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Virgo Crystal Set
Virgo Crystal Set
Virgo Crystal Set

Virgo Crystal Set


Celebrate our newly revamped zodiac crystal sets, designed just for your sign!

Our Virgo Crystal Set features four special crystals hand selected to blend with and complement the energy and traits of your sign, along with a matching marble drawstring pouch for easy carrying, and cute info card on crystal usage and tips.  Great for meditation, intention-setting, creating a sacred space, and makes a wonderful gift for those new to crystals or general zodiac-lovers! 

4 Crystals - Peacock Ore (rough), Green Calcite (rough), Quartz Point, Moss Agate (tumbled)
Marble drawstring pouch
Crystal info card
☽ Share your #SoulStyle on the front of the info card. Fill in the blank on how you feel the unique traits of your sign manifest in the way you live your life.  Share with us at

**No two crystals are alike, which is what makes each set special. Please note that the crystals in the photo are of the average size but may slightly vary between sets. Rough stones are ~1.5-1.75" and tumbled stones are ~0.75-1". Each crystal is picked by hand and sets are assembled with great care.