Moon Signs: A Guide To The Crazy In All Of Us

Moon Signs: A Guide To The Crazy In All Of Us

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Moon Signs: A Guide To The Crazy In All Of Us

When asked about our zodiac sign, most people gun it straight for their Sun Sign to do the talking. While it does represent the ‘self’, there are plenty of missing pieces which all come together to paint the picture that is uniquely you! There is certainly more to it than meets the Sun Sign. One large piece of that puzzle is our Moon Sign. The moon circles the Zodiac in just about one Month (as opposed to  the Sun which takes a whole year!). Where the moon was exactly at the time of your birth influences the inner self. It deals with a soft, vulnerable, private side. Here we address such things as fear and comfort. Explore this tender part of your unconsciousness to ultimately aid in self healing and peace. Become friends with your moon sign! She is your high school Emo phase personified. Let's work through it together -- sans the heavy eyeliner.


There is a lot of energy in the emotions of an Aries Moon: high highs and low lows. People with a moon in Aries have a teenage heart. Aries Moons will likely act before thinking. They are prone to tantrums when feeling like someone is directly attacking them, which is usually their initial thought. People with this moon need communication to be clear and direct so nothing is fuzzy. Unanswered questions frustrate their already feisty nature. When issues are laid out in the open, an Aries Moon can usually handle things like a big girl. Just give it to her straight. You'll then have the opportunity to experience the fun and ‘YES’ attitude this moon sign has to offer!


Being born with a Moon in Taurus is a solid soul who is a pretty safe bet and can be counted on when others need their emotional support, seeing that they handle matters of the heart with an exceptional amount of practicality. Now when it comes to their own deep seeded feels, it takes them an eternity to sort through their emotional mud, better yet emotional cement. Though they are notoriously stubborn, a Taurus Moon’s will to resolve a problem will ultimately prevail. Their caring nature makes this moon sign stellar parents and life long friends. My best advice to those born under this moon is to be kind and patient when dealing with your own buried feelings. Stay open and don't over think; try relying on your intuition more often. Put down the book of “shoulds” and have some fun!


Chatty and charming are those born with a Moon in Gemini. Their emotions are shape-shifters, and they love to talk about all of them! There is a constant dialogue in the mind of a Gemini Moon-- maybe even 2 at once. This makes them quick and witty, yet unavailable to be ever present. Being Two steps ahead means they must re-learn lessons over and over again because they may have just skimmed over it the first time. Their child-like interest in finding the fun, can appear as unfocused. Gemini moons are often slightly oblivious to how their distracted energy can upset others. A reputation of flakiness usually follows them around. Emotionally, a Gemini Moon is light hearted and generously forgiving, which is essential for healing. In order to maximize their strength, they need to address their fears face to face instead of dismissing them for the next best emotion.Gemini moons should  Practice being accountable to both yourself and the people who invest their time with you. Also, stop being the person who ignores texts but then posts on Instagram. We see you.


Oy Vey! Cancer Moons are the ultimate saps! They are the mooniest moon signs of all the moons. Cancer is highly lunar influenced, so those with their inner workings tethered to this sign are bound to see their traits magnified. Cancer moons focus a lot of emotional energy on the past. They replay memories over and over in their head making it near impossible to move forward. They adore anything that connects them to their childhood, family, their place of comfort and solace. When someone with a Moon in Cancer is uncomfortable or upset, they are likely to retreat right into their crab shell. I award the person who can pull them out of this type of mood. You must be gentle with them. They pinch. Cancer moons find peace at home or in cozy and calming spaces. If you need to damage control a moody or sobbing Cancer moon, call them an uber home, get them a blanket, and have their mother on speed dial to talk them off the ledge. And if you happen to BE a Cancer Moon: one crab leg in front of the other. Keep moving forward. The past has been used already. It's dead. K? Bye.


Those born with a Moon in Leo need a constant inner petting. Their emotions are strongly tied to their egos, which can be strong and entitled. When their pride is well fed, they have extraordinarily warm and generous hearts. When starved, move aside. Leo moons are the queens of their inner kingdom, and intend to protect anything that threatens that world. They are the quintessential hair brush singer, talent show star, homecoming queen. Leo moons are the top paid celebrities of their inner emotional industry. A word for the Leo Moons: when you have the opportunity to say something great about yourself, find a way to turn it around to compliment someone else instead! It is both fun to pet and be petted.


Virgo Moons are emotional analysts. Pretty sure they do a dissection of the heart any and every time an inner challenge arises. They are hardly easy going, and tend to nit-pick on the inside. They are a catalog of memories and details. They hold themselves as well as others accountable for their actions. When these Moon in Virgo traits are well groomed with patience and self kindness, they can harness a self awareness like no other. This brings out an observational, intellectual, and sarcastic sense of humor that meme dreams are made of. However, when a Virgo moon is disappointed, they use criticism to cut themselves and others into little pieces. Best thing to do is give a Virgo moon a task, Ask them to help you solve a Problem. Those born with their moon in Virgo are natural problem solvers and also loving helping others. Sidenote, I imagine


Sometimes I fear those born with a Moon in Libra have swapped out their heart for their head. Their emotions are glued to the concern of what other people think and how they will appear. This distracts them from exploring their truest truths. They are so often second guessing with the fear that they might not make the ‘right’ choice. Libra moons will re-open a case from 5 years ago to ensure that they came to the proper conclusion-- not in the name of emotional exploration but rather emotional justice. They are habitually indecisive in matters of the heart. This does not keep them alone for long though. They are happiest when they have a lover, partner, bestie, or even arch nemesis. They thrive on having someone to both argue with and also give them a stamp of approval. These Libra Moons need proof! If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it… Does it make a sound? Not according to a Libra Moon.


Those born with their Moon in Scorpio feel things so intensely. They can sometimes be consumed by fear when it comes to emotions. In order to protect themselves, they are highly private and selective about who they let in. They reserve sharing their vulnerability for strictly the most intimate and safe scenarios. When a Scorpio moon is scorned, I would expect to never hear from that person again. Betrayal is a mortal sin to a Scorpio moon who ultimately demands truth above all else. Hurt for a moon in Scorpio is a cut so deep, it's bound to bleed out before it can heal. Scorpio moons are unconventional, and often indulge in sub cultures and a darker narrative. They are especially interested in the relationships we have with birth and death. If you are looking for small talk, look elsewhere. Scorpio Moons are great partners to go deep with-- even their silence is moving. Note to Scorpio Moons: forgiving someone (even yourself) is not a sign of weakness. Stop forgetting that.


Wait! Come back! Sagittarius Moon people are always in such a rush to move on to the next thing! They are emotionally adventurous people who seek out the fun and romance in their personal life. They can easily feel trapped, which can lead to resentment and restlessness. Moon in Sagittarius needs inner freedom to express and explore. They are optimistic in nature and very willing to share their feelings. However, today's feelings soon become tomorrow’s old news. They are not flaky with emotions, but if anything gets in the way of their big picture kind of happiness, they are already on the next train. Sagittarius moons are not sufferers like some other signs. They are curious and seek depth, but ultimately find happiness there instead of nihilism. They are more interested in their emotions from a philosophical point of view rather than pedestrian practice. This can make people with a Moon in Sag appear as inconsiderate or selfish. Which sometimes is the truth. They can better reach their ideal levels of enlightenment by taking time to meditate, slow down at the yellow light, and sit with your discomfort before moving on from it.


Capricorn moons are often emotionally steadfast. They don't crave drama. They desire to live as a well oiled machine. They are collected on the surface, but boil when they feel inadequate. This is their ultimate fear: inadequacy. They use sarcasm as a way to both distance themselves from and connect them to others. It allows them to let out just enough without showing full vulnerability. People with their Moon in Capricorn are highly reliable, and love that role. They feel responsible for nearly everything. This is through their own free will. Though it can can also brew a resentful and bitter Capricorn Moon, especially if they feel unappreciated. They can benefit greatly from a creative outlet that does not acknowledge a right or wrong answer-- something grounding, calming, and light hearted. Hopefully this can take some of the emotional weight off their Capricorn Moon shoulders.


Aquarius Moon’s inner workings are mostly theoretical and experimental. They first engage their mind before their heart. Intellectualizing their feelings lead to emotional unavailability-- putting a barrier between them and whoever is trying to relate. This doesn't trouble an Aquarius Moon. They are independent in nature, even though they light up in social scenes. They are unorthodox in their concepts of fears and comforts, certainly not aiming for what most people would classify them to be. They are open to many new age ways of addressing their damaged parts. You can often find an Aquarius moon getting their Chakras read or at a Crystal meditation. They are interested in both self help as well as a collective and universal healing. Aquarius moons can benefit from looking at some of the cold, common, harsh truths and connecting in rawness. Yeah, I know, we’re all stardust and beams of light….. But also, we’re skin and bones. Ground control to major Aquarius Moon.


You can lose a Pisces Moon in the depths of their own emotions. They are inclined to put other people’s feelings first, which make for a perfect martyr. This doesn't mean that they are distant from their own feelings. In fact, they are so connected to their inner workings, it can overwhelm their sensitive souls. People with their moon in Pisces are likely to create a world of fantasy to cope with the intensity in which they feel. They can even be hurt by things that have never even happened in the real world. Though they choose fantasy for themselves, they are excellent listeners and have natural clairvoyant gifts. Taking on so many roaming emotions can result in a withdrawn Pisces Moon. Their emotions are their form of currency - trading cards of empathy are certainly collected with a Pisces Moon. Best case is they can focus these qualities and make use out of them rather than being consumed by them. People with their Moon in Pisces should explore creative forms of healing such as writing, painting, and dancing. You have permission to make yourself a priority!


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