Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Taurus (Apr 22, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Taurus (Apr 22, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Your New Moon in Taurus Horoscope & Mantra, According To Your Zodiac Sign 

Every month, during the new moon phase, Mother moon blesses you with the opportunity to start a brand new chapter. Hauntingly mysterious and eerily receptive, her lack of visibility in the sky is a representation of the clean slate we are bestowed with at the start of each lunar cycle. And while the thought of a new beginning sounds pretty darn good right now, the energy of the upcoming new moon couldn’t be more contradicting. Not to worry, as there is always a silver lining. Truth is, whether you consciously realize it or not, all it takes is a little push from the universe to get things on track sometimes. Things couldn’t be more uncertain these days but just as Elizabeth Gilbert said in her 2006 memoir Eat, Pray, Love: “Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation,” and the very same goes for the new moon phase. Mother moon’s darkness is a symbol of renewal, which is why we’re able to do the exact same thing. So, if you feel defeated and/or discouraged with the current events, remember it’s just a phase and this, too, shall pass.

With that being said, a paradoxical new moon, electric and revolutionary, will vanish into the night on April 22 at 10:26 p.m. ET, in the pleasure-seeking sign of Taurus. Sitting at exactly three degrees of Taurus — amidst forming a conjunction with rebellious Uranus — the astrology of this Venus-ruled lunation is just as eccentric as it is reckless. REMEMBER: Taurus’ zodiac archetype has everything to do with comfort, pleasure and your individual value system. Uranus, on the other hand, is rebellious, disruptive, and unconventional. As you can see, the combination of these two energies couldn’t be more inharmonious but more importantly, Uranus is in the process of revolutionizing our sense of security, and values. For instance, everything from the natural disasters that have taken place to the financial losses post-COVID-19 goes hand-in-hand with Uranus in Taurus. Again, there’s nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary, there is a powerful revolution is taking place and it’s out of our hands.

Breaking free from “the norm” is inevitable with the moon conjunct Uranus, but there’s more. Swirling with crystal vision and electric insight, this lunation is bringing forth cosmic consciousness while encouraging individual freedom… but here’s where it gets tricky. Amidst our lunar revolution, the sun-moon-Uranus in Taurus will be challenged by Saturn in Aquarius. Keep in mind, Uranus is Aquarius’ modern ruler and Saturn is its traditional ruler; both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs, which means they’re inflexible and reluctant to change. Can you imagine both of these planets forming a square? Squares cause friction and tension in order to help us step into our power, but the contradicting energies between the celestial bodies/zodiac archetypes involved pretty much pass the threshold. Saturn wants to build structure and Uranus wants to dismantle it. The silver lining? This is an opportunity to build/create something you could potentially depend on, so keep your options open.

Fortunately, Venus — Taurus’ planetary ruler — will be in harmony with Mars, and this is incredibly dynamic and fertile. Venus is also traveling through curious Gemini, so there's a lot of value in the information we share and receive during this time. Mercury — Gemini's planetary ruler — will also be challenged by Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn, which tells me we, as a collective, are about receive news/information that could potentially radicalize our perspective and panorama views.

Take a deep breath and open the door to change; the universe has your back.

Read your new moon horoscope and mantra below:



Never lose sight of what really matters, Aries. Governed by Venus in Gemini, amidst activating your stability-seeking house of comfort, money, and values, the Taurus new moon is here to bless you with a clean slate in regard to your relationship with abundance, and the material world. Your perception is shifting along with your self-confidence which, essentially, reflects onto your professional vision and financial gains. A tricky square to Saturn — Father Time and the planet of limits and structure via your 11th house of friends, teams, and tribe — could challenge the dynamic between you and your peers, but not to worry. There’s a difference between being selfish and/or apathetic versus simply honoring your truth. You know what to do, Aries. New Moon Mantra: I find comfort and beauty in the value of my evolution process.



Happy new moon, Taurus! You asked and the cosmos listened — it’s about to be a revolution. With your delicious planetary ruler dancing in the ballroom of Gemini’s mind, your words and thoughts are especially potent during this time, but it doesn’t end there. The sun, moon, and Uranus have joined forces in your sign for this particular new moon which not only blesses you with a crystal-clear vision and electric insight, it’s also here to radicalize your point of view. While this may very well take you out of your comfort zone, its sparkling aspects have just the right amount of effervescence to inspire your eclectic individuality. What new beginning will you wish for? How can you take advantage of this radical rebirth? Father Time (Saturn) will likely challenge you to re-think your professional vision and public persona during this time, so try your best not to be so stubborn. New Moon Mantra: I can depend on my unique individuality and soul truth.



Solitude can actually be sweet, Gemini. And it may be Taurus season but with its luscious planetary ruler Venus transiting through your zodiac sign, it looks like you’re getting all the love these days. More importantly, with the sun, moon, and Uranus hovering over your 12th house of closure, karma, and all things behind the scenes, this lunation is here to help find inner peace, despite the undeniable chaos happening all around us. When was the last time to actually took a step back to recharge your batteries, Gemini? A challenging square with Father Time (Saturn) via your expansive ninth house of education, travel, and personal philosophy, could be the reason you think twice about taking a highly anticipated risk during this time. Let your intuition be your guide. New Moon Mantra: I am ready to discover the sacred connection I have with spirit. 



It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, Cancer. Taurus season always puts a spotlight on your friendship groups and extended network, but this revolutionary new moon is adding a little something extra. With the sun, moon, and Uranus joining forces in your socially conscious 11th house of like-minded individuals with similar hopes, wishes, and dreams, there is an array of fresh opportunities waiting for you on the horizon. How have you been giving back to humanity as of late? What can you do to expand both socially and consciously? Your social aspirations are beaming with potential, so don’t be afraid to lean in and work alongside your soul tribe. A challenging square to Saturn, however, could test your commitment towards a current or potential partnership. Make responsible moves, and keep your word. New Moon Mantra: I am open and receptive to the pleasure of having a dependable support system.



Don’t be afraid to revolutionize your public appearance, Leo. Just because you’re a fixed sign doesn’t mean you can’t change things up every once in a while. In fact, this is precisely what this lunation is asking you to do. Radial and liberating, tap into this energy and allow yourself to break free. With the sun, moon, and Uranus conjugating in your career sector, this is an opportunity to reflect on your goals and aspirations, despite how unconventional and extraordinary. Have you been making progress in your professional life? Perhaps you’ve become too comfortable or dependent on something? Nevertheless, this Venus-ruled lunation is here to level you up in order for you to obtain both the soul and material wealth you deserve. Saturn, however, will likely challenge you to meet your end of the bargain, via your committed seventh house of relationships. For instance, if you’ve been putting too much of your attention towards work then you’ve probably been dismissing your personal life or vice versa. Reach for the stars but don’t lose sight of your core values, Leo. New Moon Mantra: I am seeking comfort and professional fulfillment, not perfection.



You’re not big on venturing into unknown territory but that was then and this is now, Virgo. With the sun, moon, and Uranus joining forces via your expansive ninth house of travel, education, and personal philosophy, there’s no denying the spiritual revolution you’re about to experience. You of all people know practice makes perfect and perfect makes perfection, but what’s next on the pipeline? What do you want to learn and discover? It’s never too late to broaden your horizons and expand your vistas, Virgo. The catch? Saturn will challenge this lunation via your orderly sixth house of health and due diligence. What this means is, don’t bite off more than you can chew. You’re incredibly selfless and hardworking but it’s important to be pragmatic, and realistic with your current situation in the meantime. Other than that, don’t be afraid to explore something new and step outside your comfort zone. This is where you will grow. New Moon Mantra: I can depend on both my mind and body for the answers I seek.



Have you ever experienced a sexual revolution, Libra? Sounds a bit risqué but with the sun, moon, and Uranus shaking up your sultry eighth house of intimacy, transformation, and joint ventures, what you once valued and depended on most within your committed partnerships, whether it be sexually or emotionally, is experiencing a powerful shift. Just so you know, this doesn’t always have to be sexual. It could also revolve around the energy and money you’ve been investing, and whether or not it’s even worth it. On another note, however, this could also involve shared resources such as loans, taxes, and financial debt. Whatever the case may be, this lunation wants to help you find comfort in your partnerships, even if that means showing your vulnerable side. A challenging square to Saturn via your expressive fifth house of acknowledgment and inspiration will challenge you to reconsider what you’re most passionate about in the process. Is your heart really in this? New Moon Mantra: When I honor my value and self-worth, it reflects onto my relationships.



It’s time for a relationship makeover, Scorpio. Have you found comfort and security in your current partnerships? With the sun, moon, and Uranus activating your committed seventh house of one-on-one relationships, this Venus-ruled lunation is blessing you the opportunity to join forces with potential partners who have your best interest at heart, whether it be personally or professionally speaking. This isn’t just about reflecting on your current relationship dynamic but also an opportunity to liberate yourself from whatever’s been stifling you from experiencing a wholesome connection. Saturn, however, will likely challenge you to consider your home, family, and emotional foundation in the process. Meaning, it’s important to honor your personal needs and space before committing to someone else’s. Admit it, Scorpio. Sometimes you would give and give until you lost yourself, but that’s not who you are anymore. New Moon Mantra: I am open to receiving the love and companionship I deserve.



You’re craving change so why not reorganize your schedule, Sagittarius? Despite the current circumstances and the undeniable effects of social distancing, this Venus-ruled lunation is here to shift your perspective. With the sun, moon, and Uranus conjugating over your orderly sixth house of health, mindfulness, routine, and due diligence, Mother Moon is putting a spotlight on your relationship with wellness. On another note, however, you’re being blessed with some much-needed insight on what needs to be reworked, in order to find comfort in your day-to-day sphere. So, whether you’ve been overworking yourself or not working enough, this lunation guide you in the right direction. On the dark side, a square to Saturn via your chatty third house of communication, siblings, and immediate circles could also put a damper on your daily progress. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, Sag. Your freedom is calling and I know you’re listening. New Moon Mantra: I see the value in the freedom I crave, and I won’t settle until I’m comfortable.



Everyone knows you’re a superstar, Capricorn. However, it’s time you put your professional gigs aside for a moment, so you can finally take a moment to relax. There’s nothing wrong with taking a breather and with the sun, moon, and Uranus activating your expressive fifth house of happiness, you’re likely in the mood to take the less traditional route. Truth is, the current events are forcing everyone to shift their perspective these days but more importantly, this is challenging you to keep an open mind in terms of your sense of joy, and acknowledgment. While this might very well be against your M.O., it doesn’t hurt to do something different. You are a limitless being, Capricorn. Your strict planetary ruler, however, will probably have you rethinking your finances and overall value system during this time. Again, one thing is organizing yourself financially and another is completely disregarding your happiness. Don’t hesitate to make your joy a priority. You deserve it. New Moon Mantra: My accomplishments and I are worthy of love, happiness, and praise.



What is your idea of comfort, Aquarius? While you tend to be a rare breed amongst the rest of the zodiac, you’re still a spiritual being living a human experience which is why you’re equally as worthy of having something stable in your life, just as much as everyone else is. With the sun, moon, and Uranus activating your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation, you’ll likely rethink the comfort of your living space as well as your sense of security during this time, but there’s more. With structured Saturn in your sign amidst squaring off with the sun, moon, and Uranus, you could experience a tug-of-war in terms of your desire for freedom versus your current foundation. Sure, this could definitely feel challenging but in the end, it’s here to liberate you from the things holding you back. You’re a free spirit, my dear Aquarius. No one will ever take that away from you. New Moon Mantra: I value my personal freedom and I find comfort in my own space.



It’s time for you to finally lean on your immediate community, and all they have to offer you, Pisces. You’re incredibly selfless with those you love, but you also struggle with receiving the same amount of love right back. With the sun, moon, and Uranus activating your thoughtful third house of communication, siblings, and your local community, you’re being blessed with fresh insight and perspective, especially in regard to the way you’ve been communicating with others. This area of your chart also revolves around your news feeds, which means you could suddenly discover a new way to communicate or perhaps even learn something new in the process. Don’t just settle for what feels comfortable and take a worthy risk instead. A square with Saturn — via your secretive 12th house of solitude, secrets, and closure — could challenge you to set some much-needed boundaries during this time, so don’t be afraid to use your words. Also, you might want to double and triple check your virtual security/passwords in the process. After all, Saturn’s in your 12th house of secret enemies and Aquarius governs the Internet, so you can never be too careful! New Moon Mantra: I am consciously aware of the value of my mind, body, and spirit.


Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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