Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Sagittarius (Nov. 23, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Sagittarius (Nov. 23, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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When reflecting back on the highs and lows of your spiritual journey and human experience, what lessons inspired you to move forward, and rise above the storm? The intensity of Scorpio season is precisely what triggers our shadow work, but after confronting and purging the parts of ourselves that no longer serve our highest good, the soul steps into a new dimension of reality in Sagittarius season. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, then you wouldn’t understand the core meaning of this celestial season. For instance–a manifestation of Scorpio’s alchemy, enlightened Sagittarius is born after the soul’s complete metamorphosis. Half human and half spirit, the centaur is a miraculous embodiment of Jupiter’s wisdom, as it is carrying a heavenly compass while on its quest to spiritual transcendence. 

Sounds like a cliche, but they weren’t kidding about the possibilities—they are endless indeed. How have you mentally, physically and spiritually evolved in the past year? If you were lacking hope, or perhaps lost faith in something you had your heart set on, reflect on the silver lining. Where are you at this very moment, and how did this experience influence the person you’ve become. Over-zealous and freedom-loving, Sagittarius’ archer aims its majestic arrow towards the infinite sky, serving as a representation of our path to self-discovery. Last question, (for now) I promise: what is genuinely holding you back from stepping into your fullest potential? This is where bountiful Jupiter—largest planet in the solar system; King of the Gods—comes to play, as he invigorates us with life, hope and inspiration.

The inspiration is next-level this week… and, as if four planets transiting through this high-vibing fire sign wasn’t enough, the cosmos is blessing us with a magical new moon in Sagittarius, the same day its ruler (Jupiter) stations direct. Auspicious much? Vanishing into the night sky on Nov. 23—at exactly 5:57 p.m. EST—via the first degree of enthusiastic Sagittarius, this new moon is not only kicking off a brand-new journey of life, but also urging us to prioritize our individual truth. Experience is this mutable fire sign’s forever muse, and the intuitive spontaneity is here to inspire and invigorate us on our path forward. There will be four planets (sun, moon, Mercury and Venus) transiting through fire signs during this lunation, making this fertile element all the more prominent.

The new moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle; Luna renews itself once every month, providing us with a clean slate to do the same. When considering this sense of renewal and the essence of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, reflect on the areas of your life where you have been narrow-minded and/or reluctant to expand. Consider this your cue to take a leap of faith, and venture into the unknown. Mercury and Venus will be in harmony with Chiron retrograde in Aries, which is where lessons and themes (we’ve been experiencing since 2021) surrounding our levels of assertion and individual expression. For instance, what triggers your vulnerability? Where have you been struggling to remain true to your identity? This healing synergy brings growth and wisdom, as it is urging us to trust our soul calling, despite the fear that could come with it.

On a more challenging note, despite the momentum and fertility surrounding this lunation, we can’t disregard the influence of Mars retrograde square Neptune. As it is, all four planets (sun, moon, Mercury and Venus) will eventually sit in direct opposition to Mars retrograde, so if plans suddenly come to halt or are unexplainably hindered, don’t be discouraged. If anything, this is an opportunity for us to reconsider details before committing to something, and moving forward.

In the meantime, read your new moon in Sagittarius horoscope and affirmation below:

Mars may be retrograde, but this isn't taking away from you feeling like you're on top of the world, Aries. The moon will renew itself in spontaneous Sagittarius, supercharging your ninth house of adventure, expansion, higher learning and self-discovery. Where to next? If there's something on your bucket list, or a new-found belief system you're ready to explore, this is your official cue from the universe to follow your soul's innate calling. This moon' ruler, Jupiter, is also stationing direct, and via your 12th house of dreams, healing and surrender. Affirmation: My truth is my compass; I call upon my higher self for inspiration and wisdom.

Your celestial ruler, Venus, is traveling alongside curious Mercury in Sagittarius, bringing emphasis to themes surrounding intimacy, shared resources and soul-to-soul connections. Deeply curious with a strong urge for freedom, this is precisely where the moon will renew itself this month, but it doesn't end there. The moon's ruler, Jupiter, will station direct in Pisces, via your 11th house of associations, future visions and individual freedom, adding a sparkling layer of universal love and creative musings. Where have you been reluctant to collaborate, and connect with like-minded individuals? It's time to expand your personal and professional horizons. Affirmation: My beliefs are evolving, as is my desire for connectivity; when I stand in my truth, I attract divine partnerships.

Reflect on your approach to relationships, commitments and contractual agreements, Gemini. With your celestial ruler, Mercury, sitting alongside Venus in Sagittarius, themes surrounding your philosophy and unique belief systems are bound to come up for review, especially when it comes to finances and values. The moon will renew itself on the same day its ruler, Jupiter, stations direct in Pisces via your 10th house of authority. Topics surrounding culture and religion are prone to triggering arguments and disagreements, but this doesn't make any less prominent for you and a significant other. Have more compassion for yourself, and hold space for your significant other(s). Affirmation: I am committed to my soul growth; I am open to exploring new ventures within my 1:1 partnerships.

The expansion you seek depends on your ability to explore other options, and day-to-say routines, Cancer. This is especially true when considering Mercury's close proximity to Venus in Sagittarius—via your sixth house of health, daily rituals and acts of service—considering the moon will also be renewing itself in this area of your chart. On another note, with the new moon's ruler, Jupiter, stationing direct via your ninth house of adventure, higher learning and self-discovery, you are being encouraged to trust what inspires you, and lights your soul on fire. Affirmation: I surrender the mindsets and inhibitions that cloud my vision; I am aware of my limitless potential.

Your inner child is calling, Leo. Whether it be in terms of your creative gifts and love language, or the desire to expand your family, November's new moon is urging you to open your heart and mind to the infinite possibilities. There is, however, a catch as the new moon's ruler, Jupiter, will be stationing direct in Pisces, via your intimate eighth house of mergers, shared resources and joint ventures. In other words, it's not solely up to you and your heart's desires. In fact, with expansive Jupiter in this area of your chart, there is an opportunity for spiritual union. Affirmation: I lead with enthusiasm; my soul shines individually and within relationships.

Your definition of home and stability is unique to you, Virgo. Despite whether you're currently single or already in a committed partnership, this Jupiter-ruled new moon is bringing fertility and beginnings of growth to your fourth house of innermost feelings, emotional foundations and family matters. Jupiter will also be stationing direct in Pisces, via your committed seventh house of significant others, which could turn out to be a blessing in disguise for single Virgos. Soulmate for one? Yes please! Although, despite the magic of Jupiter in Pisces, you're being encouraged to follow your intuition when it comes to the people, commitments and/or partnerships you see fit for you. Affirmation: I am open to growth and expansion; I have faith in the divine bringing me the right suitors.

It's time to take a different approach, Libra. After all, Mercury is sitting alongside your celestial ruler, Venus, in Sagittarius, and via your curious third house of siblings, immediate surroundings and mental processes. Whether it be with regards to general mindfulness or your approach to day-to-day affairs, this lunation is urging you to keep an open mind, and take the necessary risks that are required for your personal growth. On another note, this could be about an outdated belief system you have in terms of responsibility, and/or the dynamic of your inner circles. Affirmation: I honor the sacred rhythms of my mental and physical bodies; I am open to explore other avenues for my own well being.

Your money-making abilities and exotic value systems are being put on display during this new moon, Scorpio. And with its ruler, Jupiter, stationing direct in Pisces — via your fifth house of love languages, passion projects and self-expression — you are being encouraged to reflect on your beliefs surrounding abundance, security and emotional fulfillment. Mercury is also in close proximity to Venus, highlighting the dynamics of your financial exchanges and desire for stability. Are you and your business partner(s) on the same page? Have you been avoiding a long-overdue conversation with a significant other? Affirmation: My heart's desires and unique value systems are just as valid as everyone else's; my truth is my freedom.

Happy new moon, Sagittarius. Your solar season invigorates the world with hope and faith, because the sun will always come out tomorrow. Mercury rules your relationship sector, and it will be sitting alongside Venus in your sign — during the new moon phase — and this makes this lunation all the more inspiring, and personal. For instance, with your celestial ruler, Jupiter, also stationing direct in Pisces — via your fourth house of home, family and emotional foundations — this lunation is replenishing and nourishing you... but more importantly, it's urging you to speak your truth when it comes to personal matters. The life and stability you long for is closer than you realize. Affirmation: I am confident in my truth, and in my personal belief systems; trusting my inner calling allows me to expand.

Heart-to-heart conversations bring people closer together, and 'tis the season, Capricorn. Besides, with your solar season up ahead, you're being encouraged to prioritize your healing, rest and life behind closed doors. This, however, could include some much-needed bonding time with siblings and relatives, while others of you opt for journaling and meditating in solitude. To each their own, but the power of your thoughts and words goes without saying. On another note, if you've been less compassionate and/or present in the lives of your loved ones, this lunation could present you with a whole new perspective. Affirmations: I honor both my intuition and pragmatism; I hold compassion for beliefs that are unfamiliar to me.

Your values could differ from those in your extended community, but this doesn't make them any less valid, Aquarius. For instance, in addition to the moon renewing itself in Sagittarius — via your 11th house of associations, community affairs, future visions and social networks — Mercury will be sitting alongside Venus in this area of your chart, highlighting everything from the dynamic of your social exchanges to the financial collaborations you wish to explore. Second-guessing yourself? With Jupiter stationing direct—via your second house of values and self-worth—you're in luck and you are being encouraged to explore everything from your money-making abilities to your unique talents. Affirmation: There's no such thing as another me; my truth and uniqueness shines brightly in my community. 

Reach for the stars, Pisces. You're a multifaceted shape-shifter with a colorful array of unique gifts, and this new moon is bringing momentum to your longterm goals and future visions. The best part? Lucky Jupiter will be stationing direct in your sign on the same day, enlightening and inspiring you with confidence, courage and enthusiasm. On that note, and with Mercury sitting alongside Venus in Sagittarius, you are being called to explore your personal and professional horizons at this time, even if that means cultivating some of the interests and passion projects you put in the back burner once upon a time. Affirmation: My authenticity is my greatest gift; I hold the key to my own greatness and I am ready to succeed.

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