Libra Season: Fashion Forecast Spring/Summer 2018

Libra Season: Fashion Forecast Spring/Summer 2018

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As the sun transits from Earthy, organized house of Virgo into the artfully minded Venus-ruled house of Libra, fashion houses across the globe begin rolling out presentations for next season's styles. With art and beauty on the mind, we wanted to share some Spring 2018 Runway trends for our #Lunatics to try based off their zodiac signs! If you're not a cult fashion follower, it may feel strange to begin conceptualizing next year's wardrobe based upon a presentation of clothing not yet available for purchase. However, with Libra being an intellectual air sign, now is the perfect time for us to begin brainstorming.


Aries - Say It Like You Mean It

Opinionated and bold Aries will certainly love experimenting with their textural nature next year, giving their wardrobes a voice of their own with some funky fonts and word designs. Models sent abstract and artful messages down the runway for Each x Other, MSGM, Balmain, and Libertine transforming the alphabet into an art form. 

(Each x Other, Oscar de la Renta)

(Balmain, Libertine)


Taurus - Pump up the Volume

This season, runway models became true shapeshifters in larger than life designs which play with exaggerated proportions and dramatic volume. Our Taurus #Lunatics will love donning over the top luxury garments with sculptural statement pieces like the ones seen on the Rochas, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, and Commes de Garcons runways.

(Rochas, Lavin)

(Saint Laurent, Commes de Garcons) 


Gemini - Connecting the Dots

The twin sign is known for their advanced use of both their right and left brain. This quality makes just as creative as they are intelligent.  Like a Gemini, polka dots can be both playful and professional, plain or provocative. They have two sides and a multifaceted personality which they love to let shine through their sense of style. We've collected our favorites of this polarizing dual-toned patterns which will round out any well balanced wardrobe.


(Junya Watanabe, Marc Jacobs)

(Rahul Mishra, JW Anderson)


Cancer - Beachcombers

Inspired by Venice beach babes, Ibiza party girls, and the like, these vacation ready looks have us dreaming of our next chance to see the shoreline. Cancers are the first water signs of the zodiac and their season marks the beginning of the hot summer months. We know these signs will be counting down the days until bikini season after seeing these fresh-off-the-sand designs.


(Saint Laurent, Jacquemus)

(Fenty x Puma, Versus Versace) 


Leo - Tear It Up

The claws were out this season as designers sent a slew of shredded shirts, skirts, and dresses down the runway leaving audiences mystified and bewildered. While some stuck up their noses, most of these designs receiving enormous praise by both the low and high brow art communities. What do our creative Leo Lunatics think of these fine art fabric confections?

(Loewe, Gypsy Sport)

(Prabal Gurung, Altuzarra) 


Virgo - Keep it Fresh

Plant motifs sprouted up across several runways this season ranging from fresh and funky to full blown floraphilia. Models from Dolce & Gabbana, Junya Watanabe, Commes de Garcons and Elie Saab all featured a well balanced variety of leafy greens and fresh fruit. Virgos of the fashion world will delight in their chance to cook up some healthy, positive change through their wardrobe as well as their wisdom.

(Dolce & Gabbana, Junya Watanabe)

(Commes de Garcons, Elie Saab)


Libra - Seasons of Love

Libras will love the heart motifs which appeared on several designer's runways this season. The cute cartoonish shape of the heart appeared at Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, and Ashley Williams while Saint Laurent took a more abstract approach, using shape and negative space to draw attention to the heart center. Peacekeeping, harmonious Libras will be eager to add the universal symbol of love to their wardrobe next year, especially after the dramatic, divisive year we've had in 2017.

(Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta)

(Ashley Williams, Saint Laurent)


Scorpio - The LBD

Someone's certainly not ready for the return of florals and pastels, but it's okay! There were just as many chic and stunning all black ensembles to fit the macabre, unconventional tastes of sexy, and stylish Scorpio signs. Super short hemlines, ribbons and straps on the runways of Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana, and Mugler brought on-trend detailing to the most essential piece in a woman's wardrobe: the Little Black Dress!

(Saint Laurent, Lanvin)

(Dolce & Gabbana, Mugler)


Sagittarius - Nothing But Net

Daring mesh dresses, and sheer sweaters showed us the direction to go for next Spring. Who is there better to show us how to rock this sexy, see-through trend other than our wildly adventurous Sagittarius signs? Models caught wind under their tulle, organza, mesh, and chiffon wings across the catwalks of Y/Project, Gypsy Sport, Helmut Lang, and Altuzarra.

(Y/Project, Gypsy Sport)

(Helmut Lang, Altuzarra)


Capricorn - White Collar Work Dress

Innovative new takes on the white collared shirt worked their way down several runways this season. Capricorns will be thrilled to add some creative spirit into their professional wardrobe with a crisp, white shirt dress such as those from Jil Sander, Koche, AWAKE, and Lemaire. Could this feminized version of the traditionally masculine work shirt signal the coming of times when women will be treated as equals in the office? These looks have us feeling hopeful for a better year in 2018.

(Jil Sander, Koche)

(AWAKE, Lemaire)


Aquarius - Reimagining Denim

The all-weather workhorse of the fashion world was given more than just a moment to shine this season as several designers utilized the universal fabric in revolutionary new ways. Quirky Aquarius will be pleased to find there's a myriad of ways in which they can mix up their old denim and come up with some creative ways to wear their favorite blue hues inspired by the runways of Kenzo, Unravel, Gypsy Sport and Christian Dior.

(Kenzo, Unravel)

(Gypsy Sport, Christian Dior)


Pisces - Rainbow Fish

What other sign represents the rainbow better than the 12th and final sign of the zodiac, Pisces? The same way that the rainbow is an expression of all the colors on the light spectrum, Pisces are known to possess qualities of all the other signs, making them multidimensional, and perhaps the only sign fully capable of pulling off colorful stripes and glittery sequins like the ones featured in this season's DVF, Missoni, Libertine and D&G shows.

(Dianne von Furstenberg, Missoni) 

(Libertine, Dolce & Gabbana)

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