Moon Musings: How the Full Moon in Aquarius (August 15, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Father sun and mother moon emanate a divine frequency, that in turn influence the ocean tides and the water within our bodies. Did you know that up to 60 percent of the human body is made of water? Both of these bedazzling luminaries have the innate ability to heighten our emotions and evoke consciousness. The sun is a representation of our outer world, physical identity, and the ego; it is the way we express ourselves in the physical dimension — and shine our unique light with the rest of the world — but its divine light also provides us with enough strength and courage to move forward. La luna, on the other hand, is a representation of our inner world, shadow self, and emotional foundation. It is our innermost feelings, intuitive instincts and a karmic reflection of who we are in the dark. The moon’s iridescent light beams ultimately shed light on our emotional world and sense of security. 

There is a powerful force that stems from the phases of the moon, and this is especially true for the full moon phase. When la luna reaches her peak of fullness, she fearlessly sits directly opposite the sun, which in turn symbolizes the divine feminine and masculine energies  (yin and yang) coming face-to-face to enkindle harmony between both our emotional and physical reality. Remember, with the sun and moon on complete opposite sides of the zodiac wheel, we — as a collective — are being asked to find a balance between our inner and outer world. For instance, something to reflect on during the full moon phase is, are your external surroundings fulfilling you at an emotional level? Are you being emotionally authentic with those who surround you? Again, the astrological logistics depend on your individual birth chart but rest assured, your dreams, emotions, intuitive feelings, psychic abilities, and thought process will be incredibly heightened during this time. Embrace these feels.

With that said, a full moon will adorn the night sky on Thursday, Aug. 15 in the socially-conscious sign of Aquarius. Sitting directly opposite the sun in theatrical Leo — which is equivalent to our self expression and inner child — Aquarius is a symbol of society along with our collective consciousness. Another way to look at these energies is, Leo being “personal” and Aquarius “universal.” Think about it: In order to live a completely authentic life where you can fully express yourself (Leo), you have to rebel (Aquarius) against social conditioning, right? Well, this is precisely why the essence of Aquarius is recognized for being eccentric, rebellious, innovative, and extraordinary. Although, in the eyes of the water bearer, being well-received by others can interfere with one’s responsibility in society, which is why being independent and an out-of-the-box thinker is necessary for making a difference. However, in order to heal the world, we must first open our hearts.

In typical Aquarius fashion, this Uranus-ruled full moon is rarely ever “ordinary,” but this is especially true for this month’s lunation. Why? Well, with this rebellious lunation sitting directly across a cluster of planets in big-hearted Leo, the last thing we’ll be is emotionally detached. Remember, Leo is a symbol of our ego and unique light; hence there’s nothing impersonal about this energy. Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler will also square curious Mercury, planet of communication and thought process. Be mindful of what and how you’re communicating during this time, as this can very well spark unexpected disruptions. Although, on a brighter note, this can also inspire both innovative and revolutionary breakthroughs. A magical trine between Neptune Rx and the North Node in Cancer can also promote deeply intuitive insight in regard to your destiny and soul purpose. Then again, with so much emphasis on the ego — thanks to this shiny Leo stellium AKA a cluster of planets sitting together in one zodiac sign — it’s important to silence the superficial self-talk and criticism. 

In the end, it’s important to let your soul speak for itself. There is no such thing as another you, and despite how challenging and/or intimidating it is to share your authentic truth with the rest of the world, it is both your social responsibility and unique dharma to do so. Wondering how this lunation will affect you? Here’s what the full moon in Aquarius has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:


You know exactly how to stand out in the crowd, Aries. With la luna activating your socially-conscious 11th house of teams, tribes, friendships, and extended network, you’re fearlessly looking for a sense of belonging in the world. There’s no better feeling than validation, and with the sun, Venus, and Mars getting rowdy via your expressive fifth house of joy, creativity, romance, and passion projects, you’re finally learning how to use your sparkling authenticity in order to make a difference in the world. Think back to the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 4 and reflect on the following, Aries: Have you taken any social responsibilities, or perhaps made a contribution to society as of late? Is your social life emotionally fulfilling? 


You’re a visionary, Taurus. This, of course, is especially true with innovative Uranus traveling through your sign since March. But with the moon shaking up your ambitious tenth house of authority figures, career path, and legacy in the world, you’re willingly owning the spotlight like never before. Hard work certainly pays off, doesn’t it? And while there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your wins, the sun, Venus, and Mars hovering over your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation, might have you craving a lot more attention and praise than usual. Remember, there’s a difference between someone who’s self confident and someone who’s plain arrogant. Think back to the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 4 and reflect on the following, Taurus: Have you been putting your heart into your professional endeavors? Have you established a healthy work vs. home life balance?


Your perspective is always extraordinary, Gemini. With la luna beaming through your expansive ninth house of education, travel, higher-learning, and personal philosophy, you’re finally starting to rebel towards anything and everything that’s been standing in the way of your truth. Is there something you want to share with the class, dear? This is an understatement, especially with the sun, Venus, and Mars parked via your chatty third house of communication and immediate network. There’s nothing wrong with expressing yourself, Gemini. In fact, it’s time you start using your voice and taking the necessary risks at hand. Although, make sure you consider the bigger picture before taking that leap of faith. Think back to the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 4 and reflect on the following, Gemini: Have you put your hypothesis to the test? Do you have faith in yourself?


Set the necessary boundaries, Cancer. Mother moon, aka your intuitive ruling planet, is activating your intimate eighth house of sex, debt, power, transformation, and joint ventures, and your shared resources might suddenly become top of mind. Are you surrounding yourself with those worthy of your time and energy? For those of you coupled, this lunation could shed light on your significant other’s finances, while single crabs get a closer look at their friendships and associations. However, with the sun, Venus, and Mars making money moves via your comfort-seeking second house of income and value, chances are you’ll be reminded of how “worthy” you truly are. Think back to the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 4 and reflect on the following, Cancer: How much are you investing in your hopes, wishes, and dreams? Are you — or anyone in your network — indebted to someone or something?


It’s OK to need people, Leo. With la luna beaming through your seventh house of partnerships, one-on-one connections, and open enemies, this is a time for you to reflect on whether or not you’ve been meeting your partner half way. Themes related to balance, compromise, and negotiations with your significant other — and/or regarding a specific partnership — will be top of mind. This isn’t a time to be self-centered, Leo. On the contrary, it’s important for you to put yourself in people’s shoes. Although, with the sun, Venus, and Mars hovering over your sign, this might be somewhat of a challenge for you. Think back to the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 4 and reflect on the following, Leo: Have you set the necessary boundaries within your current relationships? Are you giving the people in your life room to be unapologetically themselves?


You’ve got a lot going on behind the scenes, Virgo. Although, with the moon shaking up your orderly sixth house of health, daily routine, and due diligence, you might not be able to keep things a secret for that much longer. There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in what you do and who you are, but it’s not a good idea to internalize everything either. In fact, why not share some of that quirky pizzazz with the rest of the world? Your work environment and health habits are coming up for review during this lunation, so it’s important to recognize whether or not you’re being completely honest with yourself. A square between electric Uranus — via your ninth house of faith — and your ruling planet Mercury, might have you fussing over the petty details. However, instead of stressing the superficial stuff, make sure you consider the “bigger picture” and your future goals. Think back to the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 4 and reflect on the following, Virgo: Do you find your current routine to be mentally-stimulating? If you had a chance to create the perfect day, what would it look like?


You’re one in a million, Libra. Despite your insatiable desire to fit in with the rest of the world, you’re naturally eccentric and original when you want to be. You’re a rare diamond and a charming diplomat. What inspires you creatively? What are you passionate about? The only person you need approval from is YOU. So give yourself permission to shine, and more importantly, open your heart to receive the love that’s all around you. Crushing on someone in your network of friends? This lunation might very well bring you the answers you’ve been seeking. Otherwise, feel free to moon bathe under this unicorn moonlight, because in Frida Khalo’s words, you are your own muse. Think back to the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 4 and reflect on the following, Libra: Are you willing to love yourself in order to be loved in return? Are you ready to own the unusual hobby that brings you joy?


You’re out of this world, Scorpio. You’ve always felt insecure about being the black sheep of the family, and the lone wolf amongst your group of friends, but what if that same peculiarity is what makes you so damn special? With the moon shaking up your domestic fourth house of home, family, and your inner foundation, you’re finally coming to terms with your innermost feelings despite your innate fear of rejection. Who cares what people think? Granted, you say that a lot, but you and I both know you don’t always mean it. Besides, with the sun, Venus, and Mars hovering over your public tenth house of career and reputation in the world, it’s time you set yourself free. Seriously, are you ready to be completely and  unapologetically yourself? Think back to the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 4 and reflect on the following, Scorpio: Is your professional life aligned fully aligned with your personal authenticity? How have you experimented with your unique talents since?



Use your voice, Sagittarius. Whether it’s because you secretly enjoy dabbling in astrology, or the fact that your mind is pretty extraordinary, there’s no denying your progressive mind. Truth is, I can’t help but wonder, what is it going to take for you to share that unique wisdom with the rest of the world? Although, with la luna activating your local third house of communication, thought process and immediate environment, you might suddenly feel overwhelmed with your to-do list. Imagine, with the sun, Venus and Mars hovering over your adventurous ninth house of expansion, the last thing you want to focus on is the mundane. In fact, you’re probably feeling more restless than usual, too. Do yourself a favor and get the petty stuff over with. Think back to the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 4 and reflect on the following, Sagittarius: Have you been taking care of business? How can you use your brilliant mind to make room for more adventures?


You value your freedom, Capricorn. So much so, you prefer keeping to yourself in hopes of not being questioned. Also, with la luna shaking up your comfort-seeking second house of income, values, and self worth, you’re finally coming to terms with your “bizarre” needs. Although, with the sun, Venus, and Mars dancing in the dark via your eighth house of sex, transformation, and shared resources, you’re likely in the midst of realizing where you’ve been giving and getting. You’ve always been confident about your sex life, but do you value your partner’s needs, too? If this doesn’t sound like you, then perhaps you’re investing your energy on situations that no longer serve you. Think back to the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 4 and reflect on the following, Capricorn: Have you — or your partner — been selfish about your desires? Are you craving more personal freedom as of late?


Happy full moon, Aquarius! You only get one full moon a year, and this one’s got your name on it. With la luna’s iridescent rays beaming through your sign, you’re purposely being reminded of your eccentric nature and love for variety. What can I say, Aquarius? You’re a rebel and it’s your celestial duty to start your own revolution every now and then. It’s OK to set yourself free, but don’t forget about your relationships in the process. Reflect on whether you or your partner’s needs should be a priority during this time. Balance is key during this lunation; hence themes related to I vs. we will be top of mind. Think back to the new moon in your sign on Feb. 4 and reflect on the following, Aquarius: Are the people in your life respectful of your personal space? Do you feel unapologetically yourself in your committed partnerships?


Have faith in yourself, Pisces. You’re an extraordinary being, and it’s time you start integrating your magical unicorn talents with your day-to-day life. Besides, with la luna beaming through your secretive 12th house of dreams, closure, karma and all things behind the scenes, it’s going to be hard to disregard your subconscious mind during this time. Face your fears and own your responsibilities. This, of course, could be challenging with the sun, Venus, and Mars sitting over your orderly sixth house of daily life, but this lunation leaves no room for the ego. On the contrary, sometimes you need to make the necessary sacrifices despite how much you have on your plate. One thing’s for sure: Make sure you’re tending to your mind, body, and soul. Either way, your spirit will speak for itself. Think back to the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 4 and reflect on the following, Pisces: Are you sacrificing your personal freedom and well being for your social life? Have you been giving yourself enough to room to breathe and do what you love?


Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.



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