Moon Musings: How The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (Nov. 8, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (Nov. 8, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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The sun’s journey through mystifying Scorpio leaves us with no choice but to go within, and confront the deeper parts of ourselves, as well as the darker corners of our psyche. This along with the essence of eclipse season—the last of 2022—could feel nothing short of unnerving, but it’s important to remember that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. This is all part of a divine plan, so if you’re feeling intimidated, anxious and/or fearful of the lower vibrational energies creeping up to the surface at this time, it’s important to reflect and sit with these emotions, in order to discover where it’s all stemming from. 

Would it make you feel better if I told you that you’re not alone? Shadow work isn’t for the faint of heart, but every thought, concern and emotion you consider triggering is precisely where your power lies. Don’t be afraid to take a closer look at the areas of life where you’ve felt powerless as of late; there’s a pattern you will discover in the process. In the meantime, check where the astrological axis of Taurus-Scorpio lives on your birth chart; these astrological houses are where you’ve likely felt the most vulnerable and/or challenged since November 2021. However, instead of dwelling on the trials and tribulations, let’s shift our perspective and focus on the immense growth that’s come along with it. For instance, when it comes to your personal and professional exchanges—financially, romantically or in general—how have you taken your power back? And what have you discovered about yourself in the process? Remember, the essence of Pluto-ruled Scorpio has everything to do with the deeper unconscious energies that exist within us. These are the darker attributes we either choose to hide, whether it be due to fear or for the sake of power and control. Fun fact: the lower vibration of Scorpio fixates, obsesses and is untrusting of its surroundings. But with the South Node also transiting this fixed water sign, this is precisely what we’re being called to release… and, it’s for the sake of our highest good.

As for November’s full blood moon total lunar eclipse in Taurus—happening on Nov. 8 at 6:02 a.m. EST via 16 degrees of this fixed earth sign—this is bringing forth a powerful culmination, both personally and collectively speaking. The moon is, after all, a hypersensitive luminary, so you can already imagine the intensity and emotion behind a lunar eclipse. According to NASA, a total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon and the sun are on exactly opposite sides of earth, which means the gravitational force (pulling on the emotional tides within our bodies) is next level.

On that note, let’s take a closer look at the essence of this fixed earth sign, as it is symbolic of our stability, value systems and sensual pleasures. Taurus holds down the fort, whether you look at it in terms of practical and/or financial means. It is a representation of our personal morale, sense of self worth and inner peace. Sitting in conjunction with erratic Uranus—the planet of chaos, breakthroughs, technology and unexpected changes—we could be caught off guard with the enlightenment and inner awakening that’s about to take place. With that being said, it’s important to reflect on the areas of life where you’ve felt unfulfilled, unstable and undervalued, especially those that tie in with your own vulnerabilities, conscious or unconscious. After all, the sun, Mercury, Venus and the South Node are transiting through Scorpio—Venus governs this eclipse—which is where we’re being challenged to face the truth, no matter how uncomfortable or taboo-like. Taurus wants simplicity and stability; therefore, the freedom-loving influence of Uranus is here to shake things up in your world, in order for you to awaken and unapologetically embody your authentic needs, and desires. Sometimes, we’re the only ones standing in our own way, so don’t be afraid to look in the mirror.

Read your total lunar eclipse horoscope and reflection below, according to your sun and rising sign:

What may seem like a total shock to your sense of security will make sense in due time, and serve you greatly in the long run Aries. After all, despite the chaos happening all around you, your sense of self and inner stability are, really, the only things you’re able to control. That said, although this total lunar eclipse will sit together with erratic Uranus—via your second house of values, finances, self worth and security—what is being illuminated will simultaneously bring you back to your center, despite how surprising and/or unexpected. The truth is here to set you free, whether it be professionally or in terms of a relationship dynamic. Your sources of income and intimate unions are also being emphasized, specifically those that are ready to be released and/or transformed. Reflection: What relationships, entanglements and/or exchanges are you ready to transform? What is the driving force behind your sense of security? 

This one’s got your name on it, Taurus. The moon is being eclipsed in your sign, which means something surrounding your innermost feelings, sense of security and emotional foundation is being illuminated, but there’s more. With your celestial ruler, Venus, sitting alongside the sun, Mercury and the South Node in Scorpio—your committed seventh house of contractual agreements, significant others and open enemies—you are being called to confront everything from the power dynamics in your connections to the darker attributes of a significant other. Keep in mind, the moon and Uranus in your sign will sit across the stellium of energies in your relationship sector, while simultaneously clashing with structured Saturn in your 10th house of authority. Hello, T-square. You’re being pulled in a bunch of different directions. You want to break free from an outdated way of being, but you’re being lured/pulled in by the karmic waves of a relationship, all while Saturn challenges you to level up in your professional life. No one said this change would happen overnight, but don’t undermine the aspect of self-discovery. This is your truth. Reflection: Are your commitments benefiting you, or weighing you down? How have you evolved as an individual in the past six months?

Your inner stability is being brought to the forefront of this total lunar eclipse, Gemini. And though its touching down on your unconscious 12th house of secrets, privacy, self sabotage, something is being illuminated and perhaps in ways you weren’t expecting. Pay attention to your dreams, check-in with yourself, and listen to your body. After all, with the sun, Mercury, Venus (the eclipse ruler) and the South Node transiting through Scorpio–your sixth house of mindfulness, health habits and daily routines—you could be intuitively nudged about a shadowy environment, and/or toxic habit that needs to be released in your day-to-day life. This is a personal eclipse for you, in the sense that it’s shedding light on your conscious/unconscious desires and values. Reflection: What universal messages are you receiving? Is there something in your daily environment that’s no longer in alignment with your highest good? 

What you genuinely value in others is a reflection of you, Cancer. That said, if you’re feeling the call to step up to the plate in your social life, or with regards to your community affairs, it’s not a coincidence. This month’s total lunar eclipse in Taurus will touch down on your 11th house of associations, community affairs and sense of belonging in the world, all while sitting alongside change-maker Uranus. Something significant is being illuminated to you at this time, and it has everything to do with the stability of your friendship groups, future visions and social circles. What do you sincerely value in another human being? Do you feel comfortable expressing your true self with others? The moon-Uranus will trigger a T-Square between Saturn in your 8th house of intimate unions, and the sun-Mercury-Venus-South Node in Scorpio via your fifth house of self-expression. Something needs to be released and/or transformed, in order for you to connect with your community and commit to your life mission with ease. Reflection: What parts of yourself do you choose to keep a secret? What shadowy patterns are inhibiting you from experiencing camaraderie.

Your external reality is a reflection of your inner world, Leo. November’s full blood moon in Taurus will touch down on your public 10th house of authority, parental figures and legacy in the world, all while sitting alongside Uranus, the planet of chaos and unexpected breakthroughs. Something significant is being illuminated in this area of your life, even if it’s something you’re afraid to show the rest of the world. After all, with the sun, Mercury, Venus and the South Node in Scorpio hovering over your fourth house of emotional foundations, the cosmos is simultaneously challenging you to confront everything from your shadow self to the darker aspects of your personal life, be it with regards to family and/or your early upbringing. Something needs to be released in order for you to fully step into the spotlight, and commit to your soul mission. Reflection: Is there something that needs to be transformed in the home within, and around you? What past energies are you ready to surrender, for the sake of your stability?

If you’re reluctant to expand your horizons, then this is something that could be coming up for review during November’s blood moon lunar eclipse. Sitting alongside erratic Uranus—via your ninth house of belief systems, personal philosophies and self-discovery—you are being awakened, enlightened and perhaps even caught off guard by new possibilities, and doorways of opportunity. Also, when considering the stellium of energies that are hovering over your third house of immediate surroundings—the sun, Mercury, Venus and the South Node—chances are you’ve either been unconsciously inhibiting yourself from venturing outside of your comfort zone, or consciously doing everything you can to remain in control. Reflection: What’s driving you forward on your soul path? Are you hanging onto a past fear, or a toxic mindset that’s no longer serving you?

Reconnect with your sensual pleasures, and call your power back, Libra. Whether it be in terms of romance, inheritances and/or shared finances, the cosmos is bringing you back home to yourself. Granted, November’s total lunar eclipse will touch down on your intimate eighth house of sex, mergers, joint ventures and shared resources—all while sitting alongside spontaneous Uranus, the change-maker planet—but in order for you to fully step into this new reality, you will need to partake in some soul searching beforehand. For instance, your celestial ruler (as well as the ruler of this eclipse) Venus is sitting together with the sun, Mercury and the South Node in Scorpio via your stability-seeking second house of finances, values and sense of self-worth. That said, where have you been consciously and/or unconsciously neglecting your needs for the sake of another? This shake up is here to liberate you, and help you break free from connections that aren’t benefiting you? Reflection: What brings you a sense of security in your partnerships? Is a lack of stability within you reflecting onto your committed unions?

You’re releasing an outdated way of living, and stepping into your power, Scorpio. This, however, reflects onto your reality, as well as the dynamic of your one-on-one connections. That said, after a solar eclipse in your sign, you can now expect a powerful culmination when in regards to your contractual agreements, committed partnerships and significant others, but it doesn’t end there. The lunar eclipse will join forces with freedom-loving Uranus in your relationship sector, which can be equally as liberating as it is unexpected. For instance, something you wholeheartedly value in another could be illuminated at this time, while others of you recognize where you’ve been unconsciously giving your power away. Surprising encounters with potential love interests, or business partners you’d be delighted to work with could also be a possibility at this time. However, this is where you’re being challenged to release the fear and inhibitions stifling your fullest potential. Reflection: Are you being honest with yourself, and your partner(s)? Is there an identity and/or self concept that’s blocking your connections from thriving?

Secrets are common, but they’re not always necessary, Sagittarius. This is especially significant to consider with the sun, Mercury, Venus and the South Node transiting through your 12th house of solitude, privacy and healing, as you are more likely to keep things to yourself at this time. Health is also a theme here, as the blood moon lunar eclipse will activate your sixth house of daily routines, work environment and acts of service, and while in conjunction with freedom-loving Uranus. The catch? The changes you’re experiencing could feel unexpected and perhaps even a bit chaotic, but this is what will liberate you from the unconscious burdens and patterns of self-sabotage that continue to linger over your head. Surrendering is easier said than done, but it’s still required in order for you to level up. Reflection: What are these changes teaching you about yourself? Are you willing to let bygones be bygones, or are you holding onto past resentments?

Is there a clique, community and/or social network burdening you, Capricorn? If you’ve been going out of your way to Keep Up With The Jones’, then November’s blood moon lunar eclipse is bringing some unexpected breakthroughs that could shake things up for your own good. For instance, the sun, Mercury, Venus and the South Node are bringing emphasis to the shadowy attributes (i.e. power dynamics, secret fixations, those who misuse their power) surrounding your community affairs. Meanwhile, the lunar eclipse conjunct Uranus—via your fifth house of self-expression and passion projects—will stir the pot and likely create some unexpected chaos, in order for you to break free from these toxic inhibitions and outdated frequencies. Something will be illuminated, but this clarity will set you free. Reflection: What group dynamics are no longer aligning with your individual expression? Is there something stifling you from exploring other collaborations and opportunities?  

Your desire for power, authority and financial stability is currently top of mind, and it’s not a coincidence either, Aquarius. For instance, it’s not everyday the sun, Mercury, Venus and the South Node simultaneously transit through Scorpio, and your 10th house of boss moves, and reputation in the world. And though it continues to highlight the shadow side of your professional endeavors, as well as the fixations and power dynamics surrounding your desire for success, something significant is being illuminated to you in the process. This is where the lunar eclipse comes in, as it will join forces with your modern ruler, Uranus, via your fourth house of emotional foundations, bringing unexpected chaos to energies surrounding your sense of security. Impromptu insight and shake ups are likely, but this is all happening in order for you to reconnect with your personal values in the process. Reflection: What professional attachments and/or superficialities do you depend on for validation? Why does this influence your sense of stability? 

When you look towards the horizon, what do you see, Pisces? Are you envisioning the future with an open mind and heart, or are you inhibiting yourself from exploring the possibilities? With the sun, Mercury, Venus and the South Node in Scorpio—via your ninth house of expansion, adventure and higher learning—there is greater emphasis on the shadow side of your worldly pursuits, not to mention your personal philosophy and outlook. However, when considering this month’s blood moon lunar eclipse in Taurus—conjunct erratic Uranus via your third house of communication, thought process and immediate surroundings—you could receive some unexpected news and/or insight on something that will likely require you to take a leap of faith, and venture into the unknown. This could be actual news, or a new skill and/or virtual gig that requires travel, media and you reaching new heights overall. It’s time for you to cross the pond, so what’s holding you back? Reflection: What is clouding your perception of the infinite possibilities? Do you believe in a higher power, or do you lack faith entirely? 

Valerie is an astrologer, soul coach & visual story teller. In addition to being Love by Luna's resident astrologer, she writes horoscopes for PopSugar, StyleCaster, Elite Daily, among others. For more of her work and portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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