Kosmic Kardashians: Amongst The Stars

Kosmic Kardashians: Amongst The Stars

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We don't need to tell you that the Kardashians are perhaps the biggest reality stars this country has ever seen, but what exactly is written about them in the stars? Start comparing each member’s Sun sign to dig into the real dirt and take a closer look at the dynamics of this Klan, as told by the universe.

Within this family there is a prominent water influence creating high levels of emotions, a couple sparks of fire to stir things up, and a gust of air that stands out. Seeing their sun signs alone are a recipe for drama, but through everyone's zodiac sign, we can get a peek into what really fuels their flames!


Kris: Scorpio
Starting off with the ring leader herself, Kris Jenner; she's born on November 5th, making her a Scorpio. This is very intense energy. As a Scorpio matriarch, she showcases her strength to dominate and take on the role of the boss. She is fiercely loyal to her family in both business and personal matters. Ultimately though she gets her own selfish pleasure from being in control of it all. Every Scorpio has an obsession, I think it's safe to say that success is hers. In Kris’ personal life, her former husband, Bruce (aka Caitlyn Jenner) is also a Scorpio. Coincidence? Surely, it's not. There isn't much left to chance when it comes to Scorpios. Their choices are very deliberate even though they are also fueled heavily by emotion. Kris and Caitlyn share a similar sense of ambition and will to succeed in addition to their strong family bond. Perhaps even deeper that Caitlyn saw in kris a piece of the woman he longed to be. But in the likeness of a true Scorpio, there were secrets below the surface. Thus Scorpio / Scorpio partnership allowed Kris to take on a more traditionally masculine role as she explored her power and similarly gave Bruce/Caitlyn a place to take a more docile role and explore his femininity within a family that has no shortage of female energy. Certainly the tension was thick between this double water relationship especially within the last couple seasons of the show. Scorpios have very strong convictions and though they may forgive, it's hard for them to forget. With both parties sharing their Sun sign, it may take twice as long to mend these scorned Scorpios.

Kourtney: Aries
As for the first born Kardashian child, Kourtney, an Aries born on April 18th, what a strange bird. It's interesting that the first born child is represented by the first sign of the zodiac. A highly focused and driven sign, Kourtney seems to wish to be left to herself, not wishing to be a part of all of the trivial dramas of her family. This is typical of an Aries, as they are the sign of the ‘self’. She has a blunt and somewhat cold exterior that disguises her denial regarding her own personal problems. Instead she stays focused on her children, relies on being a doer (unattached to emotions), and engages in a darker sense of humor like a rebellious child who may or may not be a psychopath. As a typical Aries, she will prioritize the things that fulfill her and put her on the path of adventure. This fun seeking side is likely how she connected to her previous partner and father of her Children, Scott, who is a Gemini. Geminis are known for being the child of all children, breaking rules and pushing buttons yet with charm. We constantly saw two sides of Scott, one minute you're laughing at his jokes and the next you're sure he's the scum under your shoe. It's very easy to feel betrayed by a Gemini, and Kourtney certainly got a taste of that despite her will to win that battle. Ultimately the off color charm that probably attracted this Aries to a Gemini is ultimately what got in their way. Aries has a strong need for things to go forward and backward while Geminis are playing left to right. It just doesn't work.

Kim: Libra
Next in the line up,the reason for the boom of social media attention that took this family from well to do to the royal family of American pop culture : Air Sign extraordinaire, Kim Kardashian. No one does social media like an Air sign, Kim was born on October 21st making her a Libra. This is a sign of vanity and beauty. it is full of people pleasers and the popular crowd. They know just how to manipulate their audience to see the image they're selling, and Kim is certainly owning that game. Though it may sound controlling, it isn't. They don't get off on struggling for power, in fact, Libras do not enjoy conflict at all. Though Kim may live in a world of drama, and enjoy every bit of it, this Libra is true to her sign as a peacemaker of the family wanting everything to be fair and just. She needs both in her life :both peace and chaos. Perhaps that’s why she loves being around Kanye (a cunning and rule breaking Gemini) . She has front row seats to the drama and spectacle of Kanye West, but he essentially runs the show, allowing her to relinquish the role of decision maker and play side-kick.  Libras love having a partner or team around them. Though they have great things to contribute, their indecisive nature is best balanced by a strong counter-part to make things happen! This is why we always see L hardly see Kim alone; always in a relationship and never far from her glam squad or family. Kim has proven herself to be a good little Libra by breaking the Internet, opening her heart again and again to romance, and of course influencing millions to follow her every move!

Khloe: Cancer
Third born, Khloe Kardashian, a Cancer born on June 27th, is true to her sign by being both ultra feisty yet such a softie. She gets very emotionally invested in her family and people who she deems her closest friends and lovers. She's loyal to a fault. You don't want to cross a Cancer who is protecting her loved ones. Because this cancer feels so deeply, she opens herself up to some major hurt. We have all seen how sensitive this crab is, and feel for her since she seems to be the most “real” of the bunch. She has human feelings that we don't see very often in this family. She has a very hard time moving on from the past. This is typical cancer behavior. For instance, her attachment to her fathers passing (fellow water sign, Pisces). She seems to be the most sensitive and troubled by his death which may have led to the willingness to hold on to her own love with Lamar (another water sign, Scorpio). Khloe’s commitment to Lamar may seem foolish but to this romantic, sympathetic, and maternal sign, she could never abandon him in his lowest moments. Her Cancer heart is too big and hopes to heal herself by helping to heal him.

Rob: Pisces
Rob Kardashian, a Pisces (March 17th) takes on many typical traits of his sign. They're highly sensitive and emotional, tend to retreat and hide when they feel threatened. They can appear as dreamers not necessarily doers (like The rest of his family's signs). It's likely for a Pisces to feel sorry for themselves and battle self destructive behavior. For quite some time Rob has been out of the spotlight, and his Sun sign may be just why. A Pisces doesn't like to expose their vulnerabilities. The harshness of the media is extra tough on this very private water sign. He is prone to second guessing himself. Rob is the baby of the OG Kardashian krew, and seems to relies on the more dominant signs of his sisters to come to the rescue.Though a Pisces can be lazy, there are very strong sides to a Pisces. They are resilient and adaptable. Pisces is one of the mutable signs meaning they can adjust to about anything with ease as long as they believe in themselves. Time for that fish to start swimming upstream and turn the tides around.

Kendall: Scorpio
Ok, so now the younger generation: the Jenner girls, starting with Kendall. Kendall was born on November 3rd making her a Scorpio (just like her mother and father) . She seems to be on her own path steering clear of tabloid drama, keeping her private life a little more behind the scenes. Privacy is the name of the game for most Scorpios, and Kendall isn't letting anything get in the way of her career. She is able to be loyal to her family without compromising her own goals. Though she has a more legit career going than really any of her siblings, she doesn't choose to flaunt for attention in the way some of sisters do. She is more low pro like a Scorpio typically is.

Kylie: Leo
So here we are, the baby of the family, Kylie. To no shock Kylie is a Leo, born on August 10th. She even calls herself “King Kylie”, it doesn't get more Leo than that. This baby lion would have it no other way than to be reigning as social medias most popular and influential. She is aiming to outshine her sisters and climbing fast with her sold out lip kits and clothing line with her sister Kendall. She proves that like other Leo's, she is very comfortable in a position of power! Often times, too much power for a Leo can inflate their egos and get in the way of their own success. It seems as though Kylie has only just begun to explore her reign over the media, we’ll all be watching closely to see what she does next!

Overall , this family is a zodiac powerhouse of pride, ego, intensity, and spiking emotions. Underneath all of the contouring and cosmetic surgery there's a family who sticks together through all of the controversy, using their loyal sun signs to bind them together for better or for worse. That is the commonality of all these looney tunes, all of their signs are ride or dies. And what more can you ask of your family? 

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