Citrine Meanings, Healing Properties, Uses & Rituals

Citrine Meanings, Healing Properties, Uses & Rituals

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photo by Amber Shumake

CITRINE | abundance | self-expression | happiness 

Color: pale or golden yellow, brownish yellow, and orange-yellow
I live in blissful abundance each day. 
Chakra: Solar plexus 
Associated signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra 

A premiere stone of manifestation, vitality, and creativity, Citrine brings a burst of energy and renewed motivation to life. Due to its association with the sun, whose light can be seen in its bright yellow hue, citrine shines with joy and optimism no matter the circumstances.  This stone is effective at casting aside self-doubt, negativity, and lethargy as it imbues its user with newfound confidence and inspiration. If you’ve been having difficulty taking action towards creating the reality you desire, or have found yourself paralyzed by fear or uncertainty, use citrine to dissolve your worries and limiting beliefs as you rise to your fullest potential.  You are capable and worthy, and citrine wants you to know it. 

Use To:
☽ Attract abundance and prosperity 
☽ Improve confidence
☽ Combat writer’s block
☽ Execute goals and vision through tangible actions
☽ Prevent excessive spending
☽ Find joy and positivity in the little things
☽ For success new ventures and fresh beginnings
☽ Alleviate menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and fatigue 

Tips: citrine fades in sunlight, so store carefully. It can also be used to cleanse all of the chakras. 

Ritual: A simple, powerful manifestation ritual with citrine. Lie down in the sun, or with a window open to let the sun in. Place your citrine on your solar plexus. Meditate and visualize in vivid detail the abundance you want to attract into your life.

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