Big Shifts & Blessings: Jupiter in Scorpio (Oct 10th, 2017)

Big Shifts & Blessings: Jupiter in Scorpio (Oct 10th, 2017)

Posted by Kyle Thomas on

Hold onto your hats and buckle your proverbial boots, kids.  We have some MAJOR NEWS for our #Lunatics and astrology-lovers, because JUPITER, the planet of good luck, fortune, and blessings, moves into SCORPIO for the first time in 12 years on October 10th, 2017.

Quick Astrology 101: when certain planets move, they cause patterns to be seen, openings to occur, and culminations (for better or worse). Jupiter, however, only brings blessings -- but sometimes will clear out "old" things in each area of life (dependent on where it falls each year in your life) to ready you for the better things that await.

Jupiter stays in each sign for 13 months and causes massive shifts in our lives and in the world at large. We long remember these times because of the way that it affected us. For instance, when Jupiter falls in your love sector, many people fall deeply in love. When it falls in their fame sector, they often get new jobs, win promotions, or see their names in lights. What awaits for you? Let's. Find. Out.




Combining your resources and deepest self with other people is in focus now. Sexuality, collaboration, psychological and emotional breakthroughs can come. It's all about the way you give to another so deeply, you cannot pull back. "Other people's money" will shine for you. Need loans? Financial aid? They will shine for you. Focus on the people you love and ask what do you owe them? What do they owe you? Time? Money? Affection? Connections? Demand your worth and they will give it to you, come to terms, or you will leave. For something better. Some of you will break partnerships that are long dead, but this is leaving you ready for better ones to come in: now.


You have seen a hard time in partnerships for a very long time, my friends, because Saturn destroyed you in this same partnership sector from 2012-2015 and many have not seen it fully blessed again. But the time is here, and this time shines for all one-on-one partnerships. This is one of the most harmonious places for Taurus because you believe in power within yourself and power within your partner. It creates a balance. Marriages will be blessed for you at this time. All collaborations (creative, artistic, business, money, friendships) burst with light. You will also see your connections grow because of your profile rising -- best friends will be helpful, new collaborators will come in, and you may find the partner in love or business of a lifetime. Public recognition, money, or power may come through your partner. Trust the ones you love. Even if it's hard. Seek agents, mentors, investors, wives/husbands. Some of you will break partnerships, but this is leaving you in an open place for that radiant twin flame ready to ignite you now. Open your heart, Taurus, he or she will come to you. I promise you that.


Work shines for you, dear souls, and you will prosper within it. You enjoy your fun and your ability to connect with others, and that will shine in all areas of work. Self-employed Geminis will find new clients. You may start actively taking on more projects, new projects, *better* projects, or get a way better job in the same line of work that you're in -- expect better benefits, more free time, or whatever you're bargaining for (and make sure you lay down your expectations upfront -- just not during Mercury retrograde!) You'll meet friends in the work place who can help you. Get your phone out and take every. single. contact. They'll be helpful in things that come next...Some of you will completely leave jobs and look for new career trajectories that are more fulfilling. Leave that garbage behind you, set it on fire (after you get the new job), and march forward now.


Oh, Cancers, you are so full of love and sweetness, the time you've wanted for romance and art has finally come. It's been 12 years since you saw an opportunity this blessed, and now you have 13 months. You are blessed in love, children, childbirth, anything fertile (get those plants out! get those old art projects out! make it happen!), social fun, sex (feel that fire again!), and many of you will be opening to completely new experiences. With Jupiter in Scorpio, you are in one of the best times in the next 12 years because you are able to finally spread your wings and fly again. Some of you may move or try completely different, new things. It's okay! Trust your heart. You are beautiful. You know that. We all know that. Get out of your shell and show the world how radiant you already know you are. Some of you may leave lovers because it isn't working and it isn't true, but that will allow true love to come into your life soon.


Fiery Lion, you are a force to be reckoned with, and we love it. You are blessed with all things domestic, home, family, and internal this coming 13 months. You will find your family brings you great happiness -- or much healing. You will spend more time with family. Cook at home. Throw parties at home. Dance at home. Fix your home up. Make your home the royal sanctuary you have always wanted it to be. Where is your throne? Lounge in it. And relish in your friends and family who want to be there! A powerful part of these 13 months will also be related to *self-love.* There's a major focus on truly loving yourself, knowing who and what you are at your *foundation* and making sure that you are aware of that. If you need to let go of things, do it. If you need to find ways to build your foundation, do it. Right now, it really is all about what you have, what you live for, and what you can support other people with. Also, if your family has been sick, they will likely heal, or be in a better place than before. Whatever happens, their happiness will also be yours.


Get ready for lots of speed, Virgo, because it is happening! Communications, marketing, advertising, social media, writing of any kind will be on the forefront. If you're re-branding, get ready for a total makeover! Redo your resume and ask friends for help. And then send it out. Nonstop. Everywhere. Your income and ability to lift higher can come now through your communication skills. Also, siblings in your life or younger children may be in focus. Virgos like to be practical and to think over everything multiple times. Don't just think it -- do it. You are gifted with vision now and you will be able to capture everyone with the way that you think and speak. Travel may also be blessed at this time -- but it'll likely be "short distance" travel. Trips nearby that bring you fun and expand your mind. You will also be drawn to at least one area of study that you want to increase. If you end up having a trauma in this coming year, you have the ability to use your words (and connections with people) to overcome it. The time is now.


Money is the capitalist way of life, Libra, and you're about to make more of it. Your income may rise, you may get a better job, or you may find your finances flourishing (finally) in a way better than before. With Jupiter moving from your sign (it spent September 2016 - now), you're focusing on who you are, what you want, and to make it happen. Resources will come to you (most likely monetary, or through gifts, or through introductions) that can increase your personal wealth and possessions. Anything that you "own" will be in focus now, and while we shouldn't look at people as possessions, sometimes we do. What is dependent on you? What do you *want* to be dependent on you? Choose what that is, and if you want it, make sure that you supply because they will become dependent on you so that you can possess all that you seek. If money becomes scarce during this period, it is because you need to open your life to new ways of generating income, or completely leaving this job behind.


Oh beautiful Scorpios, you now wear the crown of the zodiac and your first time in the last 12 years has finally come! How does it feel to rise above them all? (I know you love it!) With Jupiter in your sign, you are now blessed IN ANY AND EVERY SINGLE WAY OF LIFE YOU WANT. So you must lay seeds in these coming 13 months that will blossom not only now, but again next year, and again in the coming years, that will fully culminate in the next 12 years. Want true love? Get it. Want to launch your career? Get it. Want a baby? Get it. Want to travel the world? Get it. Want...anything? Lay the seeds and get it! You are blessed beyond anyone, the doors will open for you, you will be happier than you have been in forever. The key to laying seeds in the area you want is important in how you do it: want the big job? Get the internship or send your resume to make it happen. Doors will open. Want that big love? Dress up, work out, feel yourself, and go make it happen. Those are seeds. If pain comes to you this year, such as losing a job, losing a lover, losing something significant, it is because the Universe is saying "it's time has passed," so mourn it and move on, because the best is yet to come.


For a sign that loves to be in the limelight, you're going to enjoy a lot of time behind the scenes these coming 13 months: whether that means you're building a project you're ready to launch, creating a brand new plan for your life and getting ready to stand, or meeting a new life love that you are testing out before you make it fully public. Sagittarius like adventure and "scandal" in many ways, but the scandal you need to be cautious of is with enemies and hidden foes, and sometimes your greatest foe is your internal demons. With Jupiter in Scorpio, you are blessed with deep, tremendous healing, as well as deep, immense introspection. This is a fertile time, a magical time, where you will ponder what awaits the next "chapter of your life." In 2018, Jupiter will enter you, and suddenly you will wear the crown above all others -- but before you can do that, you must find your vulnerability. If "enemies" or hidden things surface, they will fade and be gone. If you are addicted to anything, that, too, will transform, and potentially leave you. Remember, the best you that you can be is if you let go of your demons and become the fire you were meant to be.


Within the last year, your career was lit on fire and you were shining, crowned in everything. Now, though, your light turns to your social connections and a deep focus on your dreams, ambitions, hopes, and longterm goals. You will be blessed in all of these areas if you have capitalized on the power of the previous time, but it will now be less focused on your public recognition and more on your personal validation. Your network will expand tremendously and you, like Taurus and Virgo, will receive good luck through contacts. Focus on the future, but remember, the past can lift you.  You will likely reignite some past contacts or lovers and bring in many new ones. Always keep your eyes on the prize, but keep building your empire. In two years from now, you will ignite a storm that will last twelve years.


You. Yes, you. You are a powerhouse. Did you know that? Well, get ready. Jupiter has finally crossed into your career/fame/public recognition sector and you are crowned in its glory. Want that big job? Get it. Want a promotion, an interview, to be published? Get it.  Many, many, many Aquarians will be in the limelight now and it will completely shape the world. Fix your resume and send it out. Launch your website. Go big -- don't go home -- go big! You will be lucky in all matters of career and the public. Some of you may marry and be in the limelight due to partnerships. Own that glory. This is a moment to be celebrated. If you are to leave anything in the public limelight (because for some of you it may happen), know that you will be blessed with brighter light ahead. Jupiter only brings luck, so even when it hurts, you are better because of it.


Expand your mind, dear Pisces, and be ready for whole new experiences. You're about to go into a place of trying new things, learning new ideas, and trying to make everything new integrated into your life. Embrace this! You are beautiful and the entire world chose you right now. Some of you may move from a "safe place" into a whole different zone. This can be physical, mental, or spiritual. Embrace them all. Academics, esoteric studies, politics, anything that can broaden your mind. Many of you will either be surrounded by people who do this to you -- different cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles -- but they will welcome you. Also, focus on things way bigger than you, such as mass-media or connecting with people that don't live close or nearby you. These people will vastly expand your network, your sustainability, and will enrich your life in every single way. If for some reason you have a severe break in your life in these areas, know that you are only being redirected to good things. The Universe is a loving place, and beautiful Pisces, everyone loves you.

Best of luck, my astrology lovers, if you ever have any thoughts or questions, follow me @MrKyleThomas


Kyle Thomas is a writer, producer, and lyricist living in Los Angeles. Astrology has always inspired him and he is a great believer in using the Universe to manifest the life you've always dreamt of. Follow Kyle Thomas on Instagram (@MrKyleThomas), Facebook (, or Twitter (@Mr_KyleThomas). More info:

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