Moon Musings: How Venus in Scorpio (October 8, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How Venus in Scorpio (October 8, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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On October 8, sensual Venus, celestial femme fatale and planet of love, concludes her charming honeymoon in her home sign Libra, where she treated herself to a number of eloquent conversations, and one-on-one connections. After almost a month of indulging in romance and relationship building, however, lady Venus will strip herself of the ego before stepping into a secret mirror that will lead her into the Underworld, where powerful Pluto resides. Nothing against Scorpio, but there is nothing remotely light-hearted nor delightful about this fixed water sign. This, essentially, is challenging for coquettish Venus, because she is the cosmic dazzler and planet of blissful pleasures.

Conversely, the meaning of pleasure is subjective but if we consider a more traditional-based astrology, Venus is in detriment (which means it’s not working at its full potential) when in the sign of the Scorpion. It’s similar to the feeling of visiting a foreign country where you don’t speak the same language. While there’s always room for a good time, you’re still going to have to work harder to indulge in the full experience. This is precisely what happens to the planet of love when it travels through mystifying Scorpio, and the hidden unconscious. Although, if you blend these celestial potions together, you’d be surprised to see their interaction.

Venus is a symbol of beauty, harmony, artistic talents, love, erotica, relationships, pleasures, convenience and money. It rules Libra but it also rules Taurus, Scorpio’s polar opposite. In the end, the Goddess Aphrodite (Venus) has one priority and it’s her irresistible reflection gazing at her from the other side of the mirror. Pluto-ruled Scorpio, on the other hand, is taboo-loving, enigmatic, highly secretive and emotionally-durable. The Underworld is a place of darkness, but despite it being bound together by the afterlife, Hades’ (Pluto) celestial duty as the “keeper of the laws of death,” is not equivalent to being evil. We are both the dark and the light.

Venus in Scorpio is passionately devoted and commits ‘til death, as long as the one she desires can submit to her smoldering fixations. Here’s where the Goddess of Love is being challenged to surrender to love, despite her  undeniable intensity and possessiveness. There are skeletons in every relationship, and Venus in Scorpio wants to taste what’s hidden beneath the surface. The more emotionally-charged the connection is, the closer the bond. Don’t be afraid to merge with another mind, body and soul during this Plutonian transit. Someone might just fall deeply in love with your darkside. 

Read your Venus in Scorpio horoscope and transit tip below:


Passionate is an understatement, Aries. With irresistible Venus gazing into the crystal ball of your hypnotic eighth house of intimacy and merging, your smoldering desires will become all-consuming. Here, the Goddess of orgasms craves soul-to-soul connections, and inner transformation. Single rams could kick off a powerful love affair of sorts, while those of you who are coupled might decide to turn things up a notch in the bedroom. Shared resources and investments will be top of mind. Transit tip: Don’t deny the lust that burns deep within you.


Do they see the real you, Taurus? Your ravishing ruling planet is declaring her soul to Hades via your committed seventh house of one-on-one relationships, and you’re feeling passionately devoted to current partners. However, given that Scorpio is your polar opposite, Venus’ charms are being expressed differently, which means you’ll like be craving a more secretive type of connection. On the darkside, you could also experience envy, and greed. An opposition between Uranus and Venus could bring the unexpected. Transit tip: Make a secret pact with someone you trust.


Give it your all, Gemini. Did you know that Pluto-ruled Scorpio governs your orderly sixth house of health and due diligence? At least you have something to blame for your extreme health habits, and day-to-day schedule, right? It’s true and with Venus dazzling this area of your chart, you’ll likely become a sultry slave to your work routine and perhaps even upgrade your money-making skills. Looking for love? Single gems could start crushing on their drop-dead gorgeous pilates instructor, or maybe give their sexy co-worker come-hither eyes.

Transit tip: An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.


Submit to your passions, Cancer. Enchanting Venus is making love via your lusty fifth house of one-night stands and creative fertility, and you’re ready to make your sultry presence known, whether it be artistically or romantically speaking. Got any snazzy art projects up your sleeve? I think so! It’s time to invoke your inner Goddess of love, and make her dazzling presence known. So whether you’re overwhelmed by divine lust, or caught up in your burning desires, consider this a celestial hall pass from the heavens.

Transit tip: Submit to the vibration of your voluptuous heart beat.


Your feelings should never be ignored, Leo. This is especially true with the planet of pleasure bringing abundance to your deeply emotional world. So what if you’re jealous from time to time? Venus is here to soothe your repressed burdens, and alleviate you from ancestral trauma. What can you do to create harmony in your home life? While this may not be the most “romantic” transit for you, it doesn’t hurt to be more emotionally-transparent with your loved ones. When invoked correctly, this venusian energy can be incredibly healing. Transit tip: Create an altar for your ancestors.



Tell someone a secret, Virgo. Despite the energy of Scorpio not being the most expressive per se, it still doesn’t take away from its smoldering intensity. You’re similar in the sense that you prefer to keep to yourself, as opposed to telling someone how you really feel. However, with delicious Venus hovering over your chatty third house of communication, technology and immediate community, you’ll be given a charming opportunity to express yourself unapologetically. It gets deeper, of course. Scorpio loves to unveil what’s hidden beneath the surface; hence now would be an excellent time to pick up a juicy mystery novel. Transit tip: Read someone’s mind just for fun.


Shop ‘til you drop, Libra. Your ruling planet Venus is having a passionate love affair with her money via your indulgent second house of income, comfort and self esteem, and you’ll be in the mood to splurge on mystical trinkets, and crystals galore. Looking for love? When are you not, Libra? In Scorpio, your ruling planet is looking for a soul mate, and in your money-hungry second house of all things luxe, a soul mate who will wine and dine you. What’s interesting about this transit is, you’ll suddenly be reminded of how much you truly appreciate someone’s intensity.

Transit tip: Buy yourself a velvet robe and a crystal ball.


You’re sexy and you know it, Scorpio. The goddess of sensuality is experiencing a deep climax via your sign, and you’re feeling as ravishing as ever. Money, sex appeal, charm and smoldering passion are some of Venus’ favorite things, especially when traveling through the depths of the underworld in your sign. However, that’s not the best part; here, the goddess of pleasure will stop at nothing to remind you of your hypnotic presence. Thanks to Venus, you will be glowing with sultry charisma throughout this venusian transit, and the people around you will recognize your powerful presence. 

Transit: Let your hair down, and wear something that makes you feel sexy.


Nestle into your bat cave, Sagittarius. Venus is in a dreamy slumber via your 12th house of karma, closure and all things behind-the-scenes, and you’re craving your delicious solitude, despite your insatiable FOMO. Here, Venus revels in all things mystical and spiritually nurturing. Esoteric hobbies such as yoga, meditation, hypnosis and perhaps even a spiritual seance are likely during this deeply psychic transit. Single Sags could kick off a secret love affair of sorts, or on the darkside, run into a toxic female friend. Venus in Scorpio isn’t all fun and games, you know. Transit tip: Love yourself and protect your energy.


Take one for the team, Capricorn. Charming Venus is pirouetting through your social 11th house of friendships, teams, tribes and extended network, you’ll be in the mood to spend time with your ride-or-die crew. Don’t get too excited, though. Despite this area of your chart revolving around your social life, Venus in Scorpio is on a mission to merge with another mind, body and soul. What does that mean, exactly? Well, one thing’s for sure: You won’t be looking for a light-hearted nor superficial type of friendship. You’re in it to win it, and you’re loyal ‘til death; your friends should be the same. Transit tip: Find your circle of trust.


Are you passionate about your career, Aquarius? Whether you are or you aren’t, enchanting Venus is dazzling your ambitious tenth house of career, success, legacy and authority figures, which means you’ll be given a second whim in the workplace. In Scorpio, the Goddess of pleasure wants to indulge in her passions and in your career sector, she’ll stop at nothing to take charge. On the darkside, this sultry transit could spark a jealous power trip of sorts; however, when channeled correctly, you’re being given the opportunity to dazzle your superiors, and experience a powerful catharsis in your professional life. Transit tip: Manifest your goals with a magic ritual.


Buy yourself a new set of snazzy luggage, Pisces. Irresistible Venus is flying first class via your expansive ninth house of travel, education and long-distance journeys, and you’re craving something exotic and adventurous. Single? Here, the goddess of pleasure has a weakness for foreigners, and charming intellectuals; reading, writing, publishing and broadcast media are also some of Venus’ favorite things this season. So don’t hesitate to purchase a new travel magazine or even better, take off on a life-changing adventure. Transit tip: Fall in love with someone overseas.


Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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