How Venus in Capricorn (November 25, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How Venus in Capricorn (November 25, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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On November 25, Venus, goddess of the cosmos and planet of pleasure, concludes her long-distance journey through the wisdom-seeking sign of the archer, where she ventured into unknown territory, and audaciously treated herself to spontaneous encounters. Exotic with a hint of mystery, Venus in Sagittarius taught us how to experience pleasure via new experiences, and daring adventures. Here, the goddess of decadence wanders far and wide, with gracious Jupiter by her side. Hopeful and genuinely optimistic, Venus in Sagittarius challenged us to push our boundaries, in order for us to fearlessly explore the beauty that exists on the other side of the horizon. With that being said, I hope you learned a thing or two about stepping outside your comfort zone.

Gird your loins! The celestial darling has returned from her seasonal journey overseas, which only means one thing: It’s back to reality. Charming Venus has officially removed her Out-Of-Office message because she knows you can’t mix business with pleasure. This, of course, is especially true when transiting through the serious sign of Capricorn. Governed by Saturn — Lord of Karma, Father Time and planet of structure, the essence of Capricorn is here to, essentially, ground and materialize Sagittarius’ overarching view, and broad perspective. By no means am I saying the mystical sea goat isn’t a visionary; after all, it’s incredibly persevered and preoccupied with its long-term goals. With the exception, Capricorn has the patience to build the foundation needed to cultivate a legacy.

See the difference? Although, one thing’s for sure: Capricorn wouldn’t exist without Sagittarius and vise versa, but I digress. In serious Capricorn, luscious Venus morphs into a sophisticated businesswoman, disciplined and ambitious in her ways. Remember, Venus is the ruler of our values, relationships, self-confidence, and spending habits. She is the bank of the cosmos, where we store our money, and most prized possessions. So how does the energy of sensual Venus come to life via Saturn-ruled Capricorn? During this transit, we are a lot more realistic when it comes to the people we welcome into our lives, whether it be personally or professionally speaking. Here, the planet of love asks us to consider our future goals before making commitments.

In typical Saturnian fashion, Venus in Capricorn instills the value of hard work, integrity, and ethic. Disciplined and traditional at heart, this ambitious transit reminds us to work hard for the things we desire. Do you want a serious relationship with someone who can fulfill you in the long run? You better own your self-worth and choose your prospects wisely. Do you want to splurge on something luxurious, expensive and totally fabulous? You better get to work. The clock is ticking! 

On that note, read your Venus in Capricorn horoscope and transit tip below:



Make an impression on your higher-ups, Aries. The goddess of charming delight is dazzling your ambitious tenth house of career, authority, and reputation in the world. (To think, this area of your chart already belongs to Saturn-ruled Capricorn!) With that said, don’t be afraid to take charge during this time. In fact, thanks to irresistible Venus, you’ll have everyone at work eating off the palm of your hand, especially your superiors. Have you been working diligently on your goals? Good news: This transit is here to help you reap the benefits. Looking for love? You could run into some interesting prospects, especially once Venus meets with Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn. However, if I were you, I’d use this Venusian magic strictly towards my long-term goals, especially since the malefic planets are still lingering around town! Transit tip: Dazzle the world while you climb the mountain.


Craving something more exotic, Taurus? Venus, your sultry planetary ruler, is shaking her moneymaker via your expansive ninth house of education, religion, travel and spiritual horizons. Ruthlessly stubborn about your personal philosophies? Sounds really familiar, doesn’t it Taurus? For those of you looking for romance, this Venusian elixir could certainly spark an interesting connection so to speak. See, when luscious Venus taps into this area of your chart, she begins to crave something a little more colorful. For instance, foreigners with a different cultural background, experienced scholars with overflowing wisdom and well… you see the bigger picture here. Long-distance romances aside, this is an excellent transit for self-promotion, publishing and all things that revolve around public relations. Despite your routine-loving ways, this is your cue to step outside your comfort zone. Transit tip: Your point of view is someone else’s religion.


You’re sexy when you take charge, Gemini. What can I say? The goddess of love is deep-diving through your erotic eighth house of sex, transformation, and shared resources, which means you’re ready to take your relationships to another level this season. Whether it be via a physical or financial union. However, with both Saturn and Pluto hovering over this area of your chart, our girl Venus will likely feel overpowered by their malefic presence. Warning: Beware of toxic partnerships, especially those that provoke an insatiable feeling of both lust, and desire. Sounds enticing, I’m sure, but things can get a bit messy when Venus and Pluto meet, especially with the South Node sitting in Capricorn as well. Granted, this might sound strange, but you will know the difference between a karmic pull vs. a genuine partner. How? Well, make sure you pay attention to your body during this time. It will definitely be speaking to you. Transit tip: Sharing is caring… when it’s worthy of your time.


Don’t be afraid to seal the deal, Cancer. Luscious Venus is making things official via your committed seventh house of relationships, and all things one-on-one. How will you make the best of this transit? Single crabs could run into a smoldering prospect, thanks to Pluto, while those of you in committed relationships decide to take things to the next level. Either way, this is an excellent time to soothe things out in your current relationships, and perhaps even meet your partner halfway, whether it be personal or professionally speaking. Have an honest conversation, and make sure you’ve considered all of your options before you make the commitment. Here, and in serious Capricorn, the goddess of love is a woman of her word, as should you. Too cool for school, Cancer? It doesn’t hurt to take the traditional route every now and then, you know. Besides, Venus is in Capricorn, not Aquarius. There’s a time and place for everything. Transit tip: Commit to yourself before you agree to something else.


Health is wealth, Leo. This is especially true with the goddess of love getting organized via your orderly sixth house of wellness, routine and due diligence. As you can see, Venus in Capricorn does not like to waste time, which means this can be an incredibly productive time for you. Is your day-to-day life currently fulfilling you? Here, Venus splurges on some snazzy exercise gear and works hard to create a harmonious work environment for you. Relationships with people you see every day (i.e. co-workers, coffee baristas, personal trainer) will certainly thrive during this time, given Venus’ charm and diplomacy. On the dark side, however, the planet of love is prone to over-indulging in her work environment. Responsibility isn’t always fun but thanks to Venus, your Saturn-Pluto-South Node experience is about to be caramelized by the goddess of love herself. Finding love in your day-to-day is always a possibility during this transit; although, Venus prefers to be productive with her peers when in this area of your chart. Transit tip: Creating a path of mindfulness is a form of self-love.


You’re finally getting the recognition you deserve, Virgo. With the planet of all things scrumptious transiting through your expressive fifth house of love, creativity, and fame, you’ll be as persevered as ever to make your big debut. Feeling restless? This is an excellent time to channel your creativity and find your muse. Although, I will say this, Venus in Capricorn is not a quitter, so make sure to take advantage of this ambitious mojo, compliments of lady Venus, of course. Single Virgos could suddenly become smitten with a smoldering love affair, while those of you who are coupled indulge in traditional forms of romance. After all, Capricorn’s aesthetic is totally vintage, you know. Here, Venus indulges in black and white photography, training in classical music and strict Olympic-worthy sports. As you know, Venus in Capricorn prefers to invest in the things that showcase hard work and responsibility, which also ultimately includes the activities one does for fun. Transit tip: Your self-mastery should always be a hobby.


Home is supposed to be sweet, Libra. Your luscious planetary ruler is making herself comfortable via your domestic fourth house of home, family and inner foundation, and you’re reflecting on your reputation, and sense of security. Things in the homefront have been quite challenging as of late, perhaps for the past year or so, right? Well, this is why they say patience is a virtue, because life is cyclical, and it’s your turn to smile a little. It’s one thing to put on a show for the people you love, and it’s another to feel genuine happiness, at your core. When was the last time you experienced that kind of joy, Libra? OK, I’m done putting you on the spot. Take advantage of this delicious transit, and make yourself at home. Now, when I say home, I mean both the home within you, and outside of you. This is where your heart should be. Single Libras will likely be focused on the relationships they have with their relatives, while those of you who are coupled reflect on your emotional needs. Transit tip: Build a castle around your heart.


Talk that talk, Scorpio. The goddess of roses on roses is chanting sweet hymns through your eloquent third house of communication, thought process and immediate community, and you’re ready to start flaunting your sparkling intellectuality. Reading, writing, mental tennis, and mindless bickering are some of this Venusian transit’s favorite things. Although, with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node occupying this area of your chart, one thing’s for sure: You could use a happy thought, or two. It’s true, Scorpio. You’re already pessimistic at heart, like a true child of the underworld, which means you need to be reminded of the value positive thinking can bring to your life. Looking for romance? With the goddess of double taps shaking her tailfeather around your neighborhood, you could suddenly realize you’re crushing on your adorable co-worker, or decide to boldly slide into that Instagram hottie’s DMs. Let’s just say, it’s in the bag. Transit tip: Your sexy voice is your indoor voice.


Do what makes you happy, Sagittarius. Why the guilt? Again, the Saturn-Pluto-South Node experience has been incredibly challenging, but this is where the effects of charming Venus come in. Besides, the planet of love is comfortable in this area of your chart… like, really comfortable. So, she’s definitely working in your favor this season, which means “feeling yourself” will be an understatement, Sag. Looking for love? Given that Capricorn governs this area of your chart, a lot of you typically go for those who remind you of your Dad, especially Sagittarius risings, but I’ll get to that. Once Venus meets with Saturn and Pluto, you’ll be given a whole new perspective on your values and sense of security. Real talk, what makes you feel secure? What turns you on? You’re not where and who you came from, and that’s because you’re evolving and finally building your own foundation, from the ground up. That’s love. Transit tip: Build your own money tree.


It feels good, doesn’t it, Capricorn? You’ve come this far, which is why it’s a really good thing to be you right now. You know the value of hard work; you know what it’s like to be a person of integrity, and you’re finally owning your worth. It gets better, too. The goddess of sensual pleasures is adding a little harmony to your serious pragmatism, and ruthless sense of authority. You’re not responsible for everything, you know. It is, however, up to you to decide whether or not you’re willing to celebrate your wins and ride-or-die perseverance. Although, you’re pretty blessed either way, especially since no one will be able to resist you during this time. Venus is irresistible and well, let’s just say, she’ll be sharing the wealth with you this season. Oh, Capricorn, as if you needed someone else to become smitten with you, and your Elvis ways. Transit tip: You are loved and by so many.


Listen to your intuition, Aquarius. Believe it or not, your unconscious mind is unusually practical, especially when you compare to the rebellious nature you portray on the regular. What do I mean by this, exactly? Well, your secretive 12th house of closure, karma, mysticism and the universal realm is governed by Saturn-ruled Capricorn, which means you can be pretty ruthless with yourself behind the scenes. With lovable Venus in the mix, however, you will likely experience harmony behind closed doors, whether be while embracing your sweet solitude, or getting some much-needed rest. There’s a difference between holding yourself accountable for your actions, and being a prisoner to your current reality. With that being said, this is where the heavenly charms of lady Venus come in, whisking you away to bring you one step closer to your dreams. Transit tip: Follow the yellow brick road to your dreams.


You’re surrounded by a ride-or-die soul tribe, Pisces. Your socially-conscious 11th house of groups, tribes and friendship circles is governed by serious Capricorn, which is precisely why you’re so particular with the people you surround yourself with. No new friends? Lady Venus begs to differ. In fact, she’s here for one reason, and one reason only: To solidify your extended network, and add a little sparkle to your sense of belonging. Here, the goddess of red bottoms prefers to socialize with those who have her best interest at heart, both personally and in regard to her professional legacy… as should you. Your hopes, wishes, and dreams are worthy of your time, too, you know. Are you reluctant to ask for help? You’re everyone’s support system, Pisces. When will you let someone be yours? Your magical personality and artistic soul are of value... and more inspiring than you know. Transit tip: Show everyone your true colors.

Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.



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