Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Virgo (Mar. 7, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Virgo (Mar. 7, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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March has officially arrived… and let’s just say, it is not for the faint of heart. See, in addition to the sun’s journey through mystifying Pisces, which has everything to do with ebbing and flowing through the universal realm, Saturn will be joining the sun and nebulous Neptune in this sign on March 7. For reference, Saturn was last in Pisces between May 1993 and April 1996, so reflect back on this time of your life for reference on the restructuring that will soon take place. After all, taskmaster Saturn is the planet of discipline, boundaries, and restrictions, which more often than not comes through for our highest good. Also known as Father Time, Saturn is ultimately here to teach us how to achieve self-mastery, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. This means, there will need to be discipline, focus and perseverance on our end, in order to achieve these goals. 

Think back to March 2020, when Saturn first entered Aquarius—what have you mastered when in regards to your community affairs and visions of the future? Believe it or not, once Saturn enters Pisces, the story that began back in 2020 will continue to unfold. Your challenge, however, will likely stem from the need to get clear on your goals and dreams, specifically in the areas where you may have been unrealistic or less grounded. As if this weren’t enough to prepare for, Pluto—Lord of the Underworld and the planet of death, transformation, and alchemy—will debut in Aquarius, after transiting through Capricorn since 2008. This is a massive shift, and for the sake of taking it a step further, Pluto was last in Aquarius back between 1777 to 1797, during the French and American revolution. Need I say more? When transiting through a fixed air sign, Pluto will unveil societal truths and reconnect us with our power, both collectively and individually.  This is a whole lot to take in, but with Saturn entering Pisces hours after this month’s full moon in Virgo, I had to give you guys the 411.

Adorning the night sky via 16 degrees of methodical Virgo, on March 7 at exactly 7:40 a.m. EST, this lunation is a bit of a conundrum and I’ll tell you why. As you know, both luminaries (sun and moon) sit directly opposite each other during the full moon phase, which is when the moon is at its brightest. This, in turn, brings something that was hidden in our unconscious mind to light. For reference, check where 16-17 degrees of this mutable earth sign lives in your birth chart, given that this is where the moon will be reaching its peak of fullness, and illuminate something significant in the process. With that being said, it’s important to reflect on the essence of Mercury-ruled Virgo, and how its zodiac archetype comes to life. For instance, if there’s one thing this mutable earth sign strives for, it’s purification and problem solving. This is where we are encouraged to get down to business, and make the necessary improvements in our life. 

Virgo wants results, so part of your full-moon epiphany could be an intuitive download that brings some sort of solution.This is especially true when it comes to energies you’ve been out of touch with in your personal and/or professional life. Keep in mind, the sun, Mercury, Neptune (and Saturn shortly after) will be transiting through Pisces, adding an elusive fog over our Virgo lenses. This is where the irony of this lunation comes in, especially since Mercury is also at its detriment when transiting through ambiguous Pisces. Because in addition to being far away from its sign of rulership, (Virgo) Mercury in Pisces isn’t comfortable with the idea of commitment let alone the compartmentalization of spreadsheets, which goes hand in hand with the Virgoan aesthetic. More importantly, Mars in Gemini (also fueled by Mercury in Pisces at this juncture) will be leading a T-Square between the sun and moon, which is where tensions are more likely to rise.

Think about it: Mars in Gemini wants to take action, speak up and get the ball rolling. Meanwhile, the sun in Pisces prefers to go with the flow and surrender all expectations, but the Virgo moon is simultaneously bringing clarity to something that needs to be reworked in our lives. However, what works may not necessarily make sense right away, thanks to all of the planets transiting through Pisces, and Virgo’s precision is equivalent to putting a microscope on the current situation. All of these energies contradict themselves, as it is a mutable T-Square. That said, don’t be discouraged by your scattered thoughts or the ambiguity behind your plan of action. All will become clear in due time. On a brighter note, change-maker Uranus will be supporting both the sun and the moon, and while in direct motion, which is a plus. This could signal a brand-new endeavor or project, perhaps even something a bit more on the unconventional side. 

Here's what you can expect during this month's full moon in Virgo:

Lots to tackle but don't know where to start? Don't be discouraged by the uncertainty you're feeling at this time. And though that's a lot easier said than done when you're governed by go-getter Mars, it doesn't hurt to  tune into the stellium of planets transiting through Pisces, and your 12th house of surrender. That being said, something is still being brought into focus via your sixth house of health habits and daily due diligence, so pay attention to what is coming up for review. The good news is, Uranus will be harmony with this lunation, and while shaking things up in your second house of comfort, finances and value systems. Don't be afraid to experiment and color outside of the lines. Reflection: What's flourished when in regards to your day-to-day lifestyle? How can you continue to be productive in this area of your life?

It's not a hobby if you're being self-conscious, Taurus. Although, it may not be about insecurity but instead, the mere thought of all the details you need to tackle before getting things in motion that has you in deep contemplation. Either way, don't overlook what comes to mind at this time, especially when in regards to children, passion projects and/or creative pursuits. The catch? Mars will lead a T-Square between the moon in your fifth house of self-expression, and the sun via your 11th house of associations, community affairs and individual freedom, amidst its journey through your stability-seeking second house of comforts. On the plus side, Uranus will harmonize with the sun and moon while in your sign, so your desire to break free and release your inhibitions isn't a coincidence. Reflection: How have you cultivated your talents, skills and unique abilities in the past six months? What evokes your desire for novelty and experimentation?

It's time to get your ducks in a row, Gemini. For instance, with the moon peaking in Virgo, and your fourth house of home, family, innermost feelings and general living spaces, you could feel the need to tidy things up in your humble abode. The catch, however, could stem from hot-headed Mars in your sign, as it will activate a T-Square between the sun in your 10th house of authority, and the moon in your fourth house of family. Given the influence of Uranus in your 12th house of unconscious patterns, you're being encouraged to follow your instincts, and become mindful of your triggers. Reflection: How have things logistically evolved in your personal life? Do you have an outlet for pent up energy and aggression?

The dynamic of your immediate surroundings is being brought to the forefront, Cancer. This could be with regards to your current mindset, or the mere health of your local atmosphere. Others of you, however, could be taking a closer look at important paperwork, or a tedious e-mail thread between you and your peers. This lunation will also be activated by a tumultuous T-Square, led by Mars via your 12th house of secrets, which could bring some past energies back around for a second look. Some of you could be working on a future goal behind the scenes, and yet feel clouded by the ambiguity of this new venture. Fortunately, with the help of change-maker Uranus you will have the visionary instincts and unique perspective to take the lead on something exciting. Reflection: What solutions have you recently integrated into your world? Is there a community affair you're interested in exploring?

Count your blessings, Leo. Things could feel ambiguous and uncertain when in regards to your intimate unions, joint ventures and shared resources, but there is something being brought to your attention in the area of your finances, and sense of security. Keep in mind, while Virgo wants to put your finances under a microscope, the sun (your celestial ruler) along with Mercury and Neptune in dreamy Pisces beg to differ. Things aren't clear at this time, and with Mars fueling your passions in the area of community and social networks, you could be easily triggered by the noise echoing off your social circles. It could be questions or thought-provoking curiosities making you think more than you feel comfortable admitting. Reflection: What new systems have you recently established in the area of finance? Are you willing to take the lead and make the necessary changes?

Happy new moon, Virgo. When looking back at your solar season this past year—more specifically the new moon that took place in your sign—how have you improved when in regards to your sense of self, as well as your mental and physical well being? While this Mercury-ruled lunation is somewhat of a conundrum—given that your celestial ruler is transiting through its sign of detriment, Pisces, which lights up your relationship sector—you are being encouraged to prioritize your personal progress, without losing sight of your relationship ideals. Mars hovering over the top of your chart, however, could be the reason why you're impatient about making these dreams become reality. Take your time, and don't be afraid to explore other perspectives in this arena. Reflection: Are you willing to compromise with someone who doesn't give you credit where it's due? Are you grounded in your truth? 

Don't be so hard on yourself, Libra. Easier said than done with the moon touching down on your 12th house of inhibitions and self-undoing, but with Mercury, Neptune and the sun glimmering through your sixth house of health and due diligence, you could be missing the bigger picture when in regards to your personal progress. The health of your mind, body and soul is taking precedence, as it should. Mars, however, will square off with the sun and moon, while charging up your ninth house of expansion. You could be somewhat in a hurry to make a move forward, and yet feel completely overwhelmed by what could potentially come of this venture. Is it worth getting down on yourself? Reflection: What is currently evoking your desire for novelty? And what philosophies are you ready to integrate into your routine?

You've got a strategy at play, and yet you're still unsure about whether or not to execute moving forward, Scorpio. This could be about your talents, passion projects and self-expression, considering the sun, Mercury, and Neptune's journey through Pisces, and your fifth house of authenticity. However, with the moon touching down on your 11th house of community affairs and future visions, chances are your left-brain (logic) isn't vibing with your right brain (intuition), specifically when it comes to your personal branding. Meanwhile, with Mars firing up your eighth house of joint ventures, you could receive unexpected news about a potential project, and yet feel perplexed with possibilities. Reflection: How can you continue being productive in your community without losing sight of your colorful perspective? Can you lean on an unconventional partnership for support?

Take the lead, and follow your plan of action, Sagittarius. This is especially true with the moon peaking via the methodical sign of Virgo, as it will ignite your 10th house of authority, reputation and public persona. The catch? Amidst bringing emphasis and focus to your career sector, Mercury, Neptune, and the sun will be energizing your fourth house of home, family matters and innermost feelings. Something in the home-front might not be crystal clear, but this doesn't mean you can overlook the information and/or solutions being presented to you at this time. The challenge? Mars will be leading a T-Square with the sun and moon, but while in your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise and significant others, there could be friction coming from your relationship sector. Reflection: What solutions have you recently implemented in the workplace these last six months? Has this influenced your relationship dynamics?

The possibilities are endless, but you can't overthink the logistics, Capricorn. For instance, while activating your expansive ninth house of wisdom, higher learning, and unknown territory, this month's full moon will bring light to everything from a tedious system you've been following to a new outlook you should consider moving forward. The sun, however, will be energizing and revitalizing your third house of communication, immediate surroundings and interpersonal exchanges, which means your ideas could be blurry and/or overpowered by a overly critical point of view, which is where you're being encouraged to take a different approach, even if it's eccentric and disruptive at first. Mars in Gemini will lead a T-Square between the sun and moon, but no need to get ahead of yourself. Reflection: Are you open to the idea of experimentation? Is your current strategy bringing the results you crave?

There are a few minor details you need to consider moving forward, Aquarius. For instance, the moon will peak via the methodical sign of Virgo, activating your intimate eighth house of mergers, joint ventures and shared resources, while sitting in direct opposition to the sun in Pisces via your second house of comfort, finances and value systems. That said, you could struggle between the desire to sort out the details with a significant other vs. prioritizing that of your sense of security, and money-making abilities. Mars will also lead a T-Square with the sun and moon, while transiting through fifth house of love, passion projects and self-expression, making you all the more assertive and competitive when in regards to your heart's desires. Reflection: Are your investments in alignment with your longterm goals? Is there an area of improvement you're ready to start focusing on?

Relationships are a work in progress, but there's a lesson in these experiences, Pisces. With the moon reaching its peak of fullness in Virgo, and your seventh house of committed partnerships and significant others, there will be greater emphasis on your one-on-one relationships. This, however, could become easily clouded by the sun, Mercury, and Neptune in your sign, so make sure you're maintaining a healthy balance between your individual desires vs. that of your significant others is key. This could be with regards to home and family, given that Mars in Gemini will be leading a T-Square between the sun and moon. Taking an unconventional route and/or satiating your desire for novelty could bring the results you seek. Reflection: Are you being clear with others when communicating? Do your partners respect your individual boundaries?

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