Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Cancer Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign (Dec. 29, 2020)

Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Cancer Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign (Dec. 29, 2020)

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There’s a mystical lunation underway—happening on Tuesday, Dec. 29 at 10:28 p.m. EST—beaming brightly in its matriarchal sign of rulership, Cancer. Please note: This is the first full moon in Cancer that will not involve the nodes of the moon, nor sit in opposition to Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn. It’s also the first since January 10th, just two days before Saturn and Pluto met in a cataclysmic conjunction, triggering the global crisis we had no choice but to endure this past year. And now that it’s finally coming to a close, this lunation is bringing forth the opportunity to nurture ourselves, and our surroundings without hesitation. 

The moon is symbolic of our emotional center. The same way it waxes and wanes, the human experience is a universal compilation of highs and lows. A majestic enigma, the moon is a mystery, but its cycles are ever-potent. This is especially significant to consider right now, as the moon also happens to be Cancer’s planetary ruler. Cardinal and chameleon-like, the moon’s mystifying rays adorn the deep blue sea, amidst enveloping sacred heirlooms that belonged to our ancestors. An ocean of emotion, submerged in infinite consciousness and intuitive memory, Cancer’s cardinal waters cultivate the synergy that exists between the heart and spirit. 

For thousands of years, the element, water, has symbolized the power of life itself. Sacred and divinely fluid, water automatically takes the form of its surroundings, flowing in and around barriers, or slowly wearing them down. Water does not resist; it continues to ripple onward to infinity. The magic of this element is ever-present, and this is especially true when referring to the first water sign in the zodiac. Cancer’s cardinal water is symbolic of emotion, spirit, the unconscious, and feminine power. If you look at its essence in terms of our human development, Cancer is where we find the home within ourselves.

A symbol of the divine mother archetype, Cancer can be equally as nurturing as it is destructive. After all, a mother’s abundance has the power to give and sustain life, but it can also come with the unavoidable fact of death. Her womb carries the infinite cycle of death and rebirth at the very core of her being, and this will be a key takeaway during this lunation. Similar to taking a deep inhale and exhale, the phases of the moon play a pivotal role in your emotional reality. And when the moon reaches its peak—the full moon phase—something needs to be acknowledged.

Having said that, and with the essence of Cancer in mind, this lunation is here to help us find the strength to set the necessary boundaries, both as individuals and at a macro level. Whether it be personal or professional, Mother moon’s ever-glowing rays will wash away what no longer serves you, your family, or your spirit. Saying goodbye to 2020 will be nothing short of cathartic, but blissful nonetheless. And now that we’ve shifted timelines during the winter solstice, we have the blessing of both Jupiter and Saturn—the Star of Bethlehem—illuminating and blessing the path ahead.

In harmony with electric Uranus—Great Awakener, and the planet of chaos, rebellion, innovation, and unexpected change—this full moon is encouraging the collective to tap into a higher state of consciousness, and awaken your inner genius. What intrigues you, both at a galactic and spiritual level? It’s time to step into this clean slate with confidence and clarity. Be unapologetically yourself, and do whatever it takes to find the emotional satisfaction you crave. Remember, Cancer has everything to do with the way you nourish and nurture yourself, so this lunation might even consist of you changing your diet.

A T-Square to the wounded healer, Chiron, promotes an incredible amount of healing, but you must first allow yourself to be vulnerable. You are in the process of healing everything from ancestral wounds to the emotional pain you carry in your spiritual DNA. Be gentle with yourself. If you feel pain and/or loneliness, it’s all thanks to this aspect. And though this, too, shall pass, don’t be afraid to confront whatever comes to the surface during this time. Harmony-seeking Venus will also square off with all-encompassing Neptune, and this will challenge you to surrender to universal love, and lean on your intuition.

Last but certainly not least, Mars—God of war, and the planet of assertion, energy, and passion—will face off with taboo-loving Pluto—Lord of the Underworld, and the planet of death, transformation, and everything that’s hidden beneath the surface. Mars has been traveling through its sign of rulership, Aries, for quite some time now; ergo, this isn’t the first time we’re experiencing the effects of this volatile square. Nevertheless, Mars invigorates while Pluto purges, and transforms. This aspect will give us no choice but to set the record straight, both individually and collectively speaking. It’s time to catapult forward with courage, and relentless drive.

What lights you up inside? What turns you on? It doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual. This lunation is equivalent to the mother of the cosmos giving us the official go ahead. In other words, don’t hesitate to liberate yourself from the spiritual, mental, and physical toxins stifling your emotional well being. Walk away from whatever held you back, once upon a time. Purge the part of you that no longer aligns with your highest vibration. Clean house, both within and all around you. As if you were a mother preparing her child for the first day of school, make sure you’re all packed and ready to go and remember, don’t look back.

Read below your full moon in Cancer horoscope and reflection, according to your zodiac sign:

art found via: @stonedcrystals


This year's full moon in Cancer invites you to go inward to heal, nourish, and purge what no longer serves you, Aries. Lighting up your domestic fourth house of home, family, ancestral lineage, inner experiences, and emotional foundations, this is an opportunity for you to reflect on the progress you've made since the beginning of the year, specifically when it comes to themes revolving around your emotional well being. Warning: Venus' square to Neptune could create restlessness, especially regarding relationship themes revolving around your self-worth and life behind closed doors. You'll be feeling more sensitive than usual today, so try to stay grounded. Full Moon Reflection: Have you cultivated a healthy work vs. life balance? What's changed about your inner foundation?


A celestial grand finale to a tumultuous year, this mystical full moon will touch down on your intellectually driven third house of communication, thought process, and immediate exchanges, bringing closure and clarity to themes revolving around siblings, neighbors, and your local environment. This is an opportunity to nurture everything from your inner circle to your unique perspective, and while in harmony with Uranus in your sign, you're likely feeling inspired to embrace the new and improved you. On the dark side, your planetary ruler, Venus, will be squaring off with elusive Neptune, creating feelings of restlessness and ambiguity, especially when it comes to commitment. Take a deep breath; not everything is what is seems. Full Moon Reflection: What part(s) of you have you been most reluctant to sharing & embracing? 


Tap into your individual truth more often, Gemini. This year's full moon in Cancer encourages you to nurture everything from your finances to your sacred heirlooms passed down to you from your ancestors, whether it be mentally, physically, or spiritually. Take a moment to reflect on the potential of your money-making abilities, and whether or not you're emotionally fulfilled with your current occupation. In harmony with Uranus in your unconscious twelfth house, meditating could bring you the answers you seek. Unfortunately, depending on others could feel nothing short of burdensome with Venus square Neptune, but not for long. Perhaps you're giving more than you're getting in return? Full Moon Reflection: How has your relationship with money evolved? Are you being properly compensated?


This bright light shining above your head has your name on it, Cancer. It's not everyday the sun sits across the moon in your sign, you now. With that said, this is an opportunity for you to reflect on everything you've accomplished, built, and liberated yourself from in the past year. And with rebellious Uranus in the mix, your community needs you now more than ever. With the sun beaming over your relationship sector, there's also an incredible amount of focus on your partnerships, both personal and professional. And paradoxically, you're likely craving your autonomy and freedom more than ever. Redefine yourself, both as an individual and within your community. Meanwhile, Venus' square to Neptune will inspire your long-term visions and artistic pursuits, but also make it more difficult to focus on your current reality. Meditate on it. Full Moon Reflection: How have you & your relationships evolved? What do your current aspirations look like?


Raise your hand if you need a nap. Alright, Leo. This is your cue to take a step back from the nonsense, as this year's full moon in Cancer lights up your twelfth house of compassion, dreams, and surrender. Easier said than done, of course, with the sun energizing your sixth house of due diligence, but this is where you're being called to reflect on the balance you've created, and/or the lack thereof. Fortunately, this lunation will be in harmony with rebellious Uranus in your ambitious career sector, which encourages you to revolutionize your professional path and public image in the process. The catch? Venus will square off with Neptune in your intimate eighth house of mergers, creating a sense of ambiguity when it comes to your financial relationships, or perhaps even your love life. No need to go down the rabbit hole–keep your eyes on the prize. Rest up, though. Full Moon Reflection: What brings you peace of mind? What have/haven't you sacrificed for your relationships?


Happy full moon, Virgo. Hovering over your experimental eleventh house of hopes, ideas, friendship, community, and sense of belonging in the world, this lunation is here to highlight everything from the foundation of your social life to your definition of camaraderie. And while in harmony with rebellious Uranus in your expansive ninth house of media, opportunity, and entrepreneurship, you're likely feeling inspired to venture into unknown territory, in hopes of exploring other avenues that may be of interest. On another note, however, Venus' square to Neptune in your relationship sector could create a sense of restlessness or longing to merge with another mind, body, and soul, but no need to go overboard. Either way, something very exciting is brewing, and I know you can feel it, too. Full Moon Reflection: Where are you craving the most freedom? How can you cultivate it without losing balance?


Shine bright like a diamond, because you are the moon tonight. Libra. Glimmering across the tip-top point of your birth chart, aka your ambitious tenth house of career, reputation, authority, and soul contribution in the world, this mystical lunation will bring closure and clarity to themes revolving around your public persona. Feelings of accomplishment and success are likely during this time, so don't hesitate to bask in this celebration. And while in harmony with Uranus in your eighth house of mergers, there's an opportunity to radicalize and revolutionize everything from your idea of commitment to your shared resources. Level up. Communication is key, but you need to continue to nurture the foundation of these connections. Full Moon Reflection: What's different about your professional life? Are you tapping into your sense of authority?


Where are you off to next, Scorpio? With this year's full moon in Cancer igniting your adventurous ninth house of wisdom, faith, expansion, and personal philosophy, there's an opportunity to bask in your recent discoveries and solo ventures. Whether you refer to yourself as a philosopher or an entrepreneur, this lunation is asking you to respond to the whispers of the unknown. And with Uranus lighting up your committed seventh house of significant others, the potential for a joint venture is ever-present during this time. The catch? Venus and Neptune will square off, which makes it easy to lose yourself in fantasy, so be on the lookout for fugazzi. Also, both of your celestial rulers—Mars and Pluto—will face off creating friction with someone in your immediate environment, perhaps in regard to a conversation or commitment of sorts. Tread lightly. Full Moon Reflection: How have you nurtured your personal brand? What inspires you emotionally, mentally & spiritually?


You've done a whole lot of shedding this past year, and this mystical lunation will highlight the benefits of "la petite mort," which means little deaths. Shaking up your erotic eighth house of intimacy, transformation, joint ventures, and soul-to-soul connections, you're finally ready to confront the things that brought you fear once upon a time. Perhaps you were given no choice but to let go of relationships, and/or sources of income. Regardless, a trine to Uranus in your responsible sixth house of due diligence continues to invoke your inner healer, and light work. Your desire to serve is as potent as ever, but there's more. Venus is in your sign, and it's also squaring off with Neptune, which can lead to overindulgence. Don't lose yourself in something that lacks stability right now. Nurture your money bag. Full Moon Reflection: What are the pros and cons of your recent commitments? What's changed since?


It takes two to tango, and relationship themes will be especially significant during this lunation, Capricorn. With the sun in your sign, it's no wonder you're feeling energized and ready to take over the world, not to mention now that Saturn's left your territory. However, this year's full moon in Cancer will take the focus off of you, and highlight your committed seventh house of significant others. And though it's your turn to celebrate another journey around the sun, you're being challenged to nurture the foundation of your relationships, as well as the progress you've made this past year. In other words, it's never too late to say "thank you" to those who've played a significant role in your accomplishments, whether it be personally or professionally. On the dark side, Mars will square off with Pluto in your sign, and this could bring recent power struggles to the surface for a final look. Go easy. Full Moon Reflection: What relationships are you most grateful for? Are you nurturing this connection?


Despite the innate desire to retreat and decompress, today's full moon in Cancer will shake up your responsible sixth house of heath, daily rituals, acts of service, and work environment, shedding light on the trials and tribulations you've experienced this past year. Themes revolving around the petty details—like the way you go about your day—will be top of mind, but more importantly, this is a time to reflect on the outcome of your daily rituals. In harmony with your modern ruler, Uranus, via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, you're likely feeling inspired to radicalize everything from your living space to your sense of stability in the process. Venus' square to Neptune could create restlessness when it comes to your sense of belonging in the world, but not for long. Just make sure you're being mindful of your social exchanges. Full Moon Reflection: Have you cultivated a healthy routine? If so, what do your rituals bring you?


If you don't do things from the heart, then you might as well not do them at all, Pisces. This year's full moon in your sister sign, Cancer, will ignite your expressive fifth house of fame, fun, romance, and self-expression, bringing everything from a love story to a passion project to fruition. Sitting in harmony with rebellious Uranus in your local third house of immediate networks, the heavens are bestowing you with the skills, talent, platform, and/or group of people to help you cultivate your latest visions. On the dark side, however, Venus' square to your dreamy planetary ruler, Neptune, could create friction when it comes to your desire for fame and recognition in the workplace, but no need to bite off more than you can chew. Faking it 'til you make it isn't always the answer. Follow your heart, and the rest will follow. Full Moon Mantra: Do you have a relationship with your inner child? How can you continue to nurture it?

Valerie is an astrologer, writer, and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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