Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Taurus Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign (May 11, 2021)

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Your New Moon In Taurus Horoscope & Affirmation, According To Your Zodiac Sign

If you slow down and pay attention, you’ll realize that the cosmos is
indeed communicating with you. And though there’s technically no such thing as coincidences, the synchronicities of the universe are undeniable. It’s no wonder we’ve been looking to the stars for guidance since the beginning of time; the human experience is a divine reflection of the celestial frequencies that surround us all, and the magic stemming from the phases of the moon is no exception. For instance, despite whether you’ve taken it for granted, Mother Moon bestows us with the opportunity to start a brand new chapter every month during the new moon phase. Change is, after all, the only thing that’s constant, but the irony of it all is, this new beginning never ceases to arrive at the perfect time. Can you feel it? We’re officially stepping into the gateway of a powerful eclipse season.

Vanishing into the sky on May 11 at exactly 21 degrees Taurus, this Venus-ruled lunation is not only supported by a series of heavenly bodies, it’s also presenting us with the opportunity of our dreams. However, before we discuss the rich aspects taking place during this new moon, it’s important to reflect on the essence of Taurus’ archetype, along with its planetary ruler Venus. A symbol of stability and sustenance, Taurus’ fixed earth has everything to do with our ability to become acclimated with the physical “blooming life” all around us. And if the element earth is a representation of what’s tangible and secure, it is Taurus’ divine duty to sustain this stability. Its planetary ruler, Venus, is a symbol of abundance, harmony, romance, value systems, and self-esteem; she is the cosmic creatrix of aesthetics, beauty, money, pleasure, and unique charms.

It’s also important to consider the zodiac sign Venus is transiting through, along with any significant aspects she’s making in the process. In curious Gemini, the planet of sensuality, is both beauty and brains so mentally stimulating conversations are her specialty, but she also needs enough variety to quench her curiosities. Keep in mind, the duality and mutability of this Mercury-ruled sign is then reflected onto the collective, especially when in regards to finances and romance. Having said that, the essence of Venus-ruled Taurus will embody both the element air and earth during this time. The best way to look at this is, if you’ve been building towards something without the clarity you need, this new moon will not only help you commit and persevere towards this new beginning, but also provide you mercurial facts needed to see the logic. What are you striving towards?

For reference, check where 21 degrees Taurus is located on your birth chart; this is where you’ll be feeling this powerful kickstart energy. Remember, the sun conjuncts the moon during the new moon phase, so you have the support of both these ever-glowing luminaries… but there’s more. Father Sun and Mother Moon will form a powerful trine with Pluto Retrograde, the planet of power, rebirth and transformation. If you think the synergy between the sun and the moon is powerful, can you imagine what happens with Pluto in the mix? Cathartic and deeply transformative, Pluto will inevitably intensify this lunation’s potency, as it will encourage and support the changes we seek. So in addition to the gift of Taurus’ dependability, loyalty, and persistence, we’re being given the official “go ahead” to shed our snake skin, and rise again.

What have you been manifesting? The moon will form an exact trine with Pluto later in the day, and the sun will do the same shortly after. And though the new moon will likely give us a glimpse of what’s to come, things will start becoming even more clear towards the beginning of the following week. Remember, Pluto can be quite secretive so if there’s something you’ve been quietly considering, it could very well begin to manifest. Taurus lives by the “slow and steady wins the race” mentality, but the seeds you’ve been planting are slowly-but-surely gaining momentum. Moreover, this lunation will also be making a sweet sextile—almost exact—with mystical Neptune, providing us with unconditional love and support from the universe. Things don’t always make sense right away, and this aspect is reminding us to trust the process.

P.S. Mercury—planet of communication, thought process, and immediate exchanges—will be sitting just two degrees away from the North Node in Gemini, so follow the yellow brick road. Let your inner voice be your guide on this journey.

See below your new moon horoscope and affirmation, according to your zodiac sign:


This year’s new moon in Taurus will not only activate your Venus-ruled second house of comfort, value systems, and self-esteem, it will also make a lovely trine with powerhouse Pluto via your public tenth house of authority, career, and reputation in the world. Celestially triggered by Venus in Gemini, this lunation is bestowing you with a clean slate, especially when it comes to your relationship with abundance, and how you communicate when in regards to your desires. Remember who you are; your truth is the only validation you need, but consider other options if needed. Then again, if you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else, Aries? New Moon Affirmation: My sense of stability stems from within; I am exactly where I need to be.


This one’s got your name on it, and that’s one of the many reasons why it’s so special. It’s not everyday both the sun and the moon meet at the third decan of your sign, let alone link up with Pluto and Neptune simultaneously. However, the more personal your intentions, the better, Taurus. And with powerhouse Pluto lighting up your adventurous ninth house of expansion, one thing’s for sure: There’s a brand new version of you waiting for you over the horizon. You want to know the best part? The majority of you can already sense that a rebirth is brewing, but it’s finally time for you to step into your power. BTW, there’s a stellium of planets activating your second house of stability, including your celestial ruler, Venus. When is it your turn to be happy? New Moon Affirmation: I stand firm in my soul’s truth; I embrace the changes headed my way.


A unique new moon in Taurus will touch down on your 12th house of closure, karma, and all things behind the scenes, encouraging you to rest, recharge, and release what no longer serves your highest good. And though spending time in solitude can be sweet, Venus in your sign means you’re getting more attention than usual these days. Beyond your sparkling charisma, however, a lot of you are finally coming to terms with your personal needs, and desires. Some Geminis might even be shedding some skin, and this isn’t just figuratively speaking. The North Node is, after all, in your sign, so if you’ve been working on you, this is just the beginning. You’re also in the process of letting go of residual energies you’ve been carrying from the past, and it’s about time, too. New Moon Affirmation: I forgive myself and my past; I release toxic patterns and entanglements.


This year’s new moon in Taurus will be one to remember; although, considering your intuitive nature, chances are you already knew that. Hovering over your experimental eleventh house of like-minded individuals with similar hopes, wishes, and dreams, this lunation is here to bless you with a clean slate, especially when in regards to your social life, and sense of belonging in the world. Sitting in harmonious alignment with powerhouse Pluto via your committed seventh house of relationships, the dependable partnerships you seek are seeking you, Cancer. And with the moon’s ruler, Venus, lighting up your twelfth house of closure, karma, and forgiveness, there’s an opportunity here for you to let go and let God. Deep down, you know what needs to be released in order to start again. New Moon Affirmation: I don’t always know what the universe has in store, but I am well aware of my worth.


When you look towards the future, what do you see? A gorgeous new moon in Taurus will activate your traditional tenth house of authority, career, and reputation in the world, bringing stability and clarity to themes that revolve around your divine mission. Yes, it’s time to build the legacy you’ve always dreamed of. In harmony with transformative Pluto via your responsible sixth house of health, daily rituals, and due diligence, this lunation is providing you with the necessary discipline, perseverance, and transformation to meet your goals. On a more bittersweet note, Luna’s sextile to Neptune in your suspicious eighth house of intimacy, mergers, and soul bonds, could create a sense of ambiguity when in regards to significant partnerships, but it’s up to you to trust the process. New Moon Affirmation: When I commit to my stability, I reap the fruits of my labor.


You’re not one to venture into the unknown without doing the necessary due diligence, but some opportunities don’t stick around for long, Virgo. Fortunately for you, this year’s new moon in Taurus will work in your favor, as it will ignite your expansive ninth house of adventure, philosophy, and spiritual journeys. Luna will also be making a transformative trine with Pluto via your sunny fifth house of fame, love, passion, and pleasure, inspiring you to step into your power and your fullest potential. Single or taken, this could very well have something to do with a romantic connection of sorts, as Luna will also sextile dreamy Neptune in your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. This new moon is what you make of it. New Moon Affirmation: I trust in the power of divine timing, but I will always follow my heart.


What’s your definition of a valuable partnership, Libra? A powerful new moon in Taurus will ignite your sultry eighth house of debt, sex, mergers, energetic exchanges, and soulmate connections, bringing brand new energy shifts to themes that surround your intimate unions, and perhaps the foundation of a significant partnership. If you’re already coupled, this could have something to do with your partner’s finances, but there’s more. Luna will be in harmony with powerhouse Pluto via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, potentially transforming everything from your sense of stability to your literal living space. For some of you, this lunation could bring healing, especially when in regards to your upbringing, and/or the way you merge with another mind, body, and soul. New Moon Affirmation: When I nourish the stability within myself, it reflects onto my relationships.


The loyalty to crave in your one-on-one relationships is coming up for review during this new moon, as it will ignite your committed seventh house of agreements, negotiations, and significant others. And as if this wasn’t intimate enough for you, the moon’s ruler, Venus, will simultaneously light up your erotic eighth house of sex, mergers, shared resources, and soul bonds. One thing’s for sure, Scorpio: The way you relate, respond, and merge with others is under a microscope during this new moon, but it’s time for a renewal. Do you feel stable in your current relationships? Luna will be in harmony with your powerful ruler, Pluto, via your intellectually driven third house of communication, suggesting the possibility of a significant exchange during this time. The moon will also sextile Neptune via your fifth house of creativity, passion, and pleasure, so a brand new love story is more than likely. New Moon Affirmation: I am worthy of the love, companionship, and stability I deeply crave.


This year’s new moon in Taurus will shake up your responsible sixth house of health, routine, daily rituals, and acts of service, all the while forming a harmonious trine with powerhouse Pluto via your stability-seeking second house of value systems. Do your actions measure up to your self-worth? Are your rituals aligned with your long-term goals? If things feel stagnant in your personal and/or professional life, this lunation is here to help you set the foundation for your future. This could be anything from your health habits to your divine duties, but there’s more. Luna will also be making a sweet sextile with Neptune in your domestic fourth house of home, family, roots, and emotional foundations, so don’t forget to lean on your ancestors for support. New Moon Affirmation: The freedom I value depends on the consistency of my daily rituals. 


Are you ready to bask in the spotlight of your unique talents, Capricorn? An earthy new moon in your sister-sign Taurus will shake up your passionate fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression, bringing clarity and stability to themes revolving around your musings and desires. Luna will also form a charming trine with transformative Pluto in your sign, catapulting you towards the joy, fame, and soul wealth you crave. Granted, a sextile to Neptune in your communication sector could add a hazy layer of confusion to your “plan,” but this is where the cosmos is encouraging you to surrender, and trust the process. Although, if anything, this is also warning you to remove your rose-colored glasses when necessary, especially when in regards to contracts and general exchanges. You’re on your way to greatness. New Moon Affirmation: My authenticity is my superpower; I celebrate the value of my unique charms.


You’re building your castle from the ground up, and you’re doing things your way. This year’s new moon in Taurus will activate your cozy fourth house of home, family, roots, and innermost feelings, bestowing you with the opportunity to nurture the foundation you’ve always dreamed of. Keep in mind, the moon will also be in harmony with karmic Pluto via your twelfth house of closure, forgiveness, and release, encouraging you to make peace with your past before moving forward. How else do you expect to have a clean slate? For some of you, this could involve past resentments and/or family wounds that still weigh over your psyche. And though the journey to healing is hardly an easy task, the aspects of this lunation are supporting you along the way. New Moon Affirmation: When I nurture the home within myself, I provide comfort for the people around me.


You’re solidifying the foundation of your inner circles, Pisces. And though surrounding yourself with people who truly see your value is a start, it’s up to you to let them in your energy field. A transformative new moon in Taurus will touch down on your intellectually driven third house of communication, siblings, and immediate community, highlighting the stability—or lack thereof—of your thought patterns, and local connections. Luna will trine smoldering Pluto via your socially conscious eleventh house of future visions, transforming everything from your POV to your social circles. Are you surrounded by people you can trust? Does your soul tribe have your best interest at heart? Luna’s sextile to Neptune is encouraging you to have more compassion for yourself, especially if you haven’t been seeing situations for what they truly are. On another note, some of you might even pick up a new skill, or a degree of education. New Moon Affirmation: I am ready to fully invest in the value of my mind, body, and spirit.

Valerie is an astrologer, writer, and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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