Moon Musings: How Venus in Leo (July 27, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How Venus in Leo (July 27, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Posted by Valerie Mesa on

On July 27, alluring Venus, celestial body of love, beauty, pleasure, and the only planet in our solar system to be named after a goddess, finally reaches the shore after a moonlight swim in the intuitive waters of Cancer. In this sensitive water sign, the goddess of love found harmony in nesting, emotional exchanges, and family affairs. For instance, intimate connections, sweet nostalgia, and all things domestic, are some of Venus in Cancer’s favorite things. Remember, the planet of oh la la has one objective, and that is to indulge in the pleasures of life. In sentimental Cancer, however, lady Venus willingly wore her heart on her sleeve, in hopes of being able to express her deepest desires, within both her friendships and romantic partnerships. Cancer is a cardinal water sign, which means it has no trouble initiating that which entails us to tap into our emotions, and nurture our surroundings. This is precisely why Venus in Cancer thrives on heart-to-heart conversations and sentimental exchanges in general … but that’s all about to change.

Ruled by the ever-glowing sun, Leo is a fixed fire sign with a whole lot of pizzazz. I mean, can you even blame them for hogging the spotlight? The sun is the center of the universe, you know, but more importantly, it is a symbol of our ego and soul’s greatest purpose. It is a representation of our unique light and individual authenticity, despite society’s conditioning. So what happens when the goddess of delicious harmony travels through a theatrical sign like Leo? If your first guess is, put on an epic performance, you’re absolutely correct. Although, aside from Leo’s innate characteristics, it’s important to consider the divine order of the zodiac wheel, along with the three modalities: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. What does this mean, exactly? Well, now that we’ve learned how to nurture our relationships and domesticate ourselves via Venus in Cancer, it’s time to have a little fun. As you know, Leo’s fire is fixed, which means it has no trouble maintaining its colorful flames… and neither will Venus! The heat is on.

In Leo, Venus expresses herself with a dazzling amount of courage, and flamboyant displays of affection. Sounds cliché, but Venus in Leo is equivalent to a woman’s perfect Valentine’s Day, in the midst of being worshiped by her one true love. She is the largest bouquet arrangement of Venus et Fleur, and a scrumptious bite of dessert surrounded by gorgeous rose petals. Venus in Leo is in love with love and that goes without saying, but here’s where it can get tricky. Venus is a symbol of our values, relationships, and the things that bring us the most pleasure. Meanwhile, Leo is a fixed fire sign who thrives on authentic expression, and all things joyful. I know what you’re thinking… why would this be a bad thing, exactly? Well, this is a delicious combination of celestial energies, but if we’re not being mindful of our gratuitous love language, Venus in Leo can also be incredibly detrimental to our bank accounts… if you know what I mean. There’s nothing wrong with taking action, but with Venus in Leo’s over-the-top gestures, things could get dramatic rather quickly. 

In the end, Venus in Leo is here to re-energize and revitalize our relationships, hobbies, and value system. Besides, we all deserve to have a little fun, right? Here’s what Venus in Leo has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:


Ready to be the showstopper you truly are, Aries? With the goddess of love dazzling your expressive fifth house of romance, creativity, and childlike expression, let’s just say, flirtatious is an understatement. Aside from being the center of attention, you’ll likely be in the mood to have a good time, and look good while doing it, too! Single? This area of your chart has everything to do with romance, passion… and even one-night-stands! So whether you’re looking for something serious or non-committal, the goddess of love is here to light your fire, literally. Feeling creative? This astrological house is also known as the house of passion, which in this case, passion projects are most definitely an option for Venus in Leo, so don’t be afraid to be bold. Transit Tip: Fall in love with your uniqueness.


Loyalty is everything, Taurus. Besides, with Venus dazzling your moody fourth house of home, family, and emotional intelligence, you’re looking for someone to share your California King with. It’s not that you’re reluctant to a good time, you simply know what you want and you’re ready to make it yours. This area of your chart is a representation of your inner sanctuary, not to mention your home sweet home, of course. So whether it’s the money you make, the food you intake, or the person you make love to, the goddess of love is here to give you the royal treatment. Have you considered redecorating your humble abode? If so, Venus in Leo’s got you covered. This is an excellent time to add a little bit of pizzazz to your castle, so have fun.  Transit Tip: Get your flamboyant furnishing on!


If it’s got your name on it, make sure you’re being compensated for it, Gemini. Hasn’t anyone ever told you that your words are your moneymaker? I mean, is that even a question? With charming Venus sashaying through your inquisitive third house of cognitive functioning, immediate community, and general exchanges, socializing and engaging with your local community will be top of mind. However, given that this is your house of rulership, it’s safe to say, you know a thing or two about using your words to your advantage. This, of course, is why you make the big bucks, but are you actually doing anything about it? Venus in Leo wants to be recognized and adored, so you already know what time it is. Transit Tip: You wrote it, they bought it.


Alexa, play “Money” by Cardi B! I’m totally serious, Cancer.  With the planet of love dripping in jewels via your indulgent second house of finances, values, and self-worth, the phrase “shop ‘til you drop” never looked so good. Interestingly enough, this area of your chart belongs to none other than lady Venus herself, not to mention governed by the flamboyant sign of Leo, which means you’ll likely be craving all things ultra luxe. Who knows, some of you might even celebrate your birthday for the rest of the summer, and well, why the hell not? Financial breakthroughs are likely, but make sure you’re being mindful of your spending habits in the process. Transit Tip: Your energy is priceless.


Are you ready to make an epic entrance, Leo? It’s not everyday Venus sprinkles her delicious charms over your sign, you know… so you better work! With the goddess of love showing off her goods via your first house of self, appearance, and personality, radiant is an understatement. Imagine, you’re already glowing with sunny charisma, so just wait until coquettish Venus makes her sparkling debut. Single? You’ll have your crush eating out of the palm of your hand in no time. The goddess of love is working in your favor, so feel free to strike a pose. Transit Tip: Dazzle them with your charm.


Do you believe in silent charisma, Virgo? With luscious Venus whispering sweet nothings via your subconscious 12th house of karma, closure, and all things behind the scenes, you’ll pride yourself on your secret-keeping abilities, and the goddess of love’s personal favorite, your subliminal powers of persuasion. Looking for love? This sultry transit could very well inspire a secret rendezvous of sorts, so keep your options open, Virgo. On another note, this is an excellent time to indulge in your solitude, and express yourself behind closed doors, whether it be personally or romantically. Remember, this area of your chart governs your private life, and Venus your values, so how can you find harmony within yourself?

Transit Tip: You’re always in good company.


BFFs forever, Libra? Your ruling planet Venus is sashaying through your humanitarian-like 11th house of teams, tribes, and like-minded groups, and you’re meeting your besties for brunch and headed to happy hour with your fave coworkers. That’s what friends are for, right? Those of you looking for love could suddenly have the hots for someone within your extended network, or perhaps start crushing on someone who isn’t necessarily your type. Truth is, this area of your chart is all about tapping into your inner rebel, and breaking free from the norm; hence all things progressive, innovative, and mentally-stimulating will be of interest to you during this time. In fact, you might even decide to splurge on some retro techie gadgets in the meantime. Transit Tip: Flaunt your eccentricities.


Own the spotlight like the superstar that you are, Scorpio. The goddess of love is flaunting her charming expertise via your ambitious tenth house of career, reputation, and legacy in the world… so don’t be shy! For those of you looking for love, I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but Venus is highly career-driven when in this area of your chart, so your professional life will definitely be a priority. That is if you don’t fall in love while hanging in the C-suite, of course. However, make sure to take full advantage of this shiny transit. Besides, it’s not everyday the goddess of charm showers you with sparkling charisma, and Venus’ personal fave, the big bucks! Transit Tip: Soak in the applause.


Living on the edge, Sagittarius? With the planet of sugar, spice, and everything nice wandering through your expansive ninth house of education, travel, and higher learning, your innate wanderlust will be at an all-time high. Single? Despite your love for all things exotic, this delicious transit might very well gift you with your very own Vicky Cristina Barcelona foreign love story. You will experience harmony while venturing into unknown territory, and being the natural thrill seeker you are at heart. Different cultures, new experiences, and spontaneous adventures are headed your way. Transit Tip: Fly first class.


People are surprised to learn that sex with you is nothing short of a cinematic experience, Capricorn. And with the planet of love and pleasure experiencing climax via your auspiscious eighth house of sex, power, and shared resources, there’s no denying that your sex appeal will be through the roof. Single? When the goddess of love parks her rose celest-mobile via this area of your chart, she’s craving one thing, and one thing only: smoldering intensity. In fact, the quieter and more mysterious, the more you will be attracted. This area of your chart also has to do with other people’s money, so some of you might be surprised to find a good amount of cash reach your hands during this time. Transit Tip: Indulge in the power of eye-sex.


Falling in love, Aquarius? With delicious Venus walking down the aisle via your committed seventh house of partnerships and interpersonal connections, single or coupled, you will experience nothing short of charming bliss within your relationships during this time. Coupled water bearers could suddenly feel the spark they’ve been missing in their long-term partnership, and single water bearers might run into a secret admirer of sorts. When the planet of love travels through this area of your chart, she wants to be desired and worshiped, and she won’t settle for anything less. Transit Tip: Say “I love you” more often.


Celebrate your day-to-day wins, Pisces! Whether you’ve decided to get back on that tedious exercise regimen, or perhaps had a great first day at your new job, the goddess of pleasure is here to remind you of your innate ability to experience pure joy in your everyday day life. With luscious Venus getting organized via your sixth house of well being and due diligence, you’ll be more than ready to slay your routine! Single? The possibilities of finding love are truly endless, considering this area of your chart governs your day-to-day life. So whether you find yourself flirting with your adorable co-worker, or that sexy barista who makes you smitten, feel free to do the bend and snap. Transit Tip: You’re allowed to enjoy life.

illustration by Kayla Schoonraad


Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.


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