Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Scorpio (May 7, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Scorpio (May 7, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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 Your Full Moon in Scorpio Horoscope & Reflection, According To Your Zodiac Sign 

On Thursday, May 7 — amidst Pluto’s powerful retrograde cycle and just days before Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn also station retrograde — a transformative supermoon will adorn the night sky in the smoldering sign of the Scorpion. In order for you to understand the overall potency of this lunation, however, there are several factors to take into account. First, the spirituality stemming from the full moon phase has everything to do with endings and completion. For instance, think back to the new moon in Scorpio that took place in October 2019: How have you evolved personally and spiritually? Where have you experienced a metamorphosis of sorts? (If you’re familiar with astrology, go ahead and check which astrological house belongs to Scorpio in your natal chart — this could help you determine the celestial theme of your full moon moment. And if you want to take it a step further, check which house belongs to Capricorn while you’re at it, as this is where Scorpio’s planetary ruler Pluto stationed retrograde.) Secondly, when Mother Moon reaches her peak of fullness, our emotional bodies become supercharged with her magical ebb and flow. The human body is about 80 percent water and the full moon’s gravitational force disrupts the water molecules in our nervous system every month; hence everyone’s emotions become heightened during the full moon. 

As spiritual beings, it’s only natural that we, too, go through phases just like Mother Moon. However, now that we’ve reached the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice — amidst the sun traveling through sensually driven Taurus — there is an innate sense of abundance and an intuitive knowing of what’s waiting for us on the other side of the horizon. Now, while this couldn’t be more accurate, the sun’s close proximity to rebellious Uranus is in the midst of revolutionizing your value system, sense of comfort, and your definition of stability. There’s no denying the life-changing effects of the current events, but this is what the axis of Taurus-Scorpio is all about. Venus-ruled Taurus is a symbol of sustenance, earth, and the physical form; Pluto-ruled Scorpio is a symbol of death, transformation, and the underworld. All in all, this astrological axis represents the circle of life. AS ABOVE SO BELOW. So with the sun in Taurus sitting directly opposite the moon in Scorpio, the cosmos are asking us to find a healthy balance between our passions and desires versus our sense of security. Cathartic and detoxifying, this Pluto-ruled lunation will bring forth the opportunity to release and regenerate but if there’s one message Mother Moon is trying to convey during this time is that the ability to transform is always possible. 

Scorpio is both the lightest light and the darkest dark, as it is on an eternal quest of self-discovery. Truth is, you could be anything you want to be. Why? Because your infinite spirit is ever-changing and ever-evolving — this lunation is your official cue to transform. Sitting in a pleasant trine with dreamy Neptune, Mother Moon will shed light on the toxic patterns that need to be dissolved within your subconscious mind, and in the darkest corners of your psyche. This celestial energy is highly intuitive, so don’t be afraid to tap into the universal realm as it will greet you with powerful insight, and deep clarity — this is an opportunity to connect with the divine and the source within you. On the dark side, the essence of Scorpio can also be obsessive so if there’s something you’ve become fixated on, its purpose in your life will more than likely be revealed during this time. Governed by the Lord of the Underworld himself, it’s no wonder Scorpio longs for everything hidden deep beneath the surface; although, aside from being incredibly revealing, this lunation could also feel like a massive purge. What are you ready to let go of? Perhaps you already know you need to rid yourself of something but can’t find the will to let go. You are exactly what you believe in. Don’t settle for anything less.

First, think back to the new moon in Scorpio in October 2019, and then read your full moon horoscope and reflection below:


Hold onto your autonomy, Aries. Don’t submit to the emotional undercurrents that no longer serve you. While the full moon in Scorpio beams through your sultry eighth house of inheritance, intimate unions, and psychological experiences, there will be a lunar spotlight on both your physical and spiritual investments. Are they genuine or have they been burdensome? There’s a fine line between being vulnerable in your intimate partnerships versus having absolutely no boundaries whatsoever and this Pluto-ruled lunation will shed light on the ugly truth. Do your committed and intimate partners empower you? Is the energy you put in being reciprocated, and vice versa?


Look in the mirror, Taurus. What did you agree to? Are there other parties involved and if so, is the feeling mutual? This Pluto-ruled lunation will activate your polar opposite sign Scorpio via your committed seventh house of one-on-one relationships, marriage, contracts, and negotiations. On the dark side, however, this area of your chart is also the house of open enemies and opponents. Cathartic and deeply revealing, the essence of Scorpio prefers to dig deep and bring things to the surface, which means you could see someone’s true colors shining as bright as ever during this time. Feelings and intentions will be clear as glass, so listen to your instincts. Have you set firm boundaries within your social spheres? Are your current partnerships loyal and dependable?


Health is wealth, Gemini. Have you been prioritizing your well being? Do you feel comfortable in your work environment? While the full moon in Scorpio beams through your tidy sixth house of wellness, daily rituals, and working conditions, there will be a lunar spotlight hovering over your energy and productivity levels. With boundless Neptune activating your ambitious 10th house of career, however, your full moon moment could also revolve around your innate selflessness in the workplace and perhaps your recent acts of service. How much is too much, Gemini? Then again, maybe it’s the other way around and you’ve been hardly working, instead of working hard. Either way, something’s gotta give and this lunation will let you know exactly what that is. Are you emotionally fulfilled at the end of your workday? What have you learned about your co-workers?


What turns you on, Cancer? Your smoldering desires will be put on display throughout this Pluto-ruled lunation, but there’s more. The essence of Scorpio activates your heart chakra along with everything that evokes your deepest passions. Glimmering through your expressive fifth house of fame, fertility, authenticity, and romance, your Mother Moon will shed light on your enigmatic charms and most passionate experiences. In harmony with elusive Neptune via your expansive ninth house of publishing, entrepreneurship, and personal philosophy, this Pluto-ruled lunation is here to personally empower you and help you manifest what your heart is aching for most. How have your passion projects evolved since? Has your creativity experienced it’s own metamorphosis?


Do it for your children’s children, Leo. You’ve always been the type to take one for the team, willingly and with all the love in your heart, but it’s your turn to build a kingdom of your own. While the full moon in Scorpio beams through your domestic fourth house of home, family, ancestors, and emotional intelligence, there will be a lunar spotlight hovering over your foundations. Scorpio is deeply psychic and this area of your chart is totally karmic, so make sure to honor and acknowledge the emotions that flow through you during this time. Truth is, some of them might not even be yours, to begin with, and this Plut0-ruled lunation will help you come to terms with what’s actually yours. Ancestral trauma is deeper than bones, but it’s time to start again. How do you decompress and relax after a long day? How has your relationship with family evolved since?


It’s a lot of he said, she said, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a part of the toxicity, Virgo. You’re an expert at putting all the puzzle pieces together, and you’re finally seeing a number of truths come to light. Intense yet incredibly liberating, this Pluto-ruled lunation will activate your chatty third house of communication, social media, and immediate environment. Your words have so much more power than you know, so make sure to think before you unintentionally sting someone in your inner circle. Communicate while keeping an open mind, but don’t be afraid to say what’s in your heart. On the dark side, it’s important to remember that this deeply revealing lunation will be shedding light on your communication sector, which means all words, conversations, and exchanges — whether they’re yours or not — won’t be taken lightly. Themes revolving around a sibling could also resurface during this time. Have you been communicating with honesty and integrity? How has the dynamic within your immediate circle evolved since?


What makes you feel secure, Libra? How has your value system and financial stability evolved in the past six months? While the full moon in Scorpio beams directly through your pleasure-seeking second house of wealth, possessions, and values, there will be a lunar spotlight hovering over your sense of security and self-esteem. Everyone knows you can shop until you drop, but this is an excellent opportunity to organize your finances and work on your spending… or should I say… splurging habits! Full moons can be celebratory so if you’re feeling festive, this is a beautiful time to hold a place of gratitude in your heart. Scorpio governs everything that has to do with debt, loans, and investments, so this lunation could also shed light on financial opportunities that could potentially benefit you in the long run. Time to pay off that debt, Libra? How has your financial wealth and stability come full circle? What about your self-confidence and self-worth?


You only get one of these per year, and this magical supermoon’s got your name on it, Scorpio. Sitting across the Sun and Mercury in Taurus — via your committed seventh house of partnerships and one-on-one relationships — this lunation will be all eyes on you, and in every sense of the word. Flying high in a dreamy trine with Neptune — via your expressive fifth house of fame, conception, creativity, and passion — your dreams are coming true, and you’re ready to shout it from the rooftops. You rise up from the dead, and you do it all the time, but your celestial footprint is blooming beautifully and you’re just getting started. How have you personally evolved in the past six months? What evokes your muse and red-hot passions?


When did you forget to dream, Sagittarius? I know what you’re thinking… like that’s even possible, right? While a child of Jupiter can’t seem to dream big enough, there’s something waiting for you on the other side of your journey to self-discovery. Making yourself and your emotional needs a priority is not selfish, it’s survival. Stop being afraid to be vulnerable with yourself, and the people you love. With La Luna activating your secretive 12th house of closure, karma, and all things behind the scenes, however, there will be a spotlight on your unconscious burdens along with the things weighing down on your spiritual well being. Scorpio energy is cleansing and detoxifying which means if there’s something stifling your spirit or perhaps not letting you live your best life, it’s time to let it go for good. Easier said than done, considering some of these emotions aren’t necessarily visible, but leave it up to a supermoon in Scorpio for answers. What area of your life have you recently outgrown? Are you ready to say goodbye for good?


Practice makes perfect, perfect makes perfection, and hard work brings results, Capricorn. Now the question is, are you ready to bask in the fruits of your labor? With La Luna shaking up your 11th house of hopes, wishes, dreams, and extended network, Mother Moon will put a spotlight on your sense of belonging in the world. Seriously, what’s stopping you from sharing your success with the rest of the world? A kindred spirit or birds of a feather could also be revealed to you during this time, and there’s nothing more empowering than coming in contact with your soul tribe. On the dark side, however, you could suddenly see a friend’s true colors, as full moons bring whatever’s hidden to light. Take it as a sign, but don’t lose your cool, Capricorn. You more than anyone know what’s worth your time and energy. How has your social standing evolved in the past six months? Have any of your wishes come true since?


The only way to go is up, Aquarius. Look how far you’ve come but for whatever reason, you’re still feeling dissatisfied with something. What burden are you carrying over your shoulders? Are you willing to forgive yourself? Amidst this journey to self-love, the full moon in Scorpio will beam directly through your career-driven 10th house of ambition, career, and authority figures, and this will put a lunar spotlight over your professional endeavors and long-term goals. In harmony with dreamy Neptune via your pleasure-seeking second house of money, comfort, and values, this will luckily serve as a sweet reminder of your universal gifts and divine talents. You’re the only thing standing in your own way. Don’t be afraid to shed your snakeskin. What are your soul aspirations? How has your sense of authority evolved in the past six months?


They weren’t kidding when they made you the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces. Universal and a chameleon soul, you’re not only the most evolved in the zodiac but also the most versatile. And while you’re known for paying it forward and constantly giving your heart and soul to the people you love, there’s a part of you that still lacks ego. This, of course, is one of the many reasons why you carry the whole world on your back beautifully and effortlessly, but it’s time for you to wear your divine and universal wisdom with pride. With the full moon in Scorpio activating your expansive ninth house of wisdom, philosophy, publishing, and entrepreneurship, Mother Moon is shedding light on the sacred wisdom you carry in your cosmic footprint in order for you to share it with the rest of the collective. If you’re going to be selfless, then you should put yourself first more often. What have you learned in the last six months? Are you aware of the beautiful rebirth you experienced?


Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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