How The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (Oct. 28, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (Oct. 28, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Before the last eclipse season of 2023 officially comes to a close, it is essential that we reflect on everything we’ve experienced, discovered and are looking forward to exploring further. In addition to being the final eclipse of the year, October’s full moon lunar eclipse is especially significant as it is the last of a series that started back in November 2021. This two-year eclipse cycle brought emphasis to everything from our personal belongings to our shared resources. The same goes for themes of power, sexuality, wealth, and our values. For reference on your personal eclipse story, check which astrological houses belong to Taurus-Scorpio in your birth chart. Hint: where Taurus represents our sense of stability and self-worth, Scorpio speaks about our internal process as well as the shadow side of our unconscious. This astrological axis can tell us a lot about the relationship we have with ourselves, and with others. As above, so below.

As you may recall, there are between two and five eclipses every year. Solar eclipses are potent new moons, while a lunar eclipse is equivalent to a really powerful full moon. In any event, eclipses are notorious for ushering in life-altering changes, some of which occur between the eclipse date and the following six months. Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth casts its shadow on the moon. This signals an emotional turning point in our personal lives, which could simultaneously trigger a series of unexpected changes. If you’re one to see eclipses as intimidating, you’re certainly not alone. This astronomical event was regarded as a negative omen in ancient times, but it all stems from our fear of the unknown. Look at it this way, similar to the phrase “hindsight is 20/20,” think about the person you were before some of the biggest changes you’ve experienced in this lifetime. Sometimes the universe takes over unexpectedly, but it’s all for our highest good.

This month’s full moon lunar eclipse will take place via 5 degrees of Taurus on October 28 at exactly 4:24 p.m. EST. Think back to the new moon in Taurus on May 19 of this year, as well as the previous eclipses that ignited this astrological axis in your birth chart. How have you transformed when in regards to your sense of security, and value systems? What are you doing to actualize your self-worth? Is there something that needs to change in the financial realm, or perhaps the way you approach your money-making abilities? This lunar eclipse will not only serve as a reminder of how far you’ve come in this area of life, but also bring awareness to what requires change for the sake of your ongoing stability. The same goes for what you need to strengthen, nurture and take care of on your own. (Remember, where Scorpio symbolizes themes of mergers, shared resources, and other people’s money, Taurus speaks about your personal possessions and self-reliance.)

Luna will sit alongside Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, which is equally as auspicious as it is supportive, specifically when in regards to earthly matters. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, benevolence, opportunities and spiritual growth, so when looking back at what you’ve been working towards and investing your energy into, these energies could come into fruition between now and the end of the year. Something else to take into consideration is the influence of Venus, as the planet of love, money and security (the ruler of this eclipse) is currently transiting the methodical sign of Virgo. Here, Venus is modest, practical and devoted to her daily rituals. How can you integrate Venus in Virgo’s dutiful essence with your personal, and professional endeavors? Venus will be approaching an exact trine to Uranus, which can contribute to our healing and well being moving forward, specifically when considering the inevitable chaos of the change-maker planet.

Venus’ alignment with Uranus is here to help us ground our future visions with fresh solutions, and perspective. This could revolve around your money-making abilities, day-to-day affairs, and/or your health habits. In the meantime, read for your full moon lunar eclipse horoscope and reflection below:

October’s lunar eclipse will charge up your stability-seeking second house of values, sensual comforts, and money-making abilities. Energetically, this is a full-circle moment for you when in regards to your possessions, sense of security, and sense of self-worth. Sitting together with Jupiter retrograde, the good news is you can expect lucky breakthroughs in this area of your life between now and the end of 2023. Otherwise, Venus in Virgo will continue to encourage you to prioritize mental, physical and spiritual well being, so don’t hesitate to make adjustments if necessary. Reflection: When looking back at the past two years, how have you invested your time, energy, and finances? Are you confident in yourself, and what you’re capable of?

The past couple of years could have very well been a rollercoaster, but there’s no point in looking back when you’ve come this far. Nevertheless, when looking towards October’s full moon lunar eclipse in your sign, it is essential for you to reflect on how much you’ve grown and transformed, both in your personal life and in regards to your sense of self-worth. Relationship energies that lack clarity and/or stability could be something you’re still working on, but with the support of Jupiter, Uranus, and your celestial ruler, Venus, the next six months will help solidify your sense of security, and provide solutions for next steps. Reflection: What relationship(s) are you ready to close out for the sake of your personal evolution? How have your values shifted since 2021?

In order for you to embrace your most authentic and radiant self, there needs to be a clean slate of energy for you to work with moving forward. That being said, the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus is activating your 12th house of closure, privacy, past experiences, and unconscious patterns, increasing the likelihood of you confronting a past version of yourself. If this just so happens to be the case, fear not as Venus is transiting your fourth house of home, family and innermost feelings, which supports and grounds you amidst your healing process. Reflection: Do you feel safe, secure, and content in your reality? Does your current living space meet your expectations, and align with your values?

You’re being called upon by the cosmos to solidify your sense of belonging in the world. How have you cultivated your talents, skills, and abilities for the greater good of mankind? October’s full moon lunar eclipse will ignite your 11th house of associations and social contributions, and all while sitting alongside Jupiter retrograde in Taurus. Venus is also transiting your communication sector (third house of siblings, inner circles, early education), supporting you with insight, perspective, and solutions on next steps. Let the sun’s journey through Scorpio be your muse. Reflection: How has your perception around community and friendship evolved in the past couple of years? Are you committed to the process of manifesting your goals and dreams?

It’s time to do what you do best, so take the stage and show the world what you’re made of! It’s not everyday you have a full moon lunar eclipse touching down on the most public point in your chart, you know. Remember, your 10th house has everything to do with ambition, authority, legacy, and your reputation in the world. Given that Venus is currently transiting your second house of monies, this full-circle moment could revolve around your financial security, as well as how you’re taking the lead in order to achieve these particular goals in your life. Jupiter retrograde will also be in close proximity to the eclipse, so it won’t be long before your hard work pays off. Reflection: Where do you see yourself personally and professionally in the next five years? Have you been owning up to your value, and self worth?

Is your immediate environment supportive of your individual belief systems? If you’ve been tip-toeing around your peers, or simply feeling a sense of lack when in regards to your personal outlook, it’s time to take a leap of faith and venture into the unknown. This is especially true when considering the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, as it will charge up your ninth house of faith, exploration, education, and world views. Given that Venus (the eclipse’s ruler) is transiting your sign, your full-circle moment and new beginning could be equally as strategic as it is personal.  Reflection: What needs to be reworked in the realm of your security, and personal stability? Are you afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone?

If you’ve ever questioned your worth and/or ability to commit to a joint venture, know that you’re getting there, slowly but surely. The full moon lunar eclipse will charge up your intimate eighth house of mergers, shared resources, energetic exchanges and personal trials, bringing energies (possibly from 2021) full-circle. Themes of death, power, and control could also be of greater significance, but with Venus transiting Virgo via your 12th house of closure and unconscious patterns, there is an opportunity for healing and surrender that could be occurring in the process. Reflection: Do you trust the foundation of your intimate unions? Are you secure enough within yourself to express your vulnerability if/when necessary?

Take a good look around you, Scorpio. Who and what is no longer worthy of your precious time and energy is being illuminated to you at this time—specifically in the realm of friendship, co-workers, and social media. The same goes for the goals you’ve committed to, and whether they’re in alignment with your soul’s truth. The full moon lunar eclipse will shake up your seventh house of compromise, commitments, and one-on-one partnerships, and all while the sun, Mercury, and Mars continue to transit your sign. You have the celestial support you need to break through the facade of these connections. The real question is: will you? It’s make-it-or-break it time. Reflection: How has your sense of stability in the realm of relationships evolved in the past two years? Are you willing to approach these connections with humility and devotion?

When considering the amount of time, energy and focus you invest into your everyday life, it doesn’t hurt to switch things up a bit if necessary! This is especially true with the full moon lunar eclipse touching down on your responsible sixth house of health, work schedules, and acts of service, as there could be a big full-circle moment in this area of your life. For reference, think back to 2021, namely the eclipses that activated these particular houses in your chart. Fortunately, with lucky Jupiter (your ruler) in the mix, you could be blessed with fruitful opportunities of expansion between now, and the end of 2023. Reflection: Are your daily devotions productive and fruitful? How can you strategize to maximize your day-to-day efforts?

The more you’re willing to follow your heart, the more you will thrive in the long run. The last eclipse of the Taurus-Scorpio series (that began back in 2021) comes to a close with a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, charging up none other than your vivacious fifth house of fertility, creativity, romance and self-expression. If you have children, this could also be relevant. But with Venus (the ruler of this eclipse) in Virgo via your ninth house of wisdom, expansion, and unknown territory, your patience and humility is needed, at least when embarking on this new adventure. That being said, don’t jump to conclusions if you are presented with new opportunities, because you learn something new every day. Reflection: Are your heart and mind at odds with one another? What narratives and/or social constructs have you unconsciously subscribed to?

Your personal and professional landscape have been top of mind for the past two years, thanks to the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses. However, with this series officially coming to a close, you are bound to experience a full-circle moment in your fourth house of home, family dynamics, and emotional foundations. This is especially true for those of you who may have struggled owning up to your sense of authority, if not had trouble seeing eye-to-eye with a superior in your life. Themes of power and shared resources could also be of prominence, but it’s time to commit to a new system and/or routine. Reflection: Is your personal space supportive of your individual freedom? Is this sense of stability in alignment with your intimate unions?

The mere thought of venturing outside of your comfort zone could’ve boggled your mind since you can remember, but chances are you’ve come a long way in the last two years, thanks to the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse series. This, however, will come to a close during October’s full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, bringing a full-circle moment to your immediate surroundings, as well as some much-needed insight regarding the foundation of a significant partnership. Leave it to Venus in Virgo in your relationship sector to highlight what needs tweaking, polishing, and streamlining. The point is, you’re getting a green light to move forward. Try to steer away from expectations, so you can focus on what is practical for you in the long run. Reflection: How have your beliefs around intimacy evolved? What do you feel comfortable and secure committing to at this time?


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