Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Capricorn Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign (Jan. 13, 2021)

Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Capricorn Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign (Jan. 13, 2021)

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Happy new year—you made it. We did it. How are you feeling? What did you learn about yourself this past year? What did you gain, and let go of? Despite whether or not you’re a fan of celebrating—perhaps you weren’t able to gather with your loved ones to ring in the new year—it still doesn’t take away from the power that exists in starting over. Say what you will, but there’s nothing greater than the gift of a clean slate. And after saying goodbye to one of the most transformative and cataclysmic years in history, 2021 is officially in session and things are moving at full speed. Granted, there’s no such thing as perfect, and every year brings its unique series of ups and downs, but the air feels different. The irony of this is, we’ve collectively stepped into an era where the element air will take the reins, and the rare reunion of Saturn and Jupiter at zero degrees of Aquarius, during the winter solstice, is where our journey towards the future began.

Just in time for 2021, vanishing into the night sky in a Saturn-ruled sign, the new moon in Capricorn is the cardinal earth we need to set a foundation that allows us to cultivate our life’s greatest purpose. What do you want your legacy to be about? What would you tell the world upon reaching your mountain top? This is an opportunity for you to create a foundation with a long-lasting base, but it’s going to take dedication, hard work, and a good amount of perseverance to meet your goals. After all, the mystical goat is determined and patient, but ultimately led by something universal. Fact: You can do it, too. Check where Capricorn is located on your birth chart; this is the area of life where you innately persevere towards self-mastery, and where you will experience your new beginning during this new moon. Happening on Wednesday, January 13, when the clock strikes midnight (EST), there is nothing remotely subtle let alone ordinary about this lunation. Extraordinary is an understatement.

This is the first time in a long time, where we experience a new moon in Capricorn, and its planetary ruler, Saturn, is transiting through Aquarius. That, in itself, changes the essence and overall dynamic of this new moon’s fertility magic. Secondly, and equally as pivotal if not more so, the sun and moon will meet at 23 degrees Capricorn—the very same degree where Saturn joined forces with Pluto on Jan. 12, 2020. Keep in mind, and you can look at it from a personal and/or global standpoint, but this is the malefic conjunction that triggered the global crisis and catharsis we endured all throughout 2020. On a brighter note, and please do not be alarmed by the irony of its degree; on the contrary, this is an opportunity to build, restructure, and revolutionize everything from the experiences we gained to the wisdom we’ve acquired. Remember, Capricorn wants to see results, but there will be no room for instant gratification. Its archetype encourages patience and discipline, amidst highlighting the value of both honor and integrity.

Sitting in a deeply penetrating and cathartic conjunction with Pluto—the planet of death, power, transformation, regeneration, and everything that's hidden beneath the surface—if you listen closely to your intuition, the combination of the Sun-Moon-Pluto can provide you with tremendous insight, especially when it comes to your long-term goals and intentions for your soul path. The plutonian shadow is a reflection of the cycle of death and rebirth; ergo, themes revolving around your soul’s evolution along with the karma you’ve worked through could also be highlighted during this time. As a matter of fact, you could start by thinking back to January 12, 2020, and whether you believe this or not, you’re already starting to rise from your own ashes. We were given no choice but to overcome outdated belief systems, structures, hierarchies, not to mention leaders who continue to misuse their power. Foundations that stifled your purpose once upon a time, both personally and/or at a macro level, are no longer bound to you. 

The new moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn marks the beginning of a new kind of leadership, system, and structure. A long-lasting foundation where everything from your ingenious intellect and sparkling individuality can fearlessly hit the ground running. And with the help of Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius—the Star of Bethlehem—you have the experience, knowledge, innovative resources, and community of kindred spirits to support you along the way. Savvy Mercury will be sitting closely with Jupiter and Saturn, mentally stimulating you with wisdom that quenches your curiosities, and enlightens your human experience. And though its erratic square to Mars-Uranus will catapult you into another dimension at lightning speed, its electric volatility is here to align you with a higher state of consciousness. Venus’ square to the wounded healer, Chiron, will challenge you to make the necessary adjustments, financially, romantically, and in terms of your value systems. However, its harmonious trine to Mars and the rebel planet will bring forth the opportunity to revolutionize our relationship with self-love, self-worth, and the way we monetize our unique talents.

You are the master of your divine fate, and that’s extraordinary. 

Read your new moon horoscope and mantra below:

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On your mark, get set, go! Happy new moon, Aries. The first new moon of the year will touch down on your public tenth house of ambition, authority, career, prestige, legacy reputation, and soul contribution in the world. No pressure, right? Since that couldn’t be further from the truth, this is an opportunity for you to do what you do best, so win. With your planetary ruler, Mars, sitting closely with rebellious Uranus in your second house of finances, value systems, and sense of security, you’ve got your eyes on the prize but even then, this aspect is revolutionizing everything from your self worth to your money-making abilities. A lovely trine with gorgeous Venus in your tenth house of accomplishments provides you with the confidence and grace to achieve your goals, but Mars’ square to Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn challenges you to cultivate camaraderie in the process. New Moon Mantra: My professional wins are a reflection of my passion and determination; I am accomplished.


Take the long route for the experience, and the beautiful scenery, Taurus. You’re kicking off the new year on the right foot, and the new moon in Capricorn will bring new beginnings to your adventurous ninth house of faith, education, entrepreneurship, experiences, philosophy, faraway journeys, and belief systems. Given its conjunction with powerhouse Pluto—the ruler of your committed seventh house of relationships—this lunation foreshadows the potential of reconnecting with a guru, teacher, and/or mentor you’ve known for many lifetimes, given Pluto’s karmic influence. You pleasure-seeking planetary ruler, Venus, will also be in harmony with Mars-Uranus in your sign, encouraging you to approach your life mission with confidence and clarity. Mercury—the ruler of your second house of finances, comfort, and value systems, will also square off with the dynamic duo planets in your sign, challenging you to dream bigger, and aim higher. New Moon Mantra: With the right structure and community of individuals, I'm capable of anything I set my mind to.


The way you confront everything from your repressed fears to your psychological experiences will be highlighted under this year’s new moon in Capricorn, Gemini. Igniting your cryptic eighth house of energetic exchanges, intimate unions, and death of the ego—all the while making a conjunction with powerhouse Pluto—you’re stepping into an era where you’re finally able to overcome what once made you feel vulnerable. This, in turn, encourages you to transform the dynamic of your intimate partnerships, financial investments, and general mergers—take back your power. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, will be sitting alongside Jupiter-Saturn, all the while squaring off with Mars-Uranus in your twelfth house of unconscious patterns. This is a revolution of the mind, and spirit. Harmony-seeking Venus will link up with the dynamic duo in Taurus, inviting you to commit to your personal success, and fulfillment. New Moon Mantra: The value of my time and energy is sacred; I will do everything I can to honor it.


The first new moon of 2021 will touch down on your committed seventh house of relationships, interpersonal connections, and significant others, bringing new beginnings to everything from the dynamic of your one-on-ones to the way you show up for others. Sitting in a conjunction with Pluto—the ruler of your romantic fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression—this lunation will not only remind you of your progress when it comes to compromise and commitment, but also encourage you to step into your fullest potential in this area of life. Given that Venus will be hovering over your relationship sector, all the while linking up with Mars-Uranus in your experimental eleventh house of social networks, this foreshadows a potential partnership that brings both financial and creative fulfillment. Your sense of belonging in the world will be highlighted, but there could be some hiccups in the process. A square between Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn and Mars-Uranus adds friction between your desire for freedom vs. your prior commitments. New Moon Mantra: I am committed to honoring my boundaries and limits; this is the foundation of my relationships. 


The personal and professional upgrades you’ve made in your day-to-day life are being put to the test, Leo. Everything from your health habits and daily rituals to your productivity levels are coming up for review during this new moon. Sitting closely with penetrating Pluto in your responsible sixth house, this is an opportunity for you to set a long-lasting foundation in your day, after purging and transforming habits that no longer serve you. Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come since January 2020; the rituals you’re cultivating, whether it be in the workplace or at the gym. Stay consistent and persevered. Lady Venus is also sweetening this area of your life, all the while making charming trines to both Mars and Uranus in your public career sector. This encourages you to create a structure where you can incorporate your passions, talents, and that which brings you pleasure. Be mindful of your commitments, as Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn in your relationship sector will also square off with the dynamic duo lighting up your career sector. New Moon Mantra: The professional and personal fulfillment I desire depends on  the structure of my daily rituals.


Manifest the affection and validation you desire. This year’s new moon in Capricorn will ignite your romantic fifth house of creativity, love, passion, pleasure, and fame, all the while sitting in a powerful conjunction with powerhouse Pluto. Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come in terms of your fertility, passion projects, and your love life since January 2020. How can you build upon your recent accomplishments? Anything’s possible when you’re in the presence of the Lord of the Underworld, so keep your eyes on the prize. Luscious Venus will also be dazzling this area of your chart, all the while making harmonious aspects to both red-hot Mars and rebellious Uranus in your expansive ninth house of education, faith, personal philosophy, self promotion. This will encourage you to venture the unknown and expand your personal horizons, but there’s more. A stellium of planets—namely, your planetary ruler, Mercury,  Jupiter, and Saturn—will square off with Mars-Uranus, amidst adding focus to your responsible sixth house of daily rituals. The professional ventures you aspire towards could be challenged by your routine, or vice versa. It’s time to upgrade, and level up. New Moon Mantra: I am dedicated to cultivating my talents, and I will equally persevere towards my ideals.


Are your feet on solid ground, Libra? The first new moon of the year will touch down on your enigmatic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, bringing new beginnings to everything from your internal reality to your overall sense of stability. Sitting in a karmic conjunction with powerhouse Pluto, and fairly close to your planetary ruler, Venus, this lunation will encourage you to build upon the foundation you’ve created since January 2020. What parts of you have evolved and transformed? What have you outgrown in terms of your emotional experiences, and early upbringing? Your goddess ruler, Venus, will link up with Mars-Uranus in your erotic eighth house of intimacy, shared resources, and spiritual entanglements, inviting you to continue liberating yourself from toxic situations in both your past, and your current reality. Savvy Mercury is sitting alongside Jupiter-Saturn in your famous fifth house of love, creativity, affection, romance, and pleasure, all the while squaring off with the dynamic duo of planets in your eighth house. This could be distracting, especially if you’re in the process of starting a family and/or working on an artistic venture. New Moon Mantra: The stability, commitment, and emotional foundation I aspire towards starts and ends with me.


This year’s new moon in Capricorn will touch down on your local third house of communication, thoughts, neighbors, siblings, immediate community, and significant exchanges, highlighting everything from the relationship you have with your peers to the way you communicate. Sitting in a conjunction with your celestial ruler, Pluto, it’s important to think back to January 2020 and reflect on your evolution process, in order to make the best of this lunation. Your thoughts, communication style, and immediate connections will be highlighted, and there’s an intensity surrounding this area of your life right now. And though Venus will link up with your traditional ruler, Mars, and rebellious Uranus in your committed seventh house of relationships, there could be some hiccups when it comes to your home and family dynamic. Thanks to Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn lighting up your domestic fourth house, all the while squaring off with the planetary duo residing in your partnership sector, staying focused in your living space could seem more difficult than usual. It’s time to level up in more ways than one, so don’t hesitate to make the necessary adjustments, Scorpio. New Moon Mantra: When I approach situations with confidence, clarity, and pragmatism, my success is inevitable.


Focus on the results, Sagittarius. The first new moon of the year will shake up your security-seeking second house of finances, money-making abilities, sacred heirlooms, and unique possessions, bringing your attention towards everything from your sense of self worth to the money in your bank account. Sitting in a conjunction with Pluto, this lunation will shed light on your financial progress and the rebirth of your value systems, but what’s next? With Venus also glimmering through this area of your char, all the while linking up with Mars-Uranus in your orderly sixth house of health, daily rituals, and due diligence, you’re feeling motivated and passionate about the way you earn a living, but chances are you’re also ready for a much-needed upgrade. With Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn revolutionizing your communication sector, not to mention squaring off with Mars and Uranus, you could feel limited and/or restless during this time. However, not to worry, as this is challenging you to break free from something that’s currently keeping you stagnant. New Moon Mantra: The foundation of my legacy and success stems from my innate ability to explore multiple horizons.


New moon blessings, dearest Capricorn. In addition to celebrating another magical journey around the sun, the first new moon of 2021 also happens to have your name written all over it. Determined, persevered, and pragmatic, this lunation will touch down on your cardinal earth, all the while sitting in a conjunction with powerhouse Pluto. Keep in mind, themes revolving around your sense of self and your personal growth since January 2020 will be highlighted during this time, but there’s more. How have you stepped into your power? Everything from your personal brand to your solo endeavors will take the rein, and you’ve never been more prepared. Venus is also in your sign, magnifying your charms and business-savvy personality, but the goddess of love will link up with Mars and Uranus in your fifth house of fame, love, passion, and recognition, simultaneously. This earth trine is everything you never knew you needed, especially when it comes to your passion projects and perhaps even your love life. It’s time to take the stage, and show the world everything you’re made of. The catch? With Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn lighting up your second house of self-worth, financial wins, and sense of security, you could find yourself second-guessing money-making abilities and/or whether or not your work is of value, despite this being further from the truth. Slow and steady wins the race. Keep up the brilliant work. New Moon Mantra: My professional credentials and personal brand are incomparable, but there's plenty more where that came from.


Whatever it is, you can put it to rest, Aquarius. There’s no use in hanging onto something that’s weighing over your head, heart, and vivacious aura. Fortunately for you, the first new moon of 2021 will ignite your karmic twelfth house of dreams, closure, ending and beginnings, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes. And with your traditional ruler Saturn—Capricorn’s planetary ruler—sitting alongside Jupiter and Mercury in your sign, your new beginning will inevitably revolve around your sense of self and personal identity. More importantly, however, the new moon’s conjunction with Pluto invites you to take a closer look at the foundation of your psyche, and life behind closed doors. Thanks to the challenging astrology you endured all throughout 2020, you were able to cleanse, clear, and release everything from unconscious patterns to residual energies that were stifling your power. This is your clean slate from the cosmos, and alongside Venus a gratifying gift. Speaking of which, Venus will trine Mars and your modern ruler, Uranus, in your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, encouraging you to continue prioritizing self-care and healthy introspection. A square to the stellium of planets in your sign, however, could be challenging to your ego, or perhaps surprise you with news you’re not necessarily ready to process. New Moon Mantra: The foundation of my peace-of-mind is a reflection of the boundaries I'm willing to set.


Happy new year, Pisces angel. Right on time to make your dreams come true, the first new moon of 2021 will ignite your visionary eleventh house of community, friendship, ideals, social networks, and sense of belonging in the world, bringing new beginnings to everything from your aspirations to your definition of camaraderie. Sitting in a critical conjunction with powerhouse Pluto, this lunation will put a magnifying glass on the foundation of your network and friendship circles, both positive and negative. There’s no such thing as an individual without a community; therefore, this is an opportunity for you to acknowledge and/observe the dynamic of your social circles. More importantly, it’s time to consider those who truly have your back, and your best interest at heart. With Venus fluttering through this area of your chart, this area of your life feels breezier than usual, but this is magnified via Venus’ trine with Mars-Uranus in your third house of communication. This lovely aspect encourages you to lean on your peers, use your voice, and tap into your genius mind. A tricky square between Mars-Uranus and Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn in your twelfth house of solitude creates friction between your desire for privacy vs. your desire to engage. Balance is key, so don’t forget to reach for the stars. New Moon Mantra: When I use my voice and cultivate my eclectic gifts, I make an impact on my community. 

Valerie is an astrologer, writer, and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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