Moon Musings: How Venus in Virgo (August 21, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How Venus in Virgo (August 21, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Posted by Valerie Mesa on

On August 21, delicious Venus — the charming goddess of the cosmos and irresistible planet of love — touches the earth after being born from Leo’s ravishing fixed fires. In this charismatic fire sign, the planet of pleasure unapologetically thrives on being center-of-attention. Playful and flirtatious, Venus in Leo indulged in her flamboyant self expression and gaudy exchanges. So much so, the more she tapped into her courage, the more confident in herself she became. Leo is prideful, stubborn and incredibly willful; hence the undeniable drama of this venusian transit. Imagine… what Venus wants Venus gets and in the sign of theatrical Leo, let’s just say she isn’t afraid to put on a show. In fact, Venus in Leo has no trouble expressing her extravagant affections — which just so happen to be larger than life itself — and she expects the very same in return. This is precisely why Venus in Leo can also be somewhat of a big spender, too! The goddess of delight is a slave to her desires and in dazzling Leo, she can’t help but live for the applause. However, once the planet of love reaches the sign of meticulous Virgo, she’ll be taking a more practical approach.

Think about it: Leo is ruled by the sun and the sun is a symbol of the ego, right? Well, this is exactly why Venus in Leo is so concerned with matters of the self, which can lead to a lack of empathy or on the darkside, self-centeredness. Virgo, on the other hand, is ruled by curious Mercury, planet of communication, thought process and mobility. Aside from the insatiable need to stay busy, Virgo is naturally preoccupied with being of service to others. I’ll be honest with you, a lot of people are intimidated by Virgo’s extra sharp precision and attention to detail, but the only thing they’re afraid of is putting in the work. Period. The key word for Virgo is mindfulness. So what do you think happens when the goddess of desire enters a responsible and detail-oriented sign like Virgo? Put it this way: If Venus in Leo smothered their romantic partners with flamboyant displays of affection and lavish presents, Venus in Virgo is the exact opposite. For starters, Virgo’s approach is a lot more conservative than Leo’s, and by a longshot. Despite its desire for order and productivity, Venus in Virgo can’t help but fall in love with the details.

In Virgo, the goddess of love is in detriment — which means its essence is weakened — as it exalts — thrives — in its polar opposite sign Pisces. However, all planetary dignities aside, the planet of love expresses itself in a unique way when in the meticulous sign of Virgo. Think about it: Virgo’s main objective in life is to act responsibly, think practically and waste as little time as possible. In Virgo’s eyes, critiquing you and reprimanding you for the toothpaste brand you use is equivalent to them loving you. This earth sign tends to fuss over the petty details, and with the goddess of love traveling via Virgo’s territory, our desires will likely shift along with it. Warning: Do not let Venus in Virgo’s hypercritical personality stop you from taking a chance in the love department. Yes, Venus is in love with love but in meticulous Virgo, the goddess of love refuses to settle unless it’s for the absolute perfect scenario. On a brighter note, however, Venus in Virgo will encourage us to be mindful — and more practical — with our spending habits, because what can I say? Credit card debt is a no-brainer for Venus in Leo. 

For Venus in Virgo, however, love is expressed via small acts of kindness. Gestures as mundane as accompanying someone to the post office, to lending them another pair of eyes to help proofread what they wrote, are some of Venus in Virgo’s favorite things. In Virgo, Venus prefers productive favors over the whole production, if that makes sense. Again, this is precisely why the planet of love is “in detriment” when in the sign of Virgo, as we are used to the essence of Venus being lavish and irresistible. However, like it or not, there is still beauty in small acts of service. In fact, making life easier for the one you love should always be a must, so there’s really no need to be discouraged by this modest Venus transit. On the contrary, there’s plenty for you to work with.


Read your Venus in Virgo horoscope and transit tip below:

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It’s the little things, Aries. With eloquent Venus going vegan via your sixth house of health, service, work environment and daily due diligence, your affections will be expressed in a more practical and dutiful way. So if you’re the type who enjoys loads of PDA and intense flirting, that’s all about to change with Venus in Virgo. When the goddess of love is traveling through this area of your chart, you’ll firmly stand behind the phrase, “actions speak louder than words.” Looking for love? There are romantic opportunities all around you, Aries. Imagine, this area of your chart governs your daily routine, so feel free to give you fave barista a visit while you’re at it. Then again, something as simple as being mindful of your body is already a form of self-love. So go ahead and give yourself some undivided attention, Aries. *Transit Tip: Polish your mind, body and soul.*


Practice makes perfect, Taurus. Although, with your ruling planet Venus sashaying through your expressive fifth house of creativity, romance and individual truth, you might suddenly feel the need to fully dedicate yourself to an intricate craft. What are your hobbies these days? Your passion projects will be top of mind, so go ahead and give it everything you’ve got. Single? This venusian transit will certainly inspire you romantically; however, given Virgo’s innate perfectionism, you might also be feeling a bit more judgemental than usual during this time. Whatever you do, don’t let the fussy details stop you from experiencing true love, Taurus. In the meantime, feel free to surround yourself with beauty and the things that bring you the most joy. Consider this a celestial recess from the heavens. Besides, we all deserve a little time to play. *Transit Tip: Schedule a self-love appointment.*


Marie Kondo-ing much, Gemini? With the goddess of love and pleasure baking cookies via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation, you’ll be ready to clean out your summer wardrobe and re-organize it for the fall. One pile for you and another for the Goodwill, Gemini. Looking for love? I’ll be honest with you. Unless one of your relatives surprise you with a hand-picked blind date — because anything can happen — it’ll likely be just you and the Pillsbury dough boy. What can I say? Life is cyclical and well, ‘tis isn’t the season to be in a romantic partnership, if you know what I mean. Instead, why not adorn your humble abode? Although, make sure you’re watching your spending habits, because Venus in Virgo is on a budget. *Transit Tip: Color-coordinate your closet.*


You’re a charming diplomat, Cancer. This is especially true with the goddess of love flirting via your third house of communication, thought process and local community, of course. Time for a new agenda? Your social life is thriving this season so make sure to get your ducks in a row, Cancer. Texting your little heart out much? With the planet of love dazzling your communication sector, you’ll be drip-feeding your admirers with caramelized charms. Mental stimulation will also be a must-have for you during this time; however, make sure you take it easy on your prospects.*Transit Tip: Proofread your thoughts.*


Make that bank, Leo. With the goddess of love and beauty swiping her credit card via your second house of money, comfort and sense of security this season, you’ll likely be using your razor sharp cat eyes for all things related to your finances. This is an interesting combination because this area of your chart already belongs to Venus; however, when in the sign of meticulous Virgo, the planet of love prefers to think practically as opposed to indulging in the pleasures of life. Single? Aside from needing to match the criteria on Virgo’s checklist, luscious Venus prefers to take her sweet time when in this area of your chart. So don’t rush things and go with the flow. Now, in terms of self-care, take advantage of this venusian transit and reflect on your current budget and spending habits. *Transit Tip: Count your blessings.*


Getting your glam on, Virgo? With the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure getting hands-on via your sign, you’ll likely be in the mood for a brand new look. You of all people know it’s all about the details, so don’t be afraid to splurge on the things you love, despite your ultra Virgoan spending habits, OK? Also, indulging in the things that bring you pleasure is a form of self-love, so there’s no reason to feel guilt. Single? The planet of love is nothing short of irresistible, so you’ll have no trouble catching that special someone’s eye. However, try not to be so critical, Virgo. Love is supposed to be easy, but it all starts with you. *Transit Tip: Don’t worry, be happy.*


Setting boundaries in your love life is a must, Libra. This, of course, is especially true in your case, as you are the “relationship guru” of the zodiac. However, with your ruling planet Venus meditating via your secretive 12th house of dreams, closure and all things behind the scenes, chances are you’ll be craving your solitude. Granted, this sounds nothing like you but there’s a time and place for everything, Libra. Although, if you are in fact looking for love, this venusian transit calls for more of a secret rendezvous, if you know what I mean. The more incognito the better but if you’re a regular client at your nearest yoga studio, or perhaps meeting with a local group for full moon meditation, you might very well run into a charming prospect. *Transit Tip: Create an altar for the goddess Aphrodite.*


All for one and one for all, Scorpio. This is especially true with the goddess of love networking via your 11th house of groups, tribes and extended network. Looking for something out of this world? Whether you’re mingling with a completely different group of friends or falling for the town rebel, the planet of pleasure prefers taking the unconventional route while in this area of your chart. The 11th house has everything to do with your hopes, wishes and dreams, so make sure to turn up the charm while you’re at it. *Transit Tip: Make a difference in the world.*


Charm your superiors, Sagittarius. Although, with the planet of love taking charge in the sign of Virgo, you’ll likely be using your powers of persuasion in a more traditional way. Imagine, with irresistible Venus getting down to business via your ambitious tenth house of career, reputation and legacy, you’re finally being recognized for your meticulous projects and professional efforts. Single? Lady Venus doesn’t waste time when in this area of your chart, unless it’s an investment worth making. So don’t try to mix business with pleasure, Sagittarius. In typical Virgo fashion, it’s time to use your leadership skills in both a practical and productive way. *Transit Tip: Celebrate the value of hard work.*


Do your research, Capricorn. With the goddess of love sashaying through your expansive ninth house of travel, higher learning and personal philosophy this season, you’ll likely find pleasure in things related to exotic cultures, religions and perhaps even decide to take off on a mission trip of sorts. Although, picking up hobbies that require skill and meticulous craft are likely. Reading, writing and entrepreneurial investments are some of Venus’ favorite things when traveling through this area of your chart. Looking for love? The goddess of love attracts foreigners, philosophers and sparkling intellectuals during this transit. Carpe diem, Capricorn. *Transit Tip: Learn something new everyday.*


Do you know how many calories you can burn during sex, Aquarius? With the planet of pleasure and sensual delights dancing in the dark via your eighth house of sex, intimate unions and joint ventures, you’re likely craving depth and intensity. Although, when in meticulous Virgo, the goddess of love is a bit critical and highly focused on her responsibilities; therefore, take advantage of this time to sort out your priorities. Venus swoons over all things taboo-like, mysterious and/ or related to the occult when in this area of your chart, so don’t ignore your superstitious pet peeves during this time. Single? The goddess of love emanates a smoldering sex appeal during this transit, so use it wisely. *Transit Tip: Make eye sex a hobby*


It takes one to know one, Pisces. The people in your life are a reflection of your unique essence, and with the goddess of sensuality writing her vows via your committed seventh house, you’re making note of who you can rely on. In Virgo — your polar opposite sign — Venus is hyper-focused on the process and expresses herself via acts of service; hence this is an excellent time to give back to your significant other and/ or committed partnerships. On the dark side, however, Venus in Virgo can also be intensely critical, so make sure you’re being mindful of the way you express your affections and desires. Looking for the one? Approach love with an open mind; no one’s perfect  *Transit Tip: You get what you give*

*image by Elisa Riemer*

Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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