Amethyst Meanings, Healing Properties, Uses & Rituals

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photo by Amber Shumake

AMETHYST | purification | intuition | protection

Color: pale lilac to deep grape purple 
I am calm and grounded in the present moment. 
Chakra: third eye, crown 
Associated signs: pisces, aquarius, sagittarius 

With its soothing, purple hue ranging from gentle lilac to deep grape, amethyst is one of the most popular stones of the crystal kingdom.  Its name comes from the ancient Greek word amethustos, meaning sober, and many of its properties are said to have a strong “sobering” effect--both in the literal sense of preventing intoxication, and the metaphorical sense of thinking clearly and freely, without influence.  As a result, amethyst provides purification on multiple levels. This powerhouse stone directly cleanses the aura, and supports decisions that promote mental clarity, balance, and tranquility.  If you've been struggling to make positive, healthy changes in your life, use this stone to find your center and trust in your true purpose. 

Use To:
☽ Improve balance, concentration, and memory 
☽ Break bad habits and toxic cycles 
☽ Alleviate nightmares and insomnia 
☽ Soothe nerves and anxiety 
☽ Deepen meditation 
☽ Access and strengthen intuition 
☽ Increase receptivity to divine wisdom and guidance
☽ Protect your energetic field and home

Tips: place over third eye chakra (forehead) to access intuition or alleviate headaches.

Ritual: for visions and dreams, place your Amethyst under your pillow. To elevate you dream ritual, sprinkle lavender buds into your pillow case. The purple colors of both Amethyst and lavender invoke connection to higher realms.

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