Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Capricorn (Dec. 23, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Capricorn (Dec. 23, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Another year over, and a new one’s about to begin. Kinda hard to believe we’re (once again) being greeted by Mother Nature’s dark winter chill, but this is all the more reason to go inward, and find peace within our own stillness. Did you know that the sun is reborn during the winter solstice? In many cultures around the world, this sacred event is considered a turning point in the year. Also known as the Yule, this year’s winter solstice will take place on December 21—at exactly 4:47 p.m. EST—in the Northern Hemisphere. This not only marks the first day of winter, but also the sun’s ingress into Saturn-ruled Capricorn. And if you have Capricorn placements, or a loved one with this energy prominently placed in their birth chart, chances are you’re no stranger to this earth sign’s ruthless pragmatism. Capricorn’s disciplined and brutally honest nature comes with the turf, as it is a representation of our life’s structure. Similarly, the winter season will more than often bring tests and trials, but only for the sake of our personal and growth. In the meantime, this is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your experiences, as well as all of the wisdom you gained in 2022. What are you looking forward to accomplishing in the year ahead, and are you holding yourself accountable?

As if kicking off a brand-new year wasn’t enough reason to set our goals and long term plans in motion, this year’s new moon in Capricorn will ignite the first degree of this cardinal earth sign. Fertile much? Look at it this way, the new moon marks the beginning of a lunar cycle, and the cardinal modality has everything to do with initiation. If there was ever a time to really hunker down, and get down to business, it would be this very moment. Keep in mind, the element earth is a representation of our stability, and Capricorn is the last cardinal earth sign in the zodiac wheel. That being said, its archetype speaks to everything from our sense of authority in the world to the life we’re trying to build for ourselves. So, in addition to planning towards the future, it’s important to be honest with ourselves, and take accountability for the areas of our lives that need to be reworked. Sagittarius season did, after all, shed light on the bigger picture, but the sun’s journey through Capricorn will challenge the foundation of these long term dreams. Are you being realistic with yourself? Have you been seeing a healthy return of investment? There is a sense of responsibility we can’t help but feel during this time, so keep your eyes on the prize. 

Vanishing into the sky on December 23 at exactly 5:17 a.m. EST, there is an innate seriousness surrounding this lunation, as we are being presented with an opportunity to really step into our authority and self-respect. Grounded and practical about the future, wherever the first degree of Capricorn lives on your birth chart is where the cosmos is challenging you to show up, and set the record straight. The moon will join forces with the sun in Capricorn—joining Venus, Mercury and Pluto—making this new moon multilayered, and full of reality checks. For instance, Mercury is our communication and thought process; Venus is our values, relationships and sense of security, while Pluto represents our shadow side. You may suddenly begin questioning whether something is worth your blood, sweat and tears, especially if it’s something you’ve outgrown or no longer resonate with. There’s a part of us that’s ready to embark on a whole new journey, but will require us to level up in some way. So, reflecting on where you’re wanting to invest your time and energy is key. Something else to consider is Saturn in Aquarius—the ruler of this lunation—as it is bringing light to our visions of the future, as well as the individuals we’ve chosen to remain connected to. Do you and these individuals share similar hopes, dreams and goals?

We’re being called to properly align ourselves for the future we crave, and deserve. And while it’s always rewarding to take the solo route and reach the top of the mountain without any shortcuts, Saturn in Aquarius is simultaneously reminding us that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone has a niche, an expertise and an individual calling. In other words, you don’t need to take this journey on your own, but instead remain focused on what you’re diligently working on. We all get by with a little help from our friends, and leaning on your peers for support can prove to be quite rewarding. Honor your individual gifts and unique eccentricities; be open to constructive criticism. We’re all a work in progress.

Read your new moon in Capricorn horoscope and affirmation according to your zodiac sign below:

On your mark, get set, go for it! With Jupiter back in your sign, you're not only as inspired as ever, but also supercharged with energy and momentum. Ironically enough, this new moon will form an exhilarating square to Jupiter in your sign, giving you all the motivation and drive needed to set your goals in motion. Igniting your 10th house of authority, boss moves and reputation in the world—while its ruler Saturn wraps up in Aquarius and your 11th house of community affairs—you're being called to take a closer look at the value of your networks, and social cliques. What needs to be reassessed? Are you surrounding yourself with the right groups of individuals? Are you still committed to these milestones you initially set for yourself? New Moon Affirmation: I am honest and clear about my long-term goals; I am respected and supported amongst my social environment.

Sometimes what you know, barely scratches the surface of the truth, Taurus. The new moon in Capricorn will touch down on your ninth house of exploration, higher learning and unknown territory, embarking you on a new journey of self-discovery. Luna will also be making a square to Jupiter in Aries—via your 12th house of secrets, closure, compassion, and surrender—suggesting the possibility of you venturing out, and partaking in a secret adventure of sorts. Although, when considering Saturn in Aquarius—via your 10th house of authority, boss moves and destiny in the world—this could very well have something to do with your professional life. Others of you, however, may opt for a new-found belief system, one that differs from that of your authority figures and previous legacies. New Moon Affirmation: I am an ever-changing being; I allow myself to explore new philosophies and belief systems that serve my highest good. 

You're other perspectives into consideration, Gemini. For instance, with the new moon hunkering down on your intimate eighth house of sex, transformation, shared resources and joint ventures, there is greater emphasis on the traditions, structures and fundamental beliefs that exist between you and a significant other. Keep in mind, Saturn—celestial ruler of this lunation—is currently transiting your philosophical ninth house of travel, expansion and higher learning, which means you could be contemplating whether or not you're open to the idea of merging with this person and/or institution. The new moon will also face off with Jupiter—via your 11th house of associations, community and future visions—which is hyping you up, and motivating your desire for collaboration. New Moon Affirmation: I wholeheartedly accept the person I am, and aspire to become; I choose to nurture the structures & traditions that bring me results.

The relationships you seek are a reflection of your self-trust, Cancer. This is important to consider, as the new moon will ignite your seventh house of commitments, contractual agreements and one-on-one relationships, all while its ruler, Saturn in Aquarius, wraps up in your eighth house of intimate unions, shared resources and joint ventures. Themes of give and take are being brought to the forefront of this lunation, whether personally or professionally speaking. Although, given the new moon's square to lucky Jupiter—via your 10th house of authority, boss moves and destiny in the world—one thing's for sure: your sense of authority is being tested, and ignited during this time. That being said, this could also revolve around an exciting development in the workplace that may require you to take a risk. New Moon Affirmation: I am dependable because I always finish what I start; I choose to commit to partnerships that align with my soul purpose.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to, Leo. This year's new moon in Capricorn will, however, bring forth a helping hand, considering its celestial ruler's (Saturn) presence via your seventh house of committed partnerships, significant others and contractual agreements. Touching down on your sixth house of health, responsibility, productivity, and due diligence, you are being presented with a clean slate, one where you can meet a partner half-way, whether personally or professionally speaking. Getting clear and really organizing yourself when it comes to next steps is key, which may revolve around your loyalty towards a partnership. Keep in mind, the new moon will face off with Jupiter—via your ninth house of exploration, higher learning and self-discovery—suggesting the possibility of you taking a leap of faith, and/or taking the solo route instead. New Moon Affirmation: I am consistent and committed to the well being of my day-to-day life; my rituals are a reflection of my perseverance.

Don't be afraid to take the lead, and follow your heart, Virgo. This is especially significant to consider as the new moon will not only activate your fifth house of love, passion, pleasure and unique self-expression, but also square off with Jupiter in Aries in the process. Whether it be a romantic connection you're interested in working on, or a professional collaboration that revolves around your unique talents, this lunation is supporting you in more ways than you realize. Although, in the event of you finally choosing to commit to a plan of action, and moving forward with your decision, you will more than likely experience a rush of fear and adrenaline. But even still, you know exactly what is right for you. New Moon Affirmation: When I lead with love, I release all of my conscious and unconscious burdens; I am committed to my personal fulfillment.

Plant your seeds for the future, Libra. A grounding new moon in Capricorn will touch down on your domestic fourth house of home, family matters, innermost feelings and ancestral lineage which, in turn, presents you with a clean slate and new beginning. Themes surrounding your previous structures and traditions may be top of mind, especially when it comes to your children and/or self-expression. After all, the ruler of this lunation is Saturn in Aquarius, which will soon conclude its journey through your fifth house. On another note, this new moon will face off with Jupiter in your relationship sector, adding a layer of enthusiasm and adrenaline to your long-term plans. You have what it takes to make this happen... and from the looks of it, your significant other(s) are also on board. New Moon Affirmation: I am complete and self-sufficient; I am devoted to building a long-lasting foundation for myself, and my family unit.

The foundation of your immediate environment has transformed in a major way, but it's all for the sake of your personal stability, Scorpio. This new moon will activate your curious third house of communication, thought process, and inner circles, highlighting the structure of your exchanges and practical affairs. Saturn in Aquarius is the celestial ruler of this lunation, and its concluding its journey through your fourth house of home, family and emotional foundations. That said, this lunation is urging you to reflect on the value of your exchanges, and whether these energies and/or mindsets are contributing to stability you seek in the longterm. This new moon will also face off with Jupiter—via your sixth house of daily rituals—which will simultaneously inspire you to take action, and get down to business. Don't be afraid to trim the fat. New Moon Affirmation: My self-awareness is my super power; being honest with myself allows me to be more productive & efficient with my goals. 

It's now or never, Sagittarius. Not in the way you think, but more so when it comes to building the life of your dreams. You are a visionary, and there's no stopping you from achieving the results you seek. This lunation will activate your stability-seeking second house of finances, comfort and values, all while its ruler, Saturn in Aquarius, brings structure and discipline to your third house of communication, thought process and immediate surroundings. There's will be no room for limiting belief systems but, by that same token, the cosmos is urging you to communicate with honesty and integrity, even if that means laying down the ground rules. Keep in mind, the new moon will face off with your celestial ruler, Jupiter, via your fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression, which can fuel your fire and motivate you to take action. Your truth is valid, and it will set you free. New Moon Affirmation: I apply my willpower to prioritizing my financial stability; I release burdening mindsets that stifle my sense of security.

Happy new moon, Capricorn. Your solar season is in full effect, and this grounding new moon has your name on it. Also, on top of having Mercury, Venus and Pluto conjugating in your sign, the moon will join forces with the sun—for the new moon phase—supercharging your inner and external reality, while presenting you with a brand-new beginning. What do you want to accomplish in 2023? What are you doing to achieve that? Maybe it's the desire to expand your family, or expand your living space, which could very well come to fruition, especially when considering the new moon's square to larger-than-life Jupiter in your fourth house of home, and emotional foundations. Feeling whole and complete within yourself means the world to you...and the best part is, you're more than capable of achieving that. New Moon Affirmation: I am the master of my own fate; my dedication to succeed and thrive is unshakeable.

Leave it all behind you, Aquarius. Not gonna lie, this new moon in Capricorn will touch down on your 12th house of closure, dreams, inhibitions and all things behind the scenes, highlighting everything from your self-sabotaging patterns to the root of your coping mechanisms. Perhaps it has something to do with the long-term goals you've set for yourself, and your consistent perseverance to achieve them. If you've been overly critical and/or ruthlessly goal oriented (to a fault), this lunation is here to life the weight off of your shoulders. For some of you, this could be an unconscious fear and/or limiting belief surrounding your success and future goals. However, if there is indeed something is stopping you from stepping into your fullest potential, the new moon's square to Jupiter will supercharge you with the courage and confidence you need to move forward. New Moon Affirmation: I possess great inner strength & fortitude; I celebrate my wins, because every single one of them counts.

Your dreams are possible, and that's a liberating feeling, Pisces. What's next on your bucket list? The new moon in Capricorn will ignite your 11th house of associations, community affairs and individual freedom, highlighting the structure of your long-term goals, and the community of individuals you consciously surround yourself with. Are you wholeheartedly resonating with these social networks, or have you outgrown a life goal? Nothing is supposed to stay the same, and your sense of belonging in the world is no exception. Keep in mind, the new moon will face off with Jupiter in Aries, via your second house of finances, self-esteem and value systems, which will likely supercharge and motivate you to take action. With the right amount of dedication and a good plan in place, you have what it takes to make your dreams become a reality. New Moon Affirmation: I allow myself to evolve fully; I am stepping into my highest vibration, and everyday I am one step closer to success.

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