Rising Signs For Beginners: What Do They Mean?

Rising Signs For Beginners: What Do They Mean?

Posted by Sasha Formoso on

Rising Signs For Beginners: What Do They Mean?

“Don't judge a book by it’s cover”; common advice we’re suggesting you throw in the trash for the sake of this article. Along with our sun and moon signs, the Rising sign is just as important when piecing together the puzzle of oneself. Upon meeting someone you are most likely being introduced to their Rising Sign. This sign is what was rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. How in the hell does this affect you? In so many words, it is your outer layer, your mask. It's the way in which you present yourself to the world. If your sun sign is your selfie, your rising sign is the filter you choose to give it a mood.


Aries Rising:
If you were born with an Aries rising you will lead with loads of energy! Your appearance is always well manicured, on trend, and bold. You walk swiftly, and with a mission. You will find yourself opting for positions of leadership, loving to show that your are the best candidate for the job. Even if you are not a natural go-getter, you will cringe at the thought of being seen as weak. In order to appear in control, you make hasty decisions. People see you as a little bossy at times, but ultimately covet your opinion since you often reign as a trendsetter. You can be found at openings of new restaurants and galleries making sure your don't miss a thing! Heaven forbid you decline an invitation. Depending on your sun sign, this can become exhausting. You have 2 options here: slow down or double your daily dose of caffeine.


Taurus Rising:
Born with a Taurus rising? You're so damn sensible! Well, that's how you'd like to be seen anyway. You show the world that you have everything under control, that you are level headed and grounded, and that you live an eco-friendly yet luxurious life. You make us wonder how it's possible to afford all of those $12 pressed green juices you drink every day. You do not like people to see you indulge or binge in unhealthy ways. Instead you highlight the ways you are both financially and ethically responsible. You enjoy the haute hippie life, and don't miss the chance at dressing the part choosing high end cozy clothing made from natural sources. People love to be around your calming nature, but people won't tolerate your inflexibility when it comes to your view-points. Your way is not the only way. Make room for other ways of life in order to expand your environment.

Gemini Rising:
Gemini rising? Sorry to interrupt. I'm sure you were in the middle of saying something. Always chatting it up, even when you don't know exactly what to say. You're one of those people who has nervous chatter, and chances are you've mastered it by now with a dash of wit. You're a charmer. Yes you are. You know it. You love being a conversation starter and aim to be the funniest in the room. This exterior indulges in a showmanship that can both be playful and aloof. It's draws people in, but also assures a certain layer of distance between you and your audience which will somehow make you even more interesting. You'll likely find yourself bullshitting yourself around a budding underground art scene, indulging in the obscure and ironic. In this way you have some teenage tendencies. Your physical manifestation will also be youthful, always fidgeting and fiddling around. You'll have fun playing with your appearance by experimenting with unconventional hair colors and genderless clothing. You do not like to be defined. A little advice, when you're interested in a serious connection, the games must be dropped.


Cancer Rising:
Are you from the past, Cancer rising? You sure would like us to think so, huh? You present yourself as if you're from an era that is long gone. You move slowly and with grace which directly contradicts the impatient pace of 2016. Cancer risings love being seen as the object of desire and affection. You are a visual love letter and feel best when entertaining in an intimate setting like your home. People will see you in a very classic female role: mother, lover, mistress, etc. -- but don’t fall into such a caricature of yourself, Cancer rising. Though it's fun to play the part, you can't live in a black and white film forever.


Leo Rising:
Even if you are a deep down wallflower, a Leo rising will force you to not only join the party, but to be the center of it! You show the world loads of pride by always being camera ready with eye catching hair and bold outfits. You will walk tall and flash a smile, pleased to perform for a doting audience. Leo risings crave attention, but may not necessarily know how to handle it if their sun and moon signs are naturally outgoing. People may see you as a narcissist, and rightfully so. Your image is highly important to you. You tend to mostly talk about yourself, forgetting to ask others about their own lives. Not that you don't care about others, actually you're quite generous, but the thing you don't like to share is attention. You're one of those people who thinks as themselves as a brand. This is obnoxious. Just know that. If you can just share the stage every now and again, that'd be great!


Virgo Rising:
Life must be daunting for you, Virgo rising. You are consumed with appearing as perfect. All of the eleven other signs know that there's just no such thing, but Virgo wholeheartedly believe that perfection is the only option. Virgo risings are meticulous, diligent, and highly organized in appearance. Your home, car, and physical look are groomed with great attention to detail. You have a very thoughtfully curates lifestyle and can panic at the thought of it being any other way. You are calm in demeanor. This is not to be mistaken for being laid back. That you certainly are not. The calmness is more of a presentation of control and composure. You are always prepared. People come to you for a spare Bobbi pin or extra phone charger. Others admire you, but are often intimidated by you as well. They are just waiting for that moment when you crack. You must remember that you are human. We know you have flaws. We don't care.


Libra Rising:
Libra risings, you are the beautiful and popular crowd! Lucky you! You appear to effortlessly have everything going for you-- a balance of creative whimsy along with a good head on your shoulders. Everyone loves a libra rising. You make a great partner and friend. You are seemingly easy going and aim to please. You truly fear being not liked, and go out of your way to make sure you are always in good standing with everyone. Your charm and good looks will get you far, but stop spreading yourself thin. Not everyone needs to be your best friend. Prioritize!


Scorpio Rising:
Here comes trouble! You lead with a brooding look, sultry, and unlike the rest of the signs. Visually you are the black swan, the Lolita, the girl no one would dare leave her boyfriend next to at the bar no matter how badly she needs to go to the bathroom. And you just love it, don't you Scorpio rising? You have the ability to fuck with people solely with a glance. It's your weapon. People see you as intense and guarded l. You probably aren't the most approachable. Now, you may actually want more of a social interaction, but that resting bitch face isn't actually going to help. Once you soften and engage with others, they love you fiercely. You aim to connect deeply and like to keep a small selective circle. Though ultimately, you like to be seen alone. Despite being comfortable as the villain, lighten up! Eventually if you let your rising sign take over, you will be trapped in the bitterness that can plague scorpios.


Sagittarius Rising:
You are the personification of improvisation: a real “yes, and” kind of person! You like to appear as someone who is always on the go and enjoying the adventures of life, especially if it relates to travel. You're the girl on the yacht in photos that we’re all wondering how she got there because we know she's a part time Pilates teacher. That doesn't buy you a boat! But you manage to find adventure! You come off as slightly self indulgent. People love it at first, even envy it. Soon though they will realize that it's a selfish side of you. You like to tell it like it is and become the person that people go to for an honest and blunt opinion. You love to share it along with other tales of experiences and theories. Though you love to share, you don't aim to be relatable. You prefer to appear as unattainable. Because of this, you generally don't stay in one place or relationship for long. Your circulate through friendships and relationship just as you do at parties: you seamlessly glide through them, weaving with grace, and waiting for something new to catch your attention. This aloof thing is alluring, but it's hard to rely on you. Slow down when it's worth it. People won't find your boring as long are you aren't. Rooted trees stay in one place, yet they are magnificent.


Capricorn Rising:
Capricorn rising, you are always on time and prepared. You are sensibly put together and like to appear as classic and practical. You are hardly a slave to trends, preferring cozy basics that are made with a regard to an artisan craft and workmanship. You come off as an intellectual and rather serious as well as reserved. You're often the designated driver (thanks for that) and have an endless list of great book recommendations. People respect you, and value your friendship, though they may not feel they can be loose around you. They see you as a big sister, mentor, or hall monitor. Quit worrying that people will think you're foolish if you happen to be a little off the cuff sometimes. Just try it.


Aquarius Rising:
I think if you had it your way people would truly wonder if you were in fact an Alien from outer space. You love to appear as ambiguous, unable to categorize. You experiment with different looks, each one of them more “unique” than the last. You aim to appear as an oddball. It's your vehicle. It's how you get around. People go to you for a good long talk about collective energy and conspiracy theories. You can appear as unable to be reached, though many people will try. You have a way of intriguing people and then confusing the shit out of them. Visit earth and connect deeply. You know you want to. Don't just be different for the sake of being fashionable or seemingly interesting. Find the meat-- evening if you're a vegan… And most likely you are.


Pisces Rising:
What an enchanting looking being you are Pisces rising-- so dreamy and otherworldly! You probably don't even know how beautiful to are. Well, sure you do. You use those doe eyes and shy demeanor to bait and hook just about everyone who swims past you. You basically float instead of walk, seeming like you are oblivious to the mortal world around you. You come off as a gentle soul who is in touch with her emotions. You give others the port unity to open up to your. You always want people to spill their guts to you and bury their secrets in your skin. Sometimes you come off as a wet blanket. Having a spine doesn't mean that people will think you're harsh or cruel. You may appear as foolish enough to trick, but you're wiser than that! Don't be afraid to show your strength! Be your own hero. Don't settle for beings just everyone else's fantasy or shoulder to cry on. It's a tired schtick.



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