Moon Musings: How the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo (January 20, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo (January 20, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Posted by Kyle Thomas on


This Lunar Eclipse is directly connected to the things that were happening to each person/sign on and within ten days following the New Moon Solar Eclipse of August 11
th, 2018. Big news regarding what was "planted" or "began" around August 11th, 2018 will be revealed +/- 2 days before or 4 days after January 20th, 2019. What were YOU sowing?



There are two types of eclipses – Solar Eclipses, that take place on a New Moon – as well as Lunar Eclipses, which take place on a Full Moon. Solar Eclipses are when the moon moves and masks the Sun, while Lunar Eclipses are when the Earth’s shadow is cast upon the moon. Eclipses come in a pair of signs six months a part usually twice a year. Solar Eclipses bring massive new beginnings, while Lunar Eclipses bring huge culminations and conclusions. Solar Eclipses are highly energized while Lunar Eclipses are always very emotional. Whenever eclipses take place, it is best to keep your eyes and ears searching for what the Universe is about to bless you with – suddenly, change is here and we must accept it and be ready to take it. Solar Eclipses are three times as powerful as a normal New Moon, while Lunar Eclipses are three times more powerful than a Full Moon. 



Eclipses are what people tend to refer as “destiny.” Major life events and things we long remember take place around eclipses and are triggered by where they hit our horoscope. For instance, you may fall in love more deeply than ever before, move suddenly across country, have a child, or get that big job breakthrough you’ve always prayed for but thought was still years down the line. While free will is one of our greatest powers, the Universe does hold checks and balances and uses eclipses like lightning – when they strike, the area that it hits will never be the same again.



This eclipse will bring forth many of the attributes of the fire sign, Leo. A sign of creativity, action, adventure, and the ego (confidence and vision), this Lunar Eclipse amplifies those energies and will cause people to be more fiery, spontaneous, and expressive, particularly in how they go about their intimate relationships and pursuing their passion. However, Uranus (planet of transformation, radical change, liberation) will be in a sharp angle to the display in the sky, as well as clashing with Mercury. When the planets are in a difficult dance, this causes obstacles, roadblocks, or tension to arise. This is because the Universe wants us to confront something of significance within our lives or within ourselves to grow and ultimately learn new lessons. Sometimes this can also shake us out of our complacency. We also may fear looking in the mirror to admit the flaws we must address in our relationships, jobs, or lifestyle. With Uranus colliding with the Lunar Eclipse, we may have rapid mood swings, feel impulsive, or notice significant relationships coming to an end or shifting entirely. We will have the urge to rebel. Many people will feel the need to break free and clash against anything that seems to be controlling them or tying them down in a way that is not healthy. Also, with Mercury shouting at Uranus, too, communications can become scattered and mental tension will increase. Be careful about arguments via Internet, social media, text, or in writing and watch what you say. They may come back to haunt you or trigger an explosion. In order to navigate these intense emotional and mental energies, take some time for yourself. Take a deep breath, step aside from conflicts, and agree to discuss them after things have cooled off. Stretching, journaling, or going for a walk alone may be able to bring your energy back to normal. Mental stimulation will be a key focus during this time, so choose positive ways to release anxiety rather than giving into it. Take some time to listen to your instincts; do not just listen to your fear. 


Find out where this Lunar Eclipse will affect your life by reading your Sun Sign and Rising Sign (if you know it).



Love and romance, creativity and art, and all sorts of adventure are cooking up for you. The way you've been approaching your romantic life for the last six months will become apparent have you been fully present? If single, are you putting yourself out there in the way you want to be? Are the right lovers coming to you, or are you not being true to yourself and to them? A sexy, fun time can come to you if you open up to it and if single, a chance meeting could occur. Shoot that text to someone you've admired. Ask someone on a date. Go out with friends and see what the stars are cooking for you, you'll likely catch the eye of someone just your type. If you're attached, spend time indulging your lover. You'll also likely be seeing the culmination of a creative project or hobby, or may be looking to surround yourself by the arts. Go see a live performance, bust out the paintbrushes, or write down what is in your heart. Feel everything, open your heart. Also: for those with children, you may have a focus on a child right now or some may see a birth or pregnancy pop up.



The foundation of your life is in focus right now, particularly the way you love yourself, the way you build your life, and the strength of the ground beneath your feet. Your family, your "chosen family," your home/domestic life, and Mother/Father may take focus. Throw a party at home or spend time fixing up your space. Some of you may move or have an increased attention to what is going on at home. Perhaps you're considering a new roommate, renewing a lease, or leaving a roommate. You may also notice your parents taking focus right now. Perhaps you may be facing some internal turmoil if you are not at peace with yourself. Do you like yourself? Have you hurt people and need to let go of the baggage? Are you secure with where you're at and where you're going? Face yourself. Love yourself.



Communication is lighting up for you, and you may see your attention on how you can build yourself and your voice. You may notice an edge in social media, advertising, branding, and anything to do with communication. If you've laid writing projects in the last six months, they may come to culmination now and you may finish. You are seeking to complete something of significance right now, and legalities may also be on your mind. Read the fine print. Know what you're getting yourself into or what you already had agreed. Negotiations will be on your mind.
Market yourself, get your name out there, and watch how the stars twinkle just for you.



Money is in your eyes! You have an opportunity for a financial increase at work, a potential new job, or receiving some sort of gift of money from somewhere however, this will only happen if you have put in the steady work from the last six months. Know your worth and stand up and ask for a raise, or negotiate some sort of increase. If you're self-employed, offer a sale and bring in more clients or potential for customers. You also will be focusing on your possessions and what you own. Do you want that brand new set of furniture, technology, or beauty supplies? If you can swing it, go for it, and you'll love it! Also, if your money is not where you want it to be, this will be a time when you may have a big focus on that and how you want to increase it. If you're experiencing strain, look for other jobs or opportunities to increase your income. They could be hidden here like diamonds in the rough.



The time has come! You, your endeavors, and your life are in the spotlight right now, so it is likely you'll notice a lot of attention being directed to you or you will be at the center of some news or event. This is a YOU moment, so embrace it! With the Lunar Eclipse falling in your sign, you will rise to the top! You will likely see the culmination/fruition of many ideas, relationships, or goals that you enacted six months ago. They may fall in any area of life because you will take center stage. If this is your Rising/Ascendant Sign and is at 1 degrees (or +/- 5 degrees either way), you will notice this energy intensely, too. This Lunar Eclipse will cause major shifts in your life and may fully transform your identity.



All things that are hidden and growing will soon come to light. Every dream, focus, and plan is in your horizon. Use this time to lay low, work on things behind the scenes, lay the seeds for things that are not yet ready to germinate want to leave your job? Get searching. Want to transform some area of your life? Spend some time meditating and contemplating how you can do it. However, something that you've been doing "behind-the-scenes" for a while may suddenly come to light. This also may affect something startling you learn about someone else a friend or an enemy. What have they been cooking up? Act quickly to take charge. You may also be spending time healing in some way, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Use this time to recharge. Big things are coming.



Your dreams and aspirations, as well as social life, are heating up and you may be invited to an event with great contacts or networking. These people may have benefits to your life or career. What do you want long-term? Make sure to create a plan with steps in your mind to make it possible. Say YES to social engagements, you'll likely have fun, but you also may find a fated connection that you've been waiting for quite some time. The energy of this Lunar Eclipse flows beautifully for you, so you will grow from this period – use it to your advantage.



You will be in the public eye, so get ready for the spotlight! All of the career and work seeds that you laid six months ago are going to come to fruition. Major projects, promotions, or press could come your way. You may also experience some fated good news that allows you to strike out on your own in a way you may have hoped for. If you're self-employed, put your face out there and attract the clients you want with profile or prestige. Some of you may also be experiencing non-career related attention: you may get an award, get a major compliment from someone superior to you, or be basking in a breakthrough in a relationship you've wanted for some time.



You will be having some significant developments in relation to your mind, the way you view the world, and expanding your horizons. If you are involved in academics, spirituality, or media, you will be blessed in these areas now. It is possible you may find a mentor who will take you under, or you could receive some startling good opportunities or projects that can push you into new territory. You may also realize you're fed up with the way things have been and you want to fully strike out to take on new things: but first, you need to learn how and what to do. Embrace change and leap. You may also be considering a long distance trip or travel. Try to put some exotic new experiences on your planner, such as meditation or immersing yourself in cultures different from your background. You will feel your eyes opening even more deeply to the beauty of the world.



You will be experiencing the “urge to merge” and putting your attention on a deep union with another person. This can be something as intricate as sexuality and you may be exploring some of your deepest needs when it comes to being with a partner. You may be exploring some of your hidden sexual fantasies or learning even more about how you express yourself in this way with another person. This will be a time where you can forge stronger unions or start new ones. The biggest thing you'll be thinking about is: what do you owe me? What do I owe you? Make sure that you open yourself to deeper connections and to giving and receiving in more fulfilling ways. Money is likely to be in focus for many of you during this time, too. Loans. Joint bank accounts and businesses. Combined projects and ownership. However, do not take on more “debt” than you can give back – remember, balance in partnerships, however you establish them, is key. You may also release anything that is holding you back, particularly baggage, fear, or things that are keeping you from rising higher in life.



A major partnership in love or business will be in focus, and you may be the one pushing for it or by someone else. This can be about becoming official, taking your relationship to the next level, or even facing off against a rival or enemy. This is a powerful moment for you to consider what you truly want in a partner, or if you already have one, may be noticing your partner demands more of your attention at this time. Give it to them. This special time is important to focus on a relationship that is a mirror to you. If it is a mirror in a dark way, change it. If it is a mirror in a beautiful way, embrace it. If it is a not a mirror at all, let it go. Some of your relationships will end in order to ready you for better things. Do not be afraid. This may also be a fateful time when you meet someone who will become a long-term partner. Be open.



Your work life is on fire! Get ready for new projects, new work opportunities, or any steady work that you've been focusing on for the last six months (your job, your daily hobby, your daily commitments) to come up. If you've put in great effort, you will reap rewards. If you have not, the way you have been approaching work will change and you may decide you're not in the right place anymore. It is also possible you are spending a great amount of time finishing up a big project that is due or is ready for release. Buckle down; put in those extra hours, it will all be worth it. Some of you may have a focus on health/fitness, as well. If you get sick near this time, it will draw attention to imbalances in your body. Are you taking care of yourself enough? Do you want to kick a bad habit or lose weight? Go to a doctor and check it out.

Kyle Thomas is an award-winning Writer, Creative Director, and Film Producer. Astrology has always inspired him and he is a great believer in using the Universe to manifest the life you've always dreamt of. Kyle is a signature voice living and creating on the cutting edge of Millennial expression. Currently, he is the resident astrologer for lifestyle brand, Love by Luna, developing episodic content for television and digital platforms, as well as writing lyrics for established pop music producers. Follow Kyle Thomas on Instagram: @MrKyleThomas (, Facebook (, or Twitter: @Mr_KyleThomas ( More info:

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