Kunzite Meanings, Healing Properties, Uses & Rituals

Kunzite Meanings, Healing Properties, Uses & Rituals

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KUNZITE | emotional healing | divine love | self-acceptance

Color: pale pink to violet 
Chakra: heart
Element: water
Number: 7
Associated signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio 

When you work with kunzite, love is surely on the way, as this deeply spiritual and healing stone excels at spreading a loving vibration to every corner of life. associated with the heart chakra, as well as the throat, third eye, and crown chakra, kunzite is ideal for removing emotional blockages that prevent the heart from moving forward.

Those who have experienced past trauma or have felt like they were required to grow up too quickly may highly benefit from this stone, as it restores lost trust and innocence through its nurturing and calming energy. With this stone, old wounds can be gently addressed, better understood, accepted, and then dissolved, as one learns to release negative feelings, panic, or fear about themselves or the future.

Ultimately, working with this stone helps to balance emotions and boost self-love so that you can step into a place of trust and openness, and align yourself with the energy of universal love. 

Use To:
☽ Release resistance to life 
☽ Move past the fear of isolation and scarcity 
☽ Restore lost trust and innocence
☽ Stimulate forgiveness and heart healing 
☽ Learn the value of joy and celebration
☽ Promote humility and self acceptance
☽ Move past old emotional wounds and scars
☽ Step into a vibration of divine love

Ritual: When you seek to mend relationships or need support in how you connect with others, turn to the healing power of Kunzite. On or around the full moon, at night, perform this ritual. Make a crystal grid on your bedside table with Kunzite at the center. Sprinkle flower petals, rose petals work best, around the grid. Stand before you bedside table and speak out loud your prayers and intentions. Allow yourself to rest in bed with no distractions for ten minutes or so, feeling the healing energy of your crystals. Sleep sweetly!

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