Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Virgo (February 19, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Virgo (February 19, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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February will be one of the sweetest months of the entire year, Lunatics, so hopefully you’ve been enjoying the blessings coming forth from the cosmos above. On the 19th, a shiny and energetic Full Moon (0 degrees) in the down-to-Earth practical sign of Virgo will ignite in the sky, bringing forth culminations or significant transformations not only in our lives but within us, too. Full Moons tend to peak our emotions and bring things to light, so take a glance back in your calendar to see what you were weaving into the Universe in the days following the corresponding New Moon last September 9th, 2018. Full Moons are when we can reap in the harvest from our actions, so try not only to make an imprint on the world around you but allow self-love and growth to be a priority, as well.

It’s a Full Moon in Virgo, and because of that, we’ll be looking at the nitty-gritty details in our lives. If you have any close friends or family members who are Virgo, you will easily see how caring and giving this zodiac sign is. Virgo energy gets things done and likes to create an impact on the world through consistent, reliable effort. Whether that’s through your work ethic or routine, you’ll see progress at this time. Sometimes Virgo energy tends to forget about focusing on the self, though, so creating patterns that help improve your life – even if it’s just spending an extra hour a week on personal growth – will prove beneficial. You’re worth that little bit of pampering, sweet soul. Indulge in it!

The New Moon we had earlier this month was shimmering, but this Full Moon will bring further miracles into our lives. It is rare to have two back-to-back moon cycles that are divinely blessed, but after such a transformative (and somewhat rough) 2018, the cosmos are here to say: “Hey you! It’s time to let down your hair and not be so hard on yourself.” Several of the planets will all be joining hands across the sky, doing a harmonious dance that every choreographer or dancer would be jealous of! Both the Moon and the Sun will be smiling at Uranus, planet of transformation and change, along with Mars, planet of passion and drive. Uranus and Mars are holding hands side-by-side, blending their aura saying that you can trust your instincts and liberate yourself from anything that may be restricting you, whether that is internally or in your life. You’ll be feeling adventure call to you, and if you have been stuck in patterns or relationships that are not serving your highest purpose, you’ll be encouraged to say: “No more. I know my worth and I am going to trust my heart this time.” Your adrenaline will be pumping, so how would you like to use this extra special sparkle? Perhaps you’ll be channeling your inner Ariana Grande and busting out a “thank u, next” or a “Break Up With Your Girlfriend,” so just trust that inner flow. Mercury, planet of communication, joins hands with Neptune, planet of divine love and inspiration, at this time, too, asking you to expand your vision of life rather than getting tied down to repetitive cycles that may not have served you before. Saturn, planet of longevity and stability, will also be arm-in-arm with Venus, planet of love and beauty, shooting off a happy hello to both Mercury and Neptune simultaneously, too. With these four planets working in complete unison, this Full Moon is a beautiful time for healing, reflection, and spirituality. Release what is not serving you so that you can be happier and feel more fulfilled. Let go of relationships or projects that are not lifting you up and begin a whole new exciting journey meant just for you. Now dive right on into how each sign will be affected directly below!

You can sometimes fall into familiar patterns that then start to feel like a cage, Aries, so at this time make sure you’re considering what routines are truly benefiting you the most. You’re good at breaking free whenever you feel the spark of a new direction, and this may be a perfect time to truly harness that call and feel the wind beneath your wings. If you take some time to assess your plans, not only may you be able to see areas for improvement, but also create some extra space for the things you love the most.

You have one of the deepest hearts of all, Taurus, and it is hard for you to let go. When you love, you love completely, which means that sometimes you get stuck in a rut and don’t want to look beyond your own vision and original plan for the future. Whether it’s the romantic or creative seeds you’ve laid in your heart that have caused you to want to see further growth, now is a perfect time to shake off your own shackles and loosen up. How can you become a better lover to others, but also a better lover to yourself? Letting go of something that isn’t working doesn’t mean you’re a failure or have been defeated, it means you finally have space around you to expand. You cannot plant seeds among weeds because there will be nowhere for them to grow.

You’re quick on your feet and always ready to feel, see, or do more. What lies beyond the next horizon always can get your heart aflutter, but if you don’t feel comfortable with your “home base,” how can you truly appreciate all that the world has to offer you? Self-reflection will feel extra sweet right now, because without taking a look in the mirror to assess what you have beneath your feet, you cannot fly to even greater heights. Spend a moment to speak to your inner heart and realize that if you cannot face yourself, you’ll never be able to bring the people you love on the next great journey.

You so often keep your thoughts and your feelings close to your heart, Cancer, but you do have a very special vision for the world. By doing some reflection, you may have a breakthrough in ways that can help you better communicate your desires. Your mind is sharp, so contemplate how you can turn those ideas into a reality. You’re a smart one, soft soul, so allow yourself to be inspired so that you can carry an even more lyrical voice into the world.

You love to draw the abundance of the world to your feet, mighty lion, and you will be noticing how you can truly build the kingdom you want. However, assessing what you already have and how you can add to it will be in the limelight now. Consider ways to build your harvest to whole new levels through creative thinking, applying yourself, and standing up for your worth.

You love to invest your time, energy, and focus into other people and acts of service are paramount for you as an Earth sign. But, Virgo, what sits at the core of your spirit and what do you want more than anything? Not only are you great at making results happen, but you’re also talented at creating the plan from A to Z. But with the Full Moon falling in your sign putting you front and center, don’t just lead with your mind, dear Virgo, also remember to listen to your heart.

When it comes to making decisions, you can sometimes be a tad bit indecisive, but taking time to truly reflect at this time is going to actually bring you better results in the next coming months. With this Full Moon urging you to take a step back and really listen to your body, your spirit, and your mind, you’re going to see if there are any imbalances that you’re ready to heal. If you’re feeling a little worn down or have any anxieties or fears weighing you down, trust your need for rest. Journaling your heart out may open up a whole new vision.

Your hopes and dreams are often held so closely to your heart, strong Scorpio, but it doesn’t mean that they’re just sandcastles you’ve built in your head. Of all the signs, you so often strategically know how to go after what you want – often not even telling the people around you that they’re all a part of your master plan. This Full Moon is going to draw attention to the role you play in your relationships, but also in the greater groups around you, at large. Are these social ties moving you toward the best life you’ve been dreaming of? Contemplate these long-term goals and how you can fulfill them by seeing life not as just a road forward, but a map that goes in every direction.

Oh, Sagittarius, you are a fire! Yet not only will you be searing to red-hot temperatures, but you’ll also be as radiant as a lightning storm. When it comes to your ambitions and your achievements, you’re certainly going to notice that your ability to sway things in your favor more than usual is here. You aren’t one to shy away from the limelight, but are you truly on the path that is going to make you happiest? With so much ability to snap your fingers and climb the ladder to higher levels, take a moment to evaluate what imprint you truly want to leave on the world. Perhaps start first by giving yourself the honesty you need.

Set your sights on bigger and better things, Capricorn, because the world is telling you right now to expand to whole new horizons. Anything that’s been stifling you for a while, caging you in, or simply just not pushing you to be the best that you can be may come to an end at this time. You’ll notice that you’re ready to take things to a whole new level of growth, but first you must look at things from a different perspective. You tend to be a bit cautious when you’re tip-toeing up the mountain, but with so much luck on your side, this is a time when you must trust your heart and leap. Fear is for those who do not live the greatest journeys on Earth, so trust me when I say that your story was meant to be epic.

The give and take in relationships could be on the back of your mind, Aquarius, especially if you’re feeling that the way things have been are not the way you want them to continue. You have a tendency to compartmentalize emotions, but this could be a time when you truly need to invest in some self-reflection and open up to your inner feels. By looking at your most important connections, do they lift your life, and in return, do you bring growth to theirs? You have a devotion and loyalty within you that few other zodiac signs can match, but if you are not growing together on your path, you may need to assess if the strain is worth the effort.

This is a tremendously powerful time when it comes to important relationships that are mirrors to you in your life, magical Pisces. You have a truly pure heart that can sometimes reflect what other people want to see, but does that mean that you are living totally authentically? All relationships take work and commitments should be made so that both parties are being made stronger. Look deep inside of yourself and contemplate your love language and communication styles and how you can be the purest version of you.

Kyle Thomas is a writer, producer, and lyricist living in Los Angeles. Astrology has always inspired him and he is a great believer in using the Universe to manifest the life you've always dreamt of. Follow Kyle Thomas on Instagram (@MrKyleThomas), Facebook (, or Twitter (@Mr_KyleThomas). More info:

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