How The Full Moon in Pisces (Aug 30, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The Full Moon in Pisces (Aug 30, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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This kinda thing only happens once in a blue moon, so hear me out! No really, there’s an actual blue moon headed our way but… for those wondering, this is most commonly referred to as the “second full moon in a calendrical month,” but there are plenty more ways to use this stellar phrase. For instance, this can also reference what occurs when there’s a total of four full moons in one season, making the third a “blue moon.” And in terms of astrology, blue moons are equivalent to the second full moon in an astrological season. 

Now, while I would normally encourage you to dream a little dream under the upcoming full moon in Pisces, its close proximity to taskmaster Saturn adds a stern layer of pragmatism to the mix, which isn’t always comforting. Nevertheless, it’s important to be open and receptive to what is being brought to our attention at this time. Adorning the night sky on August 30 at exactly 9:35 p.m. ET, the moon’s glimmering light is symbolic of what is being illuminated in our personal lives. For reference, check which astrological house belongs to 7 degrees of this mutable water sign, as this is the area of life where you’re experiencing a full-circle moment. 

Governed by mystical Neptune—the planet of dreams, spirituality, subconscious realms and universal love—it’s no wonder the essence of Pisces is so incredibly elusive, and difficult to grasp. The last sign in the zodiac, this mutable water sign is symbolic of one’s spiritual path, and return to the divine. As you may remember, Pisces’ archetype is depicted by the two opposing fish, which serves as a representation of its infinite duality: one fish represents our spiritual evolution, and the other a symbol of our human experience in the physical dimension. The magic of duality can be found in all things.

That said, we can’t undermine the influence of the sun’s journey through methodical Virgo, as this ever-glowing luminary sits directly across from the moon during this full moon phase. Often referred to as a call for balance, the full moon marks a time of completion, illumination, and celebration. However, the polarity of Virgo and Pisces—also known as the astrological axis of heaven and earth—is specifically bringing awareness to the lack of balance that exists between our day-to-day due diligence and our life behind the scenes. Health habits, coping mechanisms or other forms of escapism included.

What practical matters are you tending to? Are these energies in alignment with your soul’s calling? After all, we’re referring to the Virgo sun (mind, body, routines) and a Pisces moon (intuition, surrender, rest), so it’s important to take responsibility for both of these areas of life. Sitting together with Saturn in Pisces, this lunation could feel like a reality check, specifically when in regards to what is closing out, and what needs our time and attention. Have you been sweeping mundane situations under the rug as a way to avoid reality? There could be an important realization that comes along with this full moon, and there will be no room for denial.

In the meantime, think back to the new moon in Pisces that took place on February 20—intentions you set during this time are coming full-circle between now and the next two weeks.

Read on for your full moon in Pisces horoscope and reflection, according to your zodiac sign:

Take a moment to yourself, Aries. You’re doing the best you can, and everything is unfolding for you in divine timing. This is especially significant to consider with the full moon igniting your 12th house of surrender, closure and unconscious patterns, as it will not only sit alongside pragmatic Saturn, but also direct across from the sun in Virgo, via your sixth house of wellness, and day-to-day affairs. This is an opportunity for you to check-in with yourself, and make peace with what is not under your control. Reflection: What can you improve for the sake of your emotional, physical & spiritual well being? What chapter are you closing out?

Ignoring your heart’s desires is anything but productive, Taurus. While the moon glimmers through Pisces—bringing emphasis and intuitive clarity to your 11th house of friendship, aspirations and sense of belonging in the world—the sun is energizing your fifth house of self-expression. This lunation wants you to hold space for celebration and authenticity, especially if there’s been a lack of balance between your internal and external reality. Luna is also conjunct Saturn, validating feelings of discouragement and inhibition at this time. Reflection: Are you surrounded by individuals who wholeheartedly accept you for who you are? Have you been projecting harsh judgements onto yourself & others?

It’s all eyes on you under this blue moon, Gemini. Whether in regards to your reputation and sense of authority, or a prominent parent, you can expect a full-circle moment and an opportunity to surrender what’s no longer resonating. The irony of this mystical essence, however, is Saturn’s close proximity to the moon, as it could trigger feelings of discouragement and/or pressure from an authority figure, specifically when it comes to a boundary you’ve been trying to cultivate. All in all, you’re being called to find balance between your genuine emotions vs. what you’re portraying at this moment in time. Reflection: Have you been unconsciously depending on external validation? What does your true north look like?

The future might not be as clear as you’d like it to be, but not even that could stop you, Cancer. Luna will be reaching its peak of fullness in your sister-sign, Pisces, bringing emotional emphasis to your ninth house of expansion, belief systems and unknown territory. However, while in conjunction to Saturn, everything from your hopes and ideals could seem unrealistic… or on the dark side, burdensome. Nevertheless, with the sun in Virgo charging up your third house of immediate surroundings, you’re being called to cultivate balance between what you know first hand to be true vs. what you idealize, and expect in the future. Reflection: What have your experiences taught you? How can you cultivate more faith in yourself & in the future?

Your emotional investments are being illuminated under this month’s full moon, Leo. Hovering over your intimate eighth house of mergers and shared resources, there is greater emphasis on the boundaries (or lack thereof) shared between you and your significant others. Although, while in close proximity to Saturn, you could feel a sense of restriction, or a reality check when in regards to an important connection. Others of you, however, could be in the process of paying off debt, but don’t let the uncertainties of things discourage you. With the sun energizing your second house of stability, you get to choose what is worthy of your investment. Reflection: How can you continue to establish healthy boundaries without being overly critical of your connections?

This is a “me vs. we'' full moon for you, Virgo. After all, it’s not everyday the moon reaches its peak of fullness in Pisces, and via your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise and significant others. Moreover, while in opposition to the sun in your sign, you’re being called to re-evaluate the foundation of your one-on-one partnerships. Be it personally or professionally, the moon’s conjunction to Saturn, however, could trigger feelings of restriction, while others of you face the harsh truth of a situation. In any event, this is a chance to reestablish your connection to a significant other(s), especially those that require boundary setting. Reflection: Have you been open and vulnerable with others as of late? If not, what’s stopping you from connecting on a deeper level?

You’re overdue a fresh start when in regards to your day-to-day lifestyle, Libra. This is especially significant to consider with the full moon hovering over your responsible sixth house of health, daily rituals and due diligence, as you are likely seeing something come full-circle for you in this area of life. Keep in mind, while sitting alongside taskmaster Saturn, there’s an opportunity to restructure and redefine the dynamic of your work routines, specifically those that could potentially lack productivity. Keep in mind, the sun will be energizing your 12th house of healing, karma and unconscious patterns, highlighting everything from your coping mechanisms to your spiritual hygiene. Reflection: Is your current routine energizing you, or draining you? How can you continue to improve your lifestyle?

Your definition of joy is unique to you, Scorpio. Keep this in mind as this blue moon will touch down on your fifth house of love, passion, pleasure and self-expression, and all while in direct opposition to the sun in Virgo, via your 11th house of community affairs. Opening your heart is easier said than done with Saturn sitting alongside the moon, but instead of dwelling on the fears that could come with uncertainty, consider this an opportunity to cultivate more of what you love into your personal life. Although, this could very well be professional too, so don’t let someone’s constructive criticism and/or observation derail you. Reflection: Are you in touch with your heart’s desires? How can you share more of your uniqueness for the greater good?

What brings you comfort, Sagittarius? There will be a full moon in Pisces touching down on your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family matters and innermost feelings, but all while in conjunction with pragmatic Saturn. Revisiting themes from early childhood that could’ve triggered your inhibitions isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but while the moon sits in opposition to the sun in Virgo—via your 10th house of authority figures—your revelations and reflections could ultimately influence the relationship you share with a parental figure, if not your sense of authority overall. This is an introspective lunation for you, so don’t be afraid to peel back the layers. Reflection: How has your emotional stability evolved in the past six months? Are you ready to honor these newly found parts of yourself? 

Your immediate surroundings are under the light of this blue moon, Capricorn. Be it with regards to your siblings, neighbors and/or inner circle, something is resurfacing and it’s time to acknowledge the elephant in the room. After all, your celestial ruler, Saturn, will be sitting alongside the moon at this time, which means you’re likely keeping tabs on what needs to be restructured, redefined and at the very least communicated. The truth isn’t always pretty, but boundaries are necessary when building towards a solid foundation. In the meantime, lean on the sun in Virgo and do your research if needed, as you are likely to step into a new role within your immediate environment. Reflection: Have you been communicating effectively with your peers? Are you being too critical with your personal beliefs?

The realm of finances and security is being emphasized for you at this time, Aquarius. For instance, the full moon will touch down on your stability-seeking second house of comfort, income, and value systems, and all while alongside serious Saturn, which adds a sobering energy to your full-circle moment. Keep in mind, the moon will be in opposition to the sun in Virgo, via your intimate eighth house of mergers and shared resources. In simpler terms, there’s something that needs to be reworked between you and a significant other, perhaps when in regards to your investments. The same goes for your energetic investments as well as the emotional entanglements that take more from you than you may realize. Reflection: Have you been spending wisely or recklessly? Are you investments practical and productive?

Happy full moon, and blessed be, Pisces! This one’s lighting up the night sky in your name, so don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve, ‘cause the emotions are bound to creep up. More importantly, however, this lunation is sitting alongside taskmaster Saturn, bringing emphasis and awareness to personal themes, such as your mental, physical and spiritual identity. Accountability is a big one, too, given the influence of Saturn, so pat yourself on the back for everything you’ve accomplished thus far. Keep in mind, while in opposition to the meticulous Virgo sun in your relationship sector, you could be overthinking the way you’re being perceived by others, but this doesn’t take away from your personal progress. Reflection: What are you hoping to build for yourself in the near future? Are you ready to surrender your fears & and assert yourself with confidence?

Valerie is an astrologer & visual storyteller. She writes horoscopes for PopSugar, StyleCaster, Elite Daily and more. For more of her work, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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