Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Libra (Apr 7th, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Libra (Apr 7th, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Your Full Moon In Libra Horoscope & Reflection, According To Your Zodiac Sign

They say April showers bring May flowers, but there is nothing remotely subtle about this month’s Astro-weather. Can you feel that? The powerful shift happening in and all around you? Despite the collective chaos, however, there is always a silver lining and well… leave it to irresistible Libra to spread the love. Although, before we discuss the celestial essence of the upcoming supermoon, let’s take a closer look at the current transits given their undeniable potency and generational influence. *BTW, if you’re someone who looks to the stars for clarity and guidance, make sure to consider the bigger picture. For instance, fusing the effects of the full moon phase with Libra's zodiac archetype barely scratches the surface. Every single piece of astrological evidence must be considered.* With that being said, Saturn’s recent shift into rebellious Aquarius on March 21 — for the first time in 26 years — is bringing forth progressive change while inspiring collective consciousness. Aquarius is the sign of the collective; Saturn is the planet of limits and structure. While the term “social distancing” has Saturn in Aquarius written all over it, we’re also in the midst of Aries season and Mars (its planetary ruler) has officially jumped on the bandwagon, and with both Mars-Saturn in Aquarius, one thing’s for sure: The Sun in Aries is beaming with unique eccentricity and igniting a revolution in our hearts. People all over the world are more united than ever, and this is just the beginning. 

Glimmering with peace, love, and unity, a magical supermoon will decorate the night sky in the justice-seeking sign of Libra on Tuesday, April 7 at exactly 10:35 p.m. ET. Governed by none other than the goddess of love, Libra is the balance in our lives and level of compromise. After all, we each have all 12 zodiac signs in our birth charts which means you’re a Libra in at least one particular area of your life. Check the astrological houses in your birth chart; this is where this lunation will come to life. As you know, when La Luna reaches her peak of fullness, she sits directly opposite the sun and just like Libra’s zodiac archetype, this, too, is a call for balance. For instance, with the Sun — sacred masculine and physical identity — in zealous Aries, there will be an unquestionable surge of kickstart energy available to us all, as well as an opportunity to tap into your inner warrior. Meanwhile, with Mother moon — divine feminine and your emotional foundation — in dainty Libra, there will be an intuitive longing for peace, love, and equality. Like it or not, balance really is everything. Aside from it enkindling a sense of harmony, balance is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This brings me to my next point: Our world is in desperate need of balance. However, before we can obtain that balance, we all need to tap into our inner equilibrium. The journey starts now.

Harmony-seeking, liberating, and triumphant, this Venus-ruled lunation will be supercharged with eclectic energies. Ironically enough, Venus will be a couple of days away from kicking off her pre-retrograde shadow phase in the curious sign of Gemini, which inevitably bleeds into the full moon’s astrology. Libra is governed by the planet of love and with Venus traveling through fickle Gemini, there will be an emphasis on the communication taking place within our relationships along with the general versatility of our value system, personally and collectively speaking. Taking it a step further, Lady Venus will also be in harmony with both  Mars and Saturn, which is excellent news. All in all, this interesting synergy will challenge you to upgrade your Venusian lifestyle, in the sense that it will push you to restructure your finances, and perhaps become more disciplined with your spending habits. Venus in Gemini also loves variety and with Saturn in Aquarius’ “social distancing” protocol, we’re already being forced to think outside the box in terms of our hobbies, and pleasure. There’s nothing Venus in Gemini loves more than having options, so brainstorm away and see what you can come up with. Meanwhile, Venus’ alignment with Mars will encourage you to stand up for your individual freedom and fight for your right. So, the good news is, Venus is well aspected throughout this lunation, but it doesn’t end there.

 A powerful T-Square between the sun, moon, and Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn will speak for itself, and in more ways than one. Pluto is drastic, intense, unforgiving, revealing, and incredibly transformative; Jupiter is bountiful, expansive, hopeful, overindulgent, and optimistic. In pragmatic Capricorn, this conjunction is destroying our collective perception amidst reminding us that life is cyclical. If previously-set beliefs, structures, and traditions no longer resonate with your soul’s truth, then that’s perfectly fine. You are sovereign in your journey and there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. The only way to overcome the harsh reality of the current events is by doing the following: Maintain a healthy balance, tap into your inner strength and wisdom, embrace every moment, liberate yourself from toxic systems and outgrown paradigms but more importantly, don’t stop moving forward. Where there is faith, miracles happen.

See below what the Libra supermoon has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:

Think back to the new moon in Libra that took place in September 2019.


Cheers to another magical journey around the sun, Aries. The sun will always come out eventually but if you ask me, the world could really use some of your audacious courage and can-do spirits right now, so don’t hesitate to pay it forward. You get what you give and this supermoon will be activating your contractual seventh house of one-on-one partnerships and companionship. Should you stay or should you go? This Venus-ruled lunation is bringing closure and clarity to your current commitments and general ability to compromise. You can do anything and everything all on your own but the real question is, do you want to? Just like the moon, your relationships could reach their peak during this time but if you put your Mars-ruled ego aside, you could certainly negotiate some things. Being impulsive, however, isn’t going to give you the results you seek, especially with your aggressive planetary ruler Mars squaring off with rebellious Uranus. Being a “team player” could be somewhat challenging for you right now, but you can’t let the tension affect your self-esteem. How have your relationships evolved since? What did you see that can’t be unseen?


A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down but don’t overdo it, Taurus. If you’ve been feeling claustrophobic or extra cooped up lately, you’re not alone so don’t be discouraged. The “Quarantine Lifestyle” sure isn’t for everyone but with the Sun traveling through your introspective 12th house of solitude, you’re also feeling moodier than usual. This will all change once your birthday season rolls around, so hang tight. This last phase before your solar return is always perplexing, but necessary nonetheless. We’ve all got bad habits but this is where the Libra full moon comes in. Tactful and diplomatic, this Venus-ruled lunation will ignite your orderly sixth house of health, mindfulness, and daily rituals. Time to get your ducks in a row, Taurus. Whether you’re finalizing a work project or trying to be more disciplined with your food intake, mother moon will shed light on something that needs reworking. Good news: Your sweet planetary ruler Venus — the ruler of this moon — is well supported by Mars-Saturn via your 10th house of authority. Don’t be afraid to take charge. If you’re considering revamping your lifestyle, know that the cosmos are on your side. Are you still passionate about your work? Are you neglecting your well being?


Roses are red, violets are blue, there’s no such thing as another you. Feeling yourself, Gemini?  You typically thrive during Aries season, as the Sun transits through your socially conscious 11th house of hopes, wishes, and friendship groups. Although, nothing compares to the sweet delight of having Venus transit through your sign, and it shows. Speaking of beauty and grace, this Venus-ruled lunation will be activating your expressive fifth house of happiness, romance, creativity, and authenticity. Venus is the planet of pleasure and this area of your chart has everything to do with the things you’re most passionate about. So, whether you’re falling for someone in more ways than one or feeling inspired by your inner creatrix, the full moon is your official cue to come out and play. Fortunately for us, Venus will be well-aspected by Mars-Saturn, but don’t show the world all your secret talents just yet. Aggressive Mars — via your expansive ninth house of opportunity — will be squaring off with revolutionary Uranus — via your 12th house of secrets — and this could be risky. Think before you speak, Gemini. How have you been exercising your passions? Are your romantic feelings being reciprocated?


There’s nothing you love more than your home sweet home, Cancer. Cardinal energy is quite prominent right now — especially with the Sun in Aries and the full moon in Libra — which can be somewhat challenging for you, but you know the drill. In fact, you tend to work a lot better under pressure anyway; just do your best to keep an open mind. While the Sun in Aries ignites your CEO-like 10th house of career, authority figures, and destiny in the world, La Luna will beam through your domestic fourth house of home, family, and sense of security. The moon rules you and the fourth house is your house of rulership, so there’s no denying the facts: You will be feeling the effects of this lunation. Themes revolving around your sacred space and the frequency you’ve created under your roof will be top of mind. Listen to your intuition, Cancer. This lunation could also bring divine messages from your ancestors. A challenging face-off between Mars and Uranus could also spark some drama with friends and/or co-workers, so do your best to keep the peace. Have you created a harmonious living space? How can you keep the peace within your family?


Everything is perspective, Leo. The past couple of years were somewhat difficult in terms of the intense responsibility that fell on your plate, but things are finally smoothing over. Now, it’s a matter of working on your one-on-one relationships and really deciding whether or not you should continue investing in them. Communication is everything and with the full moon in Libra igniting your chatty third house of immediate networks and exchanges, you’re being given the opportunity to speak your peace. After all, what’s fair is fair and everyone deserves to speak their mind. Besides with the Sun hovering over your open-minded ninth house of philosophy, you’ll probably have more than one thing to get off your chest. Venus, the ruler of this lunation, will be well-aspected; however, a challenging square between Mars and Uranus could also throw you a curveball. For instance, if there’s tension with an authority figure or a co-worker, make sure to communicate calmly and rationally. Don’t let someone’s toxicity push your buttons, Leo. BTW, this goes for your siblings, too! Have you polished your communication style? How can you put your talents on display via social media?


Something’s about to work in your favor, Virgo. Despite not having a choice but to stay home during this time, you’ve still been working diligently towards your goals and trust me when I say, your hard work will pay off sooner than you think. You, of all people, know that practice makes perfect and perfect makes perfection, so don’t be so hard on yourself. Change the vibe and keep a healthy balance. The full moon in Libra will beam through your pleasure-seeking second house of finances, unique possessions, self-esteem, and money-making abilities. Venus rules this lunation and this area of your chart also happens to belong to the goddess of love, which only means one thing: Abundance. What makes you feel secure, Virgo? The prosperity you desire exists within you and this Venus-ruled lunation could shed light on talents you’re yet to tap into. What are you afraid of? Investing in yourself is a win-win and in the end, the money you make is a reflection of your self-worth. Open your heart, Virgo. Let all the love in and don’t be afraid to indulge in your sweet delights. How can you approach your due diligence differently? Have you been working with an open mind?


Happy full moon, Libra! The spotlight’s on you, and in every sense of the word. Your relationships are always top of mind but the Sun in Aries beaming over your committed seventh house of partnerships only makes them that much more prominent. I will say, it’s kind of hard to be self-aware when you’re completely preoccupied with your partner’s needs, not to mention your life-long desire to be seen as “relatable.” As always, balance is everything and this is something to keep in mind during the full moon. With your delicious planetary ruler Venus sashaying through your expansive ninth house of travel, education, and self-promotion, you will be presented with opportunities to showcase your passion projects left and right, so make sure to put yourself first. You are such a superstar, Libra. BTW, a challenging square between Mars and Uranus could be testy, especially in terms of your personal brand, so if things feel overwhelming during the full moon, don’t hesitate to lay low and work behind the scenes. How has your personal brand evolved? Are you expressing your truth unapologetically?


Surrendering is essential to your evolution process, Scorpio. Your powerful planetary ruler Pluto has been hovering over your communication sector for quite some time now and whether you realize it or not, the Lord of the Underworld has helped you destroy a number of toxic thought patterns, and this is one of the many reasons why you feel more confident expressing your truth. While the Sun in Aries sheds light on your daily routine and health habits, the full moon in Libra will beam through your secretive 12th house of closure, karma, spirituality, and solitude. You’re eerily intuitive by nature but this lunation will ignite your inner witch even more. As you know, full moons bring endings and this area of your chart has everything to do with letting go. Is it time to move on? With Venus — the moon’s ruler — dazzling your sultry eighth house of sex, intimacy, and transformation, you could be second-guessing a joint venture or an intimate union during this time. Follow your instincts, Scorpio. You always know what to do at the end of the day. A square between rebellious Uranus and your traditional planetary ruler Mars could definitely trigger your relationships, so leave it up to the universe and keep your center. Are you afraid to release something that’s no longer fulfilling you? How’s your relationship with spirit?


Cheers to you and all your successes, Sagittarius. With your gracious planetary ruler Jupiter hovering over your second house of finances, values, and pleasure, you’re likely reaping all the benefits this year, especially those of you who have been working diligently towards your goals. Missing your carpe diem life? You’re not alone but in other news, the upcoming full moon will activating your socially driven 11th house of friendships, teams, and life-long dreams. Don’t you worry; social distancing isn’t going to stop you from making your social media debut, Sagittarius. So, if you’ve been working tirelessly on a new campaign, or perhaps collaborating with an inspiring group of like-minded individuals, you’re about to start a revolution all on your own. Also, being passionate is one thing and overbearing is another. A challenging square between Mars and Uranus could very well spark some ego trips and temper flares, but you’re beyond the pettiness. It’s taken a while for you to get here, so don’t let all of your hard work go to waste. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your opinion; just make sure you’re communicating with tact and empathy. BTW, this lunation could also bring revealing truths to light in regard to your friendships and teammates, so don’t be surprised if you get the memo. How have your collaborative efforts evolved since? How is your messaging coming across?


Your ride-or-die hustle tastes so sweet in the end, Capricorn. You put your heart and soul into every single one of your efforts, and it shows. Also, now that your oh-so-serious planetary ruler has shifted gears and entered Aquarius, you’re not only seeing the fruits of your hardcore labor, you’re also seeing a difference in your self-esteem. I’m so proud of you, Capricorn. This is just the beginning, and I can’t wait to see you shine. Although, with La Luna beaming through your prestigious 10th house of career, authority figures, and reputation, something tells me you’re about to bask in the spotlight. What’s fair is fair and Lord knows you’ve paid your dues, Capricorn. So, whether you’re finalizing an exciting work project or have decided to take a different direction in your career, these Venusian lunar beams are about to lead the way. There’s a lot of chaos happening all around the world right now but instead of focusing on the harsh reality of it all, this charming lunation is politely asking you to pursue the goals you’re most passionate about. Your relationship with an authority figure could also be top of mind during this time, so hear them out and see what’s on their mind. Besides, there’s nothing Venus loves more than a little heart-to-heart. Have you accomplished something beautiful? Are you willing to negotiate with an authority figure?


Looking at the bigger picture will give you peace of mind, Aquarius. It’s been an interesting rise with loads of introspection and with your rebellious planetary ruler Uranus revolutionizing your inner foundation and sense of security, there’s really no denying how much you’ve evolved, mentally and spiritually, but perspective is everything. The upcoming full moon in Libra will ignite your expansive ninth house of education, travel, philosophy, and faith. This will not only gift you with some much-needed truth, but it will also open your eyes to the gorgeous possibilities available to you. Also, with Lady Venus — the full moon’s planetary ruler — in Gemini via your expressive fifth house of creativity, romance, and authenticity, this lunation will also shed light on your unique talents and sparkling mind. You can do anything you want to do, Aquarius. You’re a colorful light being with an electric heart. The only thing I want you to be extra mindful of right now is, the challenging square happening between Mars and your ruling planet Uranus. Your freedom is everything but the current events are giving you no choice but to compromise. What I mean is, don’t be ice-cold with your partner, roommate and/or family members if things don’t go as planned. Take it easy and put all of that rage into your creative endeavors. Do you smile when thinking about your future? What are you looking forward to most?


All you need is love, sweet Pisces. Aside from being a hopeless romantic at heart, you’ve always been someone who’s naturally conscious of other people’s needs which is why you’ll stop at nothing to help anyone, and everyone, who needs saving. But what about you? The Libra full moon will ignite your auspicious eighth house of debt, sex, transformation, joint ventures, and karmic connections, bringing closure and clarity to your intimate unions. For the record, this area of your chart has everything to do with transactions, whether it be financially, sexually, or spiritually speaking. Themes of “give and take” will be top of mind during this time but more importantly, an important relationship, or perhaps an investment, will certainly reach its peak during this time. Given that this area of your chart belongs to Scorpio, however, you could experience a series of emotional highs and lows, so make sure to stay grounded and keep your center. There’s nothing to be afraid of, Pisces. The universe is working in your favor and blessing you with an enormous amount of clarity. Take it with you and use it wisely. A tense square between aggressive Mars and rebellious Uranus could also trigger chaotic thoughts and petty arguments so again, don’t lose your balance and focus on your peace of mind. Libra energy is all about negotiation and compromise, so take advantage of this opportunity. Does your partner(s) meet you halfway? Do these joint ventures bring you peace of mind?


Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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