Best Crystals for Virgo

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The sixth sign of the zodiac is intelligent, humble, and kind-hearted Virgo. Virgo is a sign that is ruled by the symbol of the Maiden. This represents the purity of intention rather than naive innocence. Virgo’s are known to be perfectionists, which can be both a blessing and curse. They are detail-oriented, reliable, and wise. The planet that rules over this beautiful sign is Mercury, the planet of communication and expression. To shop all Virgo items, click here. Here are a few facts about Virgos!


Dates: August 23 - September 22

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Symbol: The Maiden

Element: Earth

Mode: Mutable

House Ruled: Sixth


One of the challenges for a Virgo is accepting that it’s okay to have imperfections! A stone that eases the pressure that a Virgo may put upon themselves is Peacock Ore. This is a stone that releases Virgo from fear of failure, illuminating that life is a series of peaks and valleys. Peacock Ore sheds light on the positive. This makes setbacks easier to deal with, showcasing the lessons that each one can teach us.

A classic stone for any zodiac sign, Quartz Point works specifically well for Virgo in the realm of self care and healing. Virgo’s are always helping others, but this stone shows you how to take care of yourself first. Healing the self is essential before tending to others. Quartz will cleanse and heal any negative energy. A beautiful way to incorporate this stone into your life is by keeping it near the bath or shower, envisioning yourself washing away any negativity or blocked energy at the end of a long day.


Green Calcite is a stone that will encourage flexibility, an essential for Virgo! If you’re seeking more of an energetic flow, turn to Green Calcite for support. As a Virgo may over-analyze situations, this crystal cultivates a shift in mindset by cultivating positivity, growth, and expansion. Releasing rigid systems, structures, or thought patterns, Green Calcite brings transformation of perspective. This is a crystal you want to have around the house, specifically somewhere you can see it when you wake up. Green Calcite will encourage you to get up and go with the flow!


This crystal revitalizes Virgo’s natural focus, passion, and drive! Virgo is a sign that is motivated by progress and accomplishing goals. Moss Agate is a stone that compliments that by connecting you to your Earth element. By nourishing and restoring your natural determination, you can tackle any task! This stone will also bring you patience, so that you can find peace as your dreams manifest. Meditate with Moss Agate on your root chakra, located at the base of your spine. When you close your eyes, envision your root chakra descending into the earth and growing roots, to keep you supported and grounded as you follow your dreams.

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