Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Gemini (Dec. 7, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Gemini (Dec. 7, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Mutable seasons can be overwhelming to some, as they are equally as versatile as they are action packed with sensory overload. Whether you look at it in terms of your social circumstances or a feeling of restlessness you simply can’t shake off, there is an evident sense of “finality” that comes with this modality. Look at it this way—Pisces season takes place at the end of the winter, Gemini season occurs at the end of spring, Virgo season begins at the end of summer, and Sagittarius wraps up the fall season. Make sense? It’s no wonder mutable signs are brilliant by nature, as they are wise and adaptable enough to wrap things up, both mentally and energetically speaking. With this in mind, there’s no better time than now to discuss the current astro-weather, especially with six planets transiting through mutable signs. 

As for this month’s full moon in Gemini—happening on Dec. 7 at 11:08 p.m. EST—it’s important to consider the archetypal energy of this mutable air sign, as the divine order of the zodiac goes hand in hand with our human development. For instance, Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac; its connection to Mercury speaks to everything from our decision-making to the way we process information. Communication is especially significant, because Gemini revolves around “how” and “what” we perceive when information is being exchanged to us. We also can’t undermine the duality of Gemini, as it typically presents us with a variety of options and paths for us to take. This is where this mutable air sign’s curiosity stems from, considering its intellectual hyper-awareness. Gemini presents us with choices and an influx of information for us to process. 

The moon will reach its peak of fullness via 16 degrees Gemini, and while in an exact conjunction to Mars retrograde, making this lunation all the more mischievous. As you know, the moon makes a direct opposition to the sun during this lunar phase, which is where Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius comes into play. A representation of our belief systems and life experiences, the moon-Mars’ opposition to the sun creates a push and pull dynamic between our worldviews vs. how you’re being called to take action moving forward. Information from the past—or previous messages, you either sent/received—could suddenly alter, as this lunation is not only shedding light on the truth behind our sense of direction but also bringing a significant shift in perspective. 

Keep in mind, we are more likely to become emotionally triggered (leading to verbal outbursts) with the moon conjunct Mars Rx, so it’s important to be mindful of the dynamic of your exchanges. Remember, retrograde cycles are all about reconsidering, reflecting and reprioritizing, and this full-circle moment is giving no choice but to do exactly that. On that note, this is where we reflect on our past experiences, and how they’ve influenced and/or altered our mindset. There could be a strong urge to express yourself, but Mercury in Capricorn aims for pragmatism and discernment. In other words, we are being encouraged to remain grounded and realistic with our exchanges, as opposed to making aggressive accusations and/or succumbing to emotional volatility. 

Mercury is, after all, the ruler of this lunation—as well as Mars retrograde—so energies surrounding our professional exchanges are more likely to be top of mind, specifically those that need clarity and/or reprioritization. Is this conversation really worth having? Are you aligned with your commitments, and on time with your deliverables? Jupiter in Pisces (ruler of Sagittarius season) is simultaneously asking us to raise our vibration, and have more compassion for ourselves in the process. It’s time to redirect our energy, and bring focus to what is actually worthy of your time.

Without further ado, here’s what to expect during the full moon in Gemini according to your zodiac sign:

Not that there’s ever been such a thing as an insignificant full moon, but December is especially prominent for you, Aries. For instance, in addition to the fact that your planetary ruler, Mars retrograde, is a key player, the moon’s ruler, Mercury, will be transiting through your 10th house of authority. Whether it be important paperwork coming back around for review, or the opportunity to make something official in a “traditional” way, this lunation is asking you to reconsider everything from your communication style to the information you’ve shared with those in your immediate environment. Reflection: Is an outdated belief system currently challenging your decision-making process? Do you have all the facts needed to move forward?

You’re often admired for your practical decision-making skills and financially savvy ways, but there’s too much for you to consider at the moment, making your uncertainty fairly valid. Your social surroundings are a source of inspiration with Jupiter in Pisces, inspiring you to connect with those who share similar hopes and dreams. Luna conjunct Mars retrograde, however, is urging you to reflect and reconsider the decisions you’ve made prior, specifically those that inhibited you from experiencing the fulfillment you seek and value. This could be a conversation you have yet to have or new information that shifts your entire outlook. Reflection: Are finances the glue to your current relationships? Is this union in alignment with your value systems?

An important conversation could come back around at this time, which is why it’s so important for you to think before you say something you don’t mean, Gemini. The moon will not only conjunct Mars retrograde in your sign, but also sit directly across from the sun in your relationship sector. Sagittarius speaks to your belief systems and past experiences, while you prefer to consider the facts. That being said, there is a belief system you’re being called to release, perhaps one that serves as an influence to both your relationships, and sense of authority. Career matters could be a part of this full-circle moment, specifically when regarding the bigger picture of your life. Reflection: Are you jumping to conclusions? Is there something you misunderstood and/or miscommunicated?

Despite being in touch with your emotional intelligence, the red planet’s journey through your 12th house has given you no choice but to reflect on the messaging of your inner dialogue, Cancer. Has this clouded your intuitive vision and sense of awareness? Luna will conjunct Mars rx—via your 12th house of secrets and unconscious patterns—all while sitting directly across from the sun in your sixth house of daily rituals. That said, this is where you’re being called to reflect on your inhibitions and/or self-sabotaging patterns, specifically those stifling your true calling. If there are specific views surrounding your day-to-day responsibilities, this is being brought to your attention. Reflection: Are you and your professional collaborators communicating effectively? Is your significant other respectful of your daily rituals?

Think before you say something to the wrong person, Leo. Also, with the full moon’s ruler, Mercury, glimmering through Capricorn—via your sixth house of daily rituals—this could be someone in the workplace, if not someone you see regularly. Luna will, however, conjunct Mars retrograde—via your 11th house of associations, community affairs and sense of belonging in the world—which is where the cosmos is urging you reconsider your connections, while others of you reprioritize your professional goals entirely. Outdated belief systems surrounding intimacy and boundary setting could be of greater prominence, so pay attention to what is being illuminated. Reflection: Is this connection worth you mixing business with pleasure? Are your daily duties in alignment with your future?

We’re not always going to have the same belief systems as our significant other, Virgo. Perhaps the real question is, would this really be a deal breaker? Whether personally or professionally, the cosmos is urging you to reflect on the philosophies from your early experiences, specifically those that aren’t in harmony with your future endeavors. Themes surrounding your creative gifts and unique abilities could be top of mind, while others of you acknowledge the foundation of your love language. Keeping yourself in an invisible box surrounded by what is familiar may not be the right path for you, and the full moon is bringing this to your attention. Reflection: Are you maximizing the potential of your personal and professional partnerships? Have you attached yourself to a tradition that is no longer resonating with you?

The conversations you have with close relatives could trigger a shift in perspective, Libra. For instance, while conjunct Mars retrograde in Gemini—via your expansive ninth house of wisdom, self-discovery and unknown territory—this lunation will bring emphasis to your traditions and philosophies, mainly those surrounding your family and close relatives. Is there something that needs to be reconsidered? Whether it be an important conversation or a documentation of sorts, you are being presented with the opportunity to lend a helping hand to someone in need, while others of you rework important details in your everyday routine. Reflection: Where have you been (unintentionally) a harsh critic? Are old structures and traditions influencing your family dynamic?

Think twice before committing to something that is no longer in harmony with your vibration, Scorpio. Conjunct Mars retrograde—via your eighth house of intimacy, shared resources and soulmate connections, while its ruler transits your third house of communication—this lunation is bringing emphasis to the structure of your value systems, mainly when it comes to your mergers, and joint ventures. This could also have something to do with other sources of income, but there’s more. Luna-Mars Retrograde will be sitting across from the sun in Sagittarius, highlighting the foundation of your experiences, whether it be in terms of self-worth and/or your money-making abilities. Reflection: Are you wholeheartedly committed to this professional endeavor? Have you been over-extending yourself, and not getting the same in return?

Have you been purposely avoiding addressing a financial matter, Sagittarius? If you’re not reconsidering next steps in your career, then you may be discussing financial matters with a significant other at this time. The moon will conjunct Mars retrograde in Gemini—while its ruler, Mercury transits your second house of stability—bringing financial conversations back around for review. Meanwhile, with the sun in your sign, and your celestial ruler, Jupiter, transiting your fourth house of home and family, you could experience friction between a personal philosophy and the way this affects your relationship moving forward. Reflection: Are you being honest with yourself, and your loved ones? Is there a lack of boundaries influencing the dynamic of your partnership? 

If you’ve been consciously choosing to close yourself off to others, or made it a habit after many years of keeping things low key, the cosmos is urging you to reflect on how this belief system and perhaps “evasiveness” has influenced the dynamic of your day-to-day life. With the ruler of this lunation (Mercury) transiting through your sign, the cosmos is presenting you with an opportunity to speak your truth, while others of you reconsider the structure of your health habits. Some of you might even be indulging in private, and not seeing the severity of this habit clearly. Reflection: Have you been low on energy as of late? What needs to be reprioritized in your everyday life?

Do your due diligence before you make any assumptions, Aquarius. The full moon will conjunct Mars retrograde in Gemini—via your fifth house of love, children, passion projects and self-expression—all while its ruler, Mercury, transits your 12th house of inhibitions, closure and hidden agendas. If this is a romantic connection, this is where you’re being encouraged to reflect on the romantic burdens you experienced in the past, in order for you to make the necessary shifts. Indulging in the social perks and/or plethora of romantic interests may not be working in your favor. Reflection: Is there a work vs. life mindset you’re ready to leave behind? Are social constructs inhibiting you from speaking your truth?

Is there important documentation that needs to be completed, Pisces? Whether it be in terms of your living space, your exchanges with a landlord, or a professional responsibility that is required of you at this time, you are being called to practice accountability. Conjunct Mars retrograde via your fourth house of home, family and innermost feelings, group dynamics (roommates included) and/or pending exchanges with close relatives could come up for review at this time. The catch? In addition to the sun’s journey through your 10th house of authority, Jupiter is still glimmering through your sign, highlighting the areas where you’ve overindulged and/or seen the world through rose-colored glasses. Reflection: How can you address the situation without overlooking the bigger picture? Are these social interactions affecting your personal life? 

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