Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Scorpio Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign (April 26, 2021)

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Your Full Moon In Scorpio Horoscope & Reflection, According To Your Zodiac Sign

On Monday, April 26—just a day before hypnotic Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, stations retrograde—a powerful and deeply illuminating super moon will grace us with its haunting presence, at exactly 7 degrees Scorpio. The spirituality stemming from the full moon phase has everything to do with celebration, completion, and endings; it can also be incredibly revealing which is why it’s often considered a spiritual gateway to purge, and release. Having said that, the best way to understand this full moon’s potency is as follows: Think back to the new moon in Scorpio that took place on November 15, 2020—How have you evolved personally and spiritually? Where have you experienced a metamorphosis? *If you’re familiar with astrology, go ahead and check which astrological house belongs to Scorpio in your natal chart, as this could help you determine the celestial theme of your full moon moment. And if you want to take it a step further, check which house belongs to Capricorn, as this is where Scorpio’s planetary ruler Pluto will station retrograde.*

The human body is about 80 percent water and the full moon’s gravitational force disrupts the water molecules in our nervous system; hence emotions become heightened during the full moon. And now that we’ve reached the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice—while the sun transits through Taurus—the desire for abundance is innate, but there’s also an intuitive knowing of what’s come in the near future. Also, given that the Taurus-Scorpio axis is being activated during this lunation, it’s important to understand its unique significance. This astrological axis is symbolic of the circle of life: Venus-ruled Taurus is a symbol of sustenance, earth, and the physical form, while Pluto-ruled Scorpio speaks to death, transformation, and the underworld. As above, so below. With the sun in Taurus opposite the moon in Scorpio, we’re being asked to discover the sacred equilibrium that exists between our passionate desires vs. our sense of security. This lunation is bestowing us with the opportunity to purge and regenerate but more importantly, it’s reminding us that change is the only thing that’s constant. 

On an eternal quest of self-discovery, Scorpio is symbolic of the lightest light and the darkest dark. Its perplexing essence reminds us of our infinite, ever-changing, and ever-evolving spirit. You can be anything you want to be, and this full moon is encouraging you to transform. Are you ready to shed your snake skin? The moon governs our emotional world, intuitive instincts, and shadow self, so it’s easy to feel hypersensitive during this time, especially amidst illuminating a fixed water sign like Scorpio. What part of you is ready to transform? What have you been refusing to acknowledge? There’s something brewing beneath the surface here and with the sun in sensually driven Taurus, we’re also being guided to ground, and materialize. But before you move forward and solidify something, it’s important to reflect on the revelation that’s taking place. Perhaps there’s something that’s no longer resonating with you at a soul level and as the days go by, it’s become more difficult to ignore. Whatever the case may be, this is an opportunity to dig deeper.

If things feel uncertain, don’t be discouraged. You’re exactly where you need to be, and things will start making sense before you know it. Although, in the end, your best bet is to surrender. This, of course, is easier said than done, considering both Mercury and Venus are simultaneously transiting through this fixed earth sign, highlighting everything from what we consider “dependable” to the things that are worthy of our time, and energy. Something else to keep in mind is, the sun will make an exact conjunction with electric Uranus just three days after this lunation, triggering a shocking awakening of sorts, and/or  an unexpected desire for freedom, and unconventionality. Given that the sun will be sitting just a few degrees from Uranus during the full moon, we will likely begin feeling the effects, or perhaps the build-up before climax. That being said, closing out the month of April could very well feel unsettling but it’s up to you to trust the process as this new world begins to unfold. 

On a more challenging note, both the moon and the stellium of planets in dependable Taurus will be at odds with taskmaster Saturn—Father Time; the planet of boundaries, karma, limits, and structures—which could potentially put a hard pause on the momentum, but there’s a catch. In addition to it challenging us to step outside of our comfort zone, this cosmic configuration is also asking us to sit, observe, and reflect on what’s been recently brought to our attention, despite whether or not we’ve known all along. Saturn is, after all, transiting through an intellectual air sign, which means now it’s up to us to squeeze the logic out of a particular situation. What is your intuition trying to tell you? Perhaps this is highlighting the part of us we can no longer repress. Although, one thing’s for sure: It’s time to intellectualize what might be considered a deep, dark, buried, and taboo-like truth. And if it is in fact true, then you don’t need to rush the process.

The best way to put it is, this is a secret reality check/epiphany triggering a much-needed change in our lives… but hold that thought for now. Sounds perplexing, I’m sure, but still aligned with the essence of mystifying Scorpio nonetheless. We also can’t forget about Scorpio’s co-ruler, Mars, who recently kicked off its journey through intuitive Cancer, adding an interesting ingredient to the vibration of this lunation. Granted, the T-Square between the moon, Saturn, and the Taurus stellium creates friction and stagnation, but the divine feminine frequency stemming from the earth and water elements is incredibly prominent. And though a lot of what comes up could very well be internalized, it doesn’t take away from what’s manifesting beneath the surface. In Cancer, the warrior planet is more conscious of the people, places, and things that provide emotional security it longs for. And since Cancer’s cardinal water has everything to do with our inner reality and sense of nurture, most of the transformation taking place could revolve around karmic wounds, and residual energies passed down to us ancestrally. 

Be gentle with yourself, and don’t be afraid to acknowledge what comes up for review during this time. In the meantime, read your full moon in Scorpio horoscope and reflection below:


It’s time to take back your power, Aries. The full moon in Scorpio is always a spooky one, and this year’s will be no exception. Hovering over your shadowy eighth house of sex, debt, death, intimacy, mergers, shared resources, energetic exchanges, and ancestral karma, highlighting everything from the residual energies you’ve accumulated over the years to the psychological experiences they’ve brought you along the way. Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to clean out the closet of skeletons that’s been weighing over your psyche, and shed the snake skin that no longer resonates with you at a soul level. Luna’s square with structured Saturn in your eleventh house of associations, society, and individual freedom could create friction between your prior commitments vs. your sense of belonging in the world, but there’s more. Father Time will also be at odds with the Taurus stellium activating your stability-seeking second house of comfort and value systems, so themes surrounding your finances and your comfort zone could also come up for review during this time. Reflection: What connections are no longer serving you? Are you investing in your hopes and dreams?


There should always be an equal give and take in every relationship, Taurus. A powerful full moon in your polar opposite sign, Scorpio, will ignite your harmony-seeking seventh house of commitments, compromise, agreements, negotiations, one-on-one relationships, significant others, and other people in general. And despite whether you’re currently single or already in a serious commitment, this lunation is putting a magnifying glass on everything from your romantic situationships to your professional partnerships, while bringing something that’s been hidden to your conscious mind. And with the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus simultaneously conjugating in your sign, chances are you’re taking things a lot more personally these days, especially if your needs haven’t been properly met. Luna will clash with serious Saturn in your bossy tenth house of career, creating a bit of friction when it comes to your ability to compromise vs. your sense of authority. In other words, you may or may not be a fan of confrontation, but something’s gotta give. The same goes for Saturn’s square with the stellium of planets in your sign and well, business is business. Reflection: Where have your needs not been met? How can you invest in yourself more often?


Your personal and professional success is a product of your daily rituals, Gemini. This year’s full moon in Scorpio did not come to play, and it’s touching down on your responsible sixth house of health, daily tasks, divine duties, work routine, acts of service, and your wellbeing. Whether it be in regards to your work space or your productivity levels, this lunation is here to help you purge and release what no longer serves you. For some of you, this could revolve around your health habits, while the rest of you manifest a brand new beginning in regards to your professional life. The possibilities are endless but it’s not going to happen overnight. Sitting in a challenging square with Saturn in your expansive ninth house of adventure, opportunity, and entrepreneurship, you could be biting off a lot more than you can chew, and perhaps experiencing a bit of frustration when you don’t see the results you’d hoped for. (Don’t be so hard on yourself.) Saturn will also clash with the Taurus stellium hovering over your twelfth house of closure, privacy, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes, highlighting the unconscious patterns that could be stifling your victories. I said it once, and I’ll say it again, it’s time to clean house—literally and figuratively. Reflection: What habits are no longer serving you? Are your actions aligned with your goals?


What are you truly passionate about, Cancer? You glow up during the full moon, but all of this magic is about to multiply. A hypnotic full moon in your sister-water-sign, Scorpio, will illuminate your flirtatious fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, affection, musings, infatuation, and self-expression, putting everything from your lusty desires to your passion projects under a magnifying glass. For some of you, this could revolve around an intriguing love affair you kept a secret, while the rest of you soul search in hopes of finding inspiration for a creative venture. Keep in mind, Luna will be at odds with serious Saturn in your intimate eighth house of sex, debt, transformation, shared resources, and soul contracts, creating friction between your heart’s desires vs. your prior commitments, but it doesn’t end there. Saturn will simultaneously square off with the Taurus stellium lingering over your eleventh house of associations, friendships, society, and individual freedom, so your future hopes and/or social life are always coming up for review. Either way, one thing’s for sure and it’s that you’re in the process of healing your heart space, and liberating yourself from toxic entanglements. Reflection: What makes your heart skip a beat? Do you feel truly authentic in your connections?


You’re going inward, and reflecting on your past, Leo. And though you’re not necessarily a fan of Scorpio’s murky waters, they’re still a deep part of you nonetheless. Highlighting your intuitive fourth house of home, family, innermost feelings, emotional foundations, and ancestral lineage, this year’s full moon in Scorpio is here to help you purge, release, and transform for your highest good. Luna will make a harsh square with taskmaster Saturn via your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, one-on-one relationships, and significant others, so some of you might experience friction between your desire for stability vs. a commitment you agreed to. For some of you, this could have something to do with your current relationship, and whether or not you’re ready to start a family. Now, Saturn will simultaneously clash with the Taurus stellium igniting your bossy tenth house of career, so everything from your professional life to your sense of authority could also come up for review during this time. For instance, you might be depending on your professional status to meet a financial goal, but it could require more than you’d bargained for. Nevertheless, this is an opportunity to go inward, and ask your ancestors for guidance. Reflection: How has your past influenced your sense of stability? Is it affecting your career and relationships?


Speak up; say what you need to say, Virgo. A cathartic full moon in Scorpio will ignite your curious third house of communication, siblings, thought process, inner circles, and immediate community, highlighting everything from the foundation of your current environment to confidential information you’ve been keeping under wraps. Keeping mind, the moon will square off with taskmaster Saturn in your responsible sixth house of health, daily rituals,  due diligence, work routine, and acts of service, creating friction between your current schedule vs. everything you can’t seem to stop stressing over. Father Time will also clash with the Taurus stellium in your expansive ninth house of adventure, education, opportunity, and unknown territory, creating the illusion of being “too busy” to go after your dreams or for some of you, take a risk that’s worth taking. Whatever the case may be, pivotal information is being brought to your attention, and this could potentially change everything. Reflection:  How can you liberate yourself from toxic thought patterns? Are your surroundings working in your favor?


You say you know your worth but do you, really, Libra? A smoldering full moon in Scorpio will light up your stability-seeking second house of comfort, money, possessions, money-making abilities, spending habits, unique charms, and self-worth, bringing something that’s been hidden from your conscious mind to the surface. Your relationship with luxury, security, and the material world could also be a significant factor, so don’t be afraid to confront your shadow side. Just so you’re aware, Luna will clash with taskmaster Saturn in your romantic fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, romance, and creative musings, creating friction between your heart’s desires vs. your self confidence and/or value systems. Father Time will also square off with the Taurus stellium hovering over your eighth house of debt, sex, taxes, psychic residue, energetic exchanges, and intimate unions, challenging you to discern what’s toxic vs. what’s actually fulfilling you, and your heart chakra. Either way, this lunation is here to remind you of your worth, talent, and value, so keep your eyes peeled. Reflection: What genuinely fulfills you at a soul level? How can you capitalize on your talents?


It’s never a dull moment with you, Scorpio. This year’s full moon in your sign will be one for the books, but you already knew that. If there’s one thing you know how to do, and lord knows you do it well, it’s transform. And though it never ceases to instill some fear, you know damn well when it’s Phoenix time. Yes, this is one of those moments and chances are, you already saw it coming. Bad news first? Though vulnerability continues to be your superpower, it’s never easy. The good news is, you can always blame the moon, right? So if you’re feeling more sensitive than you feel comfortable admitting, remember you are not alone. In addition to activating your fixed waters, the moon will make an opposition with the Taurus stellium in your committed seventh house of one-on-one relationships. Single or taken, this creates friction between your autonomous desires and individual identity vs. your personal and/or professional agreements. Now, both areas of your chart are being triggered by a T-Square led by none other than Father Time (Saturn) in your domestic fourth house of home, family, emotional foundations, and innermost feelings. What can I say? Your authenticity is being hella tested, Scorpio… but you can’t go wrong with the truth. Reflection: What have you recently discovered about yourself? How can you be more authentic with your desires?


It’s time to let go of what no longer serves you, and your highest good, Sagittarius. It’s that time of year again, and the full moon in Scorpio is hovering over your mystical twelfth house of closure, dreams, karma, hidden agendas, unconscious patterns, and all things behind the scenes. And despite whether you’re comfortable with the thought of going inward and reflecting, your best bet is to take some much-needed time for yourself, especially since this lunation will likely feel overwhelming. After all, this is the area of your subconscious mind, and we’re referring to an intensity-prone sign like Scorpio. The key is to do the work, and be gentle with yourself. The moon will also clash with Saturn in your third house of communication, amidst directly opposing the Taurus stellium occupying your daily sixth house of responsibility. Make sure you’re speaking up, and setting the necessary boundaries during this time. The planets in your daily sixth house space will also clash with Father time, and this could create friction between your mental state vs. your tedious to-do list. Nevertheless, if this feels emotionally overwhelming for you, consider this your official cue to set the record straight, even if that means taking a step back from it all. Reflection: Are your sacrifices worth making? Is your life behind the scenes working in your favor?


Your visions of the future are a reflection of the relationship you have with your inner child, Capricorn. This year’s full moon in Scorpio is as potent as ever, and it’s illuminating your friendly eleventh house of associations, community, future visions, individual freedom, and sense of belonging in the world but like always, there’s some work for you to do in the process. Perhaps you’re ready for a much-needed revamp when in regards to your social life? Some of you might even be going down the rabbit hole on social media, and indulging in your curiosities. However, the moon’s square with your planetary ruler, Saturn, via your stability-seeking second house of money, values and comfort, could create friction between what you aspire to become vs. what makes you feel secure. Now, the moon will be making an opposition with the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in your romantic fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression, but this Taurus stellium will also clash with your strict ruling planet, Saturn. This could potentially challenge everything from your heart’s desires to your self confidence, but where is this uncertainty stemming from? Reflection: How has your sense of belonging evolved? Is your soul tribe supportive of your most authentic self?


Shine bright like a diamond, Aquarius. Pat yourself on the back because you’ve come so far, and you’re just getting started. A powerful and transformative full moon will illuminate your ambitious tenth house of career, professionalism, legacy, public persona, parental figures, and sense of authority, putting everything from your work ethic to your relationship with superiors under a magnifying glass. And despite whether or not you’re suspecting it, pivotal information is bound to come to the surface during this time, as there is something that’s been hidden from your conscious mind. Sitting in a challenging square with Saturn in your sign, you could experience tension between your determination to persevere vs. the public and/or an authority figure’s “perception” of you. Your traditional ruler Saturn will also clash with the sun, Mercury, Venus, and your modern ruler, Uranus, via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, bringing everything from your relationship with family members to your desire for stability to the forefront. Nevertheless, this lunation is here to shed light on your integrity, and general ability to take charge. Reflection: How has your relationship with the spotlight evolved? Do you feel aligned with your divine mission?


If you can visualize it, then chances are you can make it a reality, Pisces. This is especially significant for you to consider during this time, as the full moon in your sister-water-sign, Scorpio, will illuminate your expansive ninth house of adventure, faith, expansion, opportunity, wisdom, and unknown territory. A mystical compass guiding you on this spiritual journey, this lunation is here to shed light on everything from the evolution of your belief systems to your desire to expand your horizons. Although, in addition to feeling a sense of wanderlust, the moon’s square with Saturn via your unconscious twelfth house of closure, dreams, hidden agendas, karmic patterns, and all things behind the scenes creates friction between your desire to explore vs. the limitations you’ve unconsciously created for yourself. Not to worry, this is all unfolding exactly the way it’s supposed to, Pisces. Keep in mind, Saturn will also clash with the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus via your curious third house of communication, siblings, thought process, and immediate surroundings, challenging everything from your general approach to your stubborn perspective. Although, one thing’s for sure, and it’s that a lot of  you are reluctant to the thought of stepping outside your comfort zone, but what’s if that’s the problem? Reflection: What’s inhibiting you from exploring the possibilities? Is your inner circle supportive of your goals? 

Valerie is an astrologer, writer, and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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