Libra Season & Love: What Your Venus Sign Means

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As the seasons shift into cool and cuddly fall weather, and the sun transitions into the 7th house of Libra, the urge to merge is strong! Libra is a sign all about romance and partnerships, and during this time none of us are safe from cupid's arrow.

One of the most intriguing, and most talked about facets of astrology is synastry, or zodiac sign compatibility. Surely we've heard from the friend who has sworn off dating Leos, or has a "thing" for Geminis. Most people make the mistake however of looking at a person's Sun sign when gauging the compatibility of a romantic relationships. While there are certainly personality aspects which can draw you to or away from a certain zodiac sign, it's much more accurate and illuminating to compare the position of Venus in one's natal chart while sizing up the staying potential of a new lover.


The position of Venus in your chart is known as your Venus sign. Your Venus sign holds the answers to how we express our love and affection. Venus is the natural ruler of the 7th house of Libra, also known as the house of desire. 

Venus in Aries

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