Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Pisces (Feb. 20, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Pisces (Feb. 20, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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With the sun officially glimmering through the last sign of the zodiac, it’s important that we take a moment to reflect on everything we’ve experienced, as well as the wisdom we’ve acquired throughout this past year. Also, despite ringing in the new year when the clock strikes midnight every year on New Year’s Eve, the astrological new year *actually* begins on the spring equinox, which is when the sun enters Aries. For reference, you can also consider Mother Nature’s seasonal shifts, as everything withers away in the wintertime, before it is reborn again in the spring. As above, so below; the same happens to us amidst our spiritual journey and human experience. 

This is one of the many reasons why the sun’s journey through Pisces—along with 12 house themes in astrology—is often considered to be the most elusive, and enigmatic. Governed by all-encompassing Neptune—the planet of dreams, subconscious realms and universal love—this mutable water sign is not only symbolic of our connection to spirit, but also a representation of what is hidden from our conscious mind. Its mutable modality is remarkably versatile, especially when in regards to emotions and otherworldly encounters. Have you ever loved a song so much, you had to stop everything you’re doing to listen to it? Just because you can’t see or feel the music in a tangible way, doesn’t mean you can’t feel it, right? 

The spirit realm is alive and breathing, and Neptune-ruled Pisces holds the key. Given its water element, (symbolic of our emotional world) the celestial essence of Pisces can also speak to the emotions we carry with us in our unconscious minds. However, similar to the way a sand castle can be washed away by the tides, this astrological season is here to help us heal, forgive and transcend what no longer serves us. More specifically, the theme of surrender is very prominent for this mutable water sign, in the sense that we don’t always know how to cope, control or deal with IRL situations that happen to every single one of us. There is, however, a higher power guiding us towards the divine, which is where Pisces season comes into play. 

On that note, and with a new moon on the way, what are you ready to move on from? If you’re not tuning into this cosmic frequency for the sake of your individual closure, then you can always take this time to get more rest, and reconnect with your dreams. Art, movies, music and psychic visions are also some of Pisces’ favorite things, so don’t hesitate to respond to your inner calling. After all, we all have a mystical side; it’s just a matter of waking it up. Vanishing into the night sky on February 20—at 2:06 a.m. EST—there are so many reasons why this isn’t just an ordinary lunation, starting with the fact that it will activate the very-first degree of Pisces. And as you may remember, Saturn is returning to Pisces on March 7 for the first time since the mid 90s.

For reference, check where 1 degree of Pisces lives in your birth chart, as taskmaster Saturn will be igniting this area of your chart three times throughout 2023: March 20, October 3, and December 5. This means that in addition to setting your new moon intentions like you normally do every month, the pragmatic influence of Saturn is also here to support you in the long run. For instance, this stabilizing synergy is bringing structure to everything from your intuitive dreams to your visions, and manifestations. In other words, no pressure, but be careful what you wish for. On another note, this is where Father Time steps in and confronts us with the burning question of “Are you seriously committed to your dreams and visions?” The same goes for your belief systems and relationship with spirit. This is also an opportunity to reflect on your spiritual progress.

Pluto is also transiting through the final degrees of systematic Capricorn, before entering Aquarius on March 23, but this continues to highlight the foundation of our long-term goals. And with the sun and moon meeting in the last sign of the zodiac, there is a sense of there being some sort of karmic completion as well, especially when in regards to our blockages and fears. So, if something’s been unconsciously weighing down on your spirit, the veil is being lifted. Sitting in a harmonious sextile to Venus, many of us will be reconnecting with our power, specifically in the area of money, relationships, values and self-worth. Either way, this will shed light on the life chapters that are ready to come to close.

Read below for your new moon in Pisces horoscope, and affirmation:

Surrendering what is out of your control might be a lot easier said than done, but it's for the best, Aries. And though you're often notorious for taking the initiative, this lunation is urging you to take a step back, and really take a load off. Taking some well-deserved time off to rest, retreat and come back home to yourself is priority, especially with taskmaster Saturn in the mix. Lady Venus will also be forming an empowering sextile to Pluto, which can speak to the finality of a belief system around relationships, values and self-worth. What are you ready to release, and heal from? Affirmation: I will no longer stress what is out of my control, but I am sure of the person I am. 

Just because you resonated with this system once upon a time, doesn't mean your freedom has been compromised. With the moon renewing itself via your Uranus-ruled 11th house, everything from your associations to your future visions are in the midst of divine intervention. Your celestial ruler, Venus, will also be transiting through the last degree of Pisces, and all while making a sextile to powerhouse Pluto. Whether it be a tradition or an outdated belief that no longer resonates with your soul's truth, you are being enlightened when in regards to a new beginning in love, your finances and/or self-worth. Affirmation: I have faith in the life chapters that await me, because I am free to live my life in new ways.

Are you spiritually aligned with your current occupation? If this new beginning doesn't revolve around your professional dreams and visions, then it could have something to do with a prominent parental figure. If in regards to your career, this lunation is urging you to be brutally honest with yourself when it comes to how committed you are to this particular venture. If it's a family member, and you're having trouble finding the will to forgive and move forward, there is an opportunity for healing. Venus' sextile to powerhouse Pluto is bringing emphasis to the finality of this value, relationship and/or perception around finances for the sake of your spiritual growth. Affirmation: Whatever I commit to wholeheartedly will flourish and grow; I am a powerful manifestor.

You're opening your eyes to a whole new reality, Cancer. After all, with a mystical new moon touching down on your philosophical ninth house of expansion, religion, travel and higher learning—a month or so before taskmaster Saturn leaves your eighth house of joint ventures, entering Pisces for the first time since mid-90s—you are being encouraged to get clear on your future plans, so you can confidently manifest what is destined for you. Venus will also be sextiling Pluto, simultaneously bringing light to the finality of a relationship, value system and/or philosophy you're ready to leave behind. Affirmation: I surrender all expectations around relationships, because I am owning up to my self-worth moving forward.

Whether it be a financial investment that's no longer feasible, or the foundation of a significant union, this new moon (along with the influence of taskmaster Saturn) is bringing emphasis to the longterm dreams and visions around this endeavor. The same goes for those of you committed to something that's not nourishing you in return, or perhaps a union that's not necessarily built to last. Either way, there's an opportunity for you to commit to being gentle with yourself during this process of healing, while others of you hunker down and manifest the foundation you've always dreamt of having. A Venus-Pluto sextile will highlight themes of health, work routines and acts of service that you're ready to surrender. Affirmation: My emotions are a reflection of what needs to be transformed in my current reality; I am in tune with my needs.

Hovering over your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise and significant others, this new moon will bring new beginnings to emotional themes surrounding your beliefs on one-on-one relationships, as well as what you value in those you choose to keep close. Others of you could have an epiphany, or an intuitive download on your relationship patterns, so don't undermine what comes up for review. What kind of relationship do you dream of having in the long run? Although Saturn will play a role on the manifestation process, Venus' sextile to Pluto is highlighting what needs to be transformed and/or purged in order to move forward. Affirmation: Previous setbacks in my relationships never held me back; they brought me experience and a new-found awareness.

Your daily rituals are sacred, because every moment counts. Governed by the universal essence of Neptune, this new moon will bring fertility, magic and new beginnings to your sixth house of health, routines and acts of service. Having said that, especially with Saturn approaching Pisces, this is an opportunity for you to stabilize and become more disciplined with your health habits, and work routines. Others of you are ready to surrender a certain lifestyle, perhaps when in regards to your home, family and emotional foundations. After all, with your celestial ruler, Venus, harmonizing with powerhouse Pluto, you are also in the process of purging, if not transforming a significant area of life. Affirmation: I recognize the patterns of my past, but I am committed to my healing journey moving forward. 

You're transcending limited belief systems, Scorpio. Vanishing into the first degree of nebulous Pisces—via your heart-centered fifth house of love, passion projects, romantic rendezvous and self-expression—you are being encouraged to trust in the magic of your unique bliss. If your judgement was clouded once upon a time, namely when in regards to your heart's desires, this lunation will bring forth healing and spiritual wisdom. Venus will simultaneously meet with Pluto, via your third house of communication and early education, suggesting a purging and renewal. This beginning, however, is here to help you make peace with your skewed ideas and assumptions. Affirmation: The magic of the universe is alive within me; I allow myself to flow in love, and be loved in return.           

You're finding yourself all over again, and reconnecting with everything from your family patterns to your innermost feelings, Sagittarius. Hovering over your fourth house of ancestral lineage and innermost feelings, this lunation can be equally as healing as it is liberating for you, and your soul family. Keep in mind, Saturn will be entering this area of your chart in March, so make sure you're setting intentions for the future with a clear head, as they are likely to manifest sooner than you imagine. Also, with Venus forming a harmonious sextile to powerhouse Pluto—via your stability-seeking second house of comfort and value systems—there's an opportunity for renewal, namely when in regards to your sense of security. Affirmation: I unconditionally accept the life I have been given, but I choose to be a better version of myself everyday.

Pay it forward, Capricorn. Whether it be a sibling, neighbor or close friend, your immediate circles and surroundings are of greater prominence under this Neptune-ruled lunation. More importantly, with the sun joining forces with the moon in Pisces—bringing fertility, renewal and healing—to your third house of communication, thought process and early education, you're being presented with an opportunity to start again, and harness the magic of this clean slate. Saturn is also in close proximity to this lunation—before entering Pisces in March—adding a layer of discipline, stability and perseverance—so be sure to set your intentions wisely, as you are in the process of strengthening everything from your mind to your inner circles. Affirmation: I acknowledge how powerful I truly am; I choose to approach my reality with compassion, intuition and firm boundaries.

Whether it be your desire to dabble in money magic, or the life-long dream of manifesting wealth and security, this lunation has your best interest, Aquarius. Others of you, however, are in the process of healing, going within and making peace of themes of value, and self-worth. Nevertheless, amidst the sun and moon coming together and kicking off a brand-new lunar phase—via your stability-seeking second house—Saturn will be nearby, before officially entering this area of your chart in March. This is where you're being encouraged to reflect on the security you're hoping to manifest in the near future, but the same goes for those of you prioritizing your rituals of self-love and healing. Venus will be in harmony with Pluto, as well, which compliments your transformation process. Affirmation: When my doubts consume me, I go deep within myself to reconnect with the power of my ever-evolving soul.

Leave your worries, doubts and fears in the past, because the universe has your back, Pisces. You're leveling up, and slowly but surely stepping into the most rewarding era of your life. What do you want to accomplish? What kind of stability are you currently working towards? With Venus simultaneously harmonizing with shadowy Pluto—via your 11th house of associations, community affairs and individual freedom—this lunation is also highlighting your recent metamorphosis when in regards to your sense of belonging in the world, as well as your visions of the future. Be the leader you were always meant to be. Affirmation: My colorful quirks make me unique, and my magical aura is unparalleled; I choose to live each day with acceptance and gratitude.

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