at this time, and the moon's harmonious trine to rebel Uranus takes your personal glow-up a step further. A new belief system and/or philosophy you take on could bring results, but also trigger a ripple of shock in your immediate surroundings. New Moon Affirmation: I am an eternal student of the universe; my truth is rooted in my identity.

Take a moment to go within, and check-in with yourself, Libra. A new moon will ignite your secretive 12th house of closure, dreams, inhibitions, and all things behind the scenes, evoking the desire to retreat and spend time in solitude. Sleep hygiene goals? Whether it be about catching up on rest or partaking in spiritual pursuits, this lunation is presenting you with the opportunity to introspect and recharge your energy. Luna will also harmonize with rebellious Uranus — via your intimate eighth house of mergers, joint ventures, and shared resources — bringing emphasis to the connections and entanglements that could've been keeping your energy stagnant. New Moon Affirmation: I am grateful for the opportunity to recharge and renew myself; it is safe for me to let go.

Fine-tuning your goals never felt so good, Scorpio. This is especially true when considering this month's new moon in methodical Virgo, as it will bring fertility and momentum to your visionary 11th house of friendship, future ideals, community affairs, and your sense of belonging in the world. So, whether you're contemplating next steps in your career and looking for guidance, or perhaps looking to collaborate in a social endeavor, you have the strategy, celestial support and mental focus needed to achieve your goals. This could also revolve around a new beginning with family and friends, and a shocking trine to change-maker Uranus in your relationship sector enlivens the energy. New Moon Affirmation: I am worthy of loyal friends and connections; I am committed to seeing progress.

What's stopping you from taking the lead, Sagittarius? The moon will renew itself in methodical Virgo, bringing fertility and new beginnings to your bossy 10th house of authority, career ventures, and reputation in the world. Reflect on your strategy and goals; what can you improve and/or simplify in order to become more effective? This could revolve around your public image, while others of you tap into a new sense of authority. Moreover, this lunation will harmonize with change-maker Uranus — via your sixth house of responsibility, daily rituals and due diligence — which could, in turn, surprise you with new alternatives in your everyday routine. New moon, new approach? New Moon Affirmation: I am capable, responsible, and self-reliant; I have the mindset to create the lifestyle I crave.

Practice makes perfect, and perfect makes perfection, Capricorn. Although you're no stranger to being ambitious, September's new moon in Virgo is here to help you ground your longterm goals, and plans for the future. Renewing itself via your ninth house of expansion, education, unknown territory, and self-discovery, you are being called to take a closer look at the shadow side of your belief systems and personal philosophies, and there are infinite opportunities being presented to you at this time. Keep in mind, the moon will be simultaneously harmonize with change-maker Uranus via your fifth house of love, creativity, passion projects, and self-expression. This is highlighting some of the talents, skills and abilities you've kept dormant, so don't close yourself off. New Moon Affirmation: I am confident and resilient; I thrive in situations where I am authentic & committed to my truth. 

Themes of power, including your intimate dealings, are being emphasized under this lunation, Aquarius. The moon will renew itself in meticulous Virgo — via your eighth house of mergers, taxes, shared resources — making it a wonderful time to introspect relationship dynamics, while others of you put plans in place for the sake of security. This area of your chart is equally sensitive as it is particular, so consider this an opportunity  to simplify things moving forward. On another note, this new moon will harmonize with your modern ruler, Uranus, adding a layer of shock and excitement to the mix, specifically when in regards to your home, family and emotional foundation. New Moon Affirmation: I gently surrender that which doesn't make me feel safe; I am committed to my sense of security.

Work on the dynamic of your partnerships, Pisces. Whether personally or professionally, this lunation is asking you to reconsider your approach to others. For instance, the moon is renewing itself in Virgo via your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others which, in turn, provides you with a clean slate to start again. That said, there may be a few tweaks to make within this connection, but you have the celestial support to create a practical plan. Also, Luna will harmonize with Uranus — via your third house of immediate surroundings — which means there are a series of unexpected epiphanies that could come to light, sporadically and while communicating. New Moon Affirmation: I value the commitments I have made to others, but there's always room for improvement.

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