Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Cancer (July 9, 2021) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Cancer (July 9, 2021) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Your New Moon in Cancer Horoscope & Affirmation, According To Your Zodiac Sign 

Summer is hot and sizzling with a series of significant transits. In addition to the seasonal effects of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune retrograde, Chiron—the wounded healer—will also begin its backwards spin through Aries on July 15 which, in turn, challenges us to go inward, and internalize the energy of this mysterious asteroid. This, ironically enough, goes hand-in-hand with the essence of Cancer season, as the sun continues to shed light on everything from our innermost feelings to our sense of nurture whilst transiting through these cardinal waters. (Intuitive and ever-changing, if it wasn't already obvious, Cancer's ruling planet is the moon.) More importantly, however, the summer reaches its peak when the sun enters this water sign, and this energetic shift occurs when Mother Nature is nurturing, and embodying all of the magic she birthed in the springtime—it’s our turn to do the same. This moon-ruled season is about cultivating the instinct to nurture yourself, and the people around you; it brings forth the opportunity to connect with your ancestors, tap into your mystical roots, and spend time with loved ones.

On another note, in the midst of divine counterparts, Mars and Venus, transiting through the colorful sign of Leo—turning up the heat, quenching our desires for affection, and celebrating the beauty of self-expression—these heavenly bodies triggered a powerful T-Square with both Saturn and Uranus. (For reference, Saturn is the planet of boundaries, limits, structures and authority figures; Uranus is the planet of breakthroughs, disruption, innovation, and unexpected change. Generational planets serving as catalysts for both individual and collective change, Saturn and Uranus clash every 22 years or so.) Nevertheless, this isn’t the first nor the last “intensity-filled pow wow” between Father Time, and Father Sky. As a matter of fact, Saturn square Uranus is one of the most pivotal transits of 2021: The first of three squares occurred back in February, followed by the second in June after Saturn stationed retrograde, before the two go head-to-head for the last time in December. It’s important to make note of the energy and potential shifts stemming from this paradoxical transit, because everything in the cosmos happens simultaneously. It’s all connected.

Having said that, and in addition to the maternal essence surrounding Cancer season, the contradicting nature of Saturn square Uranus has already ushered in a series of shifts, and chances are you’ve already started to experience them firsthand. Remember, Saturn wants to build a long-lasting foundation from the ground up; Uranus, on the other hand, is dismantling and revolutionizing outdated structures that no longer serve our highest good. To say that these two energies are incompatible would be an understatement but, by that same token, this rare collision is triggering a cataclysmic process that will slowly but surely alter collective and individual programming. The path to freedom and higher states of consciousness, however, will depend on whether or not we’re willing to work with Saturn. Speaking of the Devil, (literally) the effects of June’s Saturn-ruled full moon were, too, triggered by this perplexing configuration. And though the preliminary effects of a full moon will typically occur up to two weeks after Mother Moon reaches her peak of fullness, it can actually take up to six months to see things come full circle.

Are you ready for your clean slate? This year’s nourishing new moon in Cancer will vanish into the velvet night on Friday, July 9, at 9:16 p.m. EST. Joined by the sun via 18 degrees of this cardinal water sign, this lunation will serve as a reminder to pause, reflect, and check-in with yourself. More importantly, as you may know, the new moon phase marks the beginning of a lunar cycle. This is when the moon sits between the earth and sun, and the sunlight casts onto the dark side of the moon; this is precisely why the moon becomes invisible, as seen from earth. Remember, the sun (yang) is symbolic of the sacred masculine, while the moon (yin) represents the divine feminine. When both of these luminaries come together, they bring forth a brand new cycle which, in turn, generates a unique vibration in our lives. Again, this all depends on the astrological house in your birth chart that belongs to 18 degrees of Cancer, but it’s interesting to learn where this new beginning will be taking place.

Cancer’s zodiac archetype is depicted by the crab, but symbolic of the divine mother. What’s even more intriguing about this astrological energy is, this cardinal water sign is governed by none other than Mother Moon; hence it speaks to themes surrounding home, family, nurture, nourishment, and ancestral healing. Cancer’s keywords are “I feel,” so it doesn’t hurt to reflect on this when setting your new moon intentions. The essence of this moon-ruled sign is emotionally driven so if you’re someone who struggles tuning into your feelings, or feels inhibited when it comes to speaking up and asking for what you truly need, this moon has your name on it. It’s about cultivating a home within and around you, and recognizing what you need to feel safe. What does emotional fulfillment mean to you? It’s time for you to get to know yourself on a deeper level, and discover the sanctuary within yourself. There is something deeply personal about Cancer’s zodiac archetype so don’t hesitate to go within, and surround yourself with the people, places, and environments that bring you comfort.

Sitting in a harmonious sextile to Uranus, this rebellious synergy is presenting us with the opportunity to break free and consider a more unconventional route, especially if it pertains to your emotional stability. Remember, Uranus is in the process of revolutionizing Taurean themes (i.e. comfort, finances, values) in our lives but in the end, it’s up to you to make these changes. The new moon will also trine Neptune retrograde which, in turn, reminds us to trust the process and more importantly, detach from the superficialities stifling our intuition and peace of mind. Keep in mind, the essence of Cancer is highly receptive, so you can imagine what happens when Neptune’s in the mix. This will not only teach you how to tap into your inner knowing, but also provide you with the clarity you’ve been looking for. About a week or so later, the sun will make its annual opposition to transformative Pluto which again, challenges us to go within, despite the intensity and catharsis happening simultaneously. The only thing we can control is our perception; be gentle with yourself.

Read below your new moon in Cancer horoscope and affirmation, as per your zodiac sign:

Make your emotional stability a priority, Aries. A comforting new moon in Cancer will touch down on your domestic fourth house of home, family, ancestors, innermost feelings, and emotional foundations, presenting you with a clean slate and much-needed reset. How can you bring more bliss to your inner world, and humble abode? After all, with both your red-hot planetary ruler, Mars, and harmony-seeking Venus activating your festive fifth house of love, happiness, and pleasure, you’re consciously making it a point to celebrate your wins, and do the things you love more often. A trine to dreamy Neptune in your sleepy twelfth house of surrender reminds you to detach from the outcomes you have no control of, and get some shut-eye. New Moon Affirmation: I choose to cultivate and embrace the benefits of self-love and self-nurture.

The sun and moon will join forces via your resourceful third house of communication, mindset, siblings, and local community which, in turn, presents you with a well-deserved reboot and new beginning when it comes to your immediate connections, and the ability to express yourself emotionally. Have you been communicating your feelings authentically? On another note, you could feel the sudden need to change things up, and relocate somewhere that feels more like home. Sounds erratic for a fixed earth sign, but the sun-moon’s sextile to Uranus in your sign will do the trick. Moreover, the sun’s opposition to Pluto in the following week could turn out to be the straw that broke the camel's back but before you fear the worst possible outcome, remember to go within. Have no fear, and let your inner knowing be your guide. New Moon Affirmation: My soul’s truth is the only validation I need; everything happens for a reason.

A gentle but tenacious new moon in Cancer will touch down on your comfort-seeking second house of values, finances, money-making abilities, spending habits, and sense of stability. Intuitive and nostalgic, this lunation will shed light on everything from your savings account to your definition of comfort, but there’s more. It’s here to help you discover what needs to be nurtured and nourished in this area of your life. Sitting in harmony with rebellious Uranus via your secretive twelfth house of closure, karma, and unconscious patterns, this new beginning might not happen overnight, but one thing’s for sure: It’s here to help you break free from the burdens and residual energies that weigh over your head, and make you question your worth. The sun’s opposition to Pluto shortly after could potentially trigger these insecurities, but not if you already know what you’re working with. Remember who you are, Gemini. New Moon Affirmation: Only I have the power to decide what affects my emotional world, and sense of stability.

You are the moon, and it truly doesn’t get more magical than that. Also, with both the sun and the moon coming together in your sign—during your blessed solar return—you’re being presented with a clean slate and well-deserved new beginning, compliments of the cosmos. What inspires you? What brings you emotional fulfillment? Whether it be the opportunity to start a family, or a home to call your own, now is the time to set your intentions. Your powers of intuition are likely skyrocketing during this time, so pay attention. In the meantime, Luna will be in harmony with Neptune via your expansive ninth house of adventure, and rebellious Uranus via your experimental eleventh house of social networks. Your visions and ideals are shifting; don’t focus on the outcome. It’s all about the journey, and you’re in the driver’s seat. New Moon Affirmation: My experiences are part of my destiny; I welcome the abundance headed my way.

A cathartic new moon in Cancer will illuminate your inhibited twelfth house of closure, karma, spirituality, rest, and unconscious patterns which, in turn, presents you with the opportunity to heal, let go, and let the universe work its magic. As you may know, this area of your chart can be quite mystifying, as it speaks to themes that revolve around anxiety, fear, and the way you cope with stress behind the scenes. What are you holding onto? A trine to Neptune via your intimate eighth house of sex, shared resources, and soulmate connections is here to help heal wounds from your past, especially the residual energies haunting you in the present moment. The following week, your majestic planetary ruler, the sun, will make an opposition to powerhouse Pluto via your health-conscious sixth house of due diligence, daily rituals, and divine duties—prioritize your peace of mind. New Moon Affirmation: I have strengths that help me navigate my emotional highs and lows. 

Virgo, surround yourself with love, and those you call family. The sun and moon will join forces via your socially conscious eleventh house of associations, aspirations, friendship, future visions, and sense of belonging in the world. This will, in turn, present you with a new beginning that speaks to everything from your extended community, and long-term goals. Now, given the techie influence of this Uranus-ruled house, your seeds of intention could have something to do with the way you’re nurturing your social media presence as well. On another note, Luna’s trine to Neptune via your committed seventh house of significant others, and sextile to rebellious Uranus, could bring forth a significant union that will more than likely require you to venture into the unknown. It’s time to sync your goals with your actions. New Moon Affirmation: My future is a numinous projection of my visions; I embrace this new experience.

A lovely new moon in Cancer will light up your ambitious tenth house of career, legacy, and sense of authority which, in turn, bestows you with an electric new beginning, Libra. Intuitive and emotionally driven, this new moon will bring forth a much-needed reset to everything from your public persona to your parenting skills. Are you looking for ways to upgrade professionally? How can you nurture the relationship you have with your authority figures? For those of you looking to conceive in the near future, this is the sign you’ve looking for. Moreover, your definition of success and prestige is overdue for a revamp, which will likely require you to go inward. In the meantime, a trine to Neptune via your sixth house of responsibility, and a sextile to Uranus via your intimate eighth house of mergers, is here to help you break free from toxic entanglements that are affecting your day-to-day life. New Moon Affirmation: When I follow my instincts, I am more mindful and productive with my choices.

Look towards the horizon and reflect on the parts of you that need more love, Scorpio. The sun and the moon will collide via your thrill-seeking ninth house of expansion, education, travel, and opportunity, bringing you a much-needed reset when it comes to your worldly pursuits, long-term goals, and personal philosophies. Meanwhile, a sweet trine to Neptune via your fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure encourages you to tap into your inner creatrix, and indulge in the passion of your musings. For those of you looking to relocate or sail away into the horizon with a lover, the new moon’s trine to Uranus via your relationship sector will help you break free from whatever’s been keeping you stagnant. Your perception and outlook on life has shifted tremendously, and it’s time to nurture your vision. New Moon Affirmation: Colorful energy is surging through me and leading towards a passionate new beginning.

A magical new moon in Cancer will touch down on your haunted eighth house of sex, debt, taxes, investments, exchanges, transformation, and joint ventures, bringing forth the opportunity to nurture everything from your intimate unions to the family heirlooms you’ve inherited. Nostalgic and intuitive, this lunation is shedding light on emotional themes of “give and take,” whether it be romantically or financially speaking. Although, despite whether you’re single or already attached, this is an opportunity to prioritize your emotional security. In harmony with Neptune via your emotionally driven fourth house of home, and Uranus via your sixth house of due diligence, you’re getting ready to put in the work, and cultivate the foundation you seek. New Moon Affirmation: I am the architect of my life—I decide what is worthy of my time and energy.

Capricorn, you’re in it to win it, or not at all. The sun and the moon will join forces via your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, negotiations, and significant others, bringing forth a well-deserved reset from the heavens. Romantically and/or professionally speaking, this lunation will shed light on everything from the way you meet another person halfway to what needs more of your nurture, and warmth. Is it always business as usual? A sweet trine to Neptune via your curious third house of communication, thought process, and immediate network encourages you to lean on the support of your peers, and have more compassion for others. Luna will also be in harmony with rebellious Uranus via your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure which could, in turn, inspire you to spice things up a bit, in both your love life and in terms of your creativity. New Moon Affirmation: I will honor and nurture the sacred space between myself, and the people I choose to let in.

Tend to your due diligence, Aquarius. A mystical new moon in Cancer will touch down on your responsible sixth house of health, daily rituals, divine duties, and acts of service, bringing a much-needed reset and refresh to the foundation of your day-to-day life. Are you being productive? Do you feel mentally, physically, and spiritually up to par? There’s no such thing as perfect but all in all, this lunation is here to help you cultivate a healthy lifestyle. In harmony with dreamy Neptune via your comfort-seeking second house of values systems, and your modern ruler, Uranus, via your fourth house of innermost feelings, this is an opportunity to nurture your day as if it were going to become your very own tree of life. New Moon Affirmation: I consciously choose to prioritize my mental, physical, and spiritual bliss. 

Celebrate your wins, nurture your passions, and follow your heart, Pisces. The sun and the moon will collide via your flamboyant fifth house of love, pleasure, and self-expression which, in turn, presents you with a well-deserved clean slate, compliments of Mother Moon. Nostalgic? This is an opportunity for you to nurture your inner child, and tap into your inner creatrix. The same goes for your intuitive talents, especially the ones you tune into when you’re feeling inspired. Luna’s harmonious trine to your mystical planetary ruler, Neptune, reminds you to trust the process, and go with the flow. This is especially true for those of you in the process of manifesting love. Trust in the power of divine timing. The sun and the moon will also be in harmony with Uranus via your curious third house of communication, bestowing you with spiritual enlightenment and a brand new perspective. Your receptivity is your superpower. New Moon Affirmation: The love in my heart glows in the dark; my emotions are colorful and inspiring.

Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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