Moon Musings: How Venus in Gemini (June 8, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Your Venus In Gemini Horoscope, According To Your Zodiac Sign

On June 8, voluptuous Venus, celestial cover girl and the cosmos’ very own bachelorette, concludes her boujee vacation via her home sign Taurus, where she indulged in sensual pleasures, and devoured decadent d'oeuvres. After about 30 days reveling in the delights of slow-moving Taurus, Venus will twirl her way into the mischievous sign of the Gemini twins, where the way to her heart is strictly through the mind. Surely, the cosmic darling thrives when traveling through her signs of rulership, (Taurus and Libra) but wherever the goddess of love goes, a butterfly trail of happiness will follow. Pleasure is this celestial deity’s main priority, and it doesn’t matter which of the 12 zodiac signs she’s traveling through either. Granted, there are signs of exaltation and debilitation, as per astrology, but the goddess of love never ceases to bring us closer to our five senses. Venus is a cosmic dazzler, and whatever she touches becomes enchanted by her seductive lure.

As you probably already know, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, relationships, and pleasure. The goddess rules everything related to that which brings us joy and harmony. She is the feminine energy that is alive within us all, and she holds the key to our happily ever after. Luscious Venus is the perfume we wear, and the scented oils we massage on our skin after a routine bubble bath. She is our fashion aesthetic, favorite hairdo, and the fresh manicure we look forward to every month. Venus is the queen of our desires, values, spending habits, and she also has everything to do with our seduction style. Bow chicka wow wow. Ever wonder how Venus makes a cameo in your birth chart? Fun fact: Whenever you flirt with someone, it’s compliments of Venus herself. So what happens when the goddess of ooh la la travels through a mutable air sign like Gemini? The first thing you want to consider is the divine order of the zodiac wheel, along with the three modalities: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable.

In the sign of sensual Taurus, Venus finds harmony in luxury, and all things overpriced. Given the slow-moving bull’s fixed earth, Venus in Taurus is naturally possessive and overindulgent. What Venus wants, Venus gets. So it’s no wonder she rules a comfort-seeking sign like Taurus, huh? In the end, the more beautiful and decadent, the more it becomes an object of her desires. Remember, the element earth is a symbol of abundance, and that which we are able to manifest. It is material, substance, and anything we can experience through the five senses. The element air, on the other hand, is a symbol of the mind. It is the mental energy we inhale on a daily basis. And in the case of Gemini’s mutable air, it is the way we use our minds to get the results we need. See the difference? So let’s combine the essence of irresistible Venus with Gemini’s mutable mischief, shall we? If your guess is mentally-stimulating conversations, you’re half right.

I typically refer to Venus as the goddess of sparkling rosé, but the effervescence in the heart of champagne is all things Gemini: bubbly, fizzy, refreshing, and never a dull moment. When Venus enters Gemini, we are suddenly greeted with a breath of fresh air. Gemini is a brilliant conversationalist, and an incredible problem solver, so this gifts us with the opportunity to experience pleasure in a number of different ways. If I had to pick one word for Venus in Gemini’s must-have list, it would be variety. Options are a must when the goddess of love is gossiping through fickle Gemini. And this airy, light-hearted, schmoozing is instantly reflected onto our relationships. But there’s a catch. While our desires tend to be all the colors of the rainbow during this transit, our desire to commit to anything serious takes a back seat. Gemini prefers to keep things flirty and friendly, given the colorful array of options that exist all around us. And the same goes for our spending habits. If you splurged on an expensive designer handbag during Venus in Taurus, chances are you’ll save that money for a rainy day, and go the nearest library instead. For Venus in Gemini, experiencing pleasure is totally mental, so a new set of some retro-iridescent stationary will do. Mind games are fun, too. But in the words of Lana Del Rey, make sure to dance in the ballroom of your mind.

Here’s what Venus in Gemini has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: You’re so clever, Aries. And with loveable Venus gossiping via your third house of communication and immediate network, your words are as persuasive as ever. But in the midst of your flirtatious exchanges, and community meetups, you’ll probably be feeling a bit scatterbrained. Not to worry, Aries. Instead, use this harmonious energy flow to soothe over your differences, and charm your peers. Single? There are opportunities for love in your local neighborhood, and perhaps even on social media! So don’t hesitate to double-tap your little heart out, you fiery ram, you. *Transit Tip: Make use of your intellectual charms, and brilliant exchanges.*

Taurus: Tap into your hidden talents, Taurus. Your luscious ruling planet Venus is making money moves via your comfort-seeking second house of values, financial income, and self esteem. What do you desire, Taurus? Your words will be your money maker during this time, so don’t be afraid to you use that velvet voice of yours. Looking for love? Given that this area of your chart has everything to do with the bank, you could very well find love at a local financial institution, or perhaps even the bank-teller line! Sounds serendipitous, but that’s Venus. The second house also rules possessions, so some of you could start invoking your unique gifts. Ask and you shall receive. *Transit Tip: Exploit your innate versatility, and gifts you possess.*

Gemini: Introduce yourself, fearlessly and unapologetically, Gemini. The goddess of makeovers and irresistible charm is dancing through your sign, and you’re glimmering with charisma. So whether you’re flirting with your crush, or simply meeting someone for the first time, the goddess of beauty is on your side. In Venus in Gemini terms, don’t lock eyes with anyone unless you plan on stealing their soul. Just kidding, Gemini. But there’s no doubt the majority of you will be attracting prospects, left and right, during this time. Charisma is an understatement. *Transit tip: Celebrate your sparkling personality, and gifted mindset.*

Cancer: Can you keep a secret, Cancer? The goddess of sensuality is dancing in the dark via your mysterious 12th house of closure, dreams, karma, and all things behind-the-scenes. This area of your chart has everything to do with that which you’re releasing, and with charming Venus in the mix, it can be a harmonious experience for you. Also, Gemini is a wordsmith at heart, so use this Venus in Gemini energy to write a letter to your past and let bygones be bygones. Single? Sultry Venus might surprise you with a secret romance, but don’t dive in too deep just yet, Cancer. *Transit tip: Learning how to keep a secret can work to your benefit.*

Leo: Flirting with the cutie across the hall again, Leo? To canoodle with your attractive colleague, or not to canoodle with your attractive colleague? That is the question. Imagine, with Venus shaking her tail feather via your socially-aware 11th house of friendship circles, teams, and extended network, admiring the hotties in your network will be hard to resist. Although, there’s a lot more to this transit, as it has everything to do with your sense of belonging. For some, feelings will be more friendly than personal. But it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun, right? Be a friend first, Leo. *Transit tip: Acknowledge the value in teamwork, and camaraderie.*

Virgo: The Marilyn Monroe of the cosmos is pirouetting her way through your career-driven 10th house of legacy, public persona, and reputation in the world, and you’re making a sweet impression on your superiors. Ready for your close up, Virgo? This area of your chart also rules authority figures, and chances are, you’ll be getting a ticket to the C-suite! Don’t get it twisted. Everyone knows you know a thing or two about putting in the work, but Venus will make sure to razzle dazzle your higher ups, just because. In the meantime, get yourself an I-mean-business outfit for that upcoming work presentation, compliments of lady Venus herself. *Transit tip: Your words are professionally valuable, and inspiring.*

Libra: Take a walk on the wild side, Libra. Your irresistible ruling planet is breaking the rules via your risk-taking ninth house of adventure, education, higher-learning, and personal philosophy, and you’re feeling as daring as ever. Craving something totally different? All things exotic will tickle your fancy during this time, so do yourself a favor, and book a ticket to the Caribbean, or anywhere overseas. The great unknown awaits! Single Libras might run into love while traveling, while others take this time to expand their mental horizons. In Gemini, Venus loves to learn, so grab yourself a New Age astrology book on the way. *Transit tip: Being an eloquent know-it-all is part of your charm.*

Scorpio: Feeling like a smoldering temptress? Darling Venus is talking dirty via your sultry eighth house of sex, transformation, and intimate unions, and you’re likely pulsating with desire. Then again, when are you not? But Venus loves to intensify the situation when traveling through this area of your chart. Single? In Gemini, Venus is a master at the art of texting, and exchanging secrets. Who knows, some of you might decide to crash a local full moon drum circle, and end up locking eyes with a sexy werewolf in the dead of night. Just kidding. It’s all true except for the werewolf. But for those of you coupled, don’t be afraid to spice things up with your SO during this time. Love letters and sexy scavenger hunts are welcome, compliments of Venus in Gemini. *Transit tip: Communicate before, during, and after sex.*

Sagittarius: Have you had “the talk” yet, Sagittarius? Looks like things are getting pretty serious for those of you coupled, huh? Imagine, with the planet of love sprinkling her love charms via your diplomatic seventh house of committed partnerships, and interpersonal relationships, you’ll likely be greeted with the same butterflies you felt during the honeymoon phase. Looking for love? Venus will be caramelizing your one-on-one exchanges, and you’ll be as charismatic as ever. In the meantime, feel free to use this harmonious energy flow to find compromise within your relationships. Speak your mind, and listen to what your peers have to say. *Transit tip: Use your quick-witted charm to flatter your partner.*

Capricorn: Looking for that sense of fulfillment in your day-to-day life, Capricorn? Sensual Venus is getting situated via your health-conscious sixth house of daily environment, and your physical & mental well being. This is an excellent time to find a new health routine or habit that brings you joy. Single? Believe it or not, some of you could start crushing on a co-worker, or perhaps even meet someone at pilates! This area of your chart represents everything that happens in your day-to-day life, so do whatever it takes to find the pleasure you seek. Hint: In Gemini, Venus loves variety, so don’t limit yourself. Have fun, Capricorn. *Transit tip: Change the routine, and your happiness awaits.*

Aquarius: The gift of precious gab is all yours, Aquarius. The spotlight is on you, and you can’t stop flirting your little heart out. With the goddess of oh la la showstopping via your expressive fifth house of creativity, romance, and sparkling authenticity, you’re likely back to your thrill-seeking ways, and you could care less what others have to say. Good for you, Aquarius. It’s about time you had a little fun, don’t you think? Besides, your sex appeal will be through the roof, and your secret admirers will be here for it, too. *Transit tip: Tell your crush exactly what you’re thinking.*

Pisces: Home is where your heart is this season, Pisces. In Gemini, Venus uses her irresistible charms to communicate, learn, and get her flirt on, obvi. But with the goddess of love getting cozy via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and soul foundation, you’ll be in the mood to spend time with your loved ones, and perhaps even cuddle up to a good novel before bedtime. Given Mercury-ruled Gemini’s relentless thinking, you could be somewhat restless during this time, so make sure to make the most of this energy. Firstly, bask in the comfort of your delicious sanctuary, and second, feel free to soothe over any differences you may have with your relatives. Otherwise, daydreaming is always an option. *Transit Tip: Dance in the galaxy of your mind.*

Art by Iria Proll

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